What Are Stop & Shop Dollar Doubler Coupons

What Are Stop & Shop Dollar Doubler Coupons

Since I posted my Stop & Shop Shopping Haul Video last night, I have gotten quite a few questions about the Stop & Shop Dollar Doubler Coupons.  So, I thought I would take a minute and explain exactly what they are.

Every so often, Stop & Shop puts out Dollar Doubler coupons in their circular.  The coupons are only available in the mailed circulars and are not available in store.  If you do not get a mailed circular, you can Request a Stop & Shop Circular be mailed to your house each week.  This is what I do as I am not in the Stop & Shop mailing area.

When Dollar Doubler Coupons are available, there are 3 that are in the circular.  Each of these can be used to double a $1 off coupon that you are using in your shopping trip.  You are allowed to use all 3 in one transaction but you must have a $15 minimum purchase.  The $15 is calculate before any coupon deductions.

Some restrictions include:

  • Not to be used on “Do Not Double” Coupons
  • Total coupon doubler savings may not exceed the retail price of the item however it can make the item Free.
  • Limit 3 per transaction
  • $15 Minimum Purchase Required

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  • Becky

    I think it must be regional – I receive the circular in the mail as do my friends and family and none of ours have the doubler coupons in them this week.??

  • mine neither….can you do more than one transactions if you had extras???

  • Nick

    I didnt get them either in Massachusetts

    Terri- if you have extras, you’ll need to do separate transactions– they won’t accept more than 3 in a single transaction– and as Cindy mentioned make sure you get to the $15 minimum purchase, I got fouled up once because of that

  • Jennifer

    I got the Dollar Doublers in the free Community Newspaper we get on Wednesday, but today I went to buy The Record at both the Dollar Store and at CVS and none of the papers had Stop & Shop in them. hmm

  • Lisa H.

    My SNS (Aberdeen) lets you use any amount of Doublers in one transaction.
    Also, if you sign up on the SNS website to receive circulars in the mail, you get an extra one, if you only get one in the mail.

  • Kathy

    No Doublers here in Ct either

    • maggie

      I am in CT and we did get them in our circular that was mailed to our house.

  • Joanne

    I got 3 doublers in the Stop & Shop insert in my local paper (Journal News in Rockland County, NY) and then 3 more in another circular that I got on my doorstep with other coupons and ads the next day. So I have 6!!! But it sounds like I’ll have to split my shopping into 2 transactions, right? I guess I’ll bring my husband with me when I go shopping in the morning.

  • jill

    are stop n shop and giant foods the same company? or like sister companies or something? They always seem to have the same promotions and deals going on at the same time.

    • Kathie

      Yes, they are both managed by Peapod.

      I’m surprised, I didn’t get a Giant Circular this week with all the other ones that get delivered to my house. Hmmmmmm….

  • Beth

    I did not get these, while my mother (who lives 2 miles away in the same town in CT) did. When I went shopping this afternoon, I told the service desk guy that I didn’t get my circ in the mail and he was able to give me the discount after I went shopping. You could try this, but definitely YMMV.

  • Lisa

    Coupon doublers are great! Some Stop & Shop will even have them in the circulars you can pick up when you first walk into the store (at least in CT)

    Great info Cindy about having a circular mailed if you normally do not get one. Do you know if Shoprite offers the same policy. I shop at two different Shoprites both in a 5 mile distance of my house, but each store has different store coupons in the circulars.

  • Christa

    My local ShopRite accepts the Stop & Shop Dollar Doubler Coupons whenever they come out since they accept competitor coupons!

  • Nahney

    I got one in the mail and me and my daughter went recycle bin diving today and I scored 9 more!

  • christina

    Does Walmart Accept these coupon $1 doublers from stop and shop ?

  • Jody

    Thanks Cindy! I just signed up to have a cirucular mailed to my house. We don’t have any Stop & Shop’s in our town, but one is about 30 minutes away.
    Has anyone gone to the Phillipsburg NJ location? Just wondering how it is-I have never been inside there.

    • Raquel

      My experience with the Phillipsburg, NJ location is great and the employees are nice. The store is clean and I find that the produce section is fresh & much better than the Greenwich Shoprite. You do have to watch your reciepts because the registers occassionally miss sale prices that are advertised or marked down to. I too just signed up for the circular to be mailed to my house. I used to get the free warren reporter that had stop n shop & shoprite circulars in it, but somehow the delivery stopped.

      • Jody

        Thanks Raquel! We used to get the Warren Reporter in our mail each week-but now we have to stop at a paper box to get it.
        I am looking forward to trying Stop&Shop and Phillipsburg is only about 1/2 hour away and I really like their Target now that the remodeling is done! Our Target is remodeling starting next week, so I don’t anticipate shopping there for a while.

        • Raquel

          Thanks Jody for the heads up on the paper box. It didn’t dawn on me to try getting it there, lol. The Target in Greenwich is awesome! I am looking forward t all the great deals we can get from that store. I also can’t wait for the SuperWalmart to be completed. It’s gonna be a huge store.

  • melissa

    I never shopped at Stop n Shop before, these daily doublers are great I already get the flyer but always just went to shoprite and walmart. My question is i have a Walmart, Shoprite, Stop n Sshop, and Price choper all withen 7 miles of my house. What store would be the best and cheapest? Or does it just depend on the weekly sales.

  • maggie

    I was so excited to see them…I am using them for a free Dan-o-nino and 3 ore-ida sweet potato fries for $2.00 (or I may use all three for with my ore-ida coupons and get the three bags of fries for free)