What Can I Do With Expired Coupons?

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What Can I Do With Expired Coupons?

We can’t use all our coupons before they expire.  So, what can you do with your expired coupons?  You don’t have to just throw them into your recycle bin. Instead consider donating them.

Military Commissaries overseas take expired coupons for up to six months past their expiration date.  What a great way to help those stationed overseas.

Here are 3 sites that can assist you in sending out expired coupons:

Tips for sending your expired coupons:

Clip Coupons: Your coupons will need to be cut.  Due to the bulk of coupons received, whole inserts will most likely be thrown into be recycled.  So be sure to clip then before you mail them.

Divide the Coupons:  Separate the coupons into 2 plastic bags and label them.  They should be labeled:

  • Food
  • Non-Food (including dog food)

What Not to Send:

  • Do not send internet coupons (if sending to Coupons to Troops above)
  • Do not send milk coupons
  • Vitamins, Hair Colors and cosmetics coupons are not in high demand
  • Do not send store specific coupons
  • Do not send coupons that are ripped or have the expiration date cut off
  • Do not send coupons that are more then 30 days past their due date due.  This allows enough time for shipping and processing before the coupon reaches the 6 month point.