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Alexia Coupon

Most companies have coupons that they send out to loyal customers.  So, take a moment and contact a new company to see if you can score some great coupons, possibly even for free products.

Here are a few suggestions when contacting the companies:

  • Try to stay positive.  Complement them on a new product or how much you or your family enjoy it.  If you have a complaint, try to say what you have to say in a positive way.
  • You can offer suggestions on how they might improve their products.  Maybe offer flavor suggestions, etc.
  • And be sure to include your contact info when you write to them including your address.

Make sure to check out the Got Coupons? Master List of Companies.

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  • Vercilla

    Thank You Cindy! My kids and I were eating their Sweet Potato Fries first and they are still the best: in fact all of their potato products are the best!

  • Cynthia

    Thanks! I haven’t tried their products yet!

    Just wanted to share my list of companies that sent me coupons when I’ve emailed them. Sensodyne Toothpaste, Domino Sugar, Heinz, Smart Balance (they sent them in a booklet with recipies and health tips!), Skinny Cow, Welchs, Mt Olive, Cape Cods Chips, Bumble Bee, Arnolds, Aloutte (they sent a coupon for free cheese, up to $8 and 2 more 1/1 coupons) . Still waiting on many more. I’ll post when I get more!

    • Jen W

      In addition to your list, I have emailed and received positive responses from: turkey hill (and told to contact monthly for coupons!), bryers/edy’s, Fresh Express, Dannon. Tyson said to watch the mail, so I am! lol Like you, I’m waiting on others.

      • Cynthia

        Jen, Maybe I did something wrong because I’ve read that Turkey Hill sends coupons BUT I emailed them first and haven’t received anything, same with Bryers/Edys. I’m going to try again because you’ve motivated me! I’ll add yours to my list! Thanks for sharing too!

  • T

    What are tips for asking for coupons? What do you suggeest is in the email that works

    • Cynthia

      T, I never ask for coupons, I just compliment their products. I get an email right away or within a few days that says they are sending me coupons in the mail. Not all companies send coupons, some just send me an email thanking me. I should make a list of those companies and post too.
      I went through my cupboards, fridge and shelves and made a list of all the products we use and like. I try to email 5 a day now. It can be time consuming. But, worth it! Good Luck!!!