Best Deals to Restock Your Perishable Foods After Hurricane Irene

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Large

Best Deals to Restock Your Perishable Foods After Hurricane Irene

After Hurricane Irene, I know a lot of you have lost or are still without power.  Reader Eileen suggested to have a round up post of all the best deals on perishable items. I thought it was a great idea.  So, here are the best perishable grocery items around the tri-state area.  As I find more I will add them to the list.  Please feel free to list them in the comments as well.


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  • Annie

    Thanks for the list. Was upset I couldn’t get my coupons until I found out some of our family lost everything. Feel so blessed right now

    • Dee2

      My prayers are with your family!

  • Christine

    Is that Skim Plus coupon new? I had SP coupons that I printed & ShopRite wouldn’t take them because they said they were fraudulent. It was $1.00 off any of the SP items & had an October exp. date also, but it let me print as many as I wanted, so I had a lot of them. I used them for a while before SR stopped accepting them, then I didn’t try using them anywhere else in case they were fraudulent. Anyone else have this?

    • Liz on LI

      I don’t even bother with PDF coupons anymore. It’s not that they’re fraudulent, b/c if they were they wouldn’t be posted by reputable sites, such as this one, and honest couponers such as Cindy. A lot of stores just don’t take them b/c they “look” fake. I can’t blame them, really, but at the same time, I wish they all followed this site and others to see we are not out to take advantage of them.

  • Jesse

    there is a coupon for the butterball bacon, $0.65/1 from a few weeks ago. even if your shoprite doesnt fully double, thats some pretty cheap bacon!

  • Dawn

    There is a fraudulent coupons list you can look up online. ‘Coupon Information Corporation’ is one of them. They show you what the fake looks like and why and compare it to the original…they also list the barcode so you can check it…try to find one you like, I saw several others….

  • Nikita

    Than kyou so much for posting this! We still don’t have power and it’s looking like a few days before we get it, this will help out a lot and give me something to do all day!

    • Janice

      dont forget to call your electric company and file a claim for the food you lost! hope it comes on soon for ya!

  • MARY

    Just got power back after 32 hrs. List is much appreciated!

  • Patty

    Our insurance covers lost food with no deductible. If you lost food, you should call and see if you are covered. It helps. They transferred the money electronically into my account the same day. 🙂

    • Mary R.

      THANK YOU!….. my Dad and I just transferred a 500.oo order from Omaha Steaks to my deep freezer. But the food in the fridge and freezer is questionable….not worth the risk. We have no idea when they will get power….could be a week…God Bless everyone…please be careful with candles!

  • Eileen @QponPrincess

    so nice to see an idea put to use so quickly 🙂

  • angela

    Waldbaums has tropicana orange juice 2/$5.oo plus when you buy 2 you get a free dozen Americas Choice eggs. If you were lucky enough to get coupons this weekend theres a coupon for $1 off any 2 tropicana orange juice. So $4 for 2 tropicana oj and a dozen eggs.

  • Lisa

    We lost power on Sunday morning and didn’t get it back until early this morning. Yesterday I openend our fridge and stuck two huge bags of ice in there in an effort to keep the fridge cool and the food good. This morning I had to clean out the water in there, but no water had gotten into food, so nothing was destroyed by water. However, because our power was out for over 37 hours and I don’t know what the temperature was in there, I’m not sure what food to throw away and what to keep. I don’t believe it got warm in there and I don’t want to throw out food that is still good. I was too afraid to open the freezer and the box freezer, but I guess I’ll do it when I get home from work today. I realize that we have been very lucky under the circumstances, but I can’t help to be really worried and bummed about all the food that sat without power for a couple of days. Thanks for the Restock Deal list. I need lots of good deals now.