CVS: 2 Free Bags Skittles/Starbust Candy

CVS: Free Skittles/Starburst

Thanks to a tip from reader Ting Grace, I headed over to CVS to give this a try and it worked like a charm.  The Coupon Center is printing out CVS Coupons (Red Price Checker Machine) for BOGO Free Skittles/Starburst/Lifesaver (came out on the second swipe).  The coupon is good for 14 – 17 oz.  Plus, the 14 oz bags are on sale for $3 each wyb 2.  And, the great part is, the coupon is deducting $4.29.  Here is what I did

Buy 2 Skittles/Starburst 14 oz Bags $3.00 each
-CVS BOGO Coupon ($4.29 deducted)
-(1)$1/1 Skittles Coupon (looks like coupon is no longer available)
-(1)$1/1 Skittles Coupon (they adjusted to $0.71 off)
Free +tax if applicable

Note: Be sure to get the 14 oz bags as the 16.5 oz bags are not 2/$6

Thanks Ting Grace!


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  • sonia

    do you have the website for the coupon center?

    • Cindy

      It’s the red coupon machine at the store. You can scan your Extra Care Card and coupons come out the side.

  • Jessica

    I went and no coupons were available for me. That stinks!!

  • Erin McDermid

    never thought to scan my card at the coupon machine a 2nd time!! I’m going back!

    • Allison

      i’ve had it print 3 times for me in one visit! always swipe until it says “no more coupons available today.”

      • Erin McDermid

        thanks!! I will from now on!

  • yeah i just keep swiping until it says no more lol.

  • Shanta

    Cindy I know your in NJ & I’m not sure if PA is different & mind you I’m so new to this, but its might of been possible for you to have had a $.29 overage on this if you would of bought another item. I went to CVS this morning I bought (2) 12pk Pepsi @$2.50 ea…$5.00& 2 Vo5 @ $.77 ea….used
    (1) $2/2 Shampoo & (1) $3 EBC, my OOP was $1.66. Had I not had the $3 EBC my OOP would been $4.66 for Pepsi that was $5.00 due to Vo5 overage!!!!

    • Cindy

      Possibly but I was just running in to try the deal so I wasn’t concerned with that. Plus, I need to show the deal as if someone was buying it buy itself so they know what to expect. Most likely you could get the overage.

      • Ueen

        Mine was weird but nice. The .29 overage went to tax so i paid .13 for two bags.

  • Denise

    This is so weird. I printed the skittles coupon, went downstairs to the printer to get it & it wasn’t there. Came back upstairs to & the coupon is gone!!!!

  • Julia

    I think the coupon may be gone. I don’t see it!

    • desiree

      i don’t see it either…bummer!

  • Anonymous

    yeah, i can’t find the coupon either!

  • lisa

    I dont see the coupon either… What zip code did you use to get it?

  • Julie Berry

    Can’t find coupon.

  • Diane R.

    Wow, this is such a great deal! I hope when I go to CVS tomorrow that the coupon still comes out of the magic coupon machine. I love Starburst candy!

  • Jennifer

    Guess it’s good that i printed the coupon twice last week and held onto it. Hopefully i can get the coupon machine to give me something in the store though i’ve admittedly never seen this machine lol

  • Robin

    My CVS in Indiana was printing different coupons out of the red machine today…

  • judy

    try this couple zipcodes 12345, 77477, 90210. Hope this help!Happy couponing!:)

  • Michelle

    Yeah – got mine on the second swipe! Kids are thrilled about free starburst!!! THANK YOU!!

  • christine

    used mine yesterday at target to make them a dollar each. still a good deal i guess.

  • Michelle

    Got my free Starburst! And since I had other stuff, got the overage too! Love free candy, and got the tropical flavor, it’s yummy!

  • Chenni

    I got 2 14oz skittles that had 20% more in them so that made them 16.8 oz bags (looks for those). Gave my 2 $1 off coups first then my cvs bogo coup = free. So happy because i am making a candy basket as birthday gift for someone. Thank you!!!!!

    • susie q

      good idea!

  • Sal

    I used the deal tonight at the CVS in Branford, CT. Worked fine.

  • susie q

    Wahoooooo… got mine! Thanks so much!

  • Suzanne

    Went there this morning and had my son run in and swipe my card before getting my 2 toddlers out of the car. When he came back and showed me that BOGO coupon, we went in. I gave the manager the BOGO coupon first, then 2 of the $1.00 coupon (that I printed a couple of weeks ago, I think). I bought nothing else (in that trip) and the $.29 overage was applied to my tax. My OOP was $.13.

    I have extra $1.00 off 1 coupons if there’s anybody who wasn’t able to print them wants in on the deal. If you email me your address (don’t post it here in public) I’ll mail them to you. Just want to share with my fellow couponers. No reason to let them expire if someone else can use them.

  • Diane R.

    Yay! I got the coupon from the magic coupon machine today! I got 2 bags of Starburst and a bag of Kettle Brand potato chips (on sale for $2.50) I used the Starburst BOGO and 2 Starburst $1.00 coupons and 1 Kettle Chips $1.00 cpn. The .29 overage went towards the chips, so final cost of the chips were only $1.21. Then I decided to buy 4 Sour Patch Kids candy 14oz bags. They were $3.69 each BOGO free, so 4 bags were $7.38. I used 2 $1/2 cpns, so cost was only $5.38 (just $1.34 per bag). I use these 2 fill up my 2 living room candy jars. They are my family’s favorite candy dish treat!

  • lisa

    It didn’t work so well for me, used cvs coupon first then 2 manu coupons and only $1 deducted. Manager came over, fine print on coupon says only 1 coupon per purchase. Paid $1.24 for 2 bags, used self checkout machine, and this was in ny.

    • KT

      Hey Lisa, I think the last $1 coupon didnt go through because it would make the pre tax total negative. I noticed that when the cashier was scanning a $3 ECB it didnt want to scan and she manually put it through. I think it was because it was going into a negative total, sure enough my receipt says -.42 then it was applied to the tax… You should be fine if you add other things to your purchase.

    • Helen

      KT’s right, it worked for me. you need to spend like another 29 cents. I live in NY as well and used the self check out because it’s soooo much easier and faster. This actually is an unadvertised sale. I checked the flyer and it wasn’t there, and there was no tag indicating a sale either. I figured I’d give it a try anyway because if anything it’d just come out to 90 cents for 2 bags, but it ended up adjusting it down to $3 a bag automatically. I’m a happy camper with free candy… a very very happy camper with the sugar rush =)

  • i just got back from doing this and they cashier was a tart. he had to type in the BOGO price and typed in the SAVINGS not the product price. but still after all was said and done 2 bags of candy, razor and pads for $12 plus $7 in ECBs is ok to me!

  • Rachel

    Thanks for the heads up on this deal. I did go to CVS yesterday for my weekly shopping of their deals, but I was in PA (I live and usually shop in NJ) and I didn’t get the coupon from the magic machine. However I did print the ones from previously.. So I will have to go try my “home” CVS tonight or tomorrow ::Fingers crossed::

  • Mary

    This Q is back up again for me!

  • Cindy

    O.K. I’m confused. Should I have them swipe the CVS BOGO coupon first OR

  • Cindy

    O.K. I am confused so should I have them swipe the CVS BOGO coupon 1st or should I have them swipe the 2 $1 Off coupons off 1st? Thanks!

  • BB

    Got it thanks! Mines took both $1 off so I had overage. I gave them bogo cvs coupon first and then the 2 $1 coupons. Hope that helps

  • ann

    the $1 off skittles coupon is still available under zip code 39042

  • Jennifer

    I did this deal last night 🙂 Used the 29 cent overage on a drink. Does anyone know if you can do it more than once, I would guess you’d need a 2nd extra care card right?

    • Helen

      as long as you get another of the B1G1 coupon, i don’t see why not, there’s no limit on it

  • Maria

    They didnt give me the 4.29, i paid a dollar a bag, but i still add that to the win column 🙂

  • Malia

    I got the Lifesavers Gummies since they are one of my favorites and I NEVER buy them. They were 3.59 a bag, but since I got the 4.29 off and the two $1 Qs off, they cost less than $1 for both bags. AND they were the 20% more. Yay for almost free candy!

  • Danielle

    Help I went in, and got the bogo coupon and had 2 the two mfc. and I was rung up by a manager and told me the CVS coupon doesnt work and it really is a mfc and that was that! No candy! Why did that happened? He scanned it and it would not scan…. Is it possible CVS put a hold on it??

    • KT

      I tried this yesterday and everything scanned fine. Not sure why it didn’t work for you :/

    • Jessica

      I did it today at noon and had no problems, the CVS coupon took the $4.29 off.

  • Jessica

    Why do you have to pay tax on something that is $0.00?

    • Helen

      tax applies to the pre-coupon amount. they’re getting reimbursed for the amount of the coupon but not for the tax on the item itself. so it costs us, in this case, tax on the $6

  • K

    $1/1 coupon popped up on again, I didn’t use a zip code to filter it. FYI.

  • Cindy

    Went in tonight and they swiped BOGO coupon first and I got the entire $4.29 deducted and then they swiped the 2 $1 coupons. Oh, and the magic machine printed out yet another BOGO coupon for Skittles when I first walked in the door!

  • Shita

    i got mind for 13 cents. 29 cents overage applied to tax. CVS BOGO coupon first then 2 $1 coupon. not every CVS in my area have magic machine. got to call before i go.

  • Alison

    The coupons are reset on!!

  • Asra

    I was curious and wanted to know if i got the skittles coupon from the coupon machine 2 days in a row from the same card. Can i use the two coupons together and get both bags free that way plus overage for other items in my cart. I would not be using the $1 manufactirer coupons. I am curious if this would work cause the coupon from the machine does not have a limit or am i wrong?

    • KT

      The CVS coupon states buy 1 get 1 free (up to $4.29 value) so to use 2 coupons I would assume you would need to buy 4 bags so only 2 would be free plus the overage.

  • Jules

    Bummer my cashier adjusted the coupon down to 3.00 since they were 2 for $6… still i got 2 huge bags for $.70 each…im going to try a different cvs this afternoon and see if i can score some free.

    • Jules

      YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! i went to a different CVS on my way home from teaching piano and scored 2 big
      bags of skittles for $.13 …. great for the movies!

  • Mary

    Make sure you use the contest code on the inside (mine was inside the bonus size gummy life savers). I won a free bag of skittles, starburst or gummys, woot woot!