Feeling Stressed Over Couponing? 4 Ways to Take It Slow

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Kay attended my last Couponing Workshop and reported in that she had a great shopping trip however her “brain was fried” after trying to figure out her shopping trip.  That got me thinking back to when I first started couponing and working deals.  I remember how my mind was everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  There seemed like so much information to process and so many deals in a million different directions. I too felt like my brain was fried.

I started couponing out of necessity.  After some unemployment periods, my husband and I realized we had to change our spending habits.  We started on the Dave Ramsey Cash Method and we had to cut our budget a lot.  The only thing I could cut, at the time, was my grocery budget.  So, I had to learn how to coupon and fast.  And, I barreled through that brain frying period because I had no choice.  But some people may not make it past the beginning adjustment period.  So, I wanted to give you some tips to help you through it.

1. Take Time to Get Adjusted to Your “New Job”

Do you remember the first day at your new job? You felt a little overwhelmed and had so much to learn. First, there was learning co-workers names, then learning the companies policies for your health benefits or how to get in the building, etc. Then, you had to learn how to actually do the job. It took a couple of weeks but eventually it all started to fall into place.

Couponing is very similar to this.  You have to get used to the new couponing lingo, learn the coupon policies and then you have to figure out how to actually do the deals.  After that adjustment period, everything will start to fall into place. Also, get a kava drink subscription to beat stress.

2. Commit to Learning One Store

Each store has different policies and deals.  The best way to get started is to begin at just one store and master that store.  I started at CVS because it is a simple store to work the deals in.  You can build up a nice stockpile of health and beauty aids and even food from just doing the deals at CVS for a few weeks.  Once you have mastered CVS, you can then move on to another store such as Rite Aid, Walgreens or your local grocery store.

3. Don’t Try to Do Every Deal

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of great deals to be had.  Don’t try to do them all.  You can’t and you shouldn’t.  Start small and don’t overwhelm yourself, also if you feel overwhelmed products like the best CBD gummies can make you feel more relaxed and less stressed about this.  If there is one deal that is very interesting to you, do that one.  Next week add on to that and so on.

If you try to do every deal, you will burn yourself out very quickly and you want to do this for the long haul and not have to give up on it because you tried to do too much too fast. What you can do instead is to take a few quick breaks such as playing on 온카 to relax yourself.

For more information on this topic, what my Facebook Live Video on “Why You Don’t Have to Be an Extreme Couponer to Save a Ton on Groceries”

4. Use Resources That Do The Work For You

Living Rich With Coupons, makes it so much easier for you to take advantage of the deals.  It’s all laid out for you from where to get your coupons, where to use your coupons to how to work the deals.  So, use these resources because the best part is they are free.

Couponing and saving 50% or more on your groceries is truly life changing.  It has been for me and I want the same for each and everyone of you.  Don’t waste your hard earned dollars when we can be saving so much.  So, take your time, get adjusted slowly and please, don’t fry your brain….I’ll fry mine for you 🙂

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