Extreme Couponing Tips for Printing Coupons

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Extreme Couponing Tips

Here are some tips on how to be a TRUE Extreme Couponer

This week’s tip is:

::Tips for Printing Coupons

Printing coupons can sometimes make you pull your hair out.  Here are some tips to print coupons and take care of those pesky problems that may come up.

Printing Multiple Coupons

Did you know that you can print 2 coupons on 1 computer just by hitting your back browser button. Yep, after you print your first coupons, simply hit your back browser button and in most cases you will be able to print another coupons.  Also, if you have more then one computer in your house, you can print from those computers as well.

Coupons Won’t Print

I know it’s so frustrating when you are all set to print your coupons and your coupons won’t print. One of the best ways to fix this issue is to simply try switching  your browser. For instance I print coupons better on Safari than Firefox, but my daughter prints them better on Firefox than on Safari. You just have to test out your browsers and see what works best for you.

Set your Computer to print Black and White to Save Money

Ink can get rather expensive, especially if you print in color. The best way to Cut Down on Printing Costs is to set your printer settings to black and white to save money.  Honestly there is no reason that a store would not allow you to use a coupon in black and white.  I only print in black and white and never have an issue.  If your store tells you that you need to print in black and white, I would definitely consider discussing this with the store manager and, if needed, the corporate office.  They should not be making you use color ink.

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