Free Toilet Paper Roll Cover from Cottonelle

Free Toilet Paper Roll Cover

If you took advantage of the cheap Cottonelle Toilet Paper yesterday at Walgreens, then you’ll love this.  You can score a Free Cottonelle Brand Roll Cover.  Just enter the UPC code from a 12 pack or larger Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper to get your roll cover for free.

Free Toilet Paper Roll Cover from Cottonelle

Note: The site has been in and out all day but it seems to be working right now.

(Thanks LeeAnn!)

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  • Anonymous

    Site says “Unavailable”

  • Anonymous

    It is 7:41pm EST and the site is glitchy! I’ve tried 5 times. I’ll try again later.

  • Robin

    Took several tries but finally got it to work. Keep trying it will work! Thanks!

  • Veronica J

    Not sure if the site is having issues, but it keeps telling me to put a valid UPC. I have the right product but it’s not recognizing the UPC as valid. I’ll try again later.

    • Anonymous

      i had the same problem. reread, it has to be cottonelle “clean care” toilet paper.

      • Michele A.

        Try this UPC 036000116397, it worked for me just now. Good luck! And remember to Respect the Roll, LOL!

        • kara

          Thank you for sharing your code! It worked for me too!

        • Susan G

          Thanks for thre UPC code!

        • Steve

          Thanks for the UPC code, Michele. It worked!

        • Stephanie

          Thank you for the upc. It worked for me too. It wouldn’t take the one I had originally?? lol 🙂

        • Thanks Michele! I bought Ultra Comfort Care…ugh!

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the code! It worked when mine wouldn’t.

        • April

          This worked for me… =) Thanks!

        • heather

          thanks it worked

  • Alison

    Me too Veronica.. have used 2 of the codes in our house so far. One for 18 one for 12. Always says invalid code, with, without spaces.

  • Shari

    I get the message: Service Unavailable

  • evonne B

    would anyone like to share a code?

    • Debbie

      I got that message to; I just went back in and completed the information & hit submit and it took it.
      UPC code is 3600013396

      • thank you very much, that was very sweet of you ;o)

      • Margaret W.

        thanks for sharing the code!!! I got mine!!

        • Anonymous

          Thank you so much for sharing the code!

          • Jake H.

            Thank you very much!

      • roxy

        thank you so much! I got mine too!!

      • JENNiFER


      • Janet

        I just was able to use the upc code that debbie gave, I should be receiving it in 4 to 6 weeks. Thanks Debbie!!!!

  • Kate

    I had the same problem with the code. Then, I tried the code without the first & last digit and then got an error page.

  • Jenn

    It will only work with a UPC for the CLEAN CARE Type of Toilet Paper .. thats why the UPC’s are not working.
    To find a code try using google.

  • Tarah

    Not working!!

  • tamara grayson

    Has anyone got one yet?????

  • Orapin

    What is a UPC code?

    • Tara


  • Alison

    I have 2 clean care right here and still not taking upc 🙁

  • Sally

    Mine just went through after many many tries. I found this: 3600013396 and it worked.

  • Christy

    I used regular cottenelle and it worked. I had to refresh the page a couple of times though.

  • Alison

    I used UPC # 3600013396

  • Veronica J

    Same here, I am using the Clean Care type and still telling me my UPC are invalid, with, without spaces…….Alison, mine also begins with 36000…….Robin did yours begin with different numbers than ours?

  • Alicia

    I got mine to work and I left off the 0 at the beginning and the 8 at the end. It took me several tries as well and I tried 2 different browsers several times each before I got google chrome to work. Also, mine did not show a submit button, so I just had to hit enter after typing in the captcha.

  • Christine R

    Yay I got mine too!! I actually used 2 different codes I had ( I am so blessed that of the 6 12 packs of toilet paper I have 3 packs were Cottonelle!) it took a bit but if you get off the site entirely and click the link above it several times it sort of refreshes it and I was able to do it twice! Hope that helps you all out!

    Hope you all have the chance to get one they are really cool and it is really nice of them to give them free without charging shipping. 😉

    Thanks Cindy!!


  • Amy W.

    WooHoo! I finally got it to work. Took more than a few tries but I finally got it!

  • Stephanie

    I bought ten 12 packs on Sunday (without clearing the shelf) and was able to use all of them to send to family and friends. I noticed the UPC code is the same for each pack…3600029578. It worked all ten times for me…please try it!

  • Frances

    The UPCs from the packages I just purchased did not work, but when I tried the UPC from one I had previously purchased it worked just fine.

  • TyNickMom

    I keep getting script errors after I submit. I guess I will have to wait and see if it comes!

  • Kate

    I finally got it to work using the code mentioned above, which is not the UPC on the 12pk of Clean Care I have. Thanks!!

  • Kerry

    After trying since last night it FINALLY worked! Yey!!! 🙂

  • Dorris Parker

    I got through after about four tries. Can’t wait to getmy cover. This is a great
    offer from Cottonell.

  • Anonymous

    worked perfectly

  • tamara grayson

    I tried and tried last night with no luck…then i woke up with my husband at 6am and tried one more time and it worked..thanks so much!!

  • 3600013396 seemed to have worked great, it said i will be receiving it in 8 too 10 weeks, yay! another thing i have to sanitize and dust and clean….it is cute tho! enjoy everyone!

  • Jessica

    I just tried it – initially I received a page saying “we will be right back,” but I refreshed entered all the info again and I received an error stating that I already placed an order. So I guess it did go thru on the initial try…

  • Kelley Murray

    got it to work with one of the codes someone had posted…been trying for days and am glad it finally went through!
    The code I used was 3600013396

  • Shell

    I got one using upc: 3600013396

  • Joy

    I got one using the 3600013396. Thank you 🙂

  • napkitty

    THANKS! for the UPC code. 3600013396 It worked.

  • Cynthia

    WOOHOO! I tried this a week ago BUT it was unavailable and I was dissapointed. BUT I got one now!! Thank You So MUCH for the UPC! So excited!!! Its the little things that make me happy!

  • Amanda


  • Ruth

    9:26 pm est Have been trying for 30 mins. Keep getting invalid UPC code. What’s up with that?

    • Ruth

      Ok the UPC code that I got from my package does not work the one shared here did. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Nexar

    Thanks for the code. Worked first time

  • Jenn

    After I went to the closet to get my Cottonelle package and entered the UPC code, the web site kept coming back with wrong UPC code. I took it right off the package

  • Jenn

    used the UPC code given here and it worked. Thank you!

  • Melanie Magana

    Thanks Michele!

  • Keyla

    first time on this website and i LOVE it! thanks for the UPC!

  • Kevin W

    Not working at all with any option…

  • Thanks Michelle A. The site worked with that UPC code and it’s on its way.

  • Annie

    Thanks for the UPC code! I was having trouble this morning but it finally worked just now! It says I need to wait 8-10 weeks.

  • Pops Brizzi

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Mine is also on the way.

  • Paula

    Says their all out…

  • kathy conley

    i got a receipt for a free breast cancer toilet paper roll cover from store but for some reason when i go to site there is no where to put my unique code provided on receipt F29DD86E what is going on and how do i get my free item that is mine for supporting breast cancer which i am very much involved in please let me know thank you kathy conley 5377 jocelyn dr las vegas nv 89122