Got Coupons in Your Mailbox?


Got Coupons In Your Mailbox?

Here are some of the great coupons that some readers have received from contacting companies from the Got Coupons? posts each week. If you haven’t contacted any companies yet you might want to check the Got Coupons? Master List. You can always access the list by clicking on the Coupons tab in the navigation bar above and then the “Request Coupons” link.

Here is what some readers have received in their mailboxes:

Cynthia wrote to Colgate and Celeste and scored all of the coupons above.


Liz wrote to Boboli and Bimbo Bakeries and scored some coupons from them. As well as some RecycleBank coupons for Fresh Grocer.

And, Denise contacted a ton of companies and look at all the coupons that were in her mailbox….Wow!

  • Welchs- (4) $0.50/1 Welchs product
  • Bellisio-(2) FREE Michaelina frozen entrees
  • Alouette- (1) FREE cheese and (2) $1/1 cheese
  • Kozy Shack- (3) $1/2 Kozy Shack products
  • Bumble Bee- (4) $0.25/1 BB tuna
  • Celeste- (2) $0.25/1 Celeste product
  • Dannon-(6) $0.50/1 Dannon product
  • Skinny Cow-(2) $0.25/1 SC candy AND (2) $1 off/1 ice cream product
  • Marzetti- (1) FREE salad dressing
  • Earthbound Farms- (2) $5/1 EF product AND (2) $1 off/1 EF product
  • Soy Joy- (2) B2G1 free and 1 FREE bar
  • Turkey Hill- (3) $0.35/1 half gallon, (3) $0.50/1 TH ice cream, (2) $1/1 TH dairy product
  • Simply Potatoes- (2) $0.55/1 SP product
  • Colgate- (1) $0.75/1 Irish Spring body wash, (1) $0.40/1 Softsoap hand soap, (1) $0.40//1 Palmolive dish detergent, (1) $0.30//1 Irish Spring multipack bar soap, (1) $0.50/1 Colgate Wisps, (1) $0.40/1 Palmolive dish liquid, (1) $0.75/1 Softsoap body wash, (1) $0.75/1 Lady speed stick, (1) $0.75/1 Mens speed stick, (1) $0.75/1 Colgate toothbrush, (1) $0.50/1 Murphy Oil Soap, (1) $0.75/1 Kids Colgate toothpaste, (1) $0.50/1 Suavitel, (1) $0.75/1 Colgate Orabase Oral pain reliever, (1) $1/1 Colgate Total or Max Fresh, (1) $2/1 Colgate Phos-Flur anti cavity rinse, (1) $1/1 Colgate Peroxyl Oral cleanser.

Have your received any coupons?

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  • Jennifer

    I wrote to Berks looking for some for some hot dogss and got back a good $15 worth of coupons for their meat products!

  • jannie

    can someone pls copy a letter of what they wrote to the companies..i have tried and have not received anything from any company..

    • mary ellen

      i wrote to splenda and got a $5.00 off coupon 🙂

    • Sarah

      I would love to know how to also!

      • Yvette

        I always complement their products and sometimes try to be a little funny. They like that lol

    • ed

      I wrote to several. I tell them that I moved from NJ to SC and I loved their product in NJ but do not see any coupons in SC. I have gotten coupons from McCormic, Eddy’s, Turkey Hill, Aussie, Bush Beans and I forget what else.

      • Janice

        I did the same thing as I also moved from NJ to SC

  • Donna Spayd

    I just wrote on different company’s comments pages stating that I really liked their product however I am trying to stay in my budget would they be willing to send me some coupons so that I could still purchase their products.

  • Siobhan

    Is the contact information for Bimbo Bakeries listed Cindy? Maybe I am missing it – been a very long weekend. Thanks!

    • Siobhan

      …NM I realized Boboli is owned by Bimbo. Which is why the coupons are blue and silver 🙂 silly me! They also are the same style coupons as Thomas English Muffins, being Bimbo owns them also.

      • Cindy

        I think its Entenmanns too. Not 100% on that.

        • Aileen C

          Yes, it is.

        • Jen W

          Yes, and I received a phone call yesterday from them asking specific questions about their products…You can only get 1 set of coupons from Thomas, Arnold or Entenmann’s in a year…now, we’ll see what they send LOL

  • michele

    I emailed Earthbound Farm and they emailed me back $5/1 and $1/1. I was so excited to get such a generous response!

  • Mary

    Wow, what did you say to get all that stuff from Colgate?

  • neysa

    I wrote to Gatorade, Zatarans and Bryers ice cream and I got coupons in the mail…saving money is the name of the game….

  • neysa

    It’s quite simple. Just say that your family enjoys their products and if asking if that specific company has any samples or coupons for that item. Most companies are happy to send out coupons.

  • Anonymous

    I emailed snyders of hanover. I was positive and told them how much we enjoy their pretzel products. The replied that occasionally I could find coupons in the newspaper inserts. What a letdown. I responded back that I would no longer purchase their products!!

    • Jen W

      Sometimes you’ll get that email and then you’ll find coupons in your paper. Threatening or following through on not purchasing their products doesn’t cause them to flinch…you’re 1 person out of how many?

  • i emailed a bunch last night and told them how we love the products. then say how it is hard to come by the coupons and how i would be able to? i also mentioned how some stores will not take internet ones due to fraud.
    i heard from coke who told me they DONT do coupons! which stinks!

    OH!! i did get 2 coupons for any Kellogg product FREE since i complained i found a hair inside my mini wheat i was eating one morning

    • Jen W

      If you drink coke, join coke rewards. In a few months time, I had enough points to get 3 free boxes of crackers (that’s the reward I chose)! I can’t wait to get the coupons for the free crackers in the mail 🙂

  • Linda

    I emailed snyders of hanover pretzels. I was positive and told them they were the only brand that I buy for my family and could they please send me coupons for being such a loyal customer. Their response was that I should look for their coupons in the Sunday paper to obtain coupons from them. I sent them an email back saying that they just lost a customer!!

  • tj

    Pepperidge Farms and Burts Bees are on the list to contact but both of them have said they have no coupons. So if you are contacting companies you should skip those two.

    • Kierstin

      I’ve contacted a few companies in the past that didn’t give coupons to other people & they have sent me some. It really depends on who receives the e-mail, the time of month/year that you send the e-mail & how you word your e-mail. Never say never! LoL It doesn’t hurt to try.

    • Jen W

      Some will say that and still send coupons…

  • christine

    Turkey hill was super easy and quick with coupons. Just a quick e-mail stating I liked their iced tea. Didn’t even ask for coupons. Received packet of coupons within a week!! My store triples .50 coupons, so I got the tea for free & ice cream for .50 after coupons. YUM.

    • Allison

      Turkey Hill is the best. they always send you so many coupons and sometimes magnets too!

  • Kierstin

    Iams & Bolthouse Farms were super generous! I received about 5 or 6 coupons from Iams & Bolthouse sent me a small booklet of $3/1 any product (there were about 10 coupons in the booklet). My 2 year old loves their veggie smoothies & they often go on sale for $2.99 so these coupons were awesome!!!!

    Definitely e-mail as many companies as you can even if they didn’t give someone else coupons in the past. You could get lucky & receive some goodies in your mailbox!

  • Cynthia

    The Colgate coupons are mine. I simply complimented the Irish Spring soap and advised that I don’t see many coupons for them. They e-mailed me and said that they didn’t have any. One week later I get that fabulous treat in the mail. I was so excited I just had to show Cindy. Say nice things about products and request coupons. Some companies will send them and some won’t. Don’t give up trying 🙂

  • Christine R

    One night I cooked a recipe I got on the Johnsonville website with their 3 cheese chicken sausages I had never eaten these before because I DO NOT enjoy under any circumstances any kind of sausages. I bought them for $2.00 using a coupon for the first time. Well when I tasted it it was delicious!!! I was so taken over with excitement that I instantly decided to write them an email never thinking about anything but complimenting their AMAZING product. My Mom was even shocked when I told her I ate sausages that evening. The excitement even took me to Facebook and I liked their page and wrote a comment there as well.

    To my surprise I received an email thanking me and saying how flattered they were and thankful for customers like me who take time to let them know they are doing as a company as they work hard to get the right flavors. They also said they wanted to thank me by sending me some coupons and that I should be looking out for them in the mail…..I love them!!!

    They sent an official letter on their letterhead, it was so impressive and inside were 2 $1 off coupons on the purchase of your choice of Johnsonville Sausage!!!! I will be now be a customer for life!!!


  • Ed

    I had contacted Post because I love their Honey Bunches of Oats line of cereals but they answered back saying that they currently don’t offer coupons x(

    Going to have to stick with RR and ECB to buy it for a cheap price

  • Brenda

    I emailed StarKist and Kingford and they both responsed with a nice email but no coupons. Said they didn’t offer coupons at this time and then i saw a kingford coupon in the paper…..oh well.

  • Alison

    Just got some coupons the other day from Folders. (2 $1 off) 🙂

  • heather D

    Turkey Hill- Recieved 9 various coupons
    Entenmanns Recieved 2- $1.00 off coupons
    Arnold Breads Recieved 2- $1.00 off coupons
    Welchs Grape Juice Recieved 3 $0.50/1 coupons
    Henkel Company Recieved $0.40/1 Renuzit, $0.35/1 Dial product and 4- $0.50/1 Purex coupons – Can request again in 6 mnths
    Bumble Bee Tuna Recieved 4- $0.25/1 coupons
    Apple & Eve Juice Recieved3 $0.50/1 and 1-$1.00/1 coupons
    Dole Denied
    Snyder Pretzels Recieved 1 free product coupon
    Snack Pack Pudding Recieved 2- $0.50/1 coupons
    Vlassic Pickles Recieved 1-$1.00/1 coupon
    Mount Olive Recieved 1- $1.00/1Coupons
    Land-O-Lakes butter Recieved 2- $0.50/1 coupons
    Domino Sugar Recieved email saying coupons on the way
    Smuckers Denied
    Nestlé® Raisinets Recieved 1- $1.00/1 coupon
    Jif® Denied
    Coca-Cola Denied
    Burt’s Bees Denied
    michelinas Email Sent
    Old Spice received 2 1/1 coupons
    Perdue Denied
    Tropicana Denied
    Bigelow Tea Received 2 tea samples and 1- $1.00/1 Coupon
    Poland Springs Email Sent
    Propel denied
    Hersheys Jolly Rancher Chews Email sent
    Minute Maid Denied
    Tyson Chicken denied
    Bubba Burger Email sent
    Aloutee Cheese Recieved 1 free item coupon and 2- $1.00 off
    Nestea Denied
    Chips A Hoy email sent (complaint about burnt cookies)
    Tuttorusso tomatos got 2- 50/1 coupons
    Keebler Fudge Granola bars Email sent
    Good Humor Email sent

  • Mary

    Lawry’s sent me 2x 0.75/1 and you can request coupons every 90 days!

  • Victoria

    I emailed Cabot dairy on Friday and today they sent me a $1/2 cheese product.

  • Mary k

    Maaan, when I wrote to Cabot they said because they are direct from the farm they never offer coupons! :\

  • donna

    Statrted doing this 2 weeks ago and i have received from: Martins (3- $.55 ) Boboli (2-$1) Turkey Hill (same as above) Bumble Bee (4-$.25) Davidson’s eggs(2-$.75) (2-$1). The best one so far Clean and Clear ( I let them know their coupons were not printing for me) and they sent me a coupon for up to $10.oo off any product. I have been denied by Coca Cola ( in their email they told me that any online coupons for their soda is a fraud) also denied by starkist, farmland meats and hebrew national ( I was told to go to thier websites). Cabot never responded. Wrote to about 25 more !!!

  • Rachel

    Denied by Motts. I told them how much my kids love their juice, but I didnt buy them too often since store brands were much cheaper. Was told they dont send coupons.

  • Izabela

    I received some for Strawberry Jam, however, the coupons came one day AFTER they expired.. oh well 🙂

  • helen

    free coupons by mail requesting free coupons by mail pls hi i real love your products it is the best in the world i real wood like to know if you have any home mail out coupons pls i don;t have any print and ware i live in the Boondocks 🙁