Got Coupons In Your Mailbox?


Got Coupons In Your Mailbox?

Here are some of the great coupons that some readers have received from contacting companies from the Got Coupons? posts each week.  If you haven’t contacted any companies yet you might want to check the Got Coupons? Master List.  You can always access the list by clicking on the Coupons tab in the navigation bar above and then the “Request Coupons” link.

Here is what some readers have received in their mailboxes:

Theresa recently received some Pampers, Mrs. T’s Piergois, Apple and Eve, and Carolina Coupons. So, be sure to contact Pampers, Mrs. T’s Piergois, Apple and Eve, and Carolina to get yours too.

Carmalina recently received Chobani Coupons. So, be sure to contact Choboni to get yours too.

Wendy recently received Earthbound Farm Organics Coupons and many more. So, be sure to contact Earthbound Farms Organics to get yours too.

Be sure to request coupons from these companies so your trip to the mailbox will put a smile on your face too.  Let us know if you received any great coupons.

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  • christina

    Turkey hill gives awesome coupons too! 🙂

  • Lisa

    lol… um I think it’s “Apple and Eve”… Adam and Eve is an entirely different type of online shop 😉

    • Julianna


    • Cindy

      Ooops, corrected that one.

  • Kelly

    How did you get Pampers Coupons!!! They emailed me back and told me to buy the paper with the P&G brandsaver in it.

    • I go on a message board that has a Pampers Board. one of the members is a worker and she likes to send out coupons to moms lol.

      yeah…oops on the apple and eve in the email :0/

  • Amanda

    I got those Pampers coupons as well, but they were inside boxes of Pampers. I recently emailed them to say the new type of diaper leaks and they are sending me a $10 coupon.

  • Stephanie

    Last week in the mail, I received great coupons from Turkey Hill, Bobolli, Folger’s & Jiff. Turkey Hill gave multiples for .35 off drinks, and $1/1 ice cream!

  • Jeannette

    Can someone please post a sample of what they have wrote to request coupons ?

    • Fanny

      I basically just let them know how much my family enjoys their line of products and how we would like to receive some coupons either via mail or e-mail to continue enjoying their product. I have received several in the past two weeks. (smuckers, northland, bobboli, turkeyhill, bumble bee, pepperidge farm, welch’s, apple&eve and folger’s…etc.

    • nuri

      i e-mail them, and tell them that i like their product (or didn’t like their product for some reason and how they could make it better) and ask them if there are any coupons or samples they can send me.

      recent success:
      henkel for right guard deodorant (35c off, which worked nicely iwth the $1 right guard deodorant

      pampers ($10 off a $15 pack of pampers when i told them that my baby was leaking through the top of the diaper when she sleeps on her stomach)

  • Susie

    Does anyone know the address or where to contact pampers?

  • Vivian

    I’ve had success with Turkey Hill, but that’s about it.
    I contact Jif, got an email back, but no coupons…..yet.

  • Tina M

    I emailed Bimbo about Stroehmann bread and 3 days later I had 3-$1 off coupons in my mail box! Also I emailed Apple and Eve and got 2- $1 off Fruitables , 2-$1 off 2 Apple and Eve products, and 2 -.50 off Apple and Eve products! I was soooooo happy! Today I also received my Free Fresh Express coupon with 3 $1- off Fresh Express coupons, 1- Free Beechnut stage 4 item, and 3- Motts for tots coupons! I love these type of mail days!!!!

  • Pam

    I’ve also been recently told by Gatorade, Pepsi, Starkist…to keep an eye out for coupons and sign up for their newsletter and facebook. No coupons 🙁

  • Jennifer

    This week I got 2 coupons from Bimbo $1.00 off 1 Arnold Bread used them at Publix where they were BOGO. Then I got 2 coupons from Bushes Baked Beans for 55 cents each. And 2 $1.00 coupons from Splenda with 2 sample packets. Not bad. I’m going to send out some more emails.

  • jayme

    I emailed Turkey Hill and Bumble Bee and recieved coupons in my mailbox. Pepsi emailed me and told me they had nothing at this time. Thanks for such a great website!

  • Margaret W.

    Cindy, I wish you could create an area where we can discuss and list the coupons we received in the mail. That’d be a great area where we can divulge info on how we contacted each company, and what we received in the end.