Got Coupons In Your Mailbox?


Got Coupons In Your Mailbox?

Here are some of the great coupons that some readers have received from contacting companies from the Got Coupons? posts each week.  If you haven’t contacted any companies yet you might want to check the Got Coupons? Master List.  You can always access the list by clicking on the Coupons tab in the navigation bar above and then the “Request Coupons” link.

Here is what some readers who smile on their way to their mailbox:

Glenn recently received some Quaker, Ocean Spray, Bigelow, Bayer, and Bumblebee. So, be sure to contact Quaker, Ocean Spray, Bigelow, Bayer, and Bumblebee to get yours too.

Georgia recently received some Bush’s and Turkey Hill Coupons. So, be sure to contact Bush’s and Turkey Hill to get yours too.

April recently received some Arnold’s and Apple & Eve Coupons. So, be sure to contact Arnold’s & Apple & Eve to get yours too.

Heather recently received some Conagra, Stubbs, and Colgate. So, be sure to contact Conagra, Stubbs, and Colgate to get yours too.

Be sure to request coupons from these companies so your trip to the mailbox will put a smile on your face too.  Let us know if you received any great coupons.

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  • michelke

    So just by filling out you contact they will send you coupons? Do you have to keep filling it out or will they continue to send coupons?

  • Jessica

    I have contacted at least a dozen companies and still have not received coupons from any of them. I am polite and tell them how much my family and I enjoy their product(s). I started contacting them at the beginning of August. What am I doing wrong? Does it take a while to receive the coupons?

    • Julianna

      I’ve gotten coupons from places within 4 days, but some take a month or two. Be sure to stay upbeat in telling them what you like about their products you’ve tried and then tell them how much you’d like a coupon (or a few) to try some of their other products.

    • mary

      I started contactng some of the companies on Cindy’s list and have had Great success! so far I received from Entermann’s, Martin’s rolls, Bumble Bee tuna, Bush’s beans, Turkey Hill, Daisy sour cream, Mt. Olive pickles, Smithfield, Johnsonville, Adam & Eve juice, Welch’s, Tuscan milk, Skinny cow, Edy’s ice cream, WhoNu, Sara Lee, Mazelli dressing, Jaba, Sabra, soo many more. I get so excited when I get my mail! Just a short note saying my family enjoys their product and would really appreciate some coupons..

  • Jenny

    I don’t get any and i’ve written to a few companies. They just say they do not have any coupons and/or to check on facebook for special giveaways. Am I doing something wrong????

    • Kris

      Do you ask for coupons or praise the product? They don’t really give out coupons if you ask, but if you tell them how great their product is they usually send you coupons… use the Got Coupon list hereon Living Rich with Coupons or Couponing to Disney’s 5 a day! I have done both with great success! They both have great company’s that love hearing they are doing good things!

      • Jen W

        I have praised their products and stated in the economic times coupons helps me to feed the house within budget. I’ve gotten many, many coupons from doing this!

      • Jenny

        I’ve praised their products and then ask for coupons at the end….maybe I should not request coupons?

    • stephanie

      I got these within a week after asking for them on their websites:

      Turkey Hill
      Bimbo Bakery

      All of them sent multiple coupons. Most of them being $1.00/1.

      Good luck!

    • Elaine

      ME TOO! What is everyone saying to these companies to get coupons? I’ve only been able to get coupons from Adam & Eve for apple juice…. THAT’S IT! And I’ve contacted at least 20 companies!

      • Michael

        anyone get coupons for freebie items?

        • Trish donohue

          Yes I get free coupons when I complain. However I only contact a company when I have a legit issue. I contacted Ortega a few weeks ago because twice I have purchased the whole grain soft/hard taco kit and the hard shells are crumbled and can’t be used. They sent me 2 coupons for free replacements. So I will try again and see if we can use them.

        • Nahney

          Who nu cookies, Morton salt, and fresh exspress sent freebie coupons and other coupons for cents off some $1 off too

        • Nicole

          Lay’s sent me 2 free coupons and 2 $1 off coupons after I complained about not liking a certain flavor of chips, but stayed postive ensuring them that I’m usually a fan.

  • Sue

    Hey I just got a $20 coupon for a Target giftcard…….all I had to do was make a baby registry….no brainer!

  • Jessica

    I haven’t asked for coupons. I’ve just written to tell that how much my family and I enjoy using their product, things like that. No coupons yet. I guess I will keep trying!

  • anonymous

    I’ve written to Silk soy and told them how we love their product and requested coupons. They said they dont send coupons. 🙁

    • Holly

      Silk posts coupons on their website all the time, on Facebook, as well as on the various printable coupon site. Shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on their coupons. I’ve had multiples on many occasions.

  • Nicole

    I wrote into Lay’s recently letting them know that I usually love their products, but did not like the taste of their new ‘flamin hot cheetos.’ They sent me 2 coupons for a free lays product and 2 $1 off coupons.

  • Julianna

    My favorite coupon so far has been from Smithfield. I wrote to them on a Sunday after I went through my grocery circular and saw that the Smithfield Marinated Tenderloin was on sale for $5.99 (down from $9.99). I sent them a message (on their website) telling them that my family loves their bacon and have tried each variety a couple of times and that I just saw that they sell pork tenderloins. I asked for a coupon to try it out. They sent me an email thanking me for the compliments, then they sent me a nice letter (thanking me again) along with 2 recipes for the tenderloin and a $5/1 coupon. I received the coupon in Friday’s mail and was able to get the tenderloin for $0.99 after the sale and coupon.

  • Shita

    i have email 6 companies and got very good feed back from all. each sent me reply email and ask me to look out for the mail. got first set of coupons 2 days after contact, last one today. one company even give a link for online coupon. Try just make your email short and sweet. instant of ask them to sent to you coupon. please try to ask them where can you find their coupons to buy more of their product good luck, i will send email when i get a chance.

  • April S

    I told Martin’s that my daughter and son eat thier rolls with nothing on them they love the taste so much, and we were able to buy them on sale for my sons second birthday party and thanked them for being part of our special day. Two days later I got an email back, and a week or so later got coupons in the mail.

    Same with Apple & Eve, just told them my 2 year old loved thier juice and thanks for making a great and healthy product.

    I never ask or even mention coupons.

  • Jeannette

    Do you still request coupons when the site says they do not send coupons?

  • lisa

    I recently contacted bush beans and received 2 coupons for 55 cents each. at giant eagle this week they have 2 bush beans for $3 and the coupons are doubled so I get the beans for 45 cents a can what a deal!!!!

  • Tara

    Hillshire Farm, Sara Lee, Purina (this one was good, FREE coupons!!!), Quilted Northern & Turkey Hill all sent me some pretty awesome coupons…and quick too!

  • I’ve recently received coupons from Plumrose, McCormick, Arnold & Turkey Hill (lots of great coupons from Turkey Hill – will be using them next week to get ice cream for $1 – WOW!). PS – those coupons that you refer to as Arnold up there – they look like Martin’s – and Freschetta, right? I’ll have to check out those companies, too.

    • April S

      Yeah it was Martins, sorry. I misinformed Cindy when I sent the pic. The freschetta ones were from participating in thier live event they had a few weeks ago. I had submitted photos fir some of thier challenges plus filled out the form when they did the 5,000 every 30 minutes give away, so they sent me 6 in total!