Pathmark Coupon Matchups 8/5 – 8/11

Pathmark Coupon Match Ups 8/5 – 8/11

All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Make sure to check out Pathmark’s Coupon Policy.

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  • Look for the to find the best stockpile prices


NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Kathie

    Cindy. Just printed off one of the Organic Milk Coupons and it was for $0.75/3.

    • Cindy

      Thanks Kathie. I appreciate you letting me know. I updated the post.

      • Kathie

        You’re welcome Cindy. I appreciate all that you do. And thank you for posting this tonight. I was going to buy the Peter Pan Peanut Butter from SR tomorrow, but, I see a much better deal at Pathmark.

  • Diane R.

    There’s also a Zavers $.50/2 Toaster Strudels coupon which when combined with the paper coupon will make the final price even lower!

    • Cindy

      Hmm, I didn’t see that in my account. Bummer for me

  • Mary
  • allie

    Also if people printed from the pilsbury website, some of the cereal coupons (Chex & cocoa puffs) are actually $.85/1!

  • Christina


  • allie

    Mary–it actually says there are no prints available for the country crock spread.

  • Mary

    Darn, sorry! I printed 2x earlier today 🙁

  • rebecca

    Anyone have a purchase code for the peanut butter? It’s not the upc they want and my current jar doesn’t have a code 🙁

    Also, anyone who got the activia selects FB coupon, they are 10 for 7. You must buy 7 but the coupon was an unlimited print so use 3 and get them for .40 a cup!

    • rebecca

      Oops! Meant you must buy 10!

    • Tarah

      63829897 try this for the peanut butter

      • rebecca

        Thank you!!

        • rebecca

          Wow! It let me print 4! Woo hoo!

  • Renata Ahmed

    anyone has UPC for peanut butter?

    • Tarah


      • Tarah

        Renata that code is for the peanut butter leaving a random number not good. LOL

        • Sue

          Try 33675728

        • Sue

          I did the $30 for a free Mastercard deal today:
          4 packs of Cascade
          1 jug of Downy
          Got the gas card rebate slip — it appears to be working on the shelf prices, not the sale prices. W00t!

  • rebecca

    Is the box tops deal working off shelf price or sale price?

  • Jen

    The cheezit coupon is for 13.7 oz Colby…the sale is only for 7-10 oz sizes so that wont work

  • IvI

    For the Duncan Hines cake mix, I have a B2G1 coupon, can I use this coupon along with the $1/2 print out?

    • rebecca

      No, you need to buy 3 boxes for the b2g1 and then would need 2 more for the $1/2.

      • selina

        The B2G1 coupon is a coupon that works for the third cake mix making that free. Since the coupon does not apply to the first two, she can in fact use the $1/2 coupon on the other cake mixes.

        (I’ve done this before)

        • IvI

          Ok thanx, I will go ahead and give it a try hopefully it works =]

  • Lisa

    Does anyone know if the Brownie Crunch Cocoa Puffs are included? the advertisement only says Cocoa Puffs and my Brownie Crunch Cocoa Puffs coupons expire today.

  • Sue

    The P&G $10 rebate thing is working on shelf prices! Yay!

  • Anonymous

    My Pathmark has Dawn for .99 and and bounty single rolls 10 for $10 I used the bounty Q $1 off 2 paper towels PG 7/31 and the Dawn .20 off Q from PG 7/31

  • Rainbow Pony

    I tried the P&G deal today with the razor and toothpaste, etc. FYI, you must only buy the items pictured in the ad! I tried to buy a different kind of oral b toothbrush (I’m guessing this is where i went wrong?) and it didnt count towards the $30. I had to return it all, but the woman at customer service was very nice about it.

  • Giovanna

    For the P&G offer, can you buy any P&G items or do you have to buy only the ones listed in the flier?

  • Giovanna

    Also, what does shelf price mean, is this the sale price before the Pathmark card, or the actual price before any discounts whether sale or Pathmark card?

    • Anna

      Actual price before discount

  • Kelly

    I tried to get the Organic milk 1/2 gallon milk that’s on sale according to this site, but in store was $4.59! Sucks!

  • mary killion

    I never used the zavers ecoupon for pathmark before.

    It says online that it is a manufacturers coupon and you cant use paper coupons with it………. just wanted to verify I could use a paper coupon with the zavers for the bisquick or not……..


    • Anonymous

      Yes, you can combine a zaver Q with a paper Q. Zaver Q will come up when your card is scanned.

  • mary killion


    The horizon organic milk is listed at 8 ounces ………….

    The Organic valley Omega-3 has no size listed……..but if you checked the pathmark ad it states 32 ounces ( one quart ).

    Personally I am buying two of the Organic Valley——— making it $2 for a half gallon. Maybe that is an option for you too!

  • mary killion

    I just printed the coupon and saw that it was for a half gallon…… the deal is no good. The coupon doesnt match the sale size for the organic valley.

  • Roxy

    On the Crest rinse, I was able to load a $2.00 zavers Q on to my pathmark card and used $2.00 manuf Q