Reader Shopping Trip: CVS

Ama took advantage of the Huggies deal this week at CVS.  Here is what she had to say:

I was extremely excited about this weeks CVS deals as I’m starting my son with potty training and although the Huggies Slip-Ons aren’t pull ups… they are close to it and they were on sale!!  Of course I had to do 4 transactions, but well worth it!!  Oh yeah, I did forget my Revlon cpn but still did good – I’ll just go back and get more later this week with the cpns.

Transaction #1

1 Huggies Slip On $8.99
1 Carefree Pantyliners $1.87
1 CVS Brand Bandaids $4.29


Free CF Pantyliner: CVS coupon
Free CVS Bandaids: CVS coupon
$3 off Huggies Slip On: CVS coupon
$2 off Huggies Slip On Mfr cpn (HEB printable)
$3 off $15 purchase CVS coupon

Total Before Coupons: $15.15
Total OOP: $0.90 (incl. tax)

Transaction #2

1 Huggies Slip On $8.99
1 Revlon Nail Polish $4.99


$3 off Huggies Slip On CVS coupon
$2 off Huggies Slip On Mfr coupon (HEB printable)
$8 ECB from a couple weeks back (with the Complete Contact Solution deal)

Total Before coupon: $13.98
Total OOP: $1.13 (incl. tax)

Transaction #3 & #4 (both are the same)

1 Huggies Slip On $8.99


$3 off Huggies Slip On CVS coupon
$2 off Huggies Slip On Mfr cpn (HEB printable)

Total Before Coupon: $8.99
Total OOP: $3.99 (no tax)

Overall Total Before Coupons: $47.11
Overall Total OOP: $10.01
Received: $3 ECB for Revlon; $1 ECB for Green Bag Tag; $10 ECB Gas Reward

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  • Julianna

    WOOT!!! Great shopping! My CVS never got in the Slip-Ons, so I decided to start potty training instead ;-D

    • dcouonsavings

      2 cvs near me didnt have them either so i got the other ones instead. My baby is 6mo so i have time

      • amanda

        none of the cvs near me had them either…..was soooo disapointed…have a 1 year old that im starting to potty train so could def use them (and i wanted to get the 10 gas card! lol).

  • Liz V

    I am so frustrated wtih CVS this week! they had NOTHING I went in there for 🙁
    I am going to stop in again this afternoon on my way to the store. Good going Ama!

  • Alicia

    Ok I’m confused now. I thought the CVS coupon for the Huggies was $2 off?

  • carmen

    wasn’t the printable a cvs coupon for $2? and there was a $3 man q. there was also a $3 off cvs coupon printing out of the kiosk in the store , but how did you get 4 of them? 4 different cvs cards?

    I am doing this deal, but buying 4 under one card for the gas card deal…

    let me know. just curious. 🙂

    great job by the way!!

    • carmen

      ah. I see where you got the gas card… so just curious as to how you got 4 of the $3 off coupons from the kiosk I guess….

    • amanda

      you were able to print the cvs cpn off the internet about a week ago too…so you could get 4 that way..i printed 4..but none of the cvs’ near me had any of the diapers anyways 🙁

  • Michelle

    All of the purchases didnt have to be in one transaction for the gas card? How does it work, they gave you a gas gift card?

    • amanda

      no they dont have to all be in the same could only use one of the cvs cpns per transaction anyways….the reciept has a running total on it to keep track of how much you spend towards the gas deal.

  • TyNickMom

    Where is the CVS coupon for the huggies?

    • Amanda

      Go to the CVS match-up for this week and its at the bottom of the match-ups right before the comments. People also said if you scan your EB card at the “red coupon center” that a coupon was printing also

  • Helen

    I Bought the Huggies Slip on also and my lil guy loves them. But I recieved a coupon for cvs for $4 off when you buy and diapers and wipes I stacked that with the 3$ Huggies and .50 huggies wipes coupons and paid only 4.33 for the slip ons and wipes. Even though I already recieved my gas card Its a good stock up price for huggies and wipes

  • kat

    I just got back from cvs and after having been told they’d have them today all week, they just told me they weren’t stocking them this shift and id have to come back. I have 4 stores within 20 minutes of me all of which were suppose to have them today, no one has them on the shelf.

  • alesha walker

    Nope, you didn’t have to do it all in one transaction for the gas card – as long as you remembered to scan your CVS card.

  • Staci

    I just saw your great shopping trip way to go. I tired to print out the coupons and it says Target Web coupon on the top. So that isn’t a manufacture coupon right? I just wanted to ask how to do it before I go and make a wrong thing. I would feel real stupid if I was in line and they said you can’t do this. Thanks for the help.

    • Gosia

      target coupon can be used only at Target unless it says manyfacture

    • Julianna

      There’s a Target Web coupon for $2 off (only at Target), as well as a CVS printable coupon that’s for $2 off (only at CVS). I don’t see the CVS one on their “In-Store Coupons” link on their website anymore, tho.

  • Julie

    Don’t forget, if you want to get something at CVS (even with an ECB deal), they will give you a raincheck and you can get the ECB’s at a later date! Just make sure they write the ECB offer number and how many it produces on the raincheck.

    • Lori

      My CVS was also out of Slip-Ons. But I got a raincheck and made sure she marked 2 on the quantity. 🙂

  • Amy

    I only paid $16.98 in one transaction to get the gas card. I got four pakages of Huggies diapers. I used one CVS coupon $2 ,( 4) $3 coupons from newspaper, and $5 off $25.

  • Diana

    A $2 target coupon is pringting out. How did you use that at CVS?

    • Amy

      It was on the website last week in their coupon database

  • ELisSa

    My CVS will only let me do one transaction, per visit, per day. They are so strict! I still have to go back for two more packs.

    • Amanda

      How can they tell you that? What if you forgot something? You have to wait till tomorrow? I would call corp and tell them, Heck if wawa did that I would be in trouble LOL 🙂

  • nuri

    early in the week i found huggies naturals for 2.99 each on clearance
    so 2 of those plus 3 slip ons today
    plus the magic coupon machine printed $2 of 10 baby products

    so i made out awsome
    3.50 for 2 packs early in the week
    and 9 bucks for 3 backs today
    so after gas card, i paid 2.50 for 5 packs of diapers

  • nuri


    the above post says $3 CVS coupon and $2 Manufactuer’s coupon

    thats backwards right? did anyone find a $3 CVS coupon?

  • Tracy

    How do you get a $3 0ff of $15 or $4 off coupon of $20? Thanks so much:)

  • wendy

    Does the $30 for free gas count before or after the coupons?

  • Joanna

    I found the Huggies while visiting my parents in DE, since the stores where I live in PA didn’t have them. I was able to buy 3 in one transaction, enabling me to use a $5/$25 I got from the coupon machine. I also received a $3 CVS Huggies and combined that with the $3 maufacturer Q’s that I got from the paper and online. I used $5 ECB’s I think and paid $.97 OOP and got the $10 gas card. Very exciting!

  • Vanessa

    Wow that is impressive!