SavingStar Giveaway: Win a $200 Gift Card

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SavingStar Giveaway

Have you signed up for SavingStar yet?  If you haven’t or are still wondering exactly how it works, let me tell you how easy it is:

  • You sign up for free with Saving Star and register your store loyalty card(s).
  • You select the eCoupons you like on Saving Star.  They get automatically linked to your store card(s).
  • When you use your store loyalty card at checkout, the eCoupon amount is added to your Saving Star account.  (You will not see it deducted at the register).  So, you can us all your regular coupons, catalinas or even other eCoupons that you would normally use.  You will see your Saving Star account credited with the amount in approx 7-30 days depending upon where you shop.
  • Once your SavingStar account reaches $5 in savings, you can pick your payout from a bank account deposit, a PayPal account deposit, an Amazon gift card or a donation to charity.

So, this is really like an rebate. And an easy rebate.  You just Click, Shop & Save!

See how easy it is.  And, SavingStar is making it easy for one lucky Living Rich With Coupons reader to win a $200 Gift Card to their favorite grocery store.  Now, that’s nice

Make sure you clip some of the newest coupons:

  • Buy 1 POM Wonderful Juice, Save $1.00
  • Buy 1 LITE POM , Save 50¢
  • Buy any (2) Dean’s® Dip 12 oz or larger, Save $1.00

Here are the Official Giveaway Rules:

How to Enter:

  1. Click the “like” button at the bottom of this giveaway
  2. Head over to Saving Star and “like” a coupon
  3. Leave a comment below telling us which coupon you liked.

You must supply a valid email address. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • You must have a SavingStar account to be officially entered.
  • The giveaway ends on Wednesday, August 17th at 10pm EST.  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending via email. Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ([email protected]) to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

A big thank you to SavingStar for the giveaway

254 thoughts on “SavingStar Giveaway: Win a $200 Gift Card”

  1. Megan says:

    I “liked” the Johnsonville chicken sausage. I love it when I can score great deals on yummy products.

  2. Stu says:

    I “liked” the Buy 1 POM Wonderful Juice, Save $1.00. Hoping for a sale on this.

  3. MARY says:

    I “liked” the wacky mac. It is so yummy, my kids love it!

  4. Julie says:

    I “liked” Purina Dog Chow $2/1. Thanks for the giveaway! This is a great one!

  5. Rory says:

    I “liked” the diamond crystal water softener salt! I buy a bag every time I shop.

  6. Sarah says:

    I like the Wacky Mac Veggie pasta because it tastes great! This coupon will double and make it almost free at most stores!

  7. Gabrielle says:

    liked all of them but hoping for a johnsonville sale

  8. Mariela says:

    I liked the Buy 2 AIR WICK® Scented Oils Twin Refills…great product!

  9. Shirley says:

    I liked the Dean dip. when you combine that with a coupon you get one heck of a deal!!!

  10. Melissa says:

    I liked the Elmer’s glue sticks. School shopping!!!

  11. Kristin says:

    I liked the WAcky Mac coupon

  12. Heather Kinder says:

    I Liked the “Dean’s Dip” coupon.

  13. Melissa says:

    I liked the Elmer’s glue because my children go through it constantly making all of their creations.

  14. Barbara A says:

    I liked the Wacky Mac. Actually I activated all the coupons.

  15. Loretta says:

    I “liked” the: Buy 1 POM Wonderful Juice, Save $1.00 since it had 0 likes on my page 😉

  16. Jess R says:

    I liked the POM coupons!

  17. Dana says:

    I loved the wacky mac coupons

  18. desiree says:

    I “liked” the Dean dip. Yummy!

  19. Linda says:

    I “liked” the Air Wick Scented Oils Twin Refills coupon.

  20. Candice says:

    I ‘liked’ the Elmers Glue Sticks. School is just around the corner.

  21. Kelly says:

    I “liked” the Aleeve coupon. Hoping to get a great deal on it.

  22. Roslyn says:

    I liked the Johnsonville Chicken Sausage…and activated a few more coupons.

  23. Nicole says:

    I “liked” the Wacky Mac coupon!!! It’s healthy and delicious!

  24. nancy says:


  25. lisa says:

    I liked WACKY MAC Veggie Pasta, Save 40¢

  26. angela donaldson says:

    I liked the Wacky Mac!

  27. Mark says:

    I licked the Wacky Mac veggie pasta.

  28. terri says:

    I liked the lite POM!! Very refreshing!

  29. Angel says:

    I “liked” the Purine Dog Chow $2/1. Thanks!!

  30. RN says:

    I LIKE the Buy 1 POM Wonderful Juice, Save $1.00. I LOVE to try new stuff & POM is one of the many many many products I’ve always wanted to try! With the SAVE $1, I am looking forward to trying it out 🙂

  31. Melissa Lamary says:

    I Liked the No Yolks!! My son is allergic to Eggs and these are the perfect noodles to use 🙂

  32. Lisa says:

    I liked the Pom because my husband is totally addicted to pomegranate juice, which he mixes with Poland Spring sparkling waters. Yum!

  33. holly N says:

    I liked Wacky Mac because we LOOOOOOVE it here. 🙂

  34. Cindy Nichols says:

    I liked the Dean dip. With 3 teenagers in the house I can’t buy enough dip and with a coupon that makes it really affordable!

  35. Rosemarie says:

    I liked the Buy ONE (1) Johnsonville 32 oz Brat Burgers or 32 oz Sausage Burgers, Save $1.00. We love Johnsonville Brats at our house and can’t wait to try their burgers.

  36. esther says:

    i liked the Loreal coupon….great coupon site! Thanks!

  37. Lili says:

    Buy 1 WACKY MAC Veggie Pasta, Save 40¢ 🙂

  38. Malissa says:

    I “liked” the One A Day Multivitamins as my kids are crazy about their vitamins, I try to set a good example by taking my own vitamins 🙂

  39. Dyan says:

    I liked the L’Oreal Studio Line Styling Product. Just got a new haircut…this could come in handy.

  40. Cynthia says:

    I “liked” the POM coupon. Cant wait to try it!

  41. Julianna says:

    I “liked” the One-a-Day $1.00/1 because I activated it as soon as it was available and then forgot about it. When I bought vitamins at Rite Aid on Sunday it automatically added the $1.00 to my account and then sent me an email.

  42. Nancy says:

    I liked the Elmer’s Glue coupon. With 5 children, someone always needs a glue stick.

  43. hanna says:

    I liked POM coupon! My son was asking me for a while.
    I will get them this weekend.

  44. Annie says:

    I liked “Dean’s Dips”

  45. Marjorie says:

    I liked the POM wonderful juice!

  46. Deidra says:

    I liked Johnsonville Chicken Sausage!!

  47. Asra says:

    I liked the Wacky Mac coupon. Thanks!!

  48. Florence says:

    I liked the Wacky Max and Cheese

  49. Mike says:

    I liked the Johnsonville Brat Burgers…. So good.

  50. Jessica B says:

    I like POM wonderful juice.

  51. jennifer says:

    i liked the purina cat chow coupon!

  52. Perica says:

    I “liked” the no yolks egg noodles! love having them with gravy.

  53. Lara says:

    i like the johnsonville smoked chicken sausage and looking forward to using the one for burgers. Had used several coupons from savingstar already. works great!

  54. Lara says:

    in addition, the airwick coupons, i’m sure, will be able to use this coming week

  55. Jody says:

    I “liked” the Purina cat chow coupon-with 3 cats in the house we go through a lot of cat food 🙂

  56. Russ says:

    I liked the Airwick Freshmatic. This with a $4 coupon should make for a great deal at Rite Aid this week!

  57. Lois says:

    I liked the dog & cat food coupons.

  58. lisa fogarty says:

    fun fun.. I “liked” the dean dip

  59. jill b says:

    liked the sausage coupon. really like saving star because its free money for buying stuff i already buy!

  60. Christina says:

    I liked (and like!) the Johnsonville Chicken Sausage!

  61. Alexandra says:

    I “liked” the Pon juice, my 15mo old just loves it!

  62. Jennifer K. says:

    I “liked” the wacky mac and cheese. I got it a month or so ago for free with coupons and now it’s the only mac and cheese that my son wants. He likes all the different shapes!

  63. Jodie says:

    I liked the Elmer’s Glue. Just in time for back to school.

  64. LisaOkieNJersey says:

    I “liked” Dean’s Dip!! Thanks Cindy!

  65. SP says:

    I liked POM coupon

  66. Vicki says:

    I liked the Elmers Glue for my 4 year old daughter who loves glue……me…not so much!

  67. lori says:

    I liked the POM!

  68. tina m. says:

    i like the aleve coupon!!

  69. Linda says:

    I liked all of the available coupons! This has to be the easiest money saver yet!

  70. Megan says:

    i “liked” Buy 1 L’Oréal Vive Pro Shampoo or Conditioner, Save 75¢

  71. Kelly G. says:

    I “liked” the dean’s coupon since I like to pick up these dips for party’s and entertaining.

  72. Melissa says:

    I “liked” the Aleve Coupon! Your site is such a great help to my whole family in saving money!!!

  73. Lori says:

    I “Liked” the L’Oreal Vive Pro

  74. Ainsley says:

    I liked the POM wonderful $1.00 coupon it’s so yummy!

  75. cheryl manna says:

    no yolks and wacky mac

  76. Teresa says:

    I liked the Johnsonville Brat Burgers – I would really like to be able to find them in my store though 🙂 I have the B1G1 coupon but can never find them. Anybody in central or north jersey ever see these in stores?

  77. WH says:

    I liked the L’Oreal Viva Pro coupon. Hoping for a sale soon!

  78. Francesca Rothenbacher says:

    I liked the Johnsonville Chicken Sausage coupon. We tried the cheddar filled ones recently and they were delicious!

  79. Nina says:

    I liked the POM, Johnsonville Chicken Sausage, No Yolks & Wacky Mac Veggie Pasta coupons

  80. TAMI says:

    i liked the POM lite

  81. Ashley H. says:

    I liked the purina dog chow.

  82. Lynn says:

    I like Dean’s Dip, a nice treat w/ chips for a bbq on a hot day.

  83. Kim says:

    I “liked” the Dean’s Dip … I also finally signed up for Facebook!

  84. donna says:

    I liked the deans dips.

  85. Cristine says:

    I like the No Yolks- love these and are usually really cheap with Qs and a sale!

  86. Pam says:

    I liked the Dean’s coupon.

  87. Heather says:

    I liked pom juice and this post!

  88. Melissa says:

    I liked the Johnsonville Chicken Sausage.

  89. Sandra says:

    I like the POM drinks! Theyre so good…and so good for you! MMM now we need a sale 🙂

  90. Betty says:

    I liked the Johnsonville Chicken Sausage. And I LOVE Savingstar! Thank you.

  91. SARA says:

    I like the Wacky Mac Veggie pasta!

  92. tanya says:

    I love the airwick twin refill coupon .That way my house will smell fresh .With all the spicy indian cooking i do ,i def need it .

  93. Jasper says:

    I liked Wacky Mac and Cheese

  94. jennifer says:

    I liked one a day multi-vitamins.

  95. Tara says:

    I “liked” and LOVE the Johnsonville Brat or Sausage Burgers coupon! This paired with the BOGO coupon from last weeks makes for a great deal and a yummy dinner!!

  96. mary says:

    I ”liked”Airwick freshmatic ultra air freshener starter.

  97. Adina says:

    I liked the Buy 1 POM Wonderful Juice 16 oz, Save $1.00 coupon. I love POM juice and am looking forward to snagging a great deal!

  98. Elen S says:

    I liked the Johnsonville Burgers. I’ve been wanting to try these.

  99. Stephanie says:

    I liked the POM wonderful – it’s delicious but expensive! I’ve got a b2g1 I can’t wait to use with this!

  100. Lisa says:

    I like the deans dip coupon, i buy the sour cream and onion flavor and put it on baked potatoes, yummy!

  101. Lisa H. says:

    I like the “Buy 1 Purina® Cat Chow® or Purina® Kitten Chow® 3 lb or larger, Save $2.00” coupon. With a new kitty in the house we need to stock up!

  102. Colleen H says:

    <3 YAY! Wacky Mac!! My 2 boys LOVE it. ( Me too. Lol) I am QUITE excited to give Saving Star a whirl! I LOVED that I could register multiple cards @ once. & print the list to keep w/ my regular Q's .

  103. Deanna B says:

    I like them all but the Purina Cat Chow is a good one!

  104. Sara Negron says:

    I liked the Wacky Mac pasta. It makes an awesome summertime pasta salad.

  105. Jeanne S says:

    I liked the POM wonderful juice, my 83 year old mom just got out of the hospital and was advised to drink juices instead of water, and juice is expensive!

  106. wanda says:

    I Liked deans dip .

  107. cindi bell says:

    I like the “Buy 1 NO YOLKS, Save 40¢” coupon 🙂

  108. cathy durant says:

    i like the johnsonville sausage it goes good in my rice

  109. Anne says:

    I like the Johnsonville Sausage coupon .. it is so hard to find meat at a decent price, so every coupon for meat definitely helps!!

  110. Debbie says:

    I like the Elmer’s School Glue. I use it at work and my kids use it at school. It does a great job sticking things together and no mess!!!

  111. Sandi says:

    I liked the Johnsonville brat or sausage burger coupon, so good on the grill. I look forward to getting credit for them on SavingStar.

  112. Carla says:

    I “like” the Airwick Freshmatic Ultra starter kit!! I love these air fresheners because you just set it and it automatically sprays…. no need to run around the house spraying air freshener:)

  113. Christine says:

    I liked the no yolks pasta one!

  114. Jessie A says:

    Today I liked the 1.00 off POM juice coupon but I have liked lots of coupons before I love Saving Star.

  115. kate says:

    I like the Airwick coupons

  116. Jessie C. says:

    I like Buy 1 L’Oréal Vive Pro Shampoo or Conditioner, Save 75¢

  117. Ryan says:

    I like the $1/1 Johnsonville Brat/Sausage burgers coupon; they’re delicious

  118. Leora Sanford says:

    I liked the elmer’s glue coupon. I’m a teacher in a town with a high number of low-income families so I like to pick up extra supplies whenever I can to help those families out. I also liked the Dog Chow coupon because Dog Food is expensive and anywhere I can save on that helps!! Thanks for the great give-away!

  119. Marnie says:

    I did the Wacky Pasta. I have a coupon and my store doubles. So it will be awesome!!

  120. Kia says:

    I liked the wackymac coupon

  121. CK says:

    I lked the Cat Chow coupon, although thus far when I’ve tried to use Saving Star it hasn’t worked and they told me they are “looking into why” two weeks ago…

  122. Jen says:

    I liked the Krazy Glue! It fixes everything! =]

  123. Ruth says:

    We all love Wacky Mac pasta. It’s our go to meal… easy to prepare and delicious.

  124. susan says:

    i liked the Dean’s Dip… i love eating it with raw veggies….:O)

  125. stephanie says:

    i liked the airwick freshmatic. having a cat, dog, ferret. 3 year old and stinky husband this product is my bestfriend when i comes to keeping my house smelling good.

  126. amanda says:

    i love wacky mac, and wacky mac mac and cheese and i actually already got 2 them and have .80 so far on my savingstar account

  127. Eric in NJ says:

    I like me some Dean’s chilled dip…perfect with those orange finger Ruffles cheese chips 😀

    My body says ewwwww but my tastebuds say a few are ok!

  128. Cassie says:

    I like the wacky Mac coupon. Thank you!

  129. Nicole says:

    Our family is all about the Wacky Mac!! I “liked” it, but my kids love it!

  130. Dawn Leone says:

    I liked the Johnsonville Italian Burgers

  131. Vivian says:

    I went for the Johnsonville Chicken Sausage.. SO good and you can use it in so many different recipes!

  132. Debbie R says:

    I Like Dean’s Dip

  133. Ramona says:

    I like the Airwick coupons!

  134. Shannon P. says:

    Dean’s Dip for sure!

  135. jannine says:

    I like the $2.00 off one bag of Purina Cat Chow. I feed stray cats, along with one of my own, so this and a coupon form my sunday circular saves me a ton. Plus knowing I can give these stray cats some food even if a bit a day makes me feel good like I am doing something.

  136. Jennifer says:

    I liked the glue sticks. Will be shopping for school supplies very soon.

  137. Marissa says:

    I like the Johnsonville Chicken Sausage!!

  138. Kyle says:

    I liked the johnsonville sausage because I really like giving my family such a great tasting item that is healthy for them and I also liked the 2.00 off purina dog food because I have four dogs and I can use all the help I can get to keep them fed. Thanks for reading!

  139. Michelle E says:

    I “liked” the Purina Puppy Chow for my 9mth old, 65lb Golden Retriever puppy!

  140. IK says:

    POM WONDERFUL – no contest! we love it!

  141. Lesley C. says:

    I like the Johnsonville coupons.

  142. Katie says:

    Johnsonville all the way!

  143. Lynda Del says:

    I liked the no yolks pasta for sure!

  144. I had to like the Elmer’s Glue Sticks. Very helpful before back to school.

  145. Debbie Nuzzi says:

    I really like the air wick scented twin refills. I have them in every room in my house. It just makes the whole house smell warm and inviting.

  146. Jennifer says:

    I liked the $2.00 off one bag of Purina Cat Chow!

  147. stefanie says:

    Wacky Mac it is!

  148. Christine C. says:

    Dean’s dip looks good to me! SavingsStar started out slow for me at first, but now my savings are adding up fast!!

  149. Laurie says:

    I liked the
    Buy 2 AIR WICK® Scented Oils Twin Refills, Save $1.50

    I always need refills!!!


  150. mike b says:

    so many to choose,,,,i like em all!!!

  151. mike b says:

    ok, purina cat food….i like it!

  152. Rebecca says:

    Johnsonville Brat/Italian Burgers coupon

  153. Dessa says:

    I liked the Wacky Mac n Cheese- we go thru alot of this stuff!

  154. Christine says:

    I like the Air Wick coupons simply because I love opening my door when I get home and having a nice smelling place and not one that smells like my dog! 🙂

  155. Rebecca says:

    I “liked” the Purina Kitten Chow. I just got a new kitten and went out and bought the kitten food after I joined SavingStar and activated the coupon. Now I just have to reach $5 to get my payout!

  156. Leila says:

    I “liked” Johnsonville Chicken Sausage because I’ve been dying to give these a try and look forward to reaping the benefits of SavingStar when I do! 🙂

  157. Lisa says:

    I liked the chicken sausage coupon, I tried these a couple of weeks ago when they were on sale + a coupon, would have never bought them had I not had a coupon, glad I did!

  158. LG says:

    I like the Wacky Mac coupon. Already cashed mine in!

  159. Natalie says:

    I like the POM coupons!!!

  160. pamela wanamaker says:

    i liked the purina and air whick coupons.

  161. Laurie M. says:

    I liked the $1/1 Johnsonville Brat burger coupon.

  162. Tina M says:

    I like the Buy 1 POM Wonderful Juice 16 oz, Save $1.00

  163. Fran says:

    I liked a bunch of them but really like the Airwick ones because they make my house smell fantastic!

  164. Annabelle says:

    I liked the POM.

  165. Barry A Bond says:

    I like (LOVE) the POM coupons! (Buy 1 POM Wonderful Juice 16 oz, Save $1.00)

  166. nicole says:

    I “liked” the LOreal 🙂

  167. Pat says:

    I like the wacky mac pasta deal on Savings Star. It makes a great salad.

  168. Ashlee says:

    I liked the Pom Lite coupon on Savings Star.

  169. I liked the Pom coupon because think my friends would dig it!

  170. Aisha says:

    I liked the Air Wick coupons!!!

  171. Sue m says:

    Purina coupons are always in demand at my house…I have 9 pets and need to save as much as I can to feed them.

  172. Kathy Murphy says:

    I like the Wacky Mac coupon – there are always so many good coupons for it, that it’s like getting paid to buy it!

  173. Laura Cotto says:

    I “like” Buy 1 L’Oréal Vive Pro Shampoo or Conditioner, Save 75¢ …. This is one of my favorite hair products. I am only a couple dollars away from cashing my 1 first payout. I love Savingstar 🙂

  174. shanti pena says:

    I kinda went crazy with liking all the coupons..One of my favorites is the coupons for the POM jiuce. I love it and can’t stop drinking it…I love the one stop loading of eCoupons with my store cards.

  175. Rhonda says:

    I liked Wacky Mac, because I was introduced to this pasta b/c of coupons. Now we make FREE pasta salad all of the time with my stash of Wacky Mac!

    Savingstar is a great way to save addt’l money!

  176. Maria says:

    I love the wacky mac and & the Diamond Crystal salt.

  177. EileenF says:

    I liked the L’Oréal Studio Line Styling Product coupon and joined Savingstar!

  178. rebecca says:

    I liked the Elmer’s glue sticks! Always need a glue stick in my house 🙂

  179. rachel says:

    I liked wacky mac!

  180. Stacy says:

    Buy 1 AIR WICK® Freshmatic Ultra Air Freshener Starter Kit, Save $2.00

  181. Dominique says:

    I like Elmer’s glue. My students use glue throughout the year for special projects.

  182. Dina K. says:

    I like the Aleve coupon and I just love Savingstar. I have had 2 payouts since I started with them : )

  183. Dylan H says:

    Hello LivingRich,

    I ‘liked’ the Wacky Mac coupon for $0.40. I don’t think I will use it until it goes on sale because I have a large supply of pasta already, but I hope it does soon.

  184. Shaunie says:

    I liked the Johnsonville Chicken Sausage. Can’t wait to try it.

  185. Amy says:

    I liked the POM Wonderful juice – a favorite in our house.

  186. Shell Holland says:

    I liked the Buy 1 WACKY MAC Veggie Pasta, Save 40¢

  187. Donna says:

    I liked the Krazy Glue.

  188. ShaNae says:

    I “liked” the Krazy glue coupon

  189. Heather Smith says:

    I like the airwick. I just bought this @ cvs for 6.99, used the $4 mfq, the $2 saving star q, and the 6.99 went toward the gas card deal 🙂

  190. Shelly says:

    Love the Aleve coupon. Best thing for my achy joints after shopping for all the savings. Keeps me shopping all day! LOL

  191. Alicia says:

    i liked the airwick coupon!

  192. Candice says:

    I liked the Purina Dog Chow coupon.

  193. Love the POM juice coupon – pure juice is so expensive!

  194. Beth says:

    I liked the Wacky Mac & Cheese!

  195. Bree says:

    I liked the No Yolks!

  196. Stephanie says:

    I liked the Loreal shampoo, but I also love the purina cat chow!

  197. Patty says:

    I liked the Johnsonville products and liked them. I already have $1.50 so working towards my first $5. Thanks.

  198. Jill Parker says:

    I “liked” the $2 off Aleve 20ct. I love Aleve.

  199. Heather Shields says:

    I like the Buy 1 L’Oréal Vive Pro Shampoo or Conditioner, Save 75¢

  200. Becky S says:

    Elmers Project Popperz

  201. stephanie says:

    I liked at least half of them! WOW! now I really cant wait to go shop! I especially like the Airwick coupons, buy the stuff all the time and always have a coupon. This makes it twice as nice ! THX A MILLION Saving Star!

  202. Kim says:

    I like the wacky mac coupon because I make a lot of pasta salad.

  203. Katie says:

    I like the high-value $2 Aleve coupon to use on the 20 count and get a great deal!

  204. Amanda says:

    I liked the POM wonderful juice! Thanks for the oppurtunity! 🙂

  205. jenny says:

    So excited about saving star!! I liked almost all the coupons on there! My fav has to be the bayer. It made for some very cheap meds last week!

  206. marie says:

    I like the AIR WICK® Freshmatic Ultra Air Freshener Starter Kit coupon. Nice savings!

  207. Dana says:

    I used my Saving Star on California Pizza Kitchen!! I also like the POM coupon.

  208. Denielle says:

    I like all of savings star! I already have half of what I need to cash out and it took little to no effort to get it! The aveeno coupon is really nice though since you rarely see $2!

  209. maryann says:

    I clicked on the Elmer’s glue! Thank you

  210. heather d says:

    I don’t use FB but i do use saving star and Idid link most of the coupons t my cards thanks for all your hardwork

  211. I liked the POM Wonderful coupon. Antioxidants for my health, coupons for my wallet. Win, win!

  212. Rita says:

    The Wacky Mac makes an awesome pasta salad and is a great way to sneak veggies into my son’s dinner!

  213. Monique says:

    I like POM Wonderful Juice

  214. Donna Swiderski says:

    I like Dog Chow, Aleve, and Elmer’s glue sticks!! Stacking these with sales at the right stores is going to save me BIG money!

  215. Lady J says:

    I Liked Vive Pro. The for men version is my husband’s favorite. Might as well get some money back for buying it.

  216. Kristina says:

    I liked AIR WICK® Freshmatic Ultra Air Freshener Starter Kit! Thank you very much for all the coupon and savings advice!

  217. Rebecca Merklin says:

    I like Elmer’s glue sticks. I have five children and we use a lot of glue during
    the school year.

  218. Nancy G says:

    I liked the water softener coupon. Any money I can save keeping our house working well is a plus.

  219. Denise Manco says:

    I liked the $1 off Pom Wonderful juice 16oz coupon

  220. Rebecca says:

    I liked the $.50 off Pom Lite juice coupon, because when my store has them on sale, I can usually get them for 2 for $1 with coupons! This just sweetens the deal.

  221. amyf says:

    i liked wacky mac~thx!

  222. Pattie O says:

    I “liked” the Dean’s dip! There is nothing yummier than that stuff!!!

  223. Butterz says:

    AIR WICK® Freshmatic Ultra Air Freshener IS the best i use these things alot, thanks for the hook up!

  224. kara says:

    I LOVE SavingStar! I liked a whole bunch of stuff… I can’t wait to buy some delicious POM juice.

  225. Dawn says:

    I like all of the coupons. I have them all on my cards because you never know when you are going to find that unexpected deal and you don’t want to miss the purchase because you didn’t add your savings from Saving Star!!

  226. cindy-j says:

    I like airwick ultra freshmatic starter kit.

  227. Lisa Stauffer says:

    I LOVED all three Air Wick coupons!!

  228. Christine says:

    The POM juice, the sea salt, and the Vive Pro products. I love Savings Star!

  229. Jennifer says:

    Wacky Mac and AirWick – two brands I always purchase. I discovered Saving Star when they added CVS to their list of stores…great concept! Any way I can save more money is awesome and this is unique!

  230. Emily says:

    I liked the “Buy 2 AIR WICK® Scented Oils Twin Refills, Save $1.50” coupon. These smell sooo good!!

  231. Nikki says:


  232. shawna says:

    I like a ton of them, esp the No Yolks pasta

  233. Joan says:

    I like the airwick products, elmers glue sticks, and no yolk noodles coupons. I have $3.50 in my savings star account.

  234. Meggan says:

    I liked the Wacky Mac — and several more good ones! Thanks so much.

  235. Diane says:

    I liked the POM lite coupon, can’t wait to try it.

  236. Diane says:

    can’t wait to try the POM coupon

  237. Sherry Perkins says:

    I liked quite a few, but for the sake of this entry I chose Krazy glue.
    Wow, I even rhymed! lol
    Thanks Cindy!!

  238. Nancy says:

    I liked all the coupons. Great program!

    1. Nancy says:

      just needed to leave my email. sorry for the duplicate

  239. Nicole M says:

    I liked the dog chow coupon. I activated many more to my card!

  240. Melissa says:

    I “liked” the deans french onion dip. Nothing like salty yummy chips (preferably wavy lays :D) and dip during a BBQ or as a snack before dinner! My FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. Joy says:

    I liked the wacky mac.

  242. Michelle says:

    I liked the L’Oreal Studio Line coupon….can never have too many coupons for hair products.

  243. Alanha says:

    I liked the Johnsonville Chicken Sausage coupon! YUM!

  244. Robin says:

    I like the POM coupons! Love pomegranate juice!!

  245. Dawn says:

    I esp like the Purina coupons…w/ the Saving Star Savings, it will make the Purina lower price than the store brand…..nice!

  246. kim says:

    im new at this but i like all coupons

  247. Diane R. says:

    I liked the NoYolks egg noodles.

  248. Jennifer B. says:

    I love the wacky mac coupon since my kids eat it every other day!

  249. lori says:

    I liked the french onion dip. Sounds yummy.

  250. An says:

    ok – I finally set up an account. I didn’t have a lot of e-coupon options, probably since I already have a upromise account. I liked all the ones that were left. I am curious to try the POM juice and we already know Wacky Mac is very good.

  251. Robin says:

    I <3 savingstar–just bought wackymac yesterday using this 🙂 next up to use, the Purina cat q's and the elmers glue sticks…

  252. Linda G says:

    I also love the shop rite deals!! Wooo Whoooo!!!

  253. Steph says:

    done and done! i liked the elmer’s glue sticks coupon!

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