ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 8/14 – 8/20

ShopRite Deals for the week of 8/14/11

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that you may not have all the coupons available in your insert.  Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.   Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores. 

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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NOTE: If  your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing.  Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Nicole

    Thanks for all of the great matchups once again!

    Quick note, the Heluva Good Cheese coupon is NLA. I tried to print it and it printed out a huge sign “EXPIRED”. Darn those ink wasters! Lol.

    • Sue

      I got the Helluva Good coupon on Sunday morning using Mozilla Firefox. No problem printing it!

      • Anonymous

        Same Here – printed no problem – it does say no doubling though! ;-(

      • April

        i was able to print it twice!

    • Renee

      I just printed it twice sorry it didn’t work for you 🙁

    • Cassie

      As of 751 on 8/15, I was able to print one Heluva good coupon.

      • Michelle

        as of 10:47 EST I was able to print 1 Heluva Good coupon.

    • bje

      I was able to print 8…which is awesome…because I’m usually limited to 2 with all printable coupons.

  • Liz

    Does anyone know if you can do multiple deals with the Sauve catalina deal during one transaction? For instance if I buy 3 deodorants and 3 body washes, will I get 2 $2 catalinas?

    • Janelle S

      I am wondering the same thing….I want to get multiples of some of these and really hope that I can….I’m going to go check tomorrow…..I hope it works

      • Diana

        I’d separate it to be safe. I’ve tried 2 of the same deals within one transaction before (by mistake, rushing) and only got one cat.

        • Dana

          i received email from Shoprite directly…letting me know that Suave is one per card

          • Diana

            Don’t they always say that?! So frustrating because sometimes their “one per card” still works…

          • Aileen C

            They always say that. Most of the time it’s not true.

            • Dana

              just got back and did two transaction and both deals print out plus your bucks for suave additional 2 bucks back…

              • Colleen

                mine had signs posted in the isle ! 1 cat per trans !!!

              • Jen

                You will get the catalinas on the same price plus card as long as your transactions are done separately. Even if you pay with the catalina from the same item, since they print ahead of time, you will still be able to take advantage of the deal. I would suggest trying it on different days rather than hold up the line, but it will work.

                I was also able to buy 3 suave body washes and use 1 B2G1 coupon AND 2 $0.50/1 suave deodorant coupons for the same transaction, making each body was 44 cents!

    • Trish

      No–only one catalina.

  • Thanks for the match-ups Cindy!

  • Mary


  • Sandra

    Thanks!! Love this site.

  • April S

    Wishbone $.75/2 Coupon Printable

    Thanks for the matchups!!

  • Shanta

    Hi, does anyone have the printable Knorr rice coupon? Are u printables expired because mine are, coupon says exp 7/30/2011. ughhh…..

    • jorasmom

      I printed two but I’m not sure when – they expire 8/18.

  • Julie

    Liz, I’m not sure…but if you wanna be safe, just do two different transactions!

  • Andrew

    My circular has the Hatfield ham steaks at 2 for $4 making them free after the $2 coupon.

  • Patricia

    Cindy or anyone can you please tell me if the Degree deodorant Catalina still going on??

    thank you!!

    • Maria

      I went today and it only printed (1) $4.00 cat…everyone seemed to be getting (2) $4.00 cats. So I don’t know if it was an error early on or what! Not sure if it will continue after today!

    • Laura

      I had gone yesterday and no Catalinas printed. I went to customer service and they said they had no record of the offer anywhere (West Milford, NJ). So I now have to call the 1-800 # for Catalina printout problems.

      I have no idea if the other Shoprite circulars had the Catalina offer printed in their ad. It was not printed in mine, but I gave it a try anyway.

      • christine

        I had the same problem in Edison. They had no idea what I was talking about. I am going to call also. Hope it works. I did the deal 3 times, and it didn’t print at all 🙁

      • Kelly

        Which Catalina deal didn’t work? I am in WM too!

        • Laura

          The double dip Catalina deal on the degree. I bought 4 of the Mens Invisible solid and was supposed to get two $4.00 Catalinas for off of my future shopping orders. Nothing printed. I did call the 1-800 # (learned a lesson for next time…. send an email) and the man said they will send it in for review which will take approx. 8 weeks then if it clears they will send the coupons to me in the mail. The disappointment is I have no way of tracking my call. 🙁

          Kelly, I don’t know if you have any interest but I’ve been looking for someone to trade unwanted coupons with in my area. Interested?!?!?
          If it works… it works, if it doesn’t no hard feelings. I have many Q’s that would work for someone, I am product loyal with many of my families products. We could meet at the library. Let me know, I hope you get this. Reply here and I’ll check my subscription.

          • April S

            I went last Tuesday and did the degree double dip twice, both times paid $.21 in tax on 4 $1.49 and got $8 back. I went this past Sunday and could not find the smaller sized ones, so I bought the $2.49 Men’s and got 1 $4 cat back. I went again yesterday, bought 4 $1.49 Women’s and 4 $1.49 Men’s and go not cats whatsoever.

            I recall seeing a post where someone had emailed Catalina already after not getting the $4 Cat and they said their 1.6oz sized purchases did not qualify for the offer.

            I have a feeling someone caught on after a few days and they changed the offer mid-stream. It seems that you either pay $2.49 for the full sized and get a $4 cat, or you just get the smaller sized for free.

            Either way, if you didn’t hop on board within the first 2-3 days of the double dip, you missed out.

            • Laura

              I agree with the changed in midstream April, I called the 1-888-826-8766 Catalina # and learned a lesson (email next time). They said it would take 8+ weeks to re-submit my request. If it is in my favor, they will send coupons in the mail, if not…..I will not receive anything and will not know of the status of my claim….go figure. It was not advertised in my local flyer. I went according to the Catalina internet promotions. I still have the receipt which I paid out of pocket 1.41 includig the .29 tax and may return it.
              Trial and error sometimes. I figure if I stick to my coupon principals on certain items, maybe the loss of revenue on their side will continue the deals on their side. Who knows.

  • Do you know the Oz for the Purex 3 for $7?

    • Cindy

      It goes up to 50 oz which is what the coupon is for.

      • Thank You! Another question….the suave body wash deal…when buying 3 can I use the buy 2 get 1 and two of the .50 off coupons?

      • Yvette

        Where are the Purex coupons from? I don’t have them 🙁

        • Ruth

          Best way to get the .50 coupon for purex is on ebay, I just got 60 of them for 8.00.

          • Jen

            Donna, I did that and it went through with all 3 coupons! 44 cents a bottle 🙂

  • janninw

    the coupon for the cat snacks, temptations is not wokring it tells you the offer has ended

  • Laurie M.

    Where on that Hatfield page is the $2 coupon? Do I have to like them on Facebook or something?

    • Janelle S

      You have to sign up for their newsletter to get the coupon….once you do, it gives you a link to get the coupon

      • Jen

        It will let you print it twice.

  • jenny

    I dont know if anyone else has tried, but the Helluva good cheese coupon is still printing for me as of 8 pm on 7/13

    • OMGitsJuiceLee

      still printing for me as of 7/14 12:30am 🙂

      i was able to print 2. it then printed out a giant EXPIRED sign but that could be because I tried to print a 3rd coupon

      • Diana

        Just printed off 2 this morning 8/14 7am!

        • Sue

          In Firefox you can print multiple copies of the coupon — you get the normal print menu where you can choose how many copies to print.

        • love couponing

          Still printing!

    • Lianne

      Just printed it Sunday morning @ noon eastern time 🙂
      Thanks for the heads up

  • heather

    Question about the suave deal – can I use multiple coupons? For example, for the body wash, can I use (2) of the 0.50/1 AND the B2G1 free? Or do I need to buy 3 (and can I still use the B2G1, which would end up with 4 total)? And for the suave professionals shampoo… can I use both the 0.50/1 AND theB1G1 dry shampoo/styling product? Thanks!

    • desiree

      i did the two .50 cents off and the b2g1 free and it worked on three body washes! Hope that helps:)

      • Sakin Amber

        I also did the same transaction twice and it worked for me,too. No beeps.
        3 suave body wash: $4.98
        less:2 $0.50 coupon+ 1 free($1.66)=$3.66
        pay=$1.32 get $2 Cat. $0.68 money maker.

  • Janelle S

    What page of th circular is the Salada Tea on?…..I have been looking for a while now and I am still unable to find it…PLEASE HELP…Thanks bunches

    • Suki

      It is on the middle of pg 9 next to the Blue Diamond Nut thin

    • jorasmom

      Hi janelle. I don’t see it in mine, either, but if you go to the shoprite page, click on groceries and then choose a store, it lets you see what items are available at your local store (not all items are listed, but most are…) My online ahop-at-home page says the following are on sale, both for 1.99:
      Salada Tea Bags – Green Naturally Decaffeinated
      w/Original Antioxidants Citrus Flavored
      20 ct


      Salada Tea Bags Green Tea Pomegranate Berry W/Blueberry

      20 ct

      None of the other Salada products shows up as being on sale. HTH! 🙂

    • Janelle S

      Thank you so much Suki and jorasmom……You are both very helpful and I am truly greatful…..

  • Dotti – Maple Shade NJ


    I do not believe you can use the Suave Professionals Shampoo/Conditioner get Suave Styling Product for free manufacturer coupon as it is for a larger size than what ShopRite has on sale in the ad this week.

    That is the reason I used that coupon tonight at Target as it was a better deal. Therefore, I do not have it to refer to for specific information regarding the size but I believe it stated over the product had to be over 28 ozs.

    • Cindy

      You are right Dotti. I updated the post. Thanks for the heads up

  • DANA B.

    i only have two $0.50/1 suave body wash, but in my RP i get via mail there is a b2g1 free, can i use that with the other two?

    • DANA B.

      i am speaking of the deal where you buy 3 items to get the $2.00 cat back

      • christine

        I believe if the coupon barcode ends in a 16, it links all three items to that coupon. Any other coupons used will beep.

  • Annie

    I used my soft scrub coupons already, but I’m almost positive it said you can only use 4 like coupons on the same shopping trip.

    • OMGitsJuiceLee

      looking at mine now and it certainly does say only 4 like coupons per shopping trip. I don’t think anyone would be able to do the 6 soft scrub deal

    • OMGitsJuiceLee

      looking at mine now and it certainly does say only 4 like coupons per shopping trip. I don’t think anyone would be able to do the 6 soft scrub deal because that’s stated on the coupon itself… not the store policy

      • Lady J

        Also, SR only takes 4 like coupons at a time as per their policy they have posted by every register (or at least at the SR’s I go to)

  • Allie

    Dana B.–I think the B2G1 free connects to all 3 items and you won’t be able to use the $.50/1.

  • shaun

    Earlier in the week I thought I saw something about milo Catalina…is that still a possibility?

  • MaryBeth Greco

    Anyone know how many times you can do the gift card CAT?

  • shaun

    Is there still a catalina deal on Milo dog treats? I saw it mentioned earlier in the week.

    • kevin

      Catalina is at ACME. There is a search box on main page, i use it frequently.

  • Diana

    thank you Cindy! You ROCK!

  • Allie

    Cindy–Do you know if the CATs can be ‘rolled’ for the suave deals?

    • Jen

      it worked for me at shop rite

  • Arizia

    great matchups

  • shaun

    Is there still a catalina for Milo dog treats?

  • shaun

    Sorry didn’t realize the first one went through, first time I am posting a question.

  • OMGitsJuiceLee

    and thanx for the great match ups, Cindy 🙂

  • CouponingMommy

    Hi Everyone,

    Can someone please explain to me how $1 off .88c Scotties Facial Tissue equals paying .68c ? Is that a store policy? I know when I spoke to CS at my ShopRite the lady said they don’t do money back if you have a coupon exceeding the price of the item. Thank you 🙂

    • joanne

      for that coupon u have to buy 5 boxes of tissue. .88 x 5=4.40-1.00=3.40
      3.40/5=.68c… at least thats how i understand it lol

  • CouponingMommy

    Looking over the circular, mine (in Central NJ) says that the Barilla Pasta deal excludes Piccolini/mini’s. Would the store accept the coupon anyway?

    • jess

      No they will not take the coupon unless it says on the coupon it is for items you are buying. There’s a link on top of the site fore behinners there are some really helpful tips even if you are not a beginner you may learn things you never knew!

      • jess

        Ah . I meant to say for beginners. Sorry I am on my cell and the darn thing says what it wants

  • Deep

    Just came back from my shopping trip…this site is awesome..helped me save over 50% on my grocery bill…Just an FYI…there was a .50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios coupon online a couple of weeks back which would make them only .79 each…also the Suave deal is only works once…so I would not recommend trying the deal twice in one transaction…might work if you do 2 different onces..

  • Meli

    Thanks if anyone dets the suave deordernet deal to roll please let me know, as i was unable to take advantage of the degree. (since it wasnt working on womans.

    • Dana

      it doesnt roll but it prints if you do multiple transactions

      • Colleen

        If you go to the do it yourself check out you can use your cat during your current transaction ! I did … SO i got my deodorant for free as my SR only doubles up to 1.00 . 3/5.00 -3.00=2.00-2.00 cat =free.
        My SR is in phila

  • Steven

    I got 1 Hatfield Ham Steak for $2.00 at the Morris Plains SR, with the coupon it was free.

  • ljack

    When does the suave deal start? I am in TN and its not listed on coupon network for me. BTW I like looking at your matchups they give me ideas for my stores locally.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know if multiple of the suave cats will print…. so if I buy 6 will 2 $3 print? Thanks!

    • Cindy

      No only one at a time

      • RN

        so as long as it’s separate transaction on suave deal with the same 1 card, the cats will be printed?

        • Susie


    • megan

      in the past i have done multiple deals and the cats printed out correctly. im going to try it again…. we shall see!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if the $1 cat for Kleenex hand towels is still printing?

    • Jennifer

      yes, it’s still printing. just got one today!

  • Amara

    I had a question about the Catalina deals. I always check CouponNetwork online. Should I be concerned if I see a deal on this blog But not on the CouponNetwork website?

    • Shita

      yes, still working. i got one Kleenex hand towels this morning printed $1 cat.

  • Debbie G

    Hello all: Just got back from Shop Rite in Toms River NJ, I bought 15 Suave products and should have received 5 $2.00 catalinas, only one printed out. I had to go to customer service to fight to get the other 4… made me feel like a criminal .. but i got them !

    • Diana

      Just went, too – separated the transactions and worked fine.

    • Barbara A

      Buying 15 Suave products from 1 store is kind of a lot. I mean you did the deal 5 times in one store in one day? So if someone went in the afternoon maybe they wouldn’t get to do it all. I guess I am cranky because I shop later in the day and frequently the shelves are bare.

      • Angela

        I agree its excessive & I often find the same thing.

        • Tom

          I hate that too! I shop at night on Fridays…and often the shelves are bare. If the items are available, I only buy 4…then if the deal is that good, I’ll go to another SR on Saturday and get however many more (no more than 4).

  • jorasmom

    Hello all. I don’t see the L’Oreal 2.99 Studio Line in my ad; is this in-store only, or am I missing it? TIA!

    • jorasmom

      This must be regional – my online shop-at-home doesn’t have any studio line listed on sale; just the vive products.

  • Angela D.

    – I can’t find the Premio sausage coupon. Is anyone else having trouble?
    – Also, I already watched the Aunt Jemima video to get the $1/1. Is there another $1/2 coupon somewhere else?
    – I didn’t get the $.50/1 Purex. What is the next best deal to do if you use 4 soft scrub coupons? My Purex is a $1 off 2- not good scenario. I wish there was another soft scrub coupon out there, even if it is a lesser value. Anyone know of any pruntables or anything?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Steven

      I watched the video twice, once with my email and the second I put in my wife’s email account and got two coupons.

  • Suave body wash deal…when buying 3 can I use the buy 2 get 1 and two of the .50 off coupons?

  • Lianne

    Having the links to the still available printables really helps–Thank you very much Cindy 🙂

  • Lori

    Just a BIG FYI, the purex/softscrub catalinas are not printing consistently. Make sure to check your catalinas before you leave the store. If you don’t get you $5 go to the customer svc counter with your receipt and they will manually print a catalina for you.

    • Deep

      I just realized mine did not print..what can I do about this or am I out of luck…darn…wish I realized this when I was at the store…

      • lori

        Brin your receipt to customer service. Show the person the ad and tell them that te catalina didnt print out. They should be able to credit you right there with a catalina receipt just as they did for me. Ther are aware that they are having an issue with them

    • Teresa M.

      My Purex catalina didn’t print last night. Actually no catalina coupons printed. The manager printed one for me with no problem. Just glad I remembered it before leaving the store!

  • April S

    In my flyer I had a Super Coupon, buy 1 Huggies Jumbo and get a Wipes Refill ($1.99) Free. I was able to stack it with both my $1.50/1 Huggies Jumbo and the $.50/1 Huggies Wipes coupons from the 8/14 SS, getting both items for $7.49!

    *The Super Coupon did not include the Slip Ons.

    • Angela D.

      The Super Coupon did include the Slip-ons since the slip ons are “Little Movers Slip-Ons”. I did the deal with the slip-ons so I used both the $3/1 for the diapers and $.50/1 for the wipes with the super coupon. Paid $6 for a pack of diapers and wipes not bad, plus got the full shelf price towards baby bucks.

      • April S

        Ahh! I didn’t realize that. My mom brought me her inserts today so maybe I’ll try that combo when I go back Wednesday for my 4 Day Sale items.


  • Colleen

    My Shoprite card also had a .50 off one digital coupon loaded to it. Can’t remember if I did this on the SR website or on Cellfire, but it can come off any Cheerios.

  • sheila

    Question – my ciruclar has a super coupon for buy one huggies jumbo pack at 9.99 and get huggies wipes free…i was going to stack that with a 2.00 huggies manufacturer’s coupon on goodnights, can i alos use a huggies wipes coupon for the package i am getting free; thus using a sr coupon, huggies diapers coupon, and wipes coupon at the same time?

    • April S

      Yes, I did this today and it worked with no beeps or problems.

      • Anonymous

        yeah! so excited!

  • Laura

    The Heluva Good! cheese coupon is available again.

  • BB


  • Sherry Z

    Thanks, Cindy.

    The link doesn’t bring me to any coupons for Premio sausage.


    • Cindy

      The link for the coupon is at the upper right side of the page where it says Click, Save, Coupons.

  • Sherry Z

    Please forgive my prior post. The Premio coupon was right where it was supposed to be: my eyes were not!

    Hugs to all.

  • Nicole

    Is the .50/1 Purex regional? I only see the $1/2 in my insert.

    • christine

      Yes, it’s regional. I purchased mine on-line.

  • Nicole

    Oh! Something else! In my SR circular, there’s a super coupon for $10 off $100, so take a look at yours.

    • megan

      lucky girl!!! i dont have that one!

  • Coley

    Just wanted to let you guy know some finds at Shoprite in Springfield. Not sure if you’ll find this at your store, so just keep an eye out:

    Red Gold tomatoes are $.33 each, and there was a .50/2 tearpad next to them
    =.17 ea
    Also, there was Holland House Red Wine Vinegar on sale for 1.99 with a coupon next to it for .55/1
    =.89 ea if your store fully doubles
    and weight watchers cheese wedges were 1.99 and had .55/1 stickies
    =.89 ea if your store fully doubles

    • Barbara A

      Thank you so much. I will look in my store.

  • Coley

    Also, there was .55/1 peelies on the Butterball Everyday Smoked Turkey Sausage. They were 2.99, so if your store fully double=$1.89

    • Lianne

      ooh I’m going to look for this-LOVE turkey sausage–thanks for the heads up

  • Nicole Kaminsky

    I have a question about the degree deodrant catlalina that was going on last week. I purchased 4 1.6 oz degree deodrants (the ones that you had posted were on sale for $1.24 or whatever the price was) and that you would get a $4 catalina. I did not receive a $4 catalina yesterday and I was wondering if there were any other issues with people getting them. Thanks

    • Kaitlyn

      I didnt get one either on friday i have emailed them waiting for a response. You should email we should have at least gotten the one as far as i am aware.

    • megan

      same here, did the deal on saturday and i didnt get it either… i will be calling

      • 0246

        please let us know what you hear from catalina marketing.

        • Kaitlyn

          finally got an email the deodorant I bought did not qualify …. very odd. I bought womens 1.6

  • Anonymous

    Heluva Good coupon seems to work now

  • Anonymous

    NLA- Wise snacks, 0.50 and 0.55 Coffeemate.

  • Diana

    Did everyone get the Purex & Soft Scrub coupons from the RP 08/07/11??? I don’t seem to have it. I am trying to determine if I misplaced them or if I just didn’t get copies of that coupon in my circular. Is it possible??

    • Yvette

      I didn’t get them either I think it was a regional coupon 🙁

      • rebecca

        I didn’t get them either 🙁 I just went through all my inserts and not there!

  • Juliann

    Do the .55/1 Barilla Piccolini coupons work on the regular Barilla pasta….anyone know…? The sale excludes the Piccolini so I don’t want to waste a trip. Thanks!

    • jess

      The coupon states its for the picollini only pretty clearly. I do not see why you would want to try and see if it would work on the regular pasta. That is called coupon fraud.

      • Juliann

        Because it’s listed in the matchup above and the sale doesn’t include the Piccolini….so….I was just asking because I don’t understand how it would work. I’m well aware what coupon fraud is 😉 but thanks for your concern!

    • christine

      piccolini is included, it’s just the wheat/vegetable variety that’s not included. The wagon wheels, penne, ect are included. Look at the shelf tags.

  • karen

    Does anyone know if I buy 4 of the Kleenex hand towels in one transaction, will I get (4) $1.00 cats? Or will I just get (1) $1.00 cat? thanks

    • jess

      You can try in one order but to be safe it is always best to seperate orders for like cats

    • Darlene

      I”m pretty sure you will get 1 Cat for $1.50. the Deal is $1 for 1 and $1.50 for 2, unfortunately I didn’t notice that and bought 2 at the same time and only got the $1.50 CAT.

      • Katie

        Darlene is right…it’s best to buy 1 in each transaction to get the max value back on your cats.

  • I did’nt get any of the sauve coupons in my redplum 🙁

    • Gina

      Cindy posted printables last week. Check the coupon database.

  • Jessica

    I have a question about the Suave cats. If i do one transaction with 3 lotions 3 shampoos and 3 conditioners will all the cats print or are they considered “like” and they need to be done in separate transactions to get all the cats? Thanks!

    • christine

      separate your transactions. People are stating that only one cat will print if all done together.

  • Allie

    Just printed the Heluva good! cheese @ 8:30am Monday Aug 15th–still working!



  • Kim

    Is there a limit to the number of Catilina deals you can do with the gift card? I have a project and was planning to buy 4 $50 for Lowes. Will I get 4 $5 coupons?

    • Colleen

      people have been saying it states one per transaction. Not sure if this is true. im tempted to go back tonight and try 🙂

  • Angela D.

    Can someone please tell me what the Suave catalina says. I got a $2 catalina but I was expecting 1 $2 catalina from the sign up of the rewards club that Cindy linked to and 1 $2 catalina from the Suave deal so I can’t decipher which one I did not get. The $2 catalina I recieved is a Shoprite coupon and it says on it “Save $2 on your next order compliments of ShopRite’s Look Right and feel Right Rewards Club”. Is this the Suave catalina? Thanks so much in advance for your help.

    • christine

      Yes, that’s sounds the same as I received. I didn’t know what it was from right away, but then realized it had to be the suave.

      • Colleen

        pretty sure…i cashed mine in on the same transaction i got it on !!!

  • Christie

    The coffeemate doesnt print for me , but not sure if its because i printed it before. I havent printed one for a month or 2 so not sure… I’ll try again later! Lovin all these great deals!!! Thanks for all your hard work !!

  • Dee

    Where is the $1/2 Basic 4, Chex, Fiber One, Honey Nut Clusters, Oatmeal Crisp, Raisin Nut Bran, Total, or Wheaties via Cellfire

    I’m only seeing Cheerios on Cellfire.

  • Meli

    Has anyone tried the degree cat deal this week?

    • Amanda

      I would like to know too.

    • Marie

      I went to Acme last night. Bought 4 trial size degrees. A yellow tag said buy 2 get a 1.00 off your next shopping trip. I did not get any.

      • Amara

        And I tried going to Shoprite today with no luck. I checked online and they had the Degree 1.7 oz for $1.78 but I couldn’t find them anywhere. They didn’t even have shelf stickers for them. It would have been a great deal.

  • Nicole

    Not sure if this question has ever been answered, but if you have more than one coupon loaded onto the card, do they all come off? Here’s an example:

    Totino’s Pizza rolls:
    .40/2 via cellfire
    .40/2 via shoprite coupons
    .40/2 for savingstar or upromise.

    So, in a scenerio like this, would you be getting 1.20 off 2 before any paper coupons?

    • Mimi

      I would love to know this answer as well…

  • Katy

    There are some great Super Coupons in the Bernardsville circular this week. I don’t know if other stores have them, but make sure to check yours. I got free Annie’s mac n cheese, .99 organic plums, and $2 organic romaine hearts in mine, among others.

    • Nicole

      The Philly one has Friendly’s ice cream for $2/3, corn @ 12/$2.98, and $10 off $100 order!

    • Lisa

      Does anyone know if Shoprite mails out their circular? I miss all those great super coupons you get in the mailed circular 🙁

      • Katy

        Yes, we get ours in the mail, but they are also available at the Customer Service Center.

      • Katie

        Usually the circular that comes in the paper or my mailbox has the ‘free’ coupons in it and not the circulars at the customer service desk. I would try calling 1-800-SHOPRITE and ask if they can start mailing you the circular. I think they would!

        • Kristy

          Unfortunately for me as of last week my SR stopped mailing the circulars to my home due to some bulk mailing changes. 🙁 I’m bummed cause SR isn’t near me to just pick one up.

  • RN

    scotties & aunt jemima waffles are marked as 4 day sales. until when is this sale??

  • mary

    Wed to Sat

  • Carrie

    I went on Cellfire just now to load the $1/2 for the Wheaties, but didn’t see it there. Am I doing something wrong or is it at a specific zip code?

  • Just a heads up….I tried the soft scrub/purex deal last night and my catalina didnt print. i bought 3 purex and 3 soft scrub and nothing printed. I was in a hurry so i didn’t bother going to customer service….just wondering if anyone else had this problem.

    • Katie

      Did you get the soft scrub cleanser (white squirt kind) or the soft scrub total cleaner (trigger kind)? I noticed that the deal was on the trigger kind that is on sale for $2.50 (I think the cleanser is $2.99). I bought 3 trigger kind and 3 Purex and the cat printed. I did that deal 2 times. Hope that info helps!

      • Kathie

        The Soft Scrub Cleanser (squirt kind) is also on sale and included in the cat deal. I bought 3 earlier this week and it worked for me.

        • Fanny

          I purchase 6 Soft Scrub (squirt kind) and used 4 /$1.50 coupons on this purchase and received my cat! Paramus Shoprite ran out of them, so I took a chance and visited Rochelle Park Shoprite.

          • Melissa B

            it could have been the machine.. i did the deal 3 times.. seperate transaction wednesday.. cataline did not work.. cs gave me a 15 dollar gift card in place of them.

  • Sarah

    Just a heads up, if you have a Wawa nearby you may want to check the store for coupons. I recently got $1 off a pint of Ben & Jerry’s coupons there, which are on sale at SR for $1.99. Also got $0.75 off 2 32oz Powerade drinks, which are on sale for $0.88 at SR, and the coupon doubles, so 13 cents each! 🙂

    • Tim

      picked up 4 coupons last night @ the Wawa on corner of rte 38 & 541 bypass

  • Elaine

    Does anyone know if the Suave Smurf Shampoo/Conditioner is included in the CAT?? TIA..

  • Shannon

    Just was wondering what is better…. getting coupons from ebay or a clipping service? Any thoughts?

    • christine

      For me it’s price and shipping time.
      Sometimes an auction will go lower than buying from a clipping service. As long as the seller ships quickly, great.
      Sometimes I just want to buy them and be done. Then a clipping service is usually better.

    • Lianne

      I usually use ebay because they have a better selection–but sometimes the shipping can be questionable.

  • Keena

    Thanks for the match-ups Cindy!!

  • Keena

    Im not sure if anyone already said this but there is a $.60/2 Q in the database for the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks plus the $.50/2 Cellfire Q which makes each pack $1.15 🙂

  • christine

    Rainchecks!!! I love them.
    Dove ice cream bars again this week courtesy of rainchecks.
    I have two more rainchecks left.

  • Marguerita

    MET-Rx Big 100 bars is on sale this week 2/$4.
    I used:
    – $2/2 any MET-Rx BIG 100, exp. 9/17/11 (RP 8/7/11)
    – $2/2 Shoprite Digital Coupon
    = FREE
    I went back to my Shoprite account and the digital coupon is still there. Is this digital coupon supposed to remain in my account until it expires? I’ll check back later in the day if it does disappear. Otherwise, I’m going back to get more free bars.

  • Tiffany

    Hey Cindy,

    It seems the little check off boxes for making my shopping list have disappeared. Is it just me? 🙂

    • Cindy

      I just checked and I see them. I tried on a couple of browsers too. I’m not sure why you can’t see them. If it continues let me know.

  • Karin C.

    I was at shoprite in west hartford, ct yesterday and they had the purina busy bones on sale for $0.79. I used 2 $4.00 off any 4 purina dog treats and ended up making $1.68 to spend on other items.

  • Rachel I.

    Who else has been told by their shoprite that the Heluva coupon is fraudulent? It didn’t scan today (neither did my hunt’s snack pack coupon from this week’s inserts) and she manually entered the hunts, but the Heluva she called over someone else to take the coupon “to the back” and she came back and said they would not honor it. I said,”why not?” and she pointed to the expiration date (which says 1/31/12) and said “This is a dead giveaway. Coupons expire in one month, and one this far away is fraudulent.” I said, “No, not always. The expiration date does not determine if its fraudulent or not- plenty of coupons don’t expire for a year or so, it just depends on the coupon. Did you check the bar code or the CIC website for it?” She gave me a look and repeated that they do not accept coupons with a “far away expiration date.”

    I’m about to call the store owner/manager and ask them to clarify their coupon acceptance policy- I’m fine with them not taking it if they think its fraudulent, but their reasoning is faulty- are they going to stop taking certain coupons just because of the expiration date being too far away?

    This was the shoprite in Newark, DE. I don’t usually have any problem with them accepting coupons.

    • susie

      that is horrible! i would call!!

    • April S

      Definitely call, the Luigi’s ones had no expiration date, and plenty of coupons have “far away” dates. I have some that expire in 2013!

    • IK

      they did not want to take it in Jersey City SR – the reason being that it had no ‘watermarks’. I said that was a PDF – they did not know what I was talking about. Then they took it but prevented from doubling – w/o doubling – this doesn’t seem like such a great deal…

      • Anna

        Is this the SR by BJ’s?. If yes, then this is the worst store I have ever been to. I went there two times and they treated me like a criminal because of the coupons. I said, never again! Now I go to SR in Bayonne. They don’t give me any problems there.

        • IK

          @ Anna – yep… i’m used to being a criminal there :(. and i only use max of 4 coupons per transaction. sick and tired…

  • Arizia

    Ran by CS and found another coupon book called Common Thread containing all store q’s

  • Heather L

    Scored on the Purex Softscrub deal as well as the V-8’s. Thanks Cindy for posting the deals each week. I appreciate it. Unfortunately the Glen Burnie store here in MD does not seem to be participating in the Kleenex catalina deal. I found this out after after doing separate transactions (limit 4 items) and going to cs to double check why the catalinas didn’t print. This has happened to me several times with this store. I thought that if one store participated in the catalina they all did, but I was told today that it isn’t the case. I was told to call ahead to find out if they are participating in a catalina.
    I’d love to know if any other Marylanders have found this to be the case as well.

  • Mimi

    I have a question regarding the catalina’s, because I am not all that familiar with them since I stick to coupons. Are catalina’s considered store coupons (since they can only be used at that store) and can they be combined with regular manufacture coupons? The other day I made a trip to shoprite and got great deals (One of which was the Land O’ Lakes cinnamon sugar butter). I received a catalina for .75 off one Land O’ Lakes cinnamon sugar butter, can I use this like a regular coupon? Will it double? Thanks in advance for the info.

    • christine

      Look at the top of the catalina, I believe it says manufacturer coupon.
      If you look at the small print on the right, it says coupon does not double. Sorry, it’s a good coupon if you like the item, but the sunday paper coupon was better.

  • Jay

    Is the land o lakes deal this week? Maybe it’s not a sale item so it’s not listed??

    • Laura

      It depends which of their products you are looking for. In zip 07480 West Milford, Nj, the cinnamon sugar butter tub is on sale for $0.99 making it free. The other small tubs, canola oil and olive oil etc are on sale for $1.99, using the $1.00 off coupon (I think last weekends paper) out of pocket price would be $0.99. The regular butter (4 sticks lightly salted) is still high I think at $3.99/lb.
      The sale I think ends today, Saturday.

  • Jay

    Thank you, Laura. Wish I was closer to North Jersey (I’m in the south) Still, for $1 I’ll give it a try.

  • Liz Harwood

    Just got back from SR, and only my first Smuckers coupon doubled (.75) The cashier told me that for the “free” items only the first coupon doubles. Is this just my SR? Did anyone else have a problem?

    • Dee

      Which SR do you go to? I never had a problem with that from what I noticed… I’m in CT.

  • rebecca

    There is a new q for .50/1 of the new Betty Crocker Fill-a-bles cupcakes. There is also a .50 cell fire AND Shop Rite has them on sale for 2.49. So not bad, $1 to try them, they are regular 2.99.

  • Terri

    I don’t know if anyone else picked up on this, but the Dole Fruit bowls are 2/$5, and there are coupons – I had a $1/2 – and if you buy 4 you get a $.75 cat. Always glad to get discounts on fruit!

  • heather

    Look out for the Star Ledger circular – mine have this Sunday’s SS with $1/2 barilla whole wheat pasta. Pair that with the sale running through Saturday & the current Catalina you get a $0.66 Money Maker on 3!

  • chiara

    i was just at my local shoprite and found the santa cruz organic lemonade on sale 2 for $3. i did not see this in the flyer.
    i used my two $.75/1 q’s and got each for $.50 (would have been free if my store fully doubled!