ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 8/21 – 8/27

ShopRite Deals for the week of 8/21/11

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that you may not have all the coupons available in your insert.  Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.   Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores. 

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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NOTE: If  your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing.  Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • aimee

    Dr.Praegers are on sale for 2 for $6. There’s a coupon for $1/1 from SS 6/26 making it only $2 a package. I’m not sure if this coupon is regional. I’m from NY.

    • DianeG

      YES !!! what a great sale + coupon !!! – they are normally $4.19 to $4.99 at ShopRite in NJ.

      • aimee

        happy dance:)

        • DianeG

          – Just an FYI for anyone looking for this sale item –
          The ad for the Dr. Praeger’s at 2 for $6.00 stated 10 oz, soy or veggie burger, nugget or Dr. Praegers patties. All of the products on the shelves at two stores were OVER 10 ozs. One store let me have two California Veggie burger packages for that price, another store gave me a rain-check for the 10 oz. Neither store had any of the 10 oz products, or a place for them on their shelves. I’m going to call ShopRite tomorrow to confirm the actual products that are on sale. Maybe they’ll tell me who carries them in northern NJ.
          According to the Dr. Prager website, these are the only items that fit the description in the ad and weight in at 10 ounces :
          Meatless Southwest Burger
          Meatless All American Burger
          Chickenless Nuggets
          Buffalo Chickenless Nuggets
          Chickenless Patties
          Buffalo Chickenless Patties

          • aimee

            thanks for sharing. I’m glad the chickenless nuggets are included.I’m planning a trip to SR tomorrow.

  • Dacia

    Not seeing the smuckers coupon . Wish I weren’t on vacation when you mentioned it earlier this week – Ok, so not really.

    • Connie S.

      try zip code 90210 it was there as of 9 pm eastern time.

    • I JUST printed it from zip code 90210 🙂 11:33pm EST

      • Dacia

        Thanks – something fruity must have been up with my computer – I kept checking, but nothing new was showing up, finally came up when I checked again this afternoon. Thanks!

  • Cocawang

    which code should I enter for the peter pan peanut butter coupon? Thanks

    • christine


      • Tiffanie

        Thanks SOOOO MUCH!!

      • Jenn


    • Gina

      74575328 or 33675728

      • Dawn

        I’m lost again…what are these codes?

  • Mariela

    Int he deal for the OJ…do you get a coupon for free eggs in the next purchase?, or if you are buying eggs in the same transaction they become free? Thank you

    • Nikita

      when they ran the Free Milk with cereal deal the free milk was like a catalina that you had to buy in your next purchase, so I just did a separate transaction, they called the manager to make sure it was ok but they really couldn’t argue, if they do bring someone with you and they can buy the eggs for you!

      • Mariela

        Thank you….I am going to try today!

        • Rachel

          I bought my OJ and when the eggs rang up, the price was automatically deducted.

  • stephanie

    i wasnt aware head and shoulders was a frozen food lol. cant wait to get my pb&j on. free jelly wooo

  • Jennifer

    For anyone who didn’t get a Catalina for the Degree deal, I emailed them and told them how it’s unfair and false advertising for them to exclude smaller sizes when the original Cat did not list any exclusions. They contacted me back and said they’ll send out a $4 Cat to me. Everyone else should do the same. It’s not right to advertise something and then not honor it.

    • Amy

      I emailed them a similar thing after they said I didn’t buy the right products. I haven’t heard anything back yet. The first email took them 3 days to respond. I hope to see something Monday.

      • Jennifer

        It took them a few days to respond back with the 1st message to tell me that the smaller sizes weren’t included. I emailed back with a complaint that must have scared them, because I got a reply in less than an hour saying they’re sending me the $4 Cat. Good luck. Hope you get yours, too.

        • Amy

          I just used reply rather than a new email chain. What did you do?

          • Jennifer

            yes, I did exactly the same. Just replied to the message with reference # in the subject.

      • another idea is to tweet about it for post of Facebook. they have people monitor those comments and you will likely get a quick response as many have hundreds of thousands reading the posts.

  • Malissa C

    What is the code for the Peter Pan PB? I know I saw it once, but sure can’t find it now that I want to print it! Thanks!!

    • Dawn

      this is fromCristine (above) 63829897….but can yu tell me what these ‘codes’ are for? what are you entering them into? thanks

      • Kevin

        It’s a purchase code. They were on top of ConAgra Foods products (peter pan jars, cans of chef boyrdee, Healthy choice, snackpack, Hunts, Marie Callanders, and a few others) Go to enter the code. 1 code = 1 meal to feeding america, for entering the code they have multiple ConAgra foods coupons on there for you to print. There is a print limit of 20 coupons.

  • Kathy

    Hi I had a question about printing coupons from the internet. At our local Shoprite they have really been cracking down on internet coupons and it seems that if I do not use color ink they give me a really had time about accepting the coupon. I am not too computer savvy but I was wondering if some one could tell me how I could change my printer settings so my coupons would at least print with less ink? I appreciate any help. thanks 🙂 happy shopping I have an HP printer 6500A inkjet series Thanks

    • Jennifer

      Once you select print you should see an option for “fast print” or “draft” mode. I’ve never had a problem using these at Shoprite & other stores and they still scan fine from my printer (a different brand though).

      • joan

        Actually, on my printer (and lots of others i’ve used) you need to reset the color preferences in your advanced settings and choose them as your default setting. this is what i would do: Click on the Start button, click on Settings, then click on Printers and Faxes. Right click on your default printer, then select Printing Preferences. then click on Properties, click “Fine” for your print quality, and then click on the Advanced tab. In the Color/Grayscale area, choose Color, and then click Okay. your done. your coupons (and everything else, unless you choose otherwise) will print top quality (which will SCAN AT THE REG) and they’ll also be in color. and btw, you can easily get printer ink cheaply on the internet.

        • Kathy

          Thanks for your help I really appreciate it 🙂 I do agree that we should not have to print in color but I do not like to be made to feel like a criminal because I am using coupons to help out our family. 🙂 Again thanks 🙂

          • Izabela

            EVERY SINGLE COUPON PRINTED FROM YOUR PC or LAPTOP has coded info about the user, which is your name, address, IP address, time printed, coded location, etc.
            So if you’re the only person printing all of the coupons u use, and you don’t receive them from unknown sources (buy or trade with people for “printable coupons”, you have nothing to worry about.
            It’s just all about the time you waste at the cash registry, I know.

            • Ruth

              The ShopRite in the DE area don’t really care if the coupons are legit, they will give coupon shoppers a hard time just for the hell of it. Management holds the cashiers responsible for coupons that cannot be reimbursed and they have fired employees over coupon acceptance. I go to ShopRite once a week and every single time, the cashiers at the self checkout give me hard time, ranging from I’m using a coupon that I didn’t buy an item for, I’m using the wrong coupon, etc. Every single time, they have been wrong because I was raised with ethics. Yes, they are a lot of couponers who do “cheat” the system and most of the time get away with it.

    • Anonymous

      Hey I too sense shop rite is starting to crack down on coupons. I really think it matters who your cashier is. Try to pick someone who you do not think will give you a hard time. I noticed the olivias salad coupon does not look so official. I am afraid my shop rite will give me a hard time.

      • Kelly

        Olivia coupons work fine at shop rite used mine yesterday.

    • mandee

      It does not say anything in there policy that a coupon has to be in color!!! DO NOT print them in color call the home office and let them know that this is going on at your store. you use coupons to save money and not to just turn around and spend it on ink!!! If they say that its due to they don’t know if you copied the coupon let the person know that each coupon has it’s own code and if you have two of the same coupon show them on the coupons that the code is not the same. THEY CAN NOT MAKE YOU PRINT IN COLOR WITH OUT IT BEING IN THERE POLICY!!! Don’t be bullied!!!

      • Kim

        I have had problems with shoprite if the website i printed the coupon from was not on the coupon. I used Silk soymilk for a long time with my son and they always took it. Just last month they told me that since the website wasnt listed on the coupon they couldn’t take it. I printed it directly from silk. Not a happy camper about that.

        • Sandra

          Take the whole sheet of paper it will have the website on the bottom…see what they say about that! Hmph!

        • Melissa J

          I have had problems too. My shoprite in Neptune, NJ said I can print in black in white but they won’t accept it unless you can see the monogram of the item in the background of the coupon and it has to have little circles in the expiration date box. She dug through their bag and showed me. She said they won’t accept them otherwise. I was not happy that day either because I have been couponing for a few years and I always print directly from or other coupon websites.

        • Joanna

          My Shoprite in Bayville, NJ is suddenly doing this too. Only a week ago I used a Mueller pasta 55 cent coupon I printed and it was fine. This week they said no because the company’s web address wasn’t on it. I wasn’t happy either.

      • Cynthia

        You tell em Mandee! I would do the same!

    • Dawn

      Kathy, a couple ways to get hel[p w/ that…’Start’ Button lower left on screen, click it, computer menu opens, find your control panel, the I enter the help section and ‘search’ . You can use ‘printing preference’ , ‘Set print’, any number of entries can get you to the help area in your system. It may bring up your printer info and connect you w/ HP links. 2) from your reg internet connection go to the search bar..enter HP printer (your model #) you should be able to access lots of web sites for instructions. hope ths helps.

    • Ted

      i work for SR. You do not need to print in color. We are not allowed to decline your coupon because it is printed B&W. We do have to check all internet coupons carefully because there are so many fraudulent ones around now. It is sad that a few ppl feel it necessary to try & trick the system, making it a pain for the rest of us who just want to use & accept coupons legally

      • Cynthia

        Ted thanks for sharing! It’s nice to hear from people that work in the stores we shop in.

        • LG

          Thank you Ted

  • carol

    A customer service representative at Shoprite told me today that starting soon we will not be able to use our card more than once for the same deal. Is there any truth to this?

    • Anonymous

      i used mine 3 times today and after the 3rd time, it beeped and locked me out. i convinced them to let me use my mom’s because i still live at home.

      • Anonymous

        Yikes! I am going to have to get smarter about my shopping.

        • Kim

          My Shoprite already does that but I think it is only if its the same day.

      • Lianne

        a few weeks ago during the Loreal deal…it was buy 15 worth and get a 5 cat–I bought enough coupons to do it 5 times but i didn’t get the cat on the 5th time–and it wasn’t the same day either (I live within 10 min of 2 Shop Rites and work within 10 min of 2 other ones–I space myself out-not a shelf clearer).
        It sure felt great when I dropped the bag of 20 shampoos off at the home of a friend who volunteers at a women’s shelter 🙂 (even though the bag was really heavy, lol)

        • Jennifer

          Lianne, that’s awesome that you did that! It’s great to see that people are using coupons not only to save their household some cash, but to also give to those who are less fortunate.

          Good job!

        • Melinda

          Hi Lianne, is that CAT deal for Loreal over now?

  • Smart Balance Omega Peanut Butter will be $1.99 with price plus card, use the $.75/1 coupon will make it only $.49!

  • Lena

    Check your Shoprite flyer… My flyer has a coupon for a free Santa Cruz lemonade!

  • All4Savings

    🙁 I did not get Carolina rice coupons and my husband eats a lot of rice. Cannot find them on ebay either… well, I found only one listing but its way too expensive.

    • Tamie

      I could help you out I think. My flyer has a $9.99 coupon and my mailman dropped me off about 10 copies of it. Let me know and I can drop them in the mail on Monday.

      • Tamie

        Nevermind….I have the big bag coupons…sorry!

        • All4Savings

          Thanks anyway!

    • 0246

      the carolina rice coupons are from a while ago — have you looked at various clipping services?

    • colleen

      do you know what set of coupons/date this coupon came from.i will look thru mine

      • All4Savings

        Colleen, I think they’re from the 5/1 RP

        I used to buy CT Post at that time and the coupons were not great.

    • shita

      Try email the Carolina. i did months ago they sent me hand full of coupons.

      • All4Savings

        It’s in my “to do” list. Thanks for refreshing my memory. I tend to forget about it. lol

  • Sandra

    Thank you!

  • BB


  • Christina


  • danielle shotz

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unfortunately the Renuzit air freshener coupon expires today (8/21). Are there any other coupons out there?

  • Jessica

    Not sure how many areas have it, but my store (Vails Gate, NY) has the coupon for free Santa Cruz organic lemonade.

    • mandee

      thats one of my stores too!!!!:)

  • Nicole

    I went to shoprite the other day and received a coupon for $5 off my next purchase of $60 or more. Does anyone know if this would need to be $60 before or after coupons? It does not say anything on the coupon. I am in CT that is where this coupon came from.

    • Julie

      If it was me I would use my 5/60 coupon FIRST before any other coupons. You shouldn’t have any problems that way!

      • Paula c

        That is what i always do too. Just make sure that one goes in first.

    • Sam

      Yup! Worked for me too here in CT (Fairfield County). Got 2 x $1 CAT using b1g1 Q on Stayfree.

      • Paula c

        My shoprite had stayfree and carefree with .50 off peelies on them.

    • Cynthia

      I had a coupon $5 off $50. I used it BEFORE coupons BUT AFTER Shoprite discounts. So, for example the item Keebler granola bars are $3.99 regular price, on sale for $1.99. The Sale price of $1.99 is what is credited toward the $60 NOT the regular price of $3.99. I had a .75/1 Keebler coupon, which doubled to $1.50 in my store SO I only paid .50 each! At least thats how it works in my store. I’m pretty sure it will work the same for you. Hope that helps!

    • depends on the cashier and the shoprite.. sometimes the cashier will scan it first.. some will not scan it until all your coupons are run through first.. the last three times i went to three diff cashiers.. they all said we are no longer allowed to scan that coupon first it has to be last.. I went to customer service the first time it happend and they told met thats their new policy

      • Alicia

        where did you guys get the 5 off of 60 coupons? I’m in ct and I want one! haha

  • Diane

    Cowragous is included in the kozyshack deal!

    • Karen

      Awesome! thanks 🙂 I was wondering about that one. My little one will be happy.

  • Nicole

    FYI.. Two $1.00 cats printed when I bought 2 stayfree and used b1g1 coupon! So $0.44 each!

    • mandee

      THANK YOU FOR THE INFO!!!! 🙂 I could not wait to get to the computer to see if any one did this deal I still have bogo coupons too!!!

    • Karen

      Thank you! I was wanting to try this one. Incredible deal!

  • JE

    Bummer! I just checked and the Breyers printable coupon for .75/1 Breyers Blasts expired in July.

  • Rita Quick

    Thanks for all your help with coupons and sales and where the best shopping store tips are for which week. I just spent $59.43 on groceries at Shop Rite in Montague, NJ and saved $134.88! I used your pointers such as the Smucker’s Grape Jelly and got two for .29 each after doubling a .75 coupon. Kozy Shack puddings are on sale for $1.49 a 6-pack and I printed out a .55 coupon from Kozy Shack which said no doubling, but looking at my receipt, Shop Rite did double the coupons of which I used 4 and paid .39 a 6 pack for the puddings!!! K.C.Masterpiece I did get the item (2 actually as I had two coupons) for free, as well as Frank’s Hot Sauce for .19 ea (of which I had 2 coupons), as they are on sale for $1.19. Aunt Jemima waffles are $1.79 and I had a $1.00 coupon, and Shop Rite ran a 2nd week of sales on the V8 juices and Fusion Drinks and Teas for $1.99 so I took advantage of the coupons on them.

    Thanks for your help in pointing out the sales, it has really made it easy for me to figure out what I need to buy and when. My son is gonna be surprised when I bring him all the great name brand products I picked up for him for a fraction of the cost. $59.43 for two separate households isn’t all that bad now, is it? 🙂

  • Erin

    Is that a mistake with the Pup-Peroni, I can’t see how they would come out to $1 each?

    • Aileen C

      There is a catalina, too. So if you get 4, use the $4/4, you *should* get 2 catalinas for $2 each.

      • The size that is on sale for $3.00 – you need to buy 3 to get the $2.00 CAT. I think it’s buy 2 get a $1.00 CAT. So, if my math is right, then with the $4/4 Q they would be $1.50 after coupon and catalinas?
        I don’t get how you could get the $1.00 price either….. :-/

  • dawn

    there is a 75 cents off Mr.Clean spray coupon in the living in style booklet making them 1.09 each!

  • Nicole

    I have the Santa Cruz Lemonade coupon in my circular too! I also have a coupon for the Nestle water, that makes it 3 for $9, and then with the regular q, it makes it about $2.66 a case….is that a good price?

    My circular also has perdue boneless/skinless for $1.49/lb q.

  • Michelle B

    Has anyone noticed if the Land O Lakes cinnamon and sugar is still on sale for 1.99 this week? I would like to pick up some more.

    • Rita Q

      It was 2.49 for the LOL Cinnamon and Sugar at my Shop Rite this a.m. when I picked it up….that’s the price before I used my coupons for it.

      • Jess

        Pathmark has it onsale for 2 for $4.00 all varieties use the 75cent off coupon , they double it so its just 50 cents at pathmark!!

  • Ann

    can you let me know what zip code is used for the skittles coupons?

  • Eileen @QponPrincess

    today in the same store, I bought two different versions of the paper, one was the regular app, the other was “the press of atlantic city ” both had a smartsource but they had some different coupons, and there were different shoprite flyers, different super coupons
    the app had the free santa Cruz, the other had tons of bakery items, just thought id share

  • Arizia


  • Elaine

    Anyone know if the Lindsay Olives are still 3/$5 with the .75c off peelies in them??

    • stefanie

      last week I looked at they were there! It was only for the seasoned olives in the recloseable can.

    • Julie

      Not sure, but the sale happens all the time! I always check every week when I pass that aisle!

    • Julie

      Hi Elaine, just got back from SR. The sale is on this week! You can get the italian seasoned olives for .16 each after coupon wyb 3.

  • Christie

    Smart Balance peanut butter is $1.99 and there was a .75 coupon (I cannot remember what insert :o/ ) making it .50 each if your store doubles !

    Also the tropicana juice deal 2 for 5.98 and a free dozen of eggs – I got in my email a $1/1 tropicana juice printed it twice making this an even better deal!!!

  • Pamela

    The .75/1 excedrin coupons are DND-9

    • christine

      There’s on that expires on 9/3 that DOES double issued 7/17
      The one that expires on 10/8 is a DND issued 8/21

  • Laura

    Yesterday, at my local Shoprite in West Milford, NJ, I went to purchase an extra record. I have one delivered to my house weekly. I always look inside to make sure the coupon inserts are there….and there were none. I saw they carried the New York Post with many inserted flyers, so I checked to see if they had the Smartsource insert, which they did so I purchased the paper.
    This morning while clipping out the NYP’s coupons to my surprise (it was more like an angry growl…) in the middle of the Smartsource insert I found a stapled pack of 4 same coupons with the coupons cut out!!! You know, when you have more than one paper and gather all of the same pages to staple and cut faster. Also, there were numerous non-coupon pages. I have encountered papers messed up with coupons missing in the Warwick, NY Shoprite. Incomplete inserts at the local gas station. But NEVER have I come across this.
    Has anyone else had a problem with coupons cut out of a brand new newspaper??
    Now not only do I need to make sure the inserts are there…..I have to check eack page for cut out coupons! 🙁

    • Reet

      If you near the store you bought it from, I’d suggest taking it back there and speak to the manager about it…sounds like someone was on their break and went through the papers and shuffled them back inside the paper.

  • michelle F


    • roxy

      thank u so much for sharing!!!

  • kevin

    StayFree/Carefree deal.
    I bought 8 packs of Stayfree using 4 B1G1 free coupons, and 4 Carefree using .50/1 coupons all in one transaction and received 12 $1 oyno coupons.
    Now to roll them to use up the rest of my coupons.

    • I bought the panty liners for 1.25 and used my .50 off and so they were only .25 and I got the $1 cat for each one. .75 cent money maker.

      • kevin

        fascinating. Sometime simple math goes over my head while trying to calculate lowest out of pocket with 7 % tax, etc. I saw them there but didn’t realize they’d be a money maker. Thanks.

        • Tiffany

          Is anyone having trouble with this one? I purchased today Kevins EXACT order from above. 8 Stayfrees using (4) B1G1 coupons and 4 Carefree using (4) .50 coupons. I received back only 2 $1 oyno coupons. Im thinking about just returning everything!

          • kevin

            my second go round i bought sets of 2 stayfree and 1 carefree using a bogo and .50/1 respectively and paid using 4 $1 onyo’s and received 3 more $1 oyno’s back. I split it up to keep out of pocket down and figured they’d limit the use of the oyno’s to 4 per transaction.
            Maybe they updated the system. Going over later to use up my coupons.
            I’d return them, that’s too much out of pocket cash.

  • Anonymous

    GLADE PRESS & SPRAY – $2.49

    I have a$3 off on any Glade SENSE & Spray Starter kit. Will this match the one on-sale this week?
    I got this from the Parade magazine yesterday.

    • Julie

      You can try but I think they are two different items. The sense and spray tends to be up near 10.00 each!

  • Anonymous

    FYI, there are $0.50 peelies on the Carefree at my Shop Rite in Rochelle Park, NJ. My cashier noticed it and took the extra $0.50 off and also took my $0.50 Carefree coupon. I didn’t realize you could use both or did she do something wrong? I figured she would’ve given me one back.

    • Melissq

      If both were manufacturers coupons (which they most likely were), she should not have taken both off. You can combine a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon, but not two of the same.

  • Go to Oikos Greek Yogurt on facebook and hit like to get a free coupon for the yogurt that was in the Parade. A coupon states you don’t get a free one but get a $1.00 coupon. Once you fill in you name and email address, they email you within minutes your free coupon. I got mine!

    • is webpage…

      and meant to type some states don’t get a free one but a coupon for $1.00 off.

      • stefanie

        It says void in NJ, so we’d get the $1 off coupon. 🙁

  • Late July Multigrain chips are on sale for $1.99. There was a printable coupon for $1 off making them $.99. Not bad.

  • Heather Leah

    Just got a bunch of deals at Shoprite. Rolled the Kleenex catalina, again…Wanted to mention they have the 2 packs of GUM Crayola kid’s toothbrushes on sale for $1.49, and I used the $.55/1 Crayola Tbrush from one of the recent Parenting magazine. ( I have seen them in some other issues too) Making them only $.39 for a 2 pack. These are really good kid’s brushes too 🙂

    • liz

      I didn’t get the $.55/1 coupon but I did get $1.00/2 GUM Oral Care products. Does anyone know if I am allowed to use this coupon for the 2 ct pack?

  • Anna

    I shopped at Shoprite in Eddystone PA yesterday. My prices were correct and all my coupons were scanned but I was puzzled that my total cost was higher than expected. I figured it out later that my 75c coupons were doubled to $1 and my internet coupons weren’t doubled at all. Has anyone else come across this?

    • Heather Leah

      At Shoprite a month or so ago, NONE of my coupons were doubled at all..I didnt notice until I got hom…I had shopped at this Shoprite before and everything had fully doubled, so I guess it was just that one time. I have been there many times since then and all my coupons have always fully doubled…

      Are you sure your Shoprite follows the fully double policy? Maybe the interent coupons that did not double were DND9? Or Maybe even DND5, but the cashier entered them so they wouldn’t double? That does seem a little strange..

      • tinap

        this happened once to me when the cashier scanned my card AFTER I gave all the coupons. I went to customer service and they gave me all that should have doubled in a refund.

    • Holly

      I shop at this shoprite too and have never had a problem with the coupons not doubling. Unless it said do not double.

    • Deb

      I shop at the Eddyston SR all the time. They only double upto take $1 off:( You just have to keep that in mind when reading the shopping list. I have had internet coupons doubled in the recent past, so not sure about that.

  • Teresa

    Mead 5 Star 1 Subject Notebook – $1.99
    $1/2 Mead Coupon printable (NLA)
    $1.49 each after coupon (if you printed it)

    What does NLA stand for?

    • tinap

      no longer available

  • Renay

    Kleenex Hand Towel Catalina Deal?
    Does anyone know if the Kleenex Hand Towel Catalina Deal is still working? Thanks

    • Mimi

      yes still working!

    • bessy

      I had an interest thing happen. I purchased 3 brown box and 1 blue box. I got the cat for the 3 brown boxes but NOT for the blue box.

      Of course … I paid for each one sep.

  • Julie

    Ladies (and gents), I have a question to pose to you. I live in an area that has a Shop Rite and Shop and Stop right next to each other and I’m torn on which super market to commit to, since I don’t want to go to more than one each week. I’ve been going to Shop and Stop because it’s a bit smaller and more manageable, I like their store brand products, and I strongly prefer Boars Head lunch meat which they carry and Shop Rite does not. But everyone says Shop Rite has better deals. Does anyone know from experience whether this is true, to an extent that it would merit going there rather than Shop and Stop? I’d appreciate anyone’s opinion on this. Thanks!

    • Jasper

      If they’re right next to each other, couldn’t you go to both of them in the same trip?

      Shop Rite does tend to have the best deals overall, but sometimes you can get some awesome ones at Stop and Shop. I pretty much only go to Stop and Shop if there’s an especially good couponing deal, like free or almost free stuff. Stop and Shops do tend to be more spacious and less crowded though, at least in my experience, so that’s a plus factor.

    • Dawn K

      I agree with Jasper. My Stop & Shop is a lot closer but I go to Shop Rite as it’s a lot cheaper and usually has better deals. I will go to S&S when there’s a great deal on something we use often. My SR does carry Boars Head coldcuts and their Black Bear brand is also great.

      What it boils down to is a personal preference. Take a look at the deals on Saturday when Cindy has both posted and determine which one has the most things you are looking for. HTH!

    • Lianne

      I’m in a similar situation–and while I used to prefer Stop ‘n Shop because it was…just easier to deal with, now I go to Shop Rite because I know how to coupon. I guess thats why Shop Rite can be so crazy at times–because the deals are so much better.

    • Julie

      ShopRite tends to have better sales as evidenced by all of Cindy’s green check marks in the matchups! I do my major shopping @ SR and go to S&S when there is something really awesome like freebies or dollar doublers! Shop Rite tends to carry fewer brands to chose from like you said(mine does not carry Hood products). But hey, in the end it really does come down to your personal preference.

      • My stop & shop is SO much closer – but I shop SR regularly b/c I save so much more money there. I shop stop & shop for free and really cheap deals.
        And, btw, I use all the stop & shop dollar doublers at SR. 😉

  • cheryl manna

    Hi everybody, just noticed that the Eggland’s eggs in the circualr is $3.49 for the 18 count. There was an offer available not too long ago for .50 coupons direct mailed from Eggland’s. If you were lucky to get that offer, the eggs will now be $2.49, ( if your store fully doubles) for the 18 ct package.

  • Kerry

    Don’t forget to use your “Your Family” points. They expire this week.

  • Jolynne

    I know for each 100 Family Points it’s $1.00 off. What if you only have 87 points left? Do those points just expire and you lose them? I don’t see anything to do with them for less than 100 points.

    • Mimi

      yes the expire. they have already started over for the next cycle.

  • Lady J

    I noticed the smuckers said grape jam. Is that the only flavor/type that’s on sale? I like grape jelly, or if it has to be jam – then strawberry (I am so picky with jelly – this isn’t even a brand I would normally use – but, i can make do with free)

    • Joanna

      I got grape jelly and for free with the sale and coupon.


    I bought four carefee products in two transactions and i paid $.50 cents each . and then i got $4 catalina. with the $4 of catalina i bought the kleenex,i paid .29 cents for each package. Afterthat i got $4 catalina.

  • Cheryl

    Hey.. I believe I saw a Soft Srub deal listed last week . They are on sale for $2.50 each (2x$5) and I have $1.50 coupons. If I purchase 6 — total would be $6 (after $1.50 coupons) and I beleive there was a CAT deal that you get $5 back if you buy 6 — is that correct?? Thanks.

  • Joanna

    I noticed that there was a coupon for the organic coupon to get it for free. Also there was a coupon I had that printed from another order that was for a $1 off Hungry Jack and Hungry jack is on sale for 79 cents which equals free too! Just hope you guys catch it!

  • Bryan

    Here is a great deal I did for FREE ribs and BBQ sauce:

    (1)Southern Style BBQ Ribs – $1.99/lb
    (4)KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce – $1.00/ea
    -(1)ShopRite SuperCoupon Southern Style Ribs – $1.49/lb
    -(4)$0.50/1 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce
    -(1)$2/1 Pork Ribs wyb KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce

    I found the ShopRite SuperCoupon in my circular. It made my 1.09lb Spare Ribs cost just $1.62 @$1.49/lb (unfortunately that was the only pack of ribs left; to maximize your savings, find a pack that is 1.34lbs). The $2/1 Pork Ribs coupon was found at the following link:


  • nicole

    is anyoe else having troubleprinting with it keeps telling me to install the coupon bar over and over again. it is already installed

  • Joan

    Hey guys, there is a $1/1 Ritz Munchables coupon available on, at my store they are included with the regular Ritz at $1.88 making them only 88 cents!