ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 8/28 – 9/3

ShopRite Deals for the week of 8/28/11

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that you may not have all the coupons available in your insert.  Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.   Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores. 

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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NOTE: If  your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing.  Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Sandra

    Thanks for the match-ups. Lets hope that after this hurricane I can shop again. lol

  • CST

    Very weak sales this week for ShopRite, PathMark, and Stop and Shop. Ugh!

    • Cindy

      That is because of the time of year. Vacations, etc. Over the next few weeks, it’s should start to pick up.

      • Susie

        Is that typical? When they think people will be away the sales are not so hot? And then when they know people will be around (like school starting) the sales are better?

    • Peteze

      I think we are gonna see many more “weak” sales due to all the publicity given to us couponers in the media. The manufacturers and the stores seem to be lowering the savings. Hope I am wrong.

  • Aileen C

    I also have a coupon that is for $1/1 beef when you buy A1. Not sure where it came from – my mom sent it to me. Looks like it’s from a hangtag.

  • Jessica

    If you got the Kellogg’s $18 in coupons booklet that they have had on displays (got mine @ acme) there is a coupon for $2 off milk wyb (2) eggos… Pretty sure we can buy (2) Eggos and use $1/2 + get the $2 off milk. NICE!

    • Heather

      I think it will not scan – didn’t work for me at Stop & Shop. They said it was “stacking” and told me I was trying to commit coupon fraud (I quit Stop & Shop).

      • Heather

        Your cashier can probably enter it manually

      • Lady J

        why is it that cashiers have to accuse people of coupon fraud. Why can’t they just say “I’m sorry, you’re not able to use that coupon for that” in a nice tone. How hard is it. I say, unless your going to call the cops then you don’t get to tell someone that they are commiting coupon fraud.

        • Heylin

          I’m with you ladies. I had a target executive manager tell me she didn’t have time for me. Call corporate right in front of her and they honor my coupons and she apologize. In a way we need to set the tone when we go shopping and not let IGNORANT people dictate how we shop and there KNOWLEDGE of coupons and there policies…

          • Ruth

            I have the corporate numbers of every store I stop at programmed on my phone. Most corporate offices don’t tolerate bad customer service and they will take care of the matter right away. I have called customer service a couple times after managers tried to abuse what little power they think they have and I still have to be proven wrong. I always follow the policy of the stores and I don’t tolerate ignorant people. If it is your job to be a manager, learn it so that when I shop at your store, you know that you need to treat me with the same respect that I treat you.

    • Jeannette

      Cindy, can we use both in this scenario? I was wondering this myself.

      • Dana

        I have used both coupons several times without any problems at ShopRite. I think it is because the coupons in the booklet are for items such as bread or milk, not another coupon towards the eggos.

      • Lisa

        I have used both here in CT

      • D

        I’ve used both here, too. They have to put it thru (I think that milk one beeps not matter what b/c it’s a $2 coupon…high value…)

    • Jen

      I did it that way at my Shop Rite…Eggos 99 cents ea…had $1/2 and then $2 off milk when I bought 2. They let me use both.

  • Aileen C

    Will we be able to use the free Pantene coupon? The coupon says it’s for the 12.6 oz size.
    Also, I have a free Herbal Essences coupon that may have come from Facebook? You could use that for this deal if you have it.

    • Jennifer

      I just noticed the sizes don’t match up. The coupon is for the smaller size than what’s listed in the spend $25 get $10 deal. That’s disappointing.

      • Malia

        Yeah, I was excited about using my two coupons this way too…if anyone has success using them with the wrong size, can you let me know? Otherwise, I’m going to use them at CVS this week where I’ll get $1 EB for “buying” two Pantene for free!

    • kristin

      i’m pretty sure you can use it on any size but they will only take off 4.99 instead of the full 5.99 price. i have used them before for the big size.

  • Marina

    I did not get the Shoprite’s catalina for the Carefree and Stayfree last time I was there. Went to CS and they told me that they didn’t have the machine to print them out. Shoprite was a caos due to the storm. So, should I contact catalinamarketing or not since it was a Shoprite catalina?
    Any thoughts? Thanks!!!

  • Rebecca

    Shoprite Brooklawn has buy 4 Pampers (Box) Get the 5th Free.

  • Georgia

    I love coupons. I’m addicted, but once in awhile it’s nice to have a break. I can use it this week with all the back to school prep we need to do.

  • Natalie K.

    I don’t know how I missed this but how did people get the Free Pantene coupons and Aussie coupons? Was is a Facebook thing and NLA? Just checkin… Thanks for the matchups.

    • tara

      this was already a cuople of months ago, via facebook

  • Lianne

    I was really excited for the wishbone coupon until I realized–the 4 day sale starts Wednesday 8/31 but the coupons all expire 8/28-so thats a no go :/

    • marie

      If you have a Pathmark near you they are on sale for a 1.oo until Thursday.

    • dip


  • Connie

    Does anyone know what promo code to use for the al fresco sausage coupon? I am signed up for their newsletter but have not received a code ever? When I contacted them their only reply was “you can find the coupon on our website.” Am I doing something wrong??? Please help.

    • Megan

      I’m having the same problem! I signed up 4-5 days ago and I thought I was supposed to get the coupon via email but haven’t gotten it yet. I couldn’t find it on their site, either.

      • IK

        i signed up for this 3 mos ago – still waiting…

  • Ana


    • mandee

      these coupons were in a few weeks ago to don’t know the exp date.

    • marie

      Which paper? Thanks

      • redplum insert, mine is actually $1 wyb 2

  • Mary


  • Steven

    For big coffee drinkers like myself don’t forget about the Chock Full o’ Nuts for $8.88 24 to 34.5 oz can any variety. There is a $1.00 off when you buy two coupon this week. I’ll be getting 4 cans!

  • Allie

    Marina–I didn’t get the Catalina from the carefree pads as well, but when I went to the CS they were great and gave me $3 cash! Hopefully if you talk to someone else at CS they can help you. Sometimes I find certain employees just don’t know and they give you the easiest answer.

  • heather

    awesome, after this storm I have to get my stockpile re-stocked if you will!! Hopefully we can get around during this week!

  • heather

    Thanks for all that you do! got2be hair products are 2.99 and there is a $2 off any got2be styler in the September All You magazine.

  • mandee

    Hormel Pepperoni in shop rite some of the displays have bogo coupon on them making them $1.49 each after coupon and the
    Reynolds Aluminum Foil displays have a mail in rebate!!

    • dip

      i did this today! so happy! i used a 55ct of 2 (doubled) and the bogo buy one original get the peperoni minis free (they are so cute lol). ended up payng 94cts per package. yummy!

      • dip

        the pepperoni that is not the foil 🙂

  • April S

    Is it me, or has it been months since ground beef was $1.99/lb? $2.49 is the best I’ve seen in a while so I guess I should trek out for some this week.

    • Cindy

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • Barbara A

        Foodtown has had it for $1.99/lb for the last month when you buy it in a 5 lb package. I think the sale is still going on but I’m not positive.

    • Ashley

      A&p has 85% at $1.99 this week and chicken breasts at $1.79 so if you have one near you it may be worth it to go there! I know I am!!

      • Rachael

        Thanks for the tip about 85% ground beef on sale at A&P, Ashley! I dont have one near me but we are going to visit my Aunt tomorrow who has one in her town…gonna stock up!

  • keisha

    what about the free milk with general mills purchase, Cindy?

    • Megan

      I was excited about this deal, but I can’t find it in my flyer. I’m in CT if that makes a difference.

    • christine

      i thought it was a dollar amount off of milk, not free?

      • Cindy

        It’s a catalina to use for a any milk up to $4.50 in value. You would use it on your next purchase. Sometimes the catalina will take off the full $4.50 even if your milk is cheaper. I haven’t had luck with that lately as they have been punching in the exact price of my milk but, I know a lot of people get the full $4.50.

        • keisha

          thanks Cindy.

    • Cindy

      It’s in the match ups. Under the General Mills Cereal. There is even a scenario.

      • Meli

        Is it only off ! milk what if i got @ to make it reach the $4.50?

      • keisha

        oh sorry, i must have missed it;-)

  • Kim

    ShopRite has Pepsi 5 for $12 as does Acme, but with Acme you need to use the $3/5 coupon that is in their circular. My question is, can that coupon be used at ShopRite? The coupon says “manufacturer coupon” at the top but under the picture it says “redeemable at: Acme.”

    • JoAnn C

      I have used that coupon in previous months at my ShopRite

      • Kim

        Thanks so much … I’ll give it a try tomorrow!

    • Chris O

      It worked for me tonight through self-checkout.

    • Kim

      Sorry I didn’t report back sooner … it worked fine for me going through the regular checkout!

      • Kim

        So Acme had another $3/5 coupon so I figured I would grab some more Pepsi at ShopRite. The checker scanned my coupon and even though it worked, she said she couldn’t accept it because it said “redeemable at Acme.” I pointed out that it was a manufacturers coupon so she called the head cashier over who also said they couldn’t accept it. After checking out I went to customer service who also said they couldn’t accept it. I guess next time, I’ll just do self-check out!

  • Sarah

    How do you get the wishbone coupon? I signed up for the e-mail but can’t find it?

    • Sam

      I am having the same problem! I think the deal might be over but im not sure.

    • Corine

      Same thing happened to me!

    • Dawn G

      That is so aggravating! You take time and input all of your info and no coupon ;-(

  • Meli

    Pepsi had some peilies on the cases a few weeks ago if you can find them.

  • Lori

    Can you stack a manufacturer coupon with a Savingstar “coupon” as indicated in some of the deals above? Does that work like that at Shop Rite?

    Thank you!:)

    • Malia

      Yep, you can do both!

  • Caryn P

    I cant find the $5 off $25 of Pampers coupon….

    • Christina Mathers

      I can’t find the $5 off $25 pampers coupons either, please help!!

      • Cindy

        Oh sorry, that got left in there by accident. That is not really a coupon, but a catalina annoucement. But, not at ShopRite.

  • Sam

    Hi. First let me say i LOVE this website! It really helps me save a lot of money! I was just making sure that the poland spring coupon worked because on the coupon it says on two 12 packs but the 24 packs are on sale. Will it let me use this coupon on a 24 pack? Thanks!

    • Shira

      same question – I didn’t print the coupon yet, but it looks like it’s just on the mini to-go bottles, 12 pack. Did anyone get a different coupon?

      • Sam

        please answer and help! I want to go shopping tomorrow and dont know if it will work!

  • jannine

    Yoiu can print out a $3 coupon off one pack of cottenelle toilet paper. It is on sale for 5.99 and with the 3.00 coupon you can get 12 rolls for 2.99. here is the link

    • amy

      thanks for the contonelle coupon site. printed the $3 off coupon

    • e


    • 0246

      great link, thanks!

      • Jenn

        It does says COUPON ONLY REDEEMABLE IN CANADA. Bummer

  • Courtney

    Thanks for the match-ups! FYI there is a butterball coupon for $1.50 off turkey burgers….being that they are on sale this week; 2 for $5 it comes out to $1 each!!!! the coupons expire Aug 31st, but are out there 🙂

    • valora

      I think the ground turkey is on sale not the burgers.

  • Lexi

    I called my local ShopRite regarding the Catalinas from that Dollar Days promotion awhile back. I have a $5 off your order from the Pompeian and $5 off your order from Kimberly-Clark/Cotonelle. Both expired on 8/20/2011 but I just found them today 8/28 I asked if it was still valid, & the girl on the phone got really snotty and said if it’s expired, it’s expired! And then said BYE and hung up. Is this $10 of credit gone to waste?!

    • 0246

      yes. coupons have expiration dates, and they are only valid until they expire.

    • Jasper

      In all honesty, if I was in that position, if I got asked more than 5 times in my life whether an expired thing was still valid, I’d be sick of it. I mean you must have figured there’s at least a 90% chance they’re gonna tell you it’s not valid, right? I’m not trying to be mean, but expiration dates are very straightforward things.

      • Lexi

        @ Jasper, it isn’t a coupon, it’s a store credit similar to a gift card. I called at 8AM this morning EST after they opened. This way I ensured they weren’t busy in order to be considerate. My intention was to confirm that the date was not misprinted so that I knew I wasn’t throwing away something important. Above and beyond that, CVS store credit AKA ExtraCareBucks are honored beyond their respective Expiration Dates. My “ShopRite” actually started out as a local store, not a chain or franchise through corporate. Factoring in all of the above, and hoping to find someone with more knowledge on the topic, inspired me to reach out. I’m a 20 year old girl who is living at home to save up for a car. I started “couponing” in June (2011) to help my parents out with the grocery bills. I’m sorry for the long story, just understand that everyone has a story and a reason for what they do. I didn’t call to seem ignorant or harass an employee, I simply didn’t want to drive in this weather when it could be avoided.

        Thanks though,

        • 0246

          a catalina is a coupon. it has an expiration date. you didn’t use it by the expiration date, and thus you forfeit the coupon. sorry, but that’s on you, not the person who answered the phone and informed you of what was already written on the coupon in front of you.

        • Tina


          I know someone who went up to customer service a day (or two?) after her catalinas expired, asking nicely if there was anyway she could still get credit for them. Customer service was very nice and allowed her to use the catalinas.

        • Gina

          Hi Lexi,
          I think it was very reasonable of you to call them and inquire – and I am sorry it did not turn out too well this time around. It recently happened to me that I found 2x$4 expired cats from the degree promotion that I had forgotten about. I did not want to chance CS being rude to me and I decided to try using them at self-checkout instead. To my own surprise it did work without a problem. This made me want to be more diligent with the cats though. I had started looking at them as cash and the fact that this type of cash does expire slipped into the background.

      • Sam

        when that happened to me I would not leave. I went to customer service and they denied it so i asked to speak to a manager and was being a big pain for them so they gave me $9 cash because of $9 worth of expired catalinas! make sure you tell them ur a beginner and didnt realize it! 🙂

  • Ruth

    Some stores will honor expired coupons, like CVS. ShopRite, at least in the DE area is the worst place to shop using coupons. They have great deals, if you can deal with the nasty attitude. I go to one ShopRite where the Self Checkout cashiers are actually nice but it is 45 minutes from my house. The other ShopRite I go to in Newark, DE, the cashiers try to find something wrong with every transaction I do there but they won’t discourage me. The nasty attitude is coming directly from the owner of the chains in Newark, Wilmington, DE area. To be a good couponer, you need to have thick skin and know that you will find challenges when shopping with coupons. It is not as easy as they show on TV.

    • Kathie

      Ruth, I go to both SRs on Rte. 4 in DE and have never had a problem with using coupons at either one. As a matter of fact, most cashiers get excited to see how much I save. At the one in Newark, I overheard the cashier telling the people that were in back of me how much I saved. They do check over all my coupons carefully, but, I have no problem with it, they are only trying to do their jobs.

      • paula c

        Same here my Shoprite cashiers are real nice but have gone to Walgreens and had cashiers shake there head at me the whole time they totaled my order. I have to young daughter and they said mom they are mean here why do you shop here pretty bad when they notice.

  • Keisha

    Am I the only one that can’t get Sunday paper for coupons today? What is people doing to get those 3 inserts without the paper? Do you think it will be delivered on Monday?

    • Marie

      My coupons came to my house yesterday in the Saturday paper.

    • Kim

      Since I knew that I couldn’t get my papers because of the hurricane, I took a chance and ordered from I’ve never used this service before, but I figured it was worth trying.

      • Keisha

        Oh thanks. They were sold out.
        But I called the dollar tree this morning and they had a Sunday paper shipment waiting at the front door. So I ran down there and raked up. Lol
        Yayyy. 😉

        • Wow,now i know why we do not get coupon in the newspapers:(

  • Arizia

    Thanks for the matchups

  • Blythe

    BTW, I printed the Hunt’s Ketchup SS coupon and its a “Do Not Double”.

    • Victoria

      I printed the same coupon and and my AMCE doubled it, here in Trenton!

  • Liz on LI

    Can someone help me? I went to SR last week on Monday to do the buy 5 Welch’s Grape Jam get the $5 Cat and the cat didn’t print. Went to CS and they had NO clue what I was talking about. Can I contact Catalina Marketing? And if so, how do I get in touch with them?

    Thanks in advance!
    Liz on LI

    • Cindy

      Liz, I think you mean the Welch’s Grape Jelly deal at Stop & Shop. It was last week and it was an instant savings deal.

  • Liz on LI

    Why the heck did I think it was SR!? LOL. Oh well. I still got it really cheap at SR!!! 🙂 Thanks!!!

  • Lisa

    Did any of you snag the Ahorre en Grande (enjoy BIG Savings) booklet at Shoprite. I picked one last week and was able to use quite a few coupons and stacked them with my mf q.

    • Lexi

      Where does ShopRite keep all of the savings booklets?

      • Mary

        Lexi, mine has them either by the entrance or by the CS desk.

      • Lianne

        mine were by the front door in the rack where they keep the circulars

  • satceypunk

    $5/$25 Pampers Diapers or Wipes (Future Savings) printable

    I can’t find this through the link. Can anyone else get it and how do you get to it. THANKS!

  • Stacey Cabell

    has anyone tried to use the coupon for Cottonelle that states only redeemable in Canada?

  • Christie

    I cant find the Al fresco sausage coupon… I signed up and still none. Maybe I missed it? We loooove those!!!

  • Tom O’Beirne

    Am I the only one who can’t find the .70 gluten-free Kellogs coupon?

  • RJ

    i cant find the coupons on the wish-bone site

    does anyone know where the heck i look?

    i signed up but nothing!

    • maria

      i just got mine. went to their facebook page, and went to the ‘salad masters’ section.

      • Jenn

        Thanks Maria! Just printed two. I couldn’t find it earlier.

  • kathryn

    Well I attempted the Pantene/Crest deal:

    (2) Pantene @ 5.99 each
    (3) Crest ProHealth Toothpaste (must buy 3) @ 2.49 each
    (4) Oral- B Indicator @ 1.89 each

    Total before coupons: approx. $27
    Coupons used:
    (3) Crest Toothpaste $1.00
    (2) Oral-B $1 off 2
    (2) $4.99 for free Pantene coupon

    Tax: .12
    OOP: $12.15

    Catalina did not print. Went to customer service, and politely showed her my receipt, and she could clearly see the prices before coupons. She said because I had the free pantene coupons, it was as if I did not purchase the items. She said theses sales run after coupons. She pushed the catalina through for me. I was a little frustrated that it says no where on the ad, that the catalina comes “after” coupons, and clearly I purchased the amount needed for it. Good luck if anyone else tries this deal!

    • Cindy

      Hmm, it should have printed. Coupons have never effected a catalina so I can’t imagine they would start now. Sometimes you have to be careful with the free coupons because I have had cashiers just remove the item from the transaction. Normally it wouldn’t matter, but it would if you needed it for a deal. I’m not sure if that happened in your case. I’m glad they printed it for you.

    • AmyLynn

      I didn’t get mine either because of the exact same “reasoning” they gave me. and they WOULD NOT print me one. I think I have to email catalina

  • Sherry

    I purchased additional wishbone coupons on ebay … they don’t expire until 10/16.

    What is with the crappy coupons lately? So many $1. off 2 … does me NO good doubling at ShopRite so I only end up saving 50 cents on each. Hate that! Is there any way to get better qs?

  • Sarah

    RP this week has the Poland Spring Coupons. any 2 multipacks 700ml or any 2 multipacks 8oz Not sure the size that is on sale but these do not say 12pack they say “multi pack”

  • Ashley

    I’m so excited. I got $.75 off 2 Eggo products on ebay wich made my waffles $.24 a box! That’s 8 boxes for less than $2.00. My kids and husband won’t need waffles for a while!

  • Alison

    Was anybody successful with printing out the frigo cheese coupon? I could not find it.

  • Flaka

    Hey. There is a speed stick printable coupon for 50 centsoff Speed stick at the Colgate website… making it free this week! Works for lady speed stick as well

  • Lori

    Can you post a link as I don’t see the coupon? Thanks!

  • jenifer

    I can’t find the Kellogs gluten free coupon either. Any advice?

    • heather

      The rice krispies gluten free expired 8/24 – is that what you are referring to?

  • Emily

    I have two catalinas that expire this Saturday. I wasn’t able to make it to the store last weekend because of the hurricane and now we are going on vacation until Monday. Do you think they would take the cats or do I lose out?

  • Hi- I recieved a 2$ off catalina coupon the last time I purchased Scott tube free rolls. Can I use this in conjunction with a manufactors coupon?

    • Cindy

      You have to look at the top of the catalina coupon. If it says manufacturer coupon then you can not use another coupon. If it says store coupon, then you can use a manufacturer coupon with it.

      • Lori

        Alison, I think I have the same coupon you are referring to and it IS a manufacturer coupon. However, I also have a Shoprite coupon for $1/1 tube free, now this one is OK to stack.

  • elizabeth Jones

    I just bought the scott naturals 12 mega roll toilet paper and the scott papre towel 6 mega roll choose a size and both with coupons got a $2 catalina at Shop Rite .

    • maria

      did you just buy 1 of each?

    • Susan C. in NY

      I bought two Scott products with coupons as well and got a $2 catalina off next shopping trip. I bought the 10 pack of mega paper towels and the Extra Soft 12 pack of toilet paper.

      My catalina says “Buy 2 different Scott product categories, get $2 off next order; Buy 3 get $3 off next order. Categories include: bath tissue, paper towels, and flushable wipes.” Dates listed are 8/12 – 9/4.

      • maria

        thanks. Got the same catalina at Stop and Shop today, also expiring on 9/4.

  • Ellen

    what zip code is the visine coupon found under? i cant find it…thx

  • Jasper

    Is this Yoplait Catalina deal advertised? I don’t see it anywhere. I tried to do it yesterday, and I didn’t get the $2 cat.

    • I received the $2.00 cat today when I purchased 24 of them.

  • The Keebler Fudge Bars (not the granola) are 3/$6.00 MB3 (must buy 3) making them $2.00 each with .75/1 (1.50 doubled) that is .25 per box!

  • AO

    I grabbed the special k egos which are NOT included in the sale, ended up spending $5.78 for 2 boxes ugh.

  • Mary

    Did anyone have trouble using the $1/1 purely potatoes IP? My shoprite wouldn’t take them 🙁

    • Alison

      mine wouldn’t take it either. I bought the sweet potato fries.

      • aimee

        It would only work for purely potatoes and not the fries.

    • aimee

      I purchased 2 bags at different times and the coupon won’t go through. Both cashiers asked me if I bought the purely potatoes so I had to show them the bag each time. In the end the guy in charge let it through.

      • Mary

        Yeah I bought the Purely potatoes whole skin on. They said that the coupon “wasn’t in the system” and they don’t push through IPs. Which I didn’t know. They almost didn’t push through a Welchs Q that the manuf had sent me either, and it was printed on glossy paper and everything!!!

        • aimee

          I think that they should have let it through because it’s a legitimate coupon. I remember using this q before ( dollar days) and the cashier had to enter it manually. It’s so frustrating when this kind of situation happens because we put a lot of hard work and time to collect these coupons to save money but some cashiers wouldn’t give a little more effort to help their customers .

  • H

    Hello anyone knows if the degree deodorant is still on sale for .99 cents? I was wondering since the catalina is still on. By the way my catalina did not print at pathmark last week.

  • Alison

    Hi everybody- I tried to use the Farmland milk coupons at Shop Rite yesterday and the manager accused me of photocopying the coupons. Then she told me that there has been many fradulent coupons coming into the store. I told her that I got the coupons right off the website and that I would NEVER photocopy coupons. Since the Coupons were not scanning, they would not accept them. 🙁

    • Angela

      That happened to me yesterday too with the Farmland coupon. They didn’t accuse me of photo copying but since the coupon wouldn’t scan they said they couldn’t take it. Bummer.

    • Darlene

      Happened to me too a few weeks ago. Same thing accused me of copying them… 🙁

  • April S

    The Johnsonville Brats are 2/$5, plus there is a $1/1 on thier site.

    PLUS, there is $1/2 on SavingStar
    Making them $1 each.

    Also the chicken Sausage is on sale $3.49 and there is a $.55/1 as well.

  • April S

    I just got back from SR and was printing out the Old El Paso coupons on when I noticed the $1/1 Llyods BBQ Tub coupons. They are on Sale from $5.99 down to $3.99 this week, and with the $1 off they are $2.99 each.

    Now I’m going to have to go back again. My family loves pulled pork & chicken.

  • robyn

    Hi Cindy,
    Since you change the blog on the process of printing coupons. For some reason I not able to print them. I follow all the step into installing the printer, it still doesnt let me print them. Is there something else I have to do in order for them to print. I always printed coupons from your web site never had problem.
    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.

  • Alicia

    Was also told at shoprite that my farmland coupon was a fraud. So frustrating since it came right off the site. Oh well

  • Mary

    I emailed shoprite about that McCain coupon and they told me that when the coupon doesn’t scan it’s because I’m committing fraud. Any valid internet coupons that don’t scan is because it’s fradulent. Nice to know I’m a criminal…

  • Ericka

    I am so frustrated! I did the P&G 25 get 10 back and it didn’t print. I emailed Catalina and basically they said that I only spent 12.XX so I would not get the coupon. Using the free coupons off Facebook counted against me. I am going to return all my items and get all my money back plus the free coupons. I won’t do this again. Tired of this aggravation. Did the free coupons work for anyone else with this offer?

    • Malia

      Yes, they worked for me! I used my two free Pantene, my free Aussie, and bought 3 Crests and an Oral B toothbrush. My total OOP was $11 and I got the $10 Catalina. I was holding my breath, though, as it seemed many others were not getting theirs. Sorry about your frustration. I’d be annoyed as well!

    • Aileen C

      Yes, I was able to use them without a problem & got the $10 cat. I don’t think you will be able to get the free item coupon back. They only do that if you are at the register and decide not to get something.

      • LizP

        Will you get your coupons back for the free items? I did the same deal today, but Catalinas weren’t printing for some reason – I didn’t get this deal and I didn’t get my free milk from the 3 General Mills cereal. The free milk I can go get at a later date, but since this other deal was figured on shelf price, I’m sure I won’t be able to get them to print one for me, since my receipt shows I paid less than the $25. I hate to lose those coupons – I saved them specifically for a catalina deal like this!

  • Anne

    I had (2) coupons for the free pantene (up to $4.99)
    (1 )coupon for free Aussie product (upto $3.99) and
    (4) $1 off coupons for herbal essences shampoo/cond. on sale each 2.88
    Since pantene was 5.99 they took off 4.99 for each=$2 OOP
    Aussie product 3.99 =$0 free
    Herbal essence 2.88 x2=11.52-$4 off in coupons =7.52 OOP
    Total before Q’s $27.29
    Total Paid after Q’s $10.14 withtax and I got my $10 Catalina!

  • Robyn

    Hi Cindy,
    Never mind about printing the coupons my sone help me out. Love love love love your web site I’m going off to shop. Alicia I will let you know tonight about the farmland coupon.

  • MAY

    Hi ,can someone please help me ,with the buy 3 general mills cereal get free milk can i buy the original cheereos the one with the heart on the box or does it have to be the Honey nuts ?THANKS .

  • Robyn

    Hi Alicia,
    The same thing happen to me with e farmland coupons foe some reason there not scanning now. Last week they were fine. Oh well I still needed milk.

    • mary

      I have no problem using the Farmland coupons at my shoprite (cortlandt manor) I ‘ve used the coupon there before. the cashier or manager just enters the code manually.

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if there will be a coupon matchup for week of 9/4/11 for Shoprite? And also if there will be one for BJ’s for the month of September.
    Thanks for all your hard work!


  • Jen

    For the first time ever, there were things on this list that did not match up with actual sales at my ShopRite 🙁 I purchased the items, but did not realize until I got home that they rang up at full price. Not a huge deal, it was stuff I had only bought bc I thought it would be a great deal with my qs. Took them back and the cashier gave me a full refund and didn’t even check to see that I had used 3 $1 qs…made $3 off that mistake!

    • Cindy

      Jen, just out of curiosity, what was different and where are you located?