ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 8/7 – 8/13

ShopRite Deals for the week of 8/7/11

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NOTE: If  your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing.  Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Lori G

    My ad specifically excludes the Barilla Piccolini from the sale 🙁

    • Cindy

      Oh shoot. I might have missed that. I’m at my neices graduation party so I’ll check when I get home. Thanks for the heads up

    • Jill S.

      My ad only says it excludes the Vegetable Piccolini…so we’ll see how it goes!

      • christine

        In my SR, the display says excludes Piccolini, Veggie, and Mini. However, I price checked it and they were all .99!!!

  • allie

    If you have the ‘Super’ coupon from their add, Breyer’s ice cream is $1.50 wyb $25.00 other groceries. Meaning with the $.75/1 Breyers blasts it’s FREE!

    • Nancy

      where did you get the Super coupon??? I need some of those

      • Karlee

        It is on the front page of the Shop Rite ad 🙂

        • Angela D.

          I noticed even in my area there are different circulars floating around. In the circular delivered to my house in the free community paper, there were no super coupons. In the Asbury Park Press that was delivered to my house, there was super coupons, but I bought some extra papers (Asbury Park press) at Dollar Tree in my same area and again there were no super coupons.

          • Paula C

            get my papers at the dollar tree too!! Isnt it great you can get them at a discount.

  • Where do i get coupons from Kraft Food & Family – on line, or do i have to subscribe to their magazine?

    • Ashley

      the food and family was a booklet found in store a few months back. keep a lookout at your store for things like it.

  • When I try to print out the coupon for Dove Icecream, i click on the printables link, but it brings me to Dove’s FB page – how do i get the printable coupon?

    • Ashley

      the coupon is nla. it had a limited number of prints allowed.

  • Eileen @QponPrincess

    of course cause last night when I bought ice cream (without a coupon -eek- but at least it was on sale)
    I placed my breyers blast coupon on the freezer door, cause it was over $4 and I wasnt going to buy it and i didnt think id use the coupon before it would expire (8/10) ah well…not like i have room in the freezer lol

    • Dawn

      Can you ask your store if they will accept the coupon w/ your recpt after your purchase?? Many of our stores do. I have a $1.00 KitN Kaboodle q I’m getting back from SR tomorrow. DH bought the catfood, w/o askng me. I called, no prob, jst bring in the recpt and q…its worth a try!

  • Danielle

    i cant seem to get the dove coupon, brings me to Facebook too and not sure where to go?

    • Ashley

      no more prints available on this one.

      • Sandi

        I liked Dove last week because we had a heads up of the sale. They didn’t have a coupon then, but said stay tuned. I guess I tuned out, because I missed it too.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t seem to find the Horizon Organic Milk in my circular. What size is on sale – the half? $1 is a great price and I am hoping this is what is on sale.

    • tj

      It’s the small single serving.

      • Anonymous

        Or those with the juice drinks, health food drinks, or dairy in the store?

  • tj

    The Horizon coupon was .75 off of 3 singles for me, making them .50 each!

  • Brandon

    What do you mean by crest 33% packs?

    • Michelle

      the coupon is for 4oz…the boxes are for 3oz with 33% more free making them 4oz, so you can only use the coupon on the boxes marked 33% more…make sense cause I just confused myself lol

      • Brandon

        Got it makes sense – I am crazy for coupons

        • annie

          I’ve tried this numerous times and each time I was not allowed…the register beeps…the coupon states 4 oz or larger…and apparently in my shoprite….33% more items do not qualify!!!

          crest and colgate the same…never fails!!! I thought the first time it was the cashier but it doesn’t matter who does it!!

          • Jen W

            They have over-ridden each time the register beeps for me. A package marked 33% more is a 4oz product so it meets the coupon requirement.

            • annie

              yea…try telling that to the cashiers!!! no go!!

  • Kristi

    Anyone else having issues trying to Print their “LIST”? Just tried for SR and S&S and no luck – I click and nothing at all happens.

    • kc

      I don’t see the print button either to print the list, but if you right click on your mouse, you should be able to print it that way

      • Melissa

        If you slide the page bar over you will see the print button on the top of the screen.

        • Dawn

          my page bar was already over, the print button did not work. the one at the top of the screen printed my ‘screen’ not ‘my list’. yet the ‘shoprite list’ printed for me ….?

  • Anne

    Thank you!!

  • I got a $2 wyb 1 Listerine catalina coupon this week at shoprite (yeaaaa)

  • Sandra

    Thank you!

  • Sandra

    FYI when I used my Egglands best at Stop & Shop last week they did not double. They are not DNDs but maybe the long barcode is programmed to not double :/ So may not be as good a deal as originally thought. I read online other people were having the same problem. Just a heads up.

    • Johnna

      Mine didnt double either 🙁

      • Jody

        Mine did double

        • mine doubled at shop rite….

        • Anonymous

          that happened to me when i forgot to use my SR card

    • Same here and I was a bit disappointed…I already had to be quick on my toes to recalculate my cost because certain products were not available and then certain coupons didn’t double so I ended up paying more than I wanted. This stuff is confusing sometimes.

      • Jessica

        mine doubled at shoprite

    • 0246

      if it’s not a DND and doesn’t automatically double, you’re well within your rights to ask the cashier to correct it. It’s likely just a scan error.

      • Jen W

        I checked and they start with a 5 but they don’t say do not double. Thinking the cashiers now know that 5’s are DND and hit the button?

        • 0246

          haha! no, all manufacturer coupons start with a 5 or a 9. the 5s will double automatically (unless they hit the button), the 9s will not. so a cashier would definitely not hit the DND button for every 5, that’d be terrible.

          • Jen W

            Sorry, mine I printed start with a 9, not a 5…

            • 0246

              oh, i see! then yes, no coupon that starts with a 9 ever doubles, so that is the root of the problem 🙂


      Mine did not double either!

  • Jennifer

    There is also a Lysol Wipes rebate.

    It’ll be $.66 after the B2G1 coupon and rebate.

    • lisa

      Hi, where did you find the B2g1 coupon? i cannot find this coupon in my SS. thanks.

  • Kaitlyn

    Maybe this is an odd question but when they say school supplies do they mean food or paper products? If paper is printer paper included? I feel kind of silly asking this but I dont know how this catalina will work! Thanks in advance!

    • 0246

      typically with these ‘limited’ cats, you can buy anything and it will work, unless your cashier has some specifics in mind that they enforce. it’s a huge YMMV situation.

      • Rachael

        So if I have a $5 Pampers catalina from doing a pampers deal a while back I can use it without having to buy any pampers products? That would be awesome since I am set on pullups for a while!

        • Katie

          Yes Rachel, if you have a $5 catalina coupon that states “save $5 off your next shopping order,’ you do not have to purchase the Pampers (or whatever product you bought to get it) in order to redem the coupon. The $5 catalina coupon is like ‘shop rite money’ and it is your reward for buying what you needed for that program. You can even use it on meat and produce…items typically that do not have coupons 🙂

          • Beth G.

            I have the pampers cat and it is programed to only be pampers products. I tried it and it did not work on other things.

            • you should be able to buy a small cheap pampers item with it and get the overage, like a small wipes (use a coupon) and the rest will apply to your order

  • Joe

    Awhile back there was a $5 off any 5 Kellogs cereals coupon. It expires tomorrow but yu could buy 5 boxes at $2.50 each = $12.50 – $5 coupon – $5 catalina = $0.50 per box. If you still have the coupon its an amazing deal

    • Joe

      nm it expired today, of course

  • Anonymous

    Great list ideas. Can you tell me why some items have 2 prices, one in partentethis and one regular

    • Aileen C

      That’s only for catalinas. Shelf price vs sale price. You can read more about catalinas in the beginner section.

  • Anonymous

    Deal Idea:
    Buy 12 Yoplait Cups $0.60 each (12 for $7.20)
    -(2)$0.40/6 Yoplaid Coupon
    -$0.40/6 Cellfire Coupon (does not double)
    – $0.71 when you buy a case (my paper says PLUs save $.71 when you get a case)
    If I am correct about the additional $0.71 then it works to be $.37 each if you don’t subtract the $0.71 it’s $0.44 each

  • lisa

    Deal Idea:
    Buy 12 Yoplait Cups $0.60 each (12 for $7.20)
    -(2)$0.40/6 Yoplaid Coupon
    -$0.40/6 Cellfire Coupon (does not double)
    – $0.71 when you buy a case (my paper says PLUs save $.71 when you get a case)
    If I am correct about the additional $0.71 then it works to be $.37 each if you don’t subtract the $0.71 it’s $0.44 each

  • Cristina

    There’s a Supercoupon for Butterball Turkey bacon making it .99. In my 6/26 Smart Source i have a .65/1 DND coupon. It’s a long barcode so i’ll be checking to see if it double’s tomorrow but even if it doesn’t .35 for turkey bacon isn’t bad!!! 🙂

    • Aileen C

      Sorry, it won’t double. I was wondering the same about the DND and long barcode so I tried it out a few weeks back. Still a good deal, though!

      • Katie

        Yes, my butterball coupons did not not double at SR either..but they did double at Pathmark, and they sometimes have it on sale for $1.50.

        • Jen W

          Pathmark is doubling ALL coupons DND included up to .99 cents. My father even noticed the sign in Pathmark…he’s hooking!!! Ready to “line him and sink him” into couponing!!! LOL

          • Aileen C

            Wow, that is great!

  • Boooo… So the Lysol B2G1 is not really a coupon but the rebate. “See for details!”

    • Dawn

      that rebate still make sit free in the end….

  • Jen W

    Perdue Short Cuts $3.11 on sale, less the $1/1 coupon you posted the other day, making them $2.11, which is a 60% savings!

    • Pamela

      Thank you! I came to see if anyone had priced these cuz I wanted to use the coupons this week 🙂

  • Lori G

    I’ve gotta say I am relieved it’s a slow week at Shoprite ….after the last two sales my brain is tired from working out all those deal scenarios 😉

    • Patricia

      Me too Lori! I spent only $8 at the Shoprite. Got a handful of things and I am good to go 🙂

    • Linda

      Me too! I will be looking @ either CVS or Walgreens to start learning how to do their deals. Hate to admit it – but never really shopped in those stores. I’ve only limited myself to Shop Rite since I started couponing.

      • Allison

        i’m the opposite! i never seem to shop deals at the grocery stores because i tend to only buy a lot of produce and meats. i save tons on HBC stuff at CVS and Rite Aid, so it makes up for it.

  • chris

    I can’t find the dove coupon on face book? Any suggestions?

    • Angela D.

      I found a dove ice cream coupon in my coupon box ($1 off ) not sure what week it was from, but take a look at your inserts. I get the Asbury Park Press and sometimes my Mom saves her coupons and she gets Daily News or Post in NY. It’s from with of those. I don’t see this coupon listed in the matchups.

  • Diana

    Thanks for the matchups! Was able to stock up on a bunch of things this week!! 😀

  • Kristi

    I was able to find $1 peelies on some of the larger packs of Rayovac batteries, so be on the look out- I was really able to stock up on them and with 2 boys, that’s a good thing!!!!

    • Angela D.

      I found peelies too!!! Woo hoo!

  • kevin

    Did two transactions so far on the Rice Krispies deal. Buy 4 for $9.96 get $5 oyno of School supplies 😉
    Second trip I got 4 Rice Krispies along with a pack of filler paper($1.49) and some juice boxes. Used a $3 Dollar days OYNO and the $5 oyno SChool supplies. Worked no problem.
    Look for CARS 2 boxes with the gas card promo on them.

    • Dessa

      Deal Idea-
      (4) Rice Krispies Treats – 9.96/4
      (2) Hi C 10ct boxes – 2.29 ea
      (2)Buy 1 Rice Krispie & 1 Hi-c From Kelloggs book save $1.50
      (2) $1/2 Rice Krispies squares (8/7 SS)
      =$9.54 OOP
      + Get Back $5 OYNO

      I havent tried this yet, but think it might work- if anyone tries before I do please verify 🙂 (I Shop wednesdays)

  • Steven

    Tried to do the Sunshine Cheez-It Crackers (must buy 2) – $2.00
    $0.60 each after coupon, but they wouldn’t scan and they wouldn’t let me use it.

    • Michelle

      the cheez-it .70 coupon is for Cobly flavor only, and in my ShopRite they were priced at 2.99 anyway 🙁 Too bad, the Colby are yummy!

      • Steven

        I see now, but I will try again tommorow anyway, some of the cashiers are nice.

  • Tina

    Just got the 150 oz. Wisk Laundry Detergent for a steal. Used a $2/1 RP coupon and cashed in my Family Savings points for $4 off next order and got it for $4.24. Good news is, I was able to buy one. Bad news was, it was the last one in the store (had them check in the back too.) Shelves were wiped out!

  • frink

    No ribs at the Garwood Shoprite…i couldn’t even locate the display where they might have been, I looked hard.

  • Michelle

    North Brunswick ShopRite had the 1.99 ribs in family packs, they didn’t look too appetizing. But they had better looking ribs in smaller packs for 2.19lb. All the packs were under 2lbs so in order to use 2 coupons, I bought 3 packages, totalling over 4 lbs. They scanned, no problem.
    Also, anyone looking for the Almond Breeze milk, it is in the shelf stable milk section, 32 oz containers. In my store, it’s the aisle with the hot cocoa and coffee.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I thought that you had to purchase ONE big pack – our family packs looked terrible, too. Will have to try back again later this week – thanks for the tip!

      • Ronni

        The meat dept. in E. Brunswick shoprite took 2 packs and opened them and added a few to make it just a little over the 2 lbs … then I used the coupon. I had to ask because no packs were over 2 lbs. I showed him my coupon and he was glad to help.

        • Angela D.

          FYI The ribs that are on sale are not normal size barbecue ribs. I didn’t realize what southern style means- I guess it mean huge humongous ribs. LOL I bought 2 packs anyway. They were just under 3lbs and I was able to use both the $2 off ribs as well as the masterpiece $2 off coupon on each pack. Anyone have any idea of how they’ll use them. We may braise them or slow cook them instead of barbecuing them. Would love to hear ideas.

          • Jen W

            Put the ribs in an a pan w/ a little bit of water and cover with foil. Cook them on 275 for hours, like 4-5 hours…then put them on the grill and bbq them. They will be so tender and fall apart! This is how we cook ALL ribs and even chicken when we want to bbq it, it keeps it from drying out on the grill! Good luck!

            • Angela D.

              Thanks for the idea! I am going to try it!

          • sheila

            put them in your crockpot with bbq sauce, homemade or bottled, low for 8 hours, then shred meat and serve on rolls….can freeze extra cooked meat for easy meal at another time

          • Steven

            Put the ribs in bag overnight in the fridge with your favorite BBQ sauce. Cook the next day for 3 hours on 250 degrees, then coat againt half way thru, and then again before broiling for last 5 minutes.

  • Boomsters

    I purchased 4 St. Ives body washes today expecting to receive (2) $1 catalina per the deal outlined above, but nothing printed out. Does anyone know where I can look online to confirm that I should have received one? I’ve looked under shoprite catalina deals on this website and it isn’t listed. Thanks.

    • Cindy

      The deal is for Buy 2 Get a $1 Catalina. It’s listed right in the circular on page 8. Stacking the deal is not working so you can only do it one at a time but you should have at least received a $1 catalina. For this, you should just go to customer service since it’s listed right in the circular.

      • amanda

        i did buy two of the st. ives and my $1 catalina printes this morning

  • Linda

    My eggland coupon doubled at Shoprite and I scored some more Scotchbrite sponges for $1 a pack. I had alot of coupons for the eggland “cage free” eggs but my shoprite didn’t have any.

  • John

    The southern style pork ribs are 1.99 for packs over 3 lbs. Smaller packs are 2.19 a lb.

  • BB

    Thank you everyone for posting your experiences it helps the rest of us that wait until later in the week.

  • Nonna

    Does anyone know if the marcal catalina is still going on this week?

    • Aileen C

      No, that was for “Dollar Days” which was only last week.

  • christine

    Has anyone looked to see if piccolini is on sale? The ad says the vegetable piccolini is not included, but I’m wondering about the others.

    • Liz

      I saw them today, and the piccolini were on sale!

  • keisha

    Can someone tell me if the MARCEL catalina is still on this week. I see the sale 4/$3 in my flyer but not sure if buy6 and get $5 cat still applies.

    • Nonna

      No we tried it last night

  • Dawn

    I’m confused on the (___) prices…ex: Kelloggs’ says buy $12.00, at 2.49 you need 5, Your ex gives 4…but the ($) would make it higher….Are they running it on the ($) or on the sale price? (If you buy 4 bxs, @ 2.49 therefore you don’t make the $12.00 minimum?) thanks if you could clarify for me?

    • Cindy

      The price in parenthesis is the shelf price. Usually these deals work on the shelf price.

    • Dessa

      The ($$) is shelf price – the next amount is sale price.
      your shelf price may vary a bit- be sure to double check.
      Cindy lists them because often the spend xx/get x catalinas are based on shelf price, not sale price.

    • Anna

      This deal is on the pre-sale price. For example yesterday I bought 4 boxes of Raisin Bran cereal. They were on sale for $2.49 but the pre-sale price was $3.39 (3.39 * 4=$13.16). I paid $9.96 plus tax – minus all the coupons which I had and I received $5 catalina. I had (4) $0.70 coupons and after coupons and catalinas I paid only around $0.60 centes for all 4 cereals.

      • Maria Conover

        I did the 4 rice crisps today my cat did not print I went to customer service and she said that the $12 was after the price plus card.

        • Anna

          This is not true.

          • Dawn

            we go the other way, lol! we sear them on the grill first, then put them in a tray in the grill away from direct heat (coals one side tray the other) close the lid, low and slow for hours…oh YYYEEesss!!!!

        • Susann

          Mine did not print either, but since Anna has confirmed that it is based on shelf price, if we call catalina marketing they will send us our coupons.888-826-8766. You will need your receipt and your price plus card when you call. Shoprite customer service will always tell you it’s based on sale price, but they are wrong. If your catalinas don’t print it’s usually easiest just to call catalina marketing.

      • Rainbow Pony

        FYI, I tried to buy 2 raisin bran and 2 corn pops and the catalina didn’t print. The corn pops on display were 15oz boxes (it says “bonus” on top). In the ad, only the 12.5 oz box will work. The scanners don’t recognize the 15 oz box IS the 12.5 oz (if you factor in the bonus) so you have to go to customer service to force a print for the catalina.

  • Debra

    **Good Deal**between 8/8/11 & 9/4/11
    Shoprite Kleenex Hand Towels or no longer on sell, now priced at $2.99 but there is a CAT buy 1 get $1…buy 2 get $1.50…buy 3 or more get $2 on next shopping order…use the coupon of $.75/1 and only buy one at a time you can get each for only $.49. Can stock up once again.

    • Debra

      sorry only $.49 after coupon and CAT

  • Christine

    I’m having a hard time finding the coupons on the Kraft website for the Snackwells. Am I missing it or is it gone? TIA!

  • Tina

    Did anyone else not get the Dove deodorant .75/1? I have buy one women dove deodorant, get the men’s dove deodorant free.

  • My son found peelies on the Rice Krispies —

    “buy 2 get one FREE bag of marshmallows”

    If you are doing the Kelloggs deal and buying 4 of the Krispies — be sure to look for the peelies and get 2 FREE bags of marshmallows!

    + the $5 school supply cat

  • Mary

    Does anyone know what you can use the $5 school supplies Catalina on?

    • Angela D.

      I used mine like a normal cat, but I was sure to have a backup story of what I considered school supplies. I had snacks and breakfast items that i was going to defend as school supplies 😉 I looked through all of the literature and nowhere does it interpret what “school supplies” mean.

      • Mary

        Great thanks!

  • Kate

    Just got back from a trip to Shoprite:) Found a Shoprite Publication called Common Threads with a bunch of Shoprite coupons good from 7/17/11 to 8/26/11. This is the first time I’ve seen them in my store — coupons include:
    – $.50 / Fuze
    – $1.50 / Dial Nutriskin Lotion
    – $1.50 / Dunkin or Folgers coffee
    – $.75 / Hellman’s
    – $.50 / Duncan Hines Cake Mix
    – $1.50 / Bounty Towels 8-pk
    – $1.00 / Bisquick
    – $1.00 / 2-L Lipton Brisk
    – $.75 / Hunt’s Ketchup
    – $.75 / Planter’s Dry Roasted Peanuts
    – $.75 / Colgate Total Toothpaste

    Looks like a few that would be good to stack with manufacturer’s 🙂

    Also, realized that the GUM coupons in my SmartSource this weekend was a $.55 off one — if you have them, free toothbrushes!

    • Benee

      What is the location of the store where you found this booklet and where was it located in the store.

    • Natalie K.

      Wow thanks I’m going to ask about those books?

  • christine

    Barilla piccolini was included in the sale in my store.
    Only the larger pasta and the vegetable piccolini was not on sale.
    This item would be free if you have the .55 coupon and you store fully doubles.
    Happy shopping.

  • marsha

    Was the Tropicana coupon a regional thing because I cant find it. I live in NY.

  • Charlie

    anyone have any update as to wether the Degree Catalina is working with the Woman’s deodorant?

  • Gina

    The Diamond Almond Breeze was priced at 3.69 in 3 stores last night, can you tell me where the sale price was marked? Thanks

    • Michelle

      The Almond Breeze that’s on sale is the one that is NOT refrigerated. I found it with the other shelf-stable milks near the hot cocoa mixes.

  • Nicole

    I have a question about the degree catalina. Can I go to shop rite more then once and do this deal 2x or is it limited to only once per customer?

  • Lisa

    My ShopRite had 8th Continent soymilk on half price for $1.89! I was going to do the Silk soymilk catalina deal, but with the rock bottom price for the other soymilk in combination with my matching coupons, I changed my plan. With the $1 coupon for 8th Continent, they were only $0.89 a piece — can’t beat that price!! And their expiration date was sometime in October, so they weren’t in a rush to sell them because they were expiring or anything.

  • David

    Hi, I am new to couponing. Where can I find the $1/1 Hefty Waste Bags Peelie?

    • r

      these where on the actual boxes a few months back. I found mine on the 45 count and larger boxes

  • Lynda

    Does anyone know if the Degree deal is working for the women’s deordorant? I get these for the women’s shelter… so would be great if it worked for the female version….

  • Lynda

    Sorry … one more question… does have to be 4 of the same or can I mix any degree deordorants… like 3 regular mens and 1 preminum mens deordorant?

  • Anna

    L’Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo is $2.49 this week. There is a $0.75 coupon at red plum which means we can buy shampoo for $0.99.

    • Lisa

      Hi Anna, I actually think this turns out to be a GREAT deal because the catalina should still be in effect. It should be going on til 8/27. Some sites were confirming it was only $15 you had to spend and some said it was $25 so I am not sure which one it is, maybe someone else can give feedback who tried it? If its when you buy $15,you get $5 cat, it ends up being like this:

      Buy 6 Loreal Vive Pro @ $2.49
      use (6) .75/1 Vive (fully double stores-$1.50)
      Pay $6, get $5 catalina
      = $1 total for all 6 shampoo or conditioners

      Its late so I hope my math is correct 😉

      • Cindy

        The vive catalina was from a couple of weeks ago.

  • Keena

    Thanks for the matchups Cindy!

  • Kyle

    Thanks Cindy! Paid $58 OOP for $160 worth of groceries (had $18 CATS from last week)! Best yet!!!

    To add on another deal: My ShopRite had Kandoo Softpacs (42 wipes) for $0.99 making them FREE after coupon.

  • Sis

    Sis August 10, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    I went to ShopRite today and they did not print the Catalinas for the degree or the St Ives. The person they sent to me told me to show him where the Degree Catalina was listed. It’s not in the Shop Rite flier he said and he did not have an email on him saying it was a Catalina deal. With all the couponers in my area I cannot imagine that he is not aware of the Catalina. My daughter got the deal at another Shoprite next town over. I didn’t even notice that I didn’t get the St Ives Catalinas because I was too busy trying to get the Degree ones. I got so frustrated I just paid the difference and left. Not sure what I can do about it now though 🙁

    • Angela D.

      I am so sorry. Could you refer them to Isn’t it listed on catalina’s website?

      I had a bad situation with the catalina too. Monday night I did the deal 4 times. I went to 2 registers and did it 2 times at each register. When I got to the second register, i realized I only had 7 deodorants instead of 8. I did the deal once and saw the catalinas print then I said I will brb I need to get another deodorant to do my next transaction. I went and grabbed it. I was right near Health and Beauty and the store was empty so it wasn’t a big deal. I went back and did the second transaction. I didn’t take the catalinas from the first transaction right away. I saw the second ones print out. He gave me a stack of catalinas including the nonsense ones like Midas and All State Insurance. When I got home I realized he only gave me 2 $4 catalinas. I called customer service right away and the said no problem- come back whenever you come in and we will give you the $8. I got the lady’s name I spoke to.
      I went back today and they didn’t want to give me the $8. I had such a problem. They got the store manager involved. He took my number and going to call me back. I felt like a criminal. If I would have known it would be such a problem I wouldn’t have drawn the attewntion to myself and just let it go. I don’t want to go around accusing people but I feel like that cashier took my catalinas because I saw them with my own eyes. Before I left I looked to make sure he gave me everything that was there. That’s why I thought for sure that I had them. It’s so frustrating.

    • Cynthia

      Which SR did you go to?

      • Sis

        I went to the ShopRite in Toms River Nj. I acutually went back to customer service. Explained situation. Managers very nice. Said the register was more than likely out of paper so opened a book and scanned and printe the St. Ives coupons (3 of them) right away. However the Degree Catalina was not listed. He explained out of 10 offers sometimes 1 doesn’t turn on. He gave it to me because he ran my daughters Shoprite card and saw she got it at another store. He also called the Catalina company. They must have turned it on after that because another friend went in an hour later and got it on the large size. Today my sister in law only got $1 for 4 large mens size so not sure what the problem with it is. 🙂

  • gabby

    Hey Cindy, on your site I am seeing that there is a cat for yoplait yougurts, buy 20 and get a $2 cat. I tried the deal but it did not print. Should I call Catalina marketing about this or should I go to customer service about it? Is this advertised anywhere? I know my Shoprite will want me to show where I saw that there should be a cat printing. Thanks for the matchups!!

    • Michelle

      There was a shelf tag advertising this deal in front of the Yoplait. If the shelf tag was in your store, go to customer service.

  • Dana

    I am still learning all about coupons, and how you can use them. I have a question…if I buy two boxes of Eggo’s and use a $1 off 2, can I also use a coupon that says, “save $2 on a gallon of milk when you purchase two boxes of eggo’s”?

    • Dana

      nevermind, I went today and found out I can. 🙂

  • Dana

    Over by the displays of back to school snacks (kelloggs) I found little coupon booklets that said “Happy new school year”. If you bought two packages of Keelber cookies, you get $2.00 off of milk, another $2.00 coupon off milk if you bought 2 kelloggs cereal. There were also coupons for $1.50 off bread, $1.50 off meat, $1.50 off fresh fruit, I just can’t rememer what you had to buy to be able to use them (except that it was at least 2 Kelloggs, Keebler or Sunshine products. I grabbed a few (I made sure to leave plenty for other people) because with eight people in one household, we can never have enough milk, bread, and fruit!

  • Dawn

    here’s another issue that may change very soon, This is on SR coupon policy;
    12. Coupons are non-transferable, and may not be copied, photocopied, scanned, altered, sold, traded, or otherwise distributed to others. Coupons that are copied, photocopied, scanned, altered, sold, traded, distributed or transferred by their original recipient to any other person, firm or group are VOID. Note the part were it says ‘distributed or transferred by their original recipient to any other person’…..does this mean that when we put in a different zip code OR pay someone for their time to find coupons in Oklahoma and mail them to us in Jersey that they will not be any good?

  • Danielle

    The SR’s in South Jersey would NOT take the scotch brite coupons for the sponges. They said there needs to be a valid web address on it. I fought it and they looked up the policy and it only says valid redeeming address so customer service took my coupons. However a friend tried and they refused to take it. They told her only if the page she printed from has the web address on it they would take it and the PDF does have it so don’t cut it out keep the whole page and take that with you. They also told her in a recent meeting they were discussing internet coupons and they may decide to stop accepting them. they would lose a lot of business. I always feel like a criminal at SR using coupons ughhhhh.

  • Sharon

    I have rebates for Lysol products and Finesse. both ask to send the original receipt. how do i do this?

  • Dawn

    Sharon I’ve always tried to make sure I have seperate recpts for each rebate. You can return one set of product and repurchase it on a new recpt,. Explain to the clerk to make sure when you re-purchase that it is at the same oop that you originally paid….they can re credit the amt for any coupons that you used. they will give you back the money, then you give it back to them….I know, but they have to do it that way to stay legal….That is of course if they will do the return and repurchase w/ you…

  • Liz H.

    The suave b2g1 free coupon did not work with two 50 cent coupons for me. The cashier was about to allow it but needed the manager’s key to ring through the free item coupon. The manager (or whoever he was) said it was not allowed b/c the b2g1 applies to all three items. Luckily I was prepared for this issue and didn’t feel like arguing, so I had another 50 cent coupon on standby to use. Maybe I’ll stop by another ShopRite to see if they’ll take i t. This manager guy was never friendly.