ShopRite: Suave Catalina Update

ShopRite: Suave Catalina Update

Just wanted to give you an update on the Suave Catalina Deal going on this week at ShopRite.  The deal is Buy 3 participating Suave Products and get a $2 Catalina.  You can not stack this deal which means that you can only buy 3 products and receive a $2 catalina.  Buy in multiples of 3 will not generate additional catalinas.

Make sure to check out the complete ShopRite Coupon Match Ups so you can see the complete Suave deal with coupons and deal ideas.

Thanks Ueen!

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  • Thanks…because I don’t believe the circular clarified the terms of purchase.

  • Shell Holland

    What about if you did separate transactions?

    • Diana

      Just got back – I did two Suave deals (separate transactions) and got my 2 Cats. 🙂

      • Jennifer

        was that on the same card or different card?

        • Jennifer

          I did the same thing, and it rolled. I bought 3 body washes in the first transaction and 3 deoderants in the 2nd transaction. 🙂

          • BB

            I did that also on the same card just different transactions

          • Dominique

            Can you use the first CAT on the 2nd transaction?

            • Jennifer

              Yes, it worled for me.

              • Johnna

                I also did two separate transactions this morning and I rolled the first $2 catalina into the second transaction with no problems 🙂

                • extcoup

                  i went today to shoprite
                  and the cashier told me that i cant use my CATALINA until tomorrow and that this is a new policy
                  i went through the shoprite policy on the shoprite site
                  and there is nothing there about the catalina’s new policy
                  this ruined my second transaction of suave body wash
                  because i couldn’t use my $2.00 off

                  is this legit can they tell me that???
                  please comment on this

  • Michelle

    I wish I had read this post earlier. I went this morning buying a bunch of Suave deals with my coupons thinking I would get at least 5 catalina coupons printing out. I didn’t, I only got one $2 catalina….ho hum…. 🙁

    • Debbie G

      Go back Michelle! Go to customer service they will get you the other 4 you are due ! I just did it !

      • Michelle

        How do I do that? Do I have to return everything and re ring everything up?

        • Pamela

          Nah just tell them the ad didn’t say it would only print one, and you thought you’d get one for each set of 3 and they should print it up. If not tell them you want to return it all that usually changes their minds pretty quick. 🙂

          • Lovingmynewhobby

            I went to customer service for the Suaves I didnt get CAT’s for and the girl didnt want to re-ring them..her excuse?..she said its supposed to be one cat per customer no matter how many you purchase..great! 🙁 oh well at least I learned my lesson for next time…do multiple transactions or go back…unfortunately the two shoprites that are closest to me are at least 20 mins away..

  • allie

    Do we know if the CATs can ‘roll’? If I get a $2 CAT from my 1st transaction, can I use it to buy my 2nd transaction? Or will it cancel out?

    • Johnna

      YES!!! They roll 🙂 I just got back and did 2 transactions

  • Lianne

    Well I have to do a few transactions to use up all my skippy coupons anyway, I’ll just break these up too 🙂

  • Meli

    Thanks !!

  • Is the dry shampoo also included in this deal?

    • Lovingmynewhobby

      it sells for 2.49 but if you use the buy a suave professional conditioner or shampoo get a styler free counts as one of the three products needed for the CAT

      • I had 3 coupons for free dry shampoo… Paid 0 + tax.. & got back $2 cat 🙂

  • Liz

    does anyone know if it will work with the kids body washes and the kids shampoos? thanks for the helpd in advanced

    • AStein

      At my Shoprite (Flemington), the kids bodywashes were included.

      • Liz

        thanks hopefully it will be the same in unuion county, i’ll let you guys know when i go if anyone is interested

    • Nicole

      I used them on kids body washes today. Worked with no problems. They were priced the same as the adult body washes so the deal is equivalent.

  • Anna

    I had 3 Suave coupons which I recently printed but at Shop Rite they didn’t accept it. They told me the coupon doesn’t have bar code.

    • Anonymous

      I believe Its a special publix store coupon

      • Anna

        So it is impossible to use this coupon in Shop Rite?

        • Katie

          No, you can’t use a Publix STORE coupon at Shop Rite and visa versa. If it was a manufacturer coupon that had ‘redeem at Publix’ on it, you could try to use it at SR…they are supposed to take that kind but most stores will argue with you….but if it’s an actual STORE coupon, you can only use it at the store intended (unless you are at a store that accepts competitor coupons, which SR does not.)

  • amanda

    i too bought 6 and only got 1 $2 cat can i call the number to get my other one or do i have to bring it back to the store?

  • Elaine

    When you have a coupon for B1 shampoo get a Free Styler does the free item count towards your 3 requirement?


    • Cris

      I’m thinking yes, because I used a Buy 2 bodywash, get 3rd one free coupon, and I got the $2 cat.

  • Erica

    i went as well, i bought 6- 3 bunches of suave products. i only got 1 2$ cat as well. when i went to customer service, they printed my 5 remaining cats no problem. she said since the ad does not specify “only 1 per transaction” then there is no reason why it shouldnt print out multiples. I love my shoprite!!

  • cheryl manna

    Ok, who bought ALL the Suave deoderants from the Wharton Shop-rite? They won’t be re-stocked until Tuesday morning.

  • Jasmina

    I only have a 5o/2 coupon 🙁 it won’t work for me because I will keep having to pay out of pocket.

  • Rachel

    Thanks for the info, all! Glad to know that I will need to break up my transactions/go back on different days to stock up on all the Suave products I plan on buying to get my CATs. 🙂

  • Christie

    I just saw at my shoprite one kind of the kids shampoo was on clearance for .87!! It worked great for the catalina deal – Maybrook NY Shoprite