Staples: Free Bic Products

Staples: Free Bic Products

There is a deal at Staples to get 3 Bic Products for free.  The exact Bic Products may vary from region to region and may also vary from week to week.  Some stores are seeing the Bic Mechanical Pencils on sale this week for $0.50 each and some stores may see the Bic Click Stic Retractable Pens on sale for $0.50 next week.  And, still some of you may have both sales available.  And, as far as I can tell, everyone should also see a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale on all Bic Products this week and next week.  So, be sure to check your Staples Circular to find out exactly which deal you have.

Now, how do you score them for free.  Here is a great deal that reader Suzy found this week at her NJ Staples Store:

Buy 3 Bic Mechanical Pencils $0.50 each
-(1)$1/2 Bic Stationary Products from the 7/31 SS
-Free Product
All free after coupons and B2G1 Free sale

Starting on Sunday, I’m going to be able to do:

Buy 3 Bic Click Stic Retractable Pens $0.50 each
-(1)$1/2 Bic Stationary Products from the 7/31 SS
-Free Product
All free after coupons and B2G1 Free sale

Be sure to check out all the Back to School Deals this week and don’t forget about the $5 off $25 Staples Coupon.

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  • Susie Q

    Cindy- How many times can we do this? I have like 4 coupons… could I do this deal 4 times?

  • Roseann

    In the past Staples has given me such a hard time when I try to use coupons on these type sale items. I have had to fight them tooth and nail to accept them.

  • Susie

    I went today because both the pencils and pens were on sale. The lead customer service lady said I could only use one coupon since you’re not supposed to use any other offers with the sale. So I ended up buying two packs. But the Magic Tape is on sale for $1.00 and there was a printable coupon for $1.00/1. I ended up getting two packs of pens and two magic tape for free. Not bad, but I was excited to use those $1/2 coupons for Bic. I’m interested to see if anyone has this problem.

    • Amy

      I had the same thing happen to me two weeks ago when they started the B 2 G 1. They would not let me use any MC with the Staples “Offer”. The register would not allow them to even over ride it (and the manager tried for me) It is kind of unfair not to be able to use a $1.00 off 2 coupon, since you really are paying full price for two. I also live in a suburb of Philly and I have definitely been getting the vibe that Staples does not want to accept any MCs if at all possible.

      • Suzanne

        Wow. At my Staples, the cashier didn’t have to do anything. All he did was ring up the 3 items, the first 2 rang up .50 then the 3rd rang as 0.00. I then handed him my coupon and he just scanned it. No register beeps. No need to override anything. I’m going back today. My town is having a “stuff the bus” drive for people to donate school supplies to help the needy children with their school supplies. This is a win, win for everyone. Staples gets the money back from the manufacturer, I get to help “stuff the bus” and more importantly, the needy children get what they need to be successful in school. EVERYONE WINS.

  • Joanna

    This did work. I did it today.

  • Karlee

    I tried using the Bic Mark-It coupon a few days ago – the manager said they do not take manufacturer coupons

  • Val

    I used 2 coupons… and got 6 packs of the pencil for free- great stocking stuffers!!

    • Dawn

      wow, the ad says , limit 2 packs per customer, you were lucky!

  • Monica

    Some Staples in Philly area have signs posted by the register stating that they only accept Staples store coupons as of July 1, 2011. They will not take the manufacturer’s coupons, but you can always take the sale price to Wal-Mart or Target for a price match and then use the coupons. I don’t want anyone else to be disappointed if they cannot do this deal as stated above.

    • Julia

      Good to know, Monica! I appreciate you sharing the information and the tip!

    • Christine

      Walmart would not allow me to use the price match and a coupon, They said that the price match was technically a coupon since I was getting money off. Not sure how true this is.

  • Elizabeth

    I also have the Bic Retractable pens next week but it says limit 2…the deal you are suggesting with the coupon won’t work????

  • Michele

    THank you so much! I just told my boyfriend last night ” I want some mechanical pencils but i wanna wait til i can get them for free”. Woohoo!

  • Michele

    According to a post on, staples does not accept manufacturers coupons. This was post in June stating that Staples had recently updated their coupon policy.

  • Theresa Allen

    humm I just read here

    that Staples does not accept third party coupons. I never new that and my Staples has always accepted my coupons.

  • danielle

    I called Staples in Berlin NJ and asked if they accepted MC and they said yes. I went in and purchased 2 packs of the Bic pens for 50 cents each…making them free. Coupon worked fine. the next day I went back b/c I forgot to get ink and did it again and they would NOT scan and the manager came over and tried and she explained I could not use a coupon b/c the item was on sale HUH really????? i told her i used it yesterday and she did not care. When I asked her to key it in giving me $1 off she said there is no way to do that. I made the cashier take my pens and pencils off. now I will shop somewhere else. there was a line behind me and my 3 boys were getting ancy. I felt like i was a criminal trying to steal pens(that I didnt even need). now 2 stores on my do not shop list walgreens and staples 🙁