Walgreens Ad Preview Week of 8/7

Walgreens Ad Preview Week of 8/7/11

Here is the Walgreens Ad Preview for the week of 8/7/11.  These are just some of the highlighted deals for next week.  Check back on Saturday for the rest of the deals from the full ad.


Make sure to check out all the Walgreens Coupon Match Ups for this week.

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  • Karen

    The cheez-it coupon isn’t going to work for the .99c deal. Note the size restrictions on this coupon

    • Cindy

      Ah, okay thanks. The database didn’t show a size restriction so I thought there was non. I’ll update that.

  • Lisa

    Was wondering if anyone could help me – I have gotten CVS and Rite-Aid shopping down, and am now ready to try Walgreens I think… but I have a couple questions first if anyone could answer I’d greatly appreciate it… Pampers are $10 this week, when you buy 2 you get a $3 RR… It says “limit 1″… If you don’t have a card for Walgreens like at CVS & Rite-Aid, how do they limit the RR’s to one? Is it per transaction? Or how do they govern a quantity limit if it is not per transaction?
    The 2nd question I have also pertains to the Pampers… This week there is a catalina for Pampers at Stop&Shop, Hannaford, Shaws & Walgreens… It states Spend $10-$24.99 get $2.00 or Spend $25 or more get $5… To get the $3 RR I would have to purchase 2 packs of Pampers together in one transaction, correct? (since there is no card to keep track of your amounts towards reward?)
    Such a bargain for the Pampers this week with the $2/1 P&G coupons and the $2/1 coupon from the Walgreens Infant Care Booklet, then to add the catalina as a reward along with the RR’s…. which is why I am tempted to go to Walgreens this week. (I do not have one in my area…)

    • Amy W.

      They are limited to one per transaction. I do not have problems doing multiple transactions at my Walgreens, however I have seen others post about having problems at theirs.

  • Dawn

    Hi I am new to Walgreens also. Can you purchase the Keri lotion and then use the $5 reward to puchase another one the next transaction???

    • Amy W.

      No, If you do a transaction to get the $5 RR for the Keri lotion and then do a second transaction and use the $5 Keri lotion RR to buy more Keri lotion you will not get another RR. It’s another way they can limit it to one RR because you already have one. SOMEBODY CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG, but for example you can’t use a Crest RR from last weeks toothbrush deal to purchase this weeks Crest toothpaste RR deal because the RR is from the same manufacturer. You can however use your RR from another manufacturer (Say a Walgreens or a Mars one from M&M’s) and get the RR. That is how I understand it anyway, but I have not been doing this long. Walgreen’s is all I have around here for drugstore’s so I have been forced to dive right in there. I have made a few mistakes though.

      • Christine R

        Amy your right it will not let you use the RR to purchase the same thing, well it will but it will not print another RR after the purchase. I have heard though that others have done so but my Walgreens does not. As per my store’s Manager eventually all Walgreens will have this on their computer systems it is their way of tracking how many per household although you can do multiply purchases by separating your deals and the cashier may or may not allow it. In the end it is up to the store and how they micro manage their customers purchases. He told a customer to do another transaction and use the RR on other things hand e would turn the other cheek. 🙂 (I love my Walgreen’s the managers and staff are wonderful!!)

        Hope this helps.


        • Anonymous

          Deb B
          Couldn’t get the Keri coupon. My printer supposedly wasn’t turned on
          ( it was ). Contacted smart source no help.

  • Annabelle

    Here is another question relating to this previous question. My Walgreens in the Hartford CT area also does not print out another RR if you use an RR for the same product you got it from. It does say on the RR something to the effect “Save $x off your next in store purchase over the value of coupon Compliments of (name of manufacturer)” Sometimes this will help you if you forget what you purchased in the first place.

    However, the RRs I have now only say “Compliments of P&G” Does anyone know if Listerine and Colgate are P&G? I sent through the last P&G insert and see Crest products. I need to use these RRs by 8/10 or lose them. Thanks for anyone who can answer.

  • Arizia