Walgreens Coupon Match Ups 8/21 – 8/27

Walgreens Deals for the Week of 8/21/11

Thanks to Coupon STL for this weeks match ups.

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Make sure you print a copy of the new Walgreens Coupon Policy and have it with you when you shop.

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  • Look for the to find the best stockpile prices


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  • Heather

    There are some great deals this week! I printed nearly the whole list!! 🙂

  • Grace

    The hot pocket says limit 4, so will that affect the price if I buy 6?

    • Steve

      I would stick with the limit of 4. Purchase three hot pockets and one stouffers or whatever combo you like.

    • Helen

      well for the hot pockets it’s limit 4 for the price of 2 for $3, not $1.50 each. So technically you’d be using the coupon 3 times when purchasing 6 of them, and should be fine with the transaction listed above.

  • Heather

    what about the skittles? they are 2/$2 and the skittles coupon from this past week on coupons.com is for $1 off 1! Free!!! 🙂

    • 0246

      yay free candy!

  • Wintergreen Ting

    Where can I get Hot pocket coupon that $1/3 ? what is SS means? Thanks~

    • Kara

      SS means Smart Source, so for the hot pockets it would be in the 8/21 Smart Source.

  • Ivanka

    I really like the way you can print the list and u can add personal comments/additional items!

  • bob

    the reach tooth brushes have a limit of 3 im going to try the buy 3 get 3 off listerine, reach coupn.

    • bob

      I just got back from walgreens, i used the buy 3 save $3, listerine, reach toothbrush and floss coupon and it worked fine, it says buy 1 of each but it scanned no problem for the 3 toothbrush deal, so they were free

  • Jen


  • Shanta

    Hi Cindy, for the Hot pockets deal-my in-ad coupon says limit 4. If i get 4 then my deal would be $.75 ea…..still think thats a good price!!!!!

    • Helen

      for the hot pockets it’s limit 4 for the price of 2 for $3, not $1.50 each. So technically you’d be using the coupon 3 times when purchasing 6 of them, and should be fine with the transaction listed above.

  • Jen

    Has anyone tried the Degree deal?

    • Cindy

      It’s not doing both. The RR deal is actually just the Catalina. You can buy up to 4 and get a $4 RR. It comes out to $0.25 so not as good a deal as we have found previously.

      • lacey12

        In our area Walgreen’s is having a Halmark Card promotion…giving away a FREE 3 pack of greeting cards just for being there….. went to 2 and they both had this today…

  • Rebecca

    The Walgreens in-store coupon is not working on the Huggies Slip on Diapers

  • Pam

    My Walgreens ad did not include a $2 RR listed with the sale. Is the RR part of this deal unadvertised?

    • Helen

      It’s most likely a regional deal not offered in your region. You can check the shelf though and see if there’s a tab for it. But I know unfortunately, like in NY, we normally get the short end of the stick and the majority of Walgreens deals listed on here aren’t offered.

  • Tami

    I went to WAGS this morning to get some pretty specific stuff. Didn’t use a lot of coupons but the WAGS coupons in the paper today helped out. Due to coupon limits, I did 5 separate transactions and used about $16 in RR that I had from last week, but still think I did pretty well. I got 2 Feria Highlighting Kits, 15 packs of index cards (3 teenagers in school!!), 10 packs of sheet protectors, 3 – 3 subject notebooks, 1 one hand magic tape dispenser, 1-pk tape refill with bonus donut dispenser attached, and 9 boxes of Hot Pockets. Only spent $15.72 out of pocket!! WOOHOO!!! The hair colors alone would have been $20 retail!!

    Oh, and as for the skittles/starburst coupon someone mentioned, Kroger has the big bags (about 1 lb) of the individually wrapped starburst or skittles (packaged like M&Ms, loose in the bag) for $2…;ypu pay $1 out of pocket but come out ahead on quantity!!

  • Arizia

    Working on my list

  • Brenda

    I was in Oregan this week for vacation and picked up the Sunday paper for flight home and the walgreens flyer advertised clipless coupons with loyalty card and certain number of points if you purchased specific items. I was just wondering if you heard anything about this. If it’s regional or is it a new program that they will be having.

    • Cindy

      There are some Walgreens stores that are in the Test Market area for loyalty cards. The sometimes receive points instead of Register Rewards. I believe it goes something like 400 points earned = $1 towards a $5 off coupon. I’m not exactly sure of the specifics but it’s something like that.

      • Brenda


        • Tami

          I’m in Central VA and we are in that test market as well. Some of the things y’all talk about having RR only have extra point values attached to them here. 🙁 I think I read you get 10 points for every $1 you spend and 100 points for each prescription. Points can then be redeemed for either RR, GC or merchandise.

  • Aisha

    I’m a little confused on the Hot Pocket deal. Are you saying I can use the in ad coupon as well as the Walgreens coupon AND 2 manufacturer’s coupons? Wouldn’t that be 2 “store coupons” on the same item?

    • with you on that thought – I dont understand how this is supposed to work because you have to scan the in ad coupon which takes off roughly 1.50 for each hot pocket you buy and that shows up as a wags coupon so if you try and use the $1 off 2 from the walgreens book it wont take it since you already took off a walgreens couponI am

      • Paula c

        I have done it 3 times now but just for the 2 comes to 1.00 a box but will be good for back to school. Both coupons work havent tried to use a mafu coupon also though

      • Dawn

        no response since 10:48am?,,,,,would love claricfication from some one.. cuz I’m getting more confused betw the ‘limit of 4’ and Helen saying it is a limit of 4 but you should be fine w/the trans above (which is 6)? which way does this go? what is the price when you buy 6, and how does that ‘ you should be fine’ if the price is different for 6 than 4…? I’m lost….thanks for ‘more help’

        • Helen

          because the coupon indicates that it adjusts the price for every 2 hot pockets you buy to make them both $3. When you’re buying 6 hot pockets, you’re technically using the coupon only 3 times.
          2 hot pockets for $3
          2 hot pockets for $3
          2 hot pockets for $3
          = 6 hot pockets for $9 (as the deal listed)
          It’s a limit of 4, but you’re only using the coupon 3 times. It’s not a coupon for $1.50 each.

      • Anonymous

        You can use the walgreen’s in-ad cpn and the walgreens Monthly book for the same item, and use any mfr coupons on top of that. I’ve done it numerous times with no problem.

        • Aisha

          Thank you!

  • frink

    Are the Keebler Fudge bars included in the sale & RR? Thanks!