Walgreens: Dove Hair Products Only $0.26 each

Walgreens: Dove Hair Products Only $0.26 each

This week Walgreens has a Buy $15 Get $5 Register Reward deal.  The products included are:

  • Hair Care 3.3 – 12 oz
  • Select Deodorants 2.6 – 3 oz
  • Body Mist 3 oz
  • Body Wash 12 – 13.5 oz
  • Active Clean Shower Tool

The items are priced at 4 for $15 but they are ringing up $4.49 for the first 3 and $1.53 for the 4th product.  I am telling you that because if you plan on using the BOGO Dove Treatment wyb Dove Shampoo or Conditioner and you have the treatment ring up last, it will ring up at $1.53 and you will not get the full discount.

So, here is the best way to do the deal:

Buy 2 Dove Treatments $4.49 each (scan first)
Buy 1 Dove Shampoo or Conditioner $4.49
Buy 1 Dove Shampoo or Conditioner $1.53
Total: $15.00
-(2)BOGO Dove Treatment wyb Dove Shampoo or Conditioner coupon from the 7/31 RP
Pay: $6.02
Get a $5 Register Reward
$0.26 each after coupons & RR

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  • Julie

    I just went to Walgreens and did the Dove deal

    I used the BOGO Dove Treatment wyb Dove Shampoo or Conditioner coupon from the 7/31 RP

    and I used BOGO Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant or Deodorant wyb Dove Ultimate or Clinical Protection Women’s Deodorant coupon from the 7/31 RP

    The cashier rang up the shampoo, then the conditioner, then the men’s deodorant then the woman’s deodorant so I got luck and got the full value taken off from the coupons . The cashier took off $4.49 for the conditioner and $4.49 for the Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant .

    • Erin

      I thought these were Saturday only deals? How’d you get away with doing it tonight?

      • missdona

        The “Saturdate” is just an event for the Beauty Advisors to make extra cash. The price is set from Sunday-Saturday.

  • stephanie

    hey i work at a wags and can honestly say this is a great deal! however you guys could make a lot of ladys very happy if you wait till saturday to do the purchases. this deal is for our cosmetic events known as saturdates and every piece we sell that one day is counted. in my store i give out a free gift with purchase to make the deal even sweeter, but this is in no way means every store does not by far, i go out of my way to do it. my store it self will be pulling some merch from the shelfs till saturday so we dont have the same problem this week as we did last week with the keri lotion.

  • Shanta

    I went to Walgreen to try the Dove deal, i’m not sure whether the Shampoo/Conditioner or treatment rang up first but the cashier did put $4.49 for each free treatment but my problem came when I tried to use my previous $5 Keri RR. I was trying to roll last week’s RR. It would not accept, I had the exact number of items as I had coupons, don’t know what happened.

    • Anonymous

      RR’s count as manufacturing coupons. You can’t have more manufacturing coupons then items. You need to buy a cheap filler item like a piece of candy or something. Then it will deduct your RR off your purchase.

    • Vera


      You need a filler. The RR is a manufactures coupons so you would need an item to use it with. The Snickers are on sale for .59 so you could have added that and it would have taken your RR.

      • Shanta

        I did, I had 7 items & 7 Q’s I also tried to add a $.49 snickers….still didn’t go through. A manager from Walgreens called me back, he said its possible that the total may have included taxes(for instance the order totaled $5.59, but if the tax was $.64, it wouldn’t take the RR) he said that could of been a possibility why that happened because RR don’t pay for taxes. He told me to come back & he’ll ring my order up & see what happened!!!! Thanx ladies!!!!!

        • Shanta

          I don’t know if I mentioned this but I also had 2 All You$1/1 Dove hair care, but I thought that I could still used those against the 2 Dove that I am paying for, even though I’m getting 2 treatments free!!!!! I’m such a newbie!!!!! lol

  • Michele A.

    I tried the Dove deal at CVS this past week and 3 rang up one price and the third another but fortunately it was in my favor and ended up making .55 on all four bottles. Whoo Hooo!

  • Holly

    Can anyone tell me if this will work:

    One treatment (ring up first)
    One mens deod (ring up second)
    One Shampoo
    One womens deod
    Use One BOGO HairTX coupon:Subtracts 3.75
    Use ONe Buy Hers get HIs Deod:Subtracts 3.75
    Use $1 off hair products from July All you
    Pay $6.50 Get a 5 RR so $1.50 for all 4 or .38 each

    I have a bunch of RR I have to use this week as they are expiring and we are going out of town and NO WALGREENS there 🙁

    • Julie

      (I thought it would be $3.75 off each too) this is how the register rang up my transaction
      $4.49 first item, $4.49 second item, $4.49 third item, and last item is $1.53
      the order you plan to do it in should work.

      the coupons would be $4.49 off hair product and $4.49 off his deodorant

      You pay $6.02 (plus any tax) and get a $5 RR

      I’m not sure if you can use the coupon from July All You

    • Honey Clipper of Queens

      Hi Holly

      It really depends on the cashier. In my Walgreens, the outcomes depends on who is ringing you up. Unfortunately, for me the rules are not consistent. You can definitely try. No harm in that. But don’t lose those RRs ….use them before you go out of town!

    • Holly

      Thanks Ladies. I think I will try it. Last month was a bad month and I lost over $25 in ups from RiteAid….a huge loss for me!

      I usually roll my RR at my local military commissary but noticed the verbiage on the coupons has now changed to “redeemable ONLY at Walgreens” where in the past it said “redeemable at” and they would accept them so I rarely rolled them at Wags. So, here I am with a bunch I thought I was going to be able to use at the grocery store. Now I have to plan better 🙁

      Again, thanks. I think I will try!

  • Honey Clipper of Queens


    I did this deal this morning. The store manager charged me for all four and claimed she used my two bogo free coupons. I looked at the receipt and clearly no coupons were used. Needless to say, she re-rang my Dove purchases correctly and I got the $5 RR. This was definitely worth speaking up because once I leave that register not only would I have been overcharged but would have lost both of my coupons!

  • Jessica

    I tried to do this deal today at one of my Walgreens & had SUCH an awful time with a snotty young cashier. First he gave me a hard time b/c he didn’t think the hair mask was a treatment, so he had to call one of the girls over to tell him that it was. Then he told me I’d only get $4.50 & $1.50 taken off my order. He was being so rude to me (and had been rude to other people in line before me too) that I just told him to void it & I left! I didn’t even think about how the order in which the items were rung up would make a difference. I might go try this at another Walgreens tomorrow since I know how to work it now…thanks!! 🙂

    • Christine

      I had that same problem today as well. They just read BOGO. I said no, it says “TREATMENT”, but they didn’t want to hear anything about it. Stores are such hypocrites! They are literal when it says 8oz. or 25 count, but when it LITERALLY says “Treatment Free”, they act like they can’t comprehend English!

      My boyfriend BADLY needed Bengay, which was $6.49. I used a $5 coupon. It killed me to even give them my $1.49 after the whole fiasco!!!

  • Mary R.

    Thank you. So if I understand you we are better off doing all our shopping on Sat. or just cosmetic items? Both my Walgreens are SPECTACULAR with customer service and promoting separate transactions. I have no real problem getting product. HOWEVER Sat. I walked in and the girl was at a table greeting everyone and promoting the Keri. It was so awesome. I asked if I could have three and she gladly put 3 away and waited until I was ready. New London and Groton, CT

    • Allie

      I go to those stores too but I didn’t know they held some away for Saturday. I tried all last week to get the Keri lotion but they said they we not expecting to get any more so I didn’t even try going on Sat. Good to know for future deals!

  • Mary

    Julie…how much did you pay before RR?

    Unfortunately I only have one BOGO left for the shampoo/conditioner, but a few of the BOGO deodorants.

    • Mary

      nevermind…just saw your second post

  • amy

    Stephanie. Walgreens NEVER. Has products left Saturday. Even when I call ahead to order larger amounts I have been disappointed by being told they could not honor order. By that time it is Friday n I work weekends. Any suggestions?

    • Asra

      All the walgreens by me never had the Keri, even the first day. I dont think there was even a spot for them on the shelf

    • gail

      Amy, I also was having such a hard time getting the Keri lotion.. I called all of our Walgreens, only to be told they were out and didn’t get any on their trucks.. However, one of the Walgreens i called said “we are out and the trucks are unloaded but we do not have any to put out.. and we are not expecting any delivery trucks until next week.. but come in Saturday we should have some.. hmm..sure enough they had plenty on Saturday.. so they obviously were holding some back..

      • em

        They weren’t, the stores around my area had a special UPS shipment of Keri come in saturday morning for the special ‘saturdate’ sale.

  • MommaMcArdle

    Ok, I’m new to all of this and I am excited to do this (hubby is out of deodorant and I need conditioner lol)

    How many transactions so they let you do? Is there a limit to how many RR you can get in one transaction? Meaning, I have 3 bogo shampoo/treatment coupons, 3 bogo her deo/his deo, 3 – $1 off men’s care body wash and 3-$1 off dove body was …. Can I do 3 or 4 transactions and roll the RR in one visit? Or do I have to go 3-4 days?

  • friend

    if you buy your items on the 20th of august saturday you willl not be restricted to limits because they have saturdate event on that product there fore the walgreens are racing to see who sells more. so buy you dove items on saturdate 8/20/11 and if you near houston downtown visit location on west gray

  • friend

    poeple please buy it on saturday we have saturdate event so stores race against each other to sell it and receive free extra coupons for other items at 1919 west gray.

    • Barbara A

      Couldn’t get any Keri Lotion last Sat. All the stores were out of it by mid-week and they said that they had tried putting in orders for Sat. that they knew were not going to be filled. I still tried on Sat. and the stores didn’t have any. Tried looking last night for Dove treatment and the store didn’t have any. Hoping that Sat. won’t be a disappointment again.

      • friend

        you can always request a raincheck for sale price. but the reason for keri lotion being aout was because every one was buying ahead of time.

  • ljack

    When I used those coupons at CVS last week the cashier told me to use the bogo coupon off hair treatment on conditioner. She said they were not gonna carry the treatments anymore and had clearanced them out. So i got everything for about $5 (5 shampoo and conditioner).

  • sandra

    Cindy or anyone else that may know can I do this deal?

    Buy 2 Dove Treatments $4.49 each (scan first)
    Buy 1 Dove Shampoo or Conditioner $4.49
    Buy 1 Dove Shampoo or Conditioner $1.53
    Buy 1 Note pad as a filler for the $5 Register Reward
    Total: $15.49
    -(2)BOGO Dove Treatment wyb Dove Shampoo or Conditioner coupon
    -(1) $5 Register Reward
    Pay: $1.50+tax
    Get a $5 Register Reward

    The $5 Register Reward that I want to use is from last week from the Tressame deal.

  • Well, I’m just starting to get into couponing. I went to Walgreens and bought the Dove. I did okay for the first time. When I was finished, I realized that I only had one coupon for BOGO Shampoo and Conditioner. But, I’m pleased and I know I will do better the next time. Thanks .

  • I tried the Dove deal last night (after not getting my catalina at shoprite for the soft scrub/purex deal) and things didn’t go as planned….I bought two of the treatments and a shampoo and conditioner…..rang the treatments first and they all rang like they should’ve. The cashier then took out her calculator and did the math $15 divided by 4 products= $3.75 per product so she took off $7.50 for the two BOGO coupons and I paid $7.50 and got back $5 RR so ended up paying .62 each….still not bad!! Just a heads up in case your cashier whips out the calculator!!

    • KT

      That is so weird. She should be deducting what it rang up for which should be the $4.49. With couponing you just don’t know what to expect!

  • Asra

    2 out of the 3 walgreens i went to by my house, they are ringing up 3.75 each for all 4 items. So only 3.75 gets taken off twice. The 3rd store did scan as 4.49 for first 3 and 1.53 for the last one. So i ended up getting the best deal here since they took off 4.49 twice. So i guess all walgreens have it set up different in their registers. You may want to try different walgreens if they are close to you.

  • Kara

    yeah!! I just did this deal with the BOGO treatment wyb shampoo and the BOGO his wyb hers deodorants. I was even able to find a men’s deodorant double pack (bonus deodorant for the price of one)!! Thanks, Cindy!!

  • Marsha

    Went to Walgreens last night and bought 2 treatments, a shampoo, and a conditioner and the cashier took off $3.75 each for my two free ones. He must of had these before because it was just automatic withouth any thought.

  • Jill

    Just got back from my Walgreens in Dallas, PA. The first 3 rang up for 4.49 and the last for 1.53…unfortunately the cashier took off 4.49 and 1.53 for the BOGO coupons. The total came to 9.88 and then got the $5 RR. It’s no .26 Dove Deal, but for $1.22 a piece, I’ll take it.

    • jessica

      the same exact thing happened to me ( after i recieved dirty looks from the cashier who tired to tell me the treatments were NOT treatmeants, when they clearly state it!). i only have one walgreens around me and they are ALWAYS so rude. i had one lady ONE time who was decently nice. even the store manager was rude to me when i tried to return someting i forgot to use the instore ad on (he told me i could not because i used coupons in my transaction, so basically i could not return anything if i wanted to from that day). they are building another one closer to me, i just hope they hire nicer people. Walgreens in Hamilton = not good for couponers 🙁

  • aimee

    I didn’t get the $5 RR when I did this deal tonight. The cashier even told me that she would only take 1 of my 2 BIG1 free Qs so I asked her why not when I have 4 Dove items ( 2 treatments and 2 conditioners). The items rang up at $4.49 but she only took $ 3.75 on the free ones. When I asked another cashier why I didn’t get any RR, she said it’s because I only paid for 2 items. At this point, I didn’t have the energy to discuss this issue with them and left quite disappointed. I won’t be going back to that Walgreens for a while, it’s not worth the trouble.

  • Danielle

    I was soo mad, I tried to do this deal today at a Walgreens by me and the cashier only took off 4.49 & 1.53. I told her that was incorrect and she refused to adjust it so I told her to void the transaction! It makes me so mad b\c each Walgreens is different, my usual Walgreens is awesome & soo customer oriented but this is the 2nd time I have gone to this Walgreens & have had problems both times!!!

  • Christine

    I had a problem the first time (one at 4.49 and one at 1.53) but did not realize what happened until I had paid and was in the car. If I return something at Wags but had received a RR, how do they go about the returns? Do they give me the price minus the $5 RR I got? Will they refund me my whole purchase?

  • Colleen

    I did this deal @ Walgreens in DE today, but with the Deodorants. I bought 2 womens and two mens (the mens were DOUBLE packs for the same price – woo hoo!!). The cashier gave me a hard time about using the BOGO coupons because he said I was already “getting one free” with the package because it was a double pack. Unfortunately, I’ve had this guy before and he scrutizines everything and tries to give me back coupons all the time, that I have every right to use. Bottom line, I told him if he wanted to call a manager, that I’d wait and I (again) explained that the coupon is buy one womens, get one mens free, and to deduct the $4.49 off on each. He finally complied. So, I got 6 deodorants for $6.02, plus a $5 RR – so $1.02 net for 6 deodorants. Not bad at all. But I’m really NOT liking Walgreen’s new pricing on the receipts! It really messes up deals like the BOGO coupons for alot of people.