2012 Entertainment Books: 50% Off after Cash Back

2012 Entertainment Books Only: $17.50 Shipped after Cash Back

Update: Some of you are getting a 15% discount as well.  I did not get that so I’m not sure what’s triggering it.

Here is the first deal of the new 2012 Entertainment Book.  Shopathome.com has then at 50% cash back for today only making them only $17.50 and you will also get Free Shipping.  Plus if you are new to Shop at Home you also get a $5 credit making them $12.50 after cash back

Here is your deal:

  • Head over to Shopathome.com and sign in/register
  • Click “Shop Now”
  • Find your local area book(s) and place it in your cart.  Price will be $35
  • Pay: $35
  • Get 50% cash back in your Shop at Home Account.
  • $17.50 per book after cash back

FYI: For those of you in the NJ area, it looks like the books do not have ShopRite Coupon this year, however, they do have Acme & Pathmark Coupons.  A couple of you had let me know the selection of coupons this year but I can’t seem to find the email.  So, if any of you know the coupons inside, please post them below.

Update: Thanks to reader Jen, here is what is available in the South Jersey Book:

Acme Coupons:

  • $5 off $50 expired 9/1!!
  • $5 off $25 fresh meat 9/2-11/3/11
  • 10% off entire order (!) 11/4-1/5/12
  • $2 off Fresh Produce 1/6-3/8/12
  • $5 off $50 3/9-5/31/12
  • $5 off $25 fresh meat 6/1-9/6/12
  • 10% off entire order 9/7-12/31/12
  • $2 off Fresh Produce 9/7-12/31/12

Pathmark/AP/Waldbaums/Superfresh coupons:

  • (3) $5 off $50 7/1-1/31/12
  • (3) $5 off $50 2/1- 4/30/12
  • (3) $5 off $50 5/1-7/31/12
  • (3) $5 off $50 8/1-10/31/12

In total, there’s $84 in coupons PLUS the (2) 10%!!

Note: Shop at Home rebate checks are sent out every month as long as your balance is $20.  If your balance is not $20, your cash back balance stays in your account and once you reach $20, the check will be sent during that monthly payout.

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  • O. Rivera

    I’ve never purchased an entertainment book, are they worth it?

    • TM

      @ Rivera, I purchased one a couple years ago and was not impressed, I think there are different books for different areas and I wasted my money because there was not one deal in my area that fit our family lifestyle, so it would really depend on where you live and your interest. My Walgreens does have a sample book open to look through, so maybe try that. 🙂 Have a good day!

    • Aida

      I live in Long Island and I have been getting them for about 4 years now. For me they are great, I don’t use every coupons (that may be impossible) but I have to say I do save at least $150 with their coupons, specially for my christmas shopping, so if you are going to get it make sure you have it by then.

  • Jen W

    I’ll forward the email to you!

  • Jennifer

    The link to Entertainment.com says the books are $29.99 making them $15 today before your SAH new membership discount.

    • Cindy

      Oh sweet. When I checked they were $35. Even better!

  • Jessica

    thanks for the heads up – thats most of the reason why I bought them…. I guess Ill buy a few more of the kids stuff books then – they have (4) $5 off 75 Shoprite as well as (4) $5 off $25 Rite aid and has acme/kmart/A&P…. MUCH Better deal!

    • Jen

      What book are you talking about and where can I get one?!

      • Jessica

        Its a book that we sell as a fundraiser for my son’s day care (he;s only 18 mon!) but I still have to sell them. A lot of the younger grade schools are selling them. They are called Kids Stuff books – if you google it – you can see what they look like.

      • Paramus

        My daughter’s middle school is selling it as a fundraiser for their 8th grade activities as well as my son’s pre-school. If you are interested in purchasing it let me know…I would love to sell as many as possible.

  • OMGitsJuiceLee

    Kids Stuff is better, IMO… My niece sells them for her school and they have much better coupons

  • Annie

    Hi ladies! I’m interested in buying a kids stuff book! how much would it be and would you be able to ship it?

    • Paramus

      Hi Annie,
      If you are still interested, let me know. My daughter’s middle school is selling it as a fundraiser for her 8th grade activities. Yes, I can send it via US Postal Service.


    • Paramus

      The kids stuff book is $25.00 and i would not charge you for shipping. Let me know what county would you need this to book to be for.


  • Jen

    Just had a co-worker selling kidstuff books for her daughters fundraiser. Those are way better but unfortunately can only be purchased through a school. The have shop rite, pathmark, rite aid $5 off $25 and so much more. They were $25 each but so worth it!

  • mike

    i will probably pass on the book this year knowing that the shop rite coupons aren’t included. Big disappoint if you ask me.

  • Monica Kathryn

    These vary greatly from present year. Make sure you scroll through the entire list of coupons because the ones in S Jersey no longer match up to the Philadelphia-North book for major chains and grocery store. Im sooo glad I didn’t pre-order these a few months ago!

  • Can I buy one of these books in a store? If so, which one?