Acme Coupon Match Ups 9/16 – 9/22

Acme Coupon Match Ups 9/16 – 9/22

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Here are your match ups for the week. All coupons are shown doubled.


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  • Jenny

    There were selected boxes of Post cereals that had a 1/2 coupon for goldfish and 1/2 for Campbells soup inside the box that you had to cut out. Thats .75 cents for goldfish!!

  • Stephanie

    My Acme ad says that the Spaghettos are 3 for $2.00…Is your ad different?

  • Samantha

    My Acme ad says 3 for $2.00 to I bought 15 cans this morning with three coupons of $0.50/5 which doubles and got them for $0.47 ea!

  • Dawn

    My Acme (& I htink all others if they follow corp policies?) does not allow 6 cpns in one transaction….:( 4 is max of like coupons. Is there an Acme that will allow 6?

    • Anonymous

      the acme coupon policy does not limit coupons, however my acme limits internet coupons to 2 per transaction per item, but i can use unlimited coupons for same item per transaction as long as it not an internet print.

      • Dawn

        ok ,that may be it I’ll have to check, ours may be 4 ‘internet’ cpns, thanks!

        • Mary

          Acme has no limits on like coupons, I’ve used 10+ IPs in one transaction.

  • Stephanie

    My acme does not restrict the amount of like coupons, or the amount of doubled coupons.

  • Stephanie

    Last week I bought 10 of the yoplait smoothie bags and used( 10) .75 cent off coupons that doubled, so got them at .49 cents each.

  • there’s an error with the price of the popcorn $2 each is more than the sale price to start with. Should be $2 for both

    • Cindy

      Thanks fixed it.

  • Bridgette

    Peperidge farm bread wasn’t on sale at all at my acme in Lincroft, NJ. They only had the peperidge farm cake on sale for $2.50. Why is that? Are they supposed to be the same?