Acme Gift/Gas Card Catalina Deal – Up to $50 Moneymaker

Acme Gift Card Deal

Woohoo!  There is another great Gift Card deal going on.  This one is at Acme and it’s a Buy $100 in Gift Cards and get a $10 Catalina.  The Catalina is for a $10 Acme Gift Card.  Here some things you should know.

  • Buying up to a $500 Gift Card has been confirming working printing (5)$10 Catalinas
  • Includes all gift cards including gas cards however it does exclude Amex, Acme & Mastercard
  • Offer is valid 9/4 – 9/17
  • If you purchase a Visa Gift Card, there is a $5.95 activation free.  The best deal for a Visa Gift Card is to purchase a $500 card, pay $5.95 activation fee and get (5)$10 catalina for a $44 Money Maker

The offer is advertised on the bottom of the Acme Ad this week.

Thanks I Had a Coupon

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  • Jen W

    Perfect! I need some new work clothes and they sell cards to the stores I shop in! Nothing like free groceries to offset the new clothes purchase!! Yippie, I know where I’m going after work!

  • Kathie

    Does Acme even sell gas gift cards? I went to one Acme today and they said they don’t sell gas gift cards. 🙁 I was hoping to get $200 worth as I will be doing a lot of traveling this week.

    • Anonymous

      In my area (Burlington NJ) Acme sells Hess and BP

      • Beth G.

        Randolph, NJ sold them during the last cat deal.

  • Anju

    Is the $5.95 activation fee for EACH card Visa card purchase or can you purchase as many as you want and you only have to pay one activation fee?

    • Anonymous

      The activation fee is per card.

  • stacey

    During the last deal I bought a $50 Hess gift card to get the $10 cat. However it did not print, so….. I went to customer service and they debated if the Hess gift card was excluded in the deal-which it was not. So after 10 minutes they just gave me back $10 in cash.

  • Victoria

    The deal worked well in DE tonight. The moneymaker was awesome but the look on my husband’s face was priceless!

    • Carol

      Thanks! I am in DE too. Did you get one $500 visa card? Wondering if that is working or if you need to get 5 sep. cards.

      • It will work on 1 card…I did it with no problems!

        • Victoria

          It worked on the one card. I went to the Acme on Concord Pike in Wilm and purchased the 500.00 visa gift card. The thing to watch is that you really should immediately convert the catalina coupons into an actual Acme Gift Card because they expire pretty fast. It’s a sweet deal!

  • Nikki

    Is it an actual acme gift card or does it have to be used within a certain time period like a catalina?

    • It’s a catalina for a Free $10 Acme Gift Card. The catalina has an expiration date…so you have to get your gift card before the catalina expires. You’ll have a week to do that.

      • Nikki

        but the gift card is a regular acme gift card & has no stipulations or expiration, right?

  • Terri

    Does anyone know exactly which gift cards are included? All or just the ones pictured in the ad?

    • It’s all gift cards except Amex, Mastercard, & Acme.

  • nuri

    any idea if the cat rolls?
    buy a $500 visa gift card, pay 6 bucks activation
    recieve 50 in acme cats

    second transaction buy 500 gift card, use 500 visa from previous purchase
    pay 6 bucks activation in cash, recieve another 50 in acme cats

    • LindsayG

      Thats a great question! Im looking forward to seeing if anyone tries to roll it!

    • Ana

      I don’t know if it’ll work because the balance may not be available for 24 hours.

      • nuri

        so your saying, 1 trip a day from now until the deal is over?

      • It is rolling and the balance is available right away. I used my Visa gift card 10mins after I bought it.

  • Bernell

    I actually went to Acme tonight and bought $400 in giftcards..received the 4 catalinas for $10 giftcards….i noticed that it said…
    Free $10 Acme giftcard…minimum $10 purchase…….
    does this mean I have to have a $10 order to get the $10 acme giftcard?

    • Michelle

      I just did the deal (didn’t think about rolling it or I would have) and got my 5-$10 gift cards.

      used them right away for a $2.00 purchase at the pharmacy and a $6.00 salad bar lunch…

  • Ana

    I just came home for Albertsons (Acme in California) and bought the $500 Visa card and nothing came out. The customer service lady insisted it was not on the reloadable cards even though it was clearly pictured on the ad. She gave me no gift card. I will have to go back and speak to the manager.

  • Eddie

    Are we limited to a total of $500 worth of cards or is it $500 per transaction?

    • $500 per transaction

  • Michelle

    TOTALLY didn’t think about rolling it!!! I’m going to go back after work!

    • michelle

      went back after work.. rolled the deal twice more.. so I have 132 in acme gift cards (150-18 in fees) and a $500 visa gift card.

  • Also on another note, this deal doesn’t end when the regular sale ends…the last day is Saturday the 17th…per the ad.

  • Qpon QT

    I did the Visa deal at my Acme in PA. They won’t allow you to buy a prepaid Visa with cash, so I had to bring $506 in cash to purchase it. The register spit out 5 $10 catalinas. The cashier let me use them on my grocery order without having to redeem them for gift cards first.

    Hooray for free groceries! I’m considering going back again and getting another $500 Visa card to use for my vacation.

  • Nikki

    I went to the mt holly nj acme n they told me I had to pay cash for the gift card. Anyone else run into that problem? How can it be rolling if they make u pay cash? I’ll go to a different acme in the area if I have to.

    • Victoria

      When you say cash do you mean actual cash? I know that you cannot (or at least most will not allow you to use a credit card to pay for a gift card)? I used my visa debit card without an issue in DE however. Hope it works for you!!

      • Nikki,
        I bought a $500 Visa Gift Card at the Willingboro Acme on Rt. 130. I paid with my debit card…no problems at all.

        • Nikki

          Thanx guys. I’ve never had an issue purchasing any type of gift card with my discover cc, which is why is was caught off guard. I wonder if the acme in the boro will let me. I shop at that one most of the time but i do have the occasional issue with them, so I’ll bring cash to be safe.

  • Chia

    Worked in Mays Landing, NJ, bought a single $500 visa gift card and received 5 $10 catalinas. Someone left a $8 off $80 coupon at the printer…. sweet…..
    Too bad I just paid my car insurance otherwise more free groceries….

  • Michelle

    So I went back to the ACME in Little Silver this afternoon to roll the deal. They have signs up that you can only use CASH to pay for visa gift cards. I asked at CS and they said I could use a debit card.. so we went through with the transaction, but when i used the Visa Debit card to buy the new one, it went through as credit. So she started to give me a hard time about it, but the transaction already went through. Anyway it seems that the girl from the ACME i was at to buy the first card, was now at this one and recognized me. They told me that they would let it go through but they were copying my drivers license and calling loss prevention.

    My friend did the same thing at the Freehold ACME this afternoon.. and the same thing happened, but after they rolled it 3 times at the same register. They copied her drivers license and said they were calling loss prevention.

    Should we be worried???

  • mrs. b

    i did the deal, got $150 in Acme Gift cards…..went to several stores though; 1 transaction at each store………

  • Cristine

    I did the deal 2x yesterday- used my AMEX on the first one and rolled the visa on the second one- no problems. The FE manager checked me out the first time and didn’t say anything about paying cash. Have OYNOs for $100 in Acme gift cards 🙂 Plan to do roll one more time today for a $132 MM!!!! If it anyone tries it tomorrow (since it supposedly goes until the 17th) Let us know! I would totally go in again!

    p.s. I was told you can’t check out at SCO because you can’t do the gift cards there.

  • Jessica

    I rolled it too myself. No problems – used my card each time

  • Liz H.

    Has anyone tried buying a gift card through self checkout?

    • jessica

      Gc can’t be activated thru self checkout

  • michelle

    so ACME in little silver, shrewsbury, lincroft, and freehold are all refusing to sell Visa cards unless paid in cash. all store cards can be paid with credit card, but not visa, mc, or Amex

    can you guys post what acme stores it did work at please..

    • mrs. b

      I’m in the suburbs on Philly….so the Acmes here are the ones I went to.
      I used my money to get started but after i used the Visa gift card to buy another Visa gift card several times.

  • Sonya

    I live on bucks county, PA and both stores I went to, told me it had to be cash. Actual cash. I own a business and will owe about 10k for an event I am running. So I withdrew 10k cash (I know sounds nuts) and went to ACME. since it’s cash, they didn’t let me roll the cards but whatever. First time I bought 3, then went to another store and bought 6 and then went back and got 8 all at once. I still have to get a few more but I currently have $850 in ACME gift cards and will pay for my event in Visa gift cards. This was awesome! Thanks, Cindy!

    • mrs. b

      Wow!! Great Job!!

  • Liz

    I had a mixed experience today. Went to 3 Acmes. Was planning on buying 2 $500 gift cards.

    1st store: the guy didn’t have a problem with me using my Discover credit card, and was nice enough to tell me that I could and should convert my 5 $10 Acme coupons into an actual Acme gift card.

    2nd store: the guy was about to let me use the $500 gift card (rolling) and credit card towards the next $500, but another person overseeing things came over and said I can only use cash – no debit card, no checks – for anything over $100. I told her that this restriction isn’t listed anywhere around the gift card stand nor was it listed with the deal in this week’s ad. I left without buying the gift card since I didn’t bring the cash

    3rd store: the gift card section was completely wiped out! I was in shock. There was no way to do the deal there at all – not even for a $100 gift card!

    • Brandon

      Liz – what Acme was that 1st store? Are you in NJ?

      • Liz

        Wilmington, DE on Concord Pike. But honestly, the guy was totally going to allow it at the 2nd store too, so I really think it really depends on who you get, not which store you go to. I personally think younger men (possibly high school/college students) are the best cashiers when it comes to being lenient. They generally don’t care

  • Brandon

    Hi everyone,
    One thing I’m not getting. I bought a $500 Visa Gift card (the shelf was empty but when I asked the clerk, she said they pulled them all since they don’t work on the ad … I knew better – it was a visa card – Metabank on the back. Sure enough – the cats printed). I want to use all 5 $10 cats on one trans but it looks like it’s limited to one per day – many of you are talking about turning them into an Acme gift card. How can I do that?

    • Sonya

      Brandon, just go to Customer Service and they will convert ur catalinas into actual gift cards. Ask if they can put it all on one card.

      • Liz

        I just went back in line, grabbed an Acme gift card, and asked the cashier to put $50 on the card and gave him the 5 $10 cats.

  • andy

    Looks like the Albertsons in Las Vegas are on to the idea of using a Visa gift card to buy another for the purpose of getting the catalinas. I did this 9 times earlier yesterday and then when i went out to do it again that night all the stores said they were no longer allowing it and they had all 500 Visa cards hidden. Are there any other stores besides Albertsons that are doing this deal?

  • andy

    Until Albertsons caught on, I used my $500 visa gift card to purchase a new $500 Visa Gift card and used one of my free Albertsons gift cards to pay for the $5.95 transaction fee. I did this 9 times so i got $450 in Albertons gift cards for $6. What a great deal!