CVS Coupon Match Up 9/11 – 9/17

CVS Deals for the Week of 9/11/11

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  • Amara

    Hi Cindy. Will the Air Wick scenario still trigger the ECB to print even though the total is $19.96 instead of $20 even? Im a bit nervous to try it but its such a good deal. The store has been giving me the evil eye as of late. Thanks!

    • Cindy

      It should. It usually does. But, if you are unsure, wait and see if others have had luck. I’m sure they will post it if it didn’t work.

      • Kim

        This deal worked for me no problem at all.

        • Kathy McG

          Kim ~ how were you able to do the deal so early? Your post shows you replied on 9/10? Do some CVS deals begin on Saturday and I wasn’t aware?

          • Mark

            I did this deal today with 4 Airwick and the ECB printed.
            Kathy- CVS deals for Sunday are usually in the system by 6:00 pm on Saturday. At least they are at my CVS.

            • cindy

              my sister used to work for cvs… she said that if the store is not a 24 hr store then the deals will start saturday night… why? who feels like tagging sale merchandise on a sunday morning????

    • Pamala

      I always ask the clerk if they will still honor the ECB if it falls short. They can manually enter the ECB..So ask first!!

      • Chandrika

        This deal worked for me very well, but I had to go to a second store since there were not enough of them in the first one. I had a rain check for the St. Josephs aspirin deal couple weeks back. So I ended up getting 2$ ECBs for that :). Also grabbed free Ritz crackerfulls. Surprisingly the store clerk asks me why I need four similar ones and insists to go with other products in the first store ha ha.

        Yesterday I was not able to use the CVS Coupon and Manufacturers together for Colgate optic, even after I show them the coupon policy they tell me their machine wonk allow ! So I end up paying 2 bucks extra! which i thankfully made up for today.

        We couponers somehow get a weird look from the store clerks for the promoted coupons and deals. But I am inspired to save more on such deals when they do that :). Thanks a lot Cindy!

  • Sheryl

    Why do I not have this q:
    $1/1 Softsoap Brand Body Wash or Multi-Bar Pack, exp. 10/9/11 (SS 08/28/11 R)
    I looked through the insert 4 times ….

    • Anonymous

      (SS 08/28/11 R) means that the insert was regional, hense the R. not every SS coupon insert from that weekend has that coupon 🙂

  • liz

    I have a coupon for the Softsoap from a Walgreens beauty catalog it says instant value coupon good at walgreens with logo then in the back says manufacturer’s coupon (has 2 barcodes) …. Will they let me use it at CVS???

    • 0246

      probably not. additionally, if its the one i had (from the summer beauty book), it expired 8/31/11.

      • liz

        It is from the beauty Guide book but it’s the only one that said Manufactures coupon and has two barcodes and expires 10/31 instead of 8/31 like others… Anyway I will try it out and let you know!!!

        • Valerie

          I used the one that exp 8/31 from the Wag’s beauty book at CVS on a previous CVS deal and it worked. It is a regular mfg coupon it says redeem at food, drugstores etc. I have one that I plan to use today at CVS- I’ll post if it doesn’t work.

        • Liz

          CINDY ADVICE PLEASE?!?!!?! –
          ok so i tried this morning NO Success with the Softsoap cpn. She wouldn’t even let me talk!!!! It is a manufactures cpn NOT walgreens store cpn. The back even states “redeemable at Food, Drug, Discount and other stores accepting coupons”. What can i do???

  • Ruth

    Can’t find the cookies and gallon of milk for $2.50 in the circular. This is a very good deal and timely too… I’m almost out of milk. Just want to make sure before I head out first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks.

    • Julianna

      Not every area gets the same sales when it comes to food items. Many stores don’t even carry milk. It’s always best to check the circular for your area before you go to the store. You can get it on Be sure that it’s showing the ad for your zip code or city.

  • Bretany

    I’m especially excited about the air wick deal, I guess I never signed up for the emails so I have a $4.00 off $20.00 so with a small summer clearance filler I should get out for under a buck out of pocket and a $10.00 ecb!!!

    • melissa

      Bretany what emails are you referencing? I would love the extra coupons as well!

      • Bretany

        It’s for new subscribers to their emails.

        • Mark

          I got the $5.00 off $25.00 in an e-mail in the middle of last week. I’m not a new subscriber to their e-mails. On occasion, they send them out and you have a few days to use them.

  • Aimee

    Walgreens has coupon on the Summer Beauty Guide for the Soft Soap body wash. It is for $1 off any body wash 120z or larger. It says instant value coupon good at Walgreens. The back of the coupon states that it is a manufacturer’s coupon. It also states that it redeemable at Food, Drug, Discount and other stores accepting coupons.

  • Yazmin

    Bethany: i susbcribe to their e-mail not long ago and never receive any coupon 🙁 i guess you’re the lucky one 🙂
    Stupid question whats does regional means??

    • Janelle S

      regional means that some states/towns will get the coupon while others will get lower value ones or none of that type at all…..I didn’t get the coupon

    • KT

      Yazmin, I was just thinking the same thing! I signed up amount a month ago and no coupons!

    • Bretany

      I don’t normally shop at cvs as there are none close by but I checked their sales and specials today after my husband came home with flip flops for our daughter for $0.30 and it was right there on the main page. I thought I already signed up for emails but apparently not. It may be a new advertisement I came across.

    • Lina

      I signed up for it last week and got it. I lost my old card so I went and got me a new card and signed up for it using my other email. I got a $4 off $20 purchase.

  • Becky

    I’m not good at figuring out rolls, or fantastic deals, but the Air Wick one is intriguing. I have a $5 off a $25 purchase at CVS that’s good through tomorrow. Anyone want to be kind enough to tell me the best way to use it?

    • Kathy McG

      Becky ~ I hope you get some feedback on this.

      I’ve never had much success with my $ off CVS print outs. My CVS wouldn’t let me apply it to anything that was listed in the ad flyer (in other words, regular priced merchandise only). Can anyone out their confirm or deny this policy?

      I always use it for allergy meds along with a MQ due to lack of couponing creativity. 🙂

      • Valerie

        Some of the printout coupons state” not valid on sale merchandise but some do not.The one I have that exp today is $5 off $25 purchase and does not specify, therefore can be used on anything. You have to read the coupon.I have had issues with certain cashiers, who said it has to be $25 after all coupons are applied or some such. This is incorrect. So I ususally go to the self check, scan the coupon and it works- no hassles that way.If they are not letting you use it, I would speak to the manager or call the corporate office. These q’s are a great addition to Cindy’s deals and save me tons$$ at CVS.

        • Jessica

          I had the option to add the $5 off $25 purchase coupon directly to my ExtraCare card – this way the system automatically deducts the coupon and you don’t need a physical coupon to hand to the cashier. This should take away any issues that you have with cashier’s not accepting the coupon.

      • Nick

        Usually the % off print-outs exclude sale items, and the $x off $xx can be applied to anything including sales

    • Anonymous

      i would buy the airwick deal (3.69), the cvs allergy relief (3.69), and the st. joseph aspirin (1.00) in the first transaction…it would cost you $3.38plus tax, and you will receive an ECB for $10, one for $3.69, and one for $1.00. Then use the $3.69 ECB and the $1.00 ECB to buy the rephresh tampons. This will cost you $1.00 plus tax. You will have bought:
      4 airwick compact
      1 cvs allergy relief
      1 st. joseph aspirin
      1 represh tamons
      for a total of $4.38 plus tax and you will come away with $16.79 in ECB!

      • Erin McDermid

        I think the math is off – you need to pay the $3.69 for the allergy relief too, unless you have a coupon??

        • Anonymous

          sorry…she said she had a $5.00 off of $25 coupon. i was just figuring out a deal for Becky. the first transaction would be $5 more without the coupon.

          • Erin

            thanks for clarifying, I thought I was going nuts! Great idea, thanks for sharing!!

  • sheryl

    Becky, My Cvs takes expired coupons. As`long as it is not so much later/

    • Meli

      is it just thier coupons they take expired or all?

  • Anonymous

    sorry – still new to this… what’s a “saving star rebate”?

    • Julianna

      If you go to you can sign up for an account that uses e-coupons. You register your store cards (CVS, Rite Aid, and many grocery stores), and then you select the e-coupons that you think you’ll use. When you shop with your registered cards for the items you select, the amount e-coupons will add up in your account. When you hit $5 you can have it deposited into your PayPal account, bank account or an Amazon gift card.

      • Anonymous

        thanks so much, julianna!

  • Tarah

    Just got a freebie coupon ffrom redbox for free crackerful or newton thin!

  • Cindy you might want to add trident layers 3/3.00. Use the 2.00 off 3 and you get three packs of gum for 1.00. Thanks for the match ups!

  • Jennifer

    The red coupon machine is giving out free newton thins or crackerfuls….if you have never tried the newton thins, DO, they are sooooo good.

    • Staci

      Went this morning and the coupon machine printed the free Crackerfuls or Newtons coupon. Thanks!

  • Christy

    can you still use the $4 off printed manufacture coupons if you use savings star ecoupons?

    • Cassie

      Yes, saving star is completely independent- it’s like a rebate. The stores don’t see that you are using saving star.

  • Amara

    Thanks so much ladies! I can’t wait to go to cvs today 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Cindy, I know that no question is stupid if you don’t know the answer.
    Here goes. I had a coupon that expired 9/5/11. I would like to know when is the last day that I can use this coupon? Is it 9/4/11 or midnight 9/5/11?
    The girl at Walgreen did not want to take it. I told her that is was good until midnight 9/5/11. She took it. But, I would really like to know the answer to this as I don’t want to abuse the system.

    • Jessica

      You can use it through the end of day on 9/5.

  • Linda

    Ok this feels like a silly question to ask but….
    Can the $3/1 Resolve Easy Clean Carpet Product, exp. 10/23/11 (SS 09/11/11) be used to purchase the Resolve Carpet Stain Remover 22oz $5.00?

  • Rebecca

    Just got back from CVS. Bought just 4 of the airwicks and it did give me the $10 ECB even though it was technically below the full $20. Also got my free Ritz! nice!

  • Kate

    Did anyone else have issue with the Air Wick deal that was suggested? The ad shows the i-motion refill .08 oz or kit. My store had the i-motion kit, which was just the plug-in (now with i-motion). The $4 coupons I have from a few weeks ago are for the Freshmatic Ultra or Compact starter kit and the one I got in today’s paper is exactly the same. I don’t see that these match up. My store did not have the Airwick Compact starter kit, so I don’t know if that would’ve rang up at $4.99.

    • Michelle

      My store had two of each left so I price checked them because only one of them had a tag, but both rang up as $4.99. So I got 2 of each, used (4) $4/1 coupons and received the $10 ecb without any problem.

      • Darlene

        I did the same as Michelle and it worked for me too!

  • Mark

    You can always price check the item before buying. I did the Airwick deal this morning. In another post Cindy posted the UPC code. It is # 6233879903. That is the exact one I got. They must’ve re-designed the box since the last time I got it. The package I picked up this morning says Air Wick Freshmatic Odor Detect Compact Automatic Spray.

    • Kate

      Thanks Mark. I didn’t see the post with the UPC, they’re probably all gone by now but I’ll give it a shot at a different store. I couldn’t price check because they didn’t have any of the compact kits at all, only the plug-ins which I didn’t have the right coupons for.

  • stpehanie

    Am I the only one that didnt get the Airwick coupon?????
    In East Windsor :[

    • Shelly

      we did not get it in chicopee mass

    • lucy

      Didnt get them in houston. 🙁

      • OMGitsJuiceLee

        When u purchase papers, buy a variety. I’m in NJ. I get one paper delivered (which had the coupon), and I buy 2each of 2 other papers. (5 papers in all). 3 of my papers had the coupon, 2 didn’t. I also got some awesome coupons which I don’t think are mentioned on the coupon list on this site. Some coupons are regional… HTH 😉

  • ssammie

    Got 2 bengay vanishing scent, aussie shampoo and conditioner, and Colgate optic white; cost $.98 for the bengay, $1.98 for the aussie and $.99 for the tooth paste. Costing me $3.95, received $3.50 ECBs. $.49 out of pocket expense! Love it, thanks for the information!

  • ssammie

    $.45 sorry haha

  • Karen

    I also had a very smooth airwick transaction, picked up 4 for 4.99 each, used four $4 off coupons and by ECB printed 🙂

  • shaun

    Cindy you have helped me save so much. All of your hardwork is appreciated. I went to CVS today and received $96 of items paid $11.42 and received $21.79 in ECB. Such a great day!!!!

  • Janelle S

    Went to CVS today and bought the did the Airwick deal…..with the $10 ECB I bought 3 Maxwell house 11.4 oz coffees (I think thats the right oz…11.something) which were priced at $3.33 ea. (on sale) walked out with the 4 airwicks and the maxwell house for only $3.96+tax…I am very happy with this deal and I am going to do it again sometime this week

  • kat

    there is also a coupon for the beneful dog meals, buy four get 2 free….with the $5 ecb could make for a great deal on those

  • Anonymous

    was able to score the airwicks deal, but had to go to 2 stores since the first CVS was totally out of the starter kits (and i hit the stores at 11am today!). i also got a coupon from the red machine for free ritz crackers or newton thins. a few days ago the coupon machine printed free milky way or dove bar 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I just signed up for Savingstar and today was my first time using it, for the Airwick….I just checked my account and it doesn’t show my $2 I should get….does it take time to hit my account?

    Also I must vent, I bought my girls 2 sippy cups from the summer clearance a few days ago, the cups didn’t work (missing a straw that attaches to it) anyway…I tried to return it and the manager said all sales are final….I said it was broken and missing a straw, he said it didn’t matter. Is that true? I know all sales are final, but even for broken merchandise?

    • Mark

      It can take up to 30 days for it to show in your account.

      • Jennifer

        Thanks so much for the reply!

    • Did you add your CVS loyalty card? Mine showed up within 24 hours.

  • Sandy

    If I use my previous EBC of $4 will I still get the $10 from the Air Wick?

  • lisa

    In my circular the air-wick freshmatics are $7.99. You have them listed as $4.99. Could your circular be different than mine?

    • Janelle S

      The one that is for $4.99 is the compact airwick freshmatics, while the $7.99 one is the regular sized one. I thought that it was different circulars the first time too, I hope this helps

  • Raquel

    I can’t find the Shakira perfume coupon….please help!

  • Traro

    I’m a newbie at this – need the expert’s help…the Airwick @4.99 each totals 19.96. That’s enought to qualify for the spend $20 get $10 deal?? How does this work? Thanks.

  • Traro

    Never mind. I guess I didn’t read all the posts first. Sounds like I just have to ask or give it a shot to find out about if the airwick will work out at 19.96 total.

  • Jen

    I can’t get the purina coupons to print out on any computer. Is there another link? The one that takes you to the survey never gave me a coupon!

  • Deena

    GOT ANOTHER GREAT CVS DEAL!! In 01301, CVS has Mennon Speed Stick on sale 2/$5. I got a BOGO free in teh 9/11 Sunday paper. Great deal — two deoderants for $2.50, right? COUPON RANG THROUGH AT $3.99, which is the normal retail price!! I got 2 deoderants for $1.01!!!! Try it!!!!

    • Janelle S

      Did you go to self checkout or did you go to a cashier?

  • Mark

    Very nice. Checked my savingstar account and was credited with the Air Wick Freshmatic. Only took 1 day. The $2.00 put me over $5.00, so I can now cash in.

  • Traro

    The Ariwick deal worked for me and $10 ECB printed but I have a question about the receipt. It shows text with “Spend 20 get 10 ECB” and then shows “amount owed toward this reward = 19.96”, and “amount needed to earn reward = .04”
    What happens if I buy another qualifying Airwick product to ‘meet’ the $ .04 noted on the receipt – does another ECB reward print?

    • Mark

      Nope, limit of 1.

      • Kit

        I have the same thing and it doesn’t say “Offer Limit Reached”. I guess it doesn’t hurt to try if you have another $4 coupon! You can just return it!

  • Alison

    I see the chex mix is on sale for 1.00 and I just got that 1.00 off Muddy Buddy Chex mix……Has anyone tried this?

  • KT

    Hey guys, the CVS circular shows the V8 Splash for 2/$4 and I have a $1/2 coupon. Do you guys think $1.50 each is a good price to pick up a few?

    • Julianna

      Seems like a good deal for those right now. I’d grab a couple.

  • KT


  • Nicole

    I have gone to 2 different cvs stores and only found 2 of the air wick. If i buy the 2 i found then go to another store and get 2 more will that still work for the 10 ecb or do i need to do it all in the same transaction.

  • Nicole

    Hi Jennifer A few months back my mother bought something a toy on clearence when she opened it the toy didn’t work. They would not take it back they said the same thing that all sales are final.

    • jennifer

      I actually called corporate and explained what happened. The women said they should make en exception and she said she was sorry and loaded the price I paid onto my CVS card. i thougth that was really nice to do.