CVS Coupon Match Up 9/18 – 9/24

CVS Deals for the Week of 9/18/11

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  • karla

    like more paper products and laundry products

  • steph

    My 3 coupon for lip product is expired 8/15 so people should check

    • Anon

      Good reminder- there were $1/1 in two separate inserts!

  • Andrea

    There is a $5.00/1 revlon age defying with dna in this weekends papers, making it $3.00 after the $2 ECB!

    • Jeanne

      I got this one too! Hoping to find something to pair it with to make it free! lol

      • Liz

        Just picked up my revlon age defying with DNA and there was a pellie for another $2 off. It was $10 – 5/1 coupon, -2/1 peelie. Plus I got the $2 ecb making the total only $1!

        • Alex

          Was the peelie a store coupon?

  • JE

    I was all excited about the Nivea moneymaker, but also just looked at my insert and found out that the $3 q expired on 8/15. What a bummer! Would have been a great deal!

    • Cindy

      It looks like the coupon database had the wrong expiration date on the coupon. Bummer. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Anonymous

    i just received a CVS coupon in the mail for $2.50 off of one pack of huggies little movers…including slip ons…what perfect timing! also, i received a coupon for $3 off of a $10 baby purchase (excluding diapers)!

    • April S

      I got that in the mail today too! Can’t wait to roll that into the $25/$10ECB deal.

      • Yvette

        How did u get those coupons?

        • Anonymous

          the huggies coupon came in the mail…it was like a big postcard from huggies/cvs. the $3 off of $10 baby coupon printed at the bottom of my receipt on friday.

    • Liz P.

      I got a coupon for 25% off! Combine that with the $3 Little Mover Slip On coupons….$13.50 BEFORE ECB!! $3.50 after $10 ECB! WooHoo!! And we are down to our last pack of diapers!

      • H

        Liz I got it too. I wanted to used the 25% off and the guy at my cvs told me is only for none sale items!!!! confused cause it thru my hole purchase on a loop!!

      • casandra

        make sure you also check to see how close you are to your buy 6 get one free. it runs til 12-31-11 and it can happen an unlimited amount of times. I didnt even notice but after coming across the ad in the flyer I now know I should be getting a free diaper Q out of the machine or on my next purchase reciept!!!

        • April S

          When I bought my 6th Huggies, nothing printed, so the cashier forced through a $8ECB. A few days later I went in to purchase something else, and the Q showed up at the bottom of that receipt. Don’t get discouraged if your Q doesn’t print on the same receipt you buy your 6th, sometimes there seems to be a delay. The delay worked in my favor because I ended up with two free. 🙂

  • michelle

    Do I have to do seperate transactions to get my EBBs? For example, I want to get the diapers, Nyquil, candy corn, and scott choose a size. Will I get all my ECBs or do I have to do 4 transactions?

    • meganchipp

      You will get them all at the bottom of your receipt in one transaction 🙂

      • Michelle

        Sweet!!!! Thanks!!

  • Mags

    I am so bummed out that the Nivea coupon was expired. That would’ve been such a sweet deal!

    • Anonymous

      My CVS takes expired coupons up to a month after. You should check into that. I didn’t know until one of the cashiers told me.

  • Stephanie

    Looks like you have the Scott paper towels matched up with the coupons for Scott toilet paper.

  • Stephanie M.

    I totally have coupons for the lip stuff and for the carmex and all.:) I thank you for doing this match up each week and allowing for us to have a way to create a list and print it. It is so much easier to shop with it printed like this.
    So Thank you so much.
    MOM of two and wife for 17years.:)
    And A college student married to a college student and a child is a college student so not much time to sit and go through all the ads. you provide it all right here and all we have to do is look through our binders.:)

  • Kathy

    Does anyone know if the Johnson’s natural shampoo/wash is also $3 and included in the sale. I have two coupons for $1.50/1 and am starting to think it is too good to be true.

    • Kate

      The ad says sizes 13-15 oz and I think the Naturals come in a smaller size.

      • Anon

        figures! I was hoping for it too. We’re almost out.

  • Liz v

    There was a 1.50/2 mars fun size in October all you I plan to use today!

  • Anonymous

    Hi – Im trying to print the Playtex infant product and i signed up and dont see where to print it does anyone know where it is? my son needs new binkys! thank you

    • elsee

      i printed this a while ago and the special promotions options usually come up right after you sign up if it didn’t i would assume it is no longer available this link is still working for$1 bottles nipples and drop ins hth good luck!

      • i had to wait 24 hours and it was sent to my email but it was worth the wait i got to print $2 off of 1 platex item and printed it twice:)

  • Mel B.

    Could anyone tell me about the “limits” on the ECB’s for CVS?
    For Example there will be a (limit 1) or a (limit 6) next to the ECB for that product.

    Does this mean that if the limit 6, you can purchase up to 6 in one transaction, and receive 6 of the ECB’s? Or You can use your CVS card in up to 6 different transactions and receive up to 6 of the ECB’s?


    • Anonymous

      It means that you can buy six of that item, be it in one transaction or six. It tracks it with your card and you wont be able to purchase more then that and get an ECB.

    • Jennifer

      You can use your card for up to 6 different transactions. Otherwise, if you do it in 1 transaction, you will get a large amount for your ECB. Example: Get $2 ECB for an item (Limit 6). Buy in 1 transaction and you get $12 ECB. But, if you buy separately, then you’ll get $2 ECB each time. HTH

  • Linda

    I just got back from CVS, seems that don’t accept the 25% pass on milk anymore…damn! My husband and I were using that pass all summer to buy milk.

    I got the Revelon makeup for $5 with coupon and a $2 ECB, which I will use on another gallon of milk, LOL.

  • AO

    There were $2 peelies on the revlon lipgloss- look for the separate display!!

    • Julianna

      Cool! I’m going to look for those tomorrow!

  • Michelle

    The buy 6 jumbo packs of diapers get one free is GREAT!! Very excited about it. And it runs until 12/31. My receipt today had a separate tracking for pampers and huggies. With the 3 huggies I purchased today for almost nothing I am halfway to a free pack of diapers! YEAH!

  • Shannon

    My CVS had a limit of 1 on the Revlon Lipgloss $5 ECB. Bought 2 thinking I’d get $10 back, but it’s actually only $5 for 1. At least at my CVS. Oh well I’m still going to spend part of tonight trying on lip gloss.

  • elsee

    “Note: If you sign up for the CVS Newsletter then you will receive a $4/$20 coupon” Where exactly can you sign up and do you get the coupon right away? i signed up a day ago and didn’t get a coupon wondering if i signed up for the wrong thing/wrong place or maybe i have to wait longer anyone have an idea? thanks in advance

  • Ann-Marie

    Skittles and Starburst are Mars/Wrigleys so you can use the $1.00 off 2 IP coupon posted yesterday with the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday deal. I just tried it with the Skittles and it worked.

  • Michelle M

    I used the Wrigley’s coupon too and then some of the Mars candy had peelies on them. I got four bags of candy for $4.00 after the ECB. Great deal!

  • tala

    have a question about ‘revlon’
    If I buy one lipstick, get $5 rr, can I use those rewords to buy another ‘revlon’ lipstick?

    • 0246


  • I did 2 Pampers, 3 Similac, 2 peperidge farm goldfish, 1 bottle diet pepsi, 1 pk of 100ct. straws and 2 nyquil.

    Normally I would have done smaller transactions however I received a $10/$50 coupon at the machine last week so I used
    1)$1.50 on pampers
    3) $5 off similac checks
    1) $3 off wyb 2 vicks/nyquil
    1)$10/$50 cvs Q
    1) $3.69ECB from allergy med last week

    My final cost was $17.xx and I received $10 ECB from baby, and $3 from Nyquil!

    • Kia

      i have this coupon too but when i went to my store all shelves were empty :/

  • Jessica

    There is a mail in rebate and coupon for prevacid on the CVS website. I bought it today with a $4.00 off coupon and mailed in my rebate to make it completely free.

  • Amanda

    The baby sale totally rocks!

    My CVS did not have ANYTHING in the baby aisle marked with any sales tags. Good thing they have flyers!

    I bought:

    5 Similac bottles
    2 Stride gum
    1 Gold emblem candy corn

    Total before coupons: $28.66

    Used: 4 $5 Similac checks (note: my store had issues with these.. be prepared)
    1 magic machine coupone for buy one 15 count gum get one free
    $5 ECB from… idk

    Total after coupons: $2.35!!

    And received $10 from the baby stuff and $0.99 from the candy corn! Woot!

    Might buy more forumla even without the ECBs it’s a good deal.

  • Ann Marie

    Does anyone know if I can use a $3off $15 purchase of baby care with $10 off $25 purchase of select baby items? Also mine does not say excludes diapers, like I have seen in above post.

  • Angela

    Can I use my 25% off CVS coupon for the Revlon deal…didn’t know if $6.49 was the regular or sale price?

  • Kia

    Well i went shopping :)I just wanna say my cvs is the best store ever!!!!!! I bought 3 6-packs of pediasure , 3 revlon eyeshadows, carmex lotion and sneakers candy bar , used 3$ off 1 pediasure ( was for sidekicks but they said since they run out of 4 packs they can take it for 6 packs 🙂 ) 2/1 revlon and carmex coupon , had coupon for free candy bar , used 10off50 from machine and 25% off i had on my card paid 21$ get 17 in EXB !!!!!! TOTAL PAID 4$ FOR EVERYTHING!!! I LOVE MY CVS!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    I agree CVS is great. I had sent 25% off to my card since I didn’t think I would the 25% off sale items but I did!

  • about signing up for the cvs newletter where is it and how long does it take for the coupons haven’t been able to find it even asked the manager of cvs about it and he said he didn’t know anything about a newletter