CVS: How to Roll Your ECBs This Week

CVS:  How to Roll Your ECBs This Week

Here is a great way to roll your Extra Care Bucks this week so that you can get the lowest out of pocket possible.    There are many ways you can choose to do the deals and your deals may vary depending on your coupons and the products that you need.  This is just an example to help you get started and get you thinking about your own deals.

Please do not do all these transaction at one checkout.  It’s best not to hold up the line for others.  You can spread them out throughout the day or the week.

Remember, if you already have a  ECBs from last week, you can include that in your first transaction.  These ideas are done as if you have no ECBs to start with.

Transaction #1:

Buy 2 Excedrin 8 ct $0.99 each
Pay: $1.98
Get a $1.98 ECB

Transaction #2:

Buy 1 ThermaCare Heat Wrap 1 ct $3.79
-$1.98 ECB from trans #1
Pay: $1.81
Get a 3.79 ECB

Transaction #3:

Buy Renu Sensitve Multip Purpose Solution $8.99
-$2/1 Renu Coupon
-$3.79 ECB from trans #3
Pay: $3.20
Get a $7 ECB

Transaction #4:

Buy 2 SoftSoap Body Wash $3.00 each
Buy 1 Quattro for Women Razor $8.99
-(2)$1/1 SoftSoap coupon from the 9/25 SS
-(1)$5/1 Quattro Coupon (NLA)
-$7  ECB from trans #3
Pay: $0.99
Get a $4 ECB (softsoap)
Get a $4 ECB (Quattro)

Final Result:

2 Excedrin
1 Thermacare Wrap
1 Renu Solution
2 SoftSoap body Wash
1 Quattro Women’s Razor

Total Paid: $7.98 + any tax for $29.75 worth of groceries plus have $8 in ECBs for next week or to buy your newspapers

Make sure to check out all of the CVS Deals for this week and for all the coupons

Make sure to check out the CVS 101 Video to learn all the ways to save at CVS

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  • Elizabeth

    Renu coupons has no prints left

  • Robin

    Went in this morning to do the Excedrin deal and buy a couple of extra papers and my CVS doesn’t carry this size of Excedrin Migraine. It’s a shame! I really NEED one now! HA!

    • Tina

      I found mine in the travel section in Staten Island

    • Deena

      Robin, check again on Monday — this was a special thing that CVS sent to its stores. It is a hanging display that slides out of a box. Our store did not have them this morning, but they were there this afternoon.

    • Paul W

      I got a raincheck last night for them, but they had them this afternoon.
      It is a special promotion.

  • Betty

    I just started couponing and since I don’t have any ecb wanted some advice on my first shopping trip.thanks!

    • H

      If you don’t have any ecb.. start up with a couple of items with ecb attach to them like the Schick. that is a good one. you are gonna get the money back ecb then next week you start roweling them.

  • Mary

    My CVS is very busy. I would be embarrassed to ask for 5 transactions. Our Walgreens actually encourages it! I go back again and again. It gets frustrating because by that time stock is usually depleted. ? CVS does not replenish on shipment day either. Its kind of weird.

    • Cindy

      I never recommend to do all the transactions at one time. You can do them over the week.

    • Jules

      Mary my CVS is busy too, so i make a purchase and walk around and get my next things and make another…i just get back in line…they know me by now and have no problem, and I can relax!

    • dcouonsavings

      I agree

    • Colleen

      I got in line four times as to not make the cashiers or shoppers mad. It probably only took an extra 8 minutes of my time

    • jenny

      i usually spread my wealth around by hitting different stores..

      • H

        Hahaha Nice Jenny.. Me too I have the luxury of having a cvs withing blocks of each other!!! and one is 24hrs.

        • Beth G.

          I sometimes check out at the pharmacy then walk to the front for the second transaction.

  • margaret

    do the ecb print out at the register or after the transaction do i have to print them at the machine?

    • Jennifer

      the ecb will be at the end of your receipt.

    • Paul W

      Don’t forget to always scan your card at the machine when you walk in the door.
      Also, scan it until it stops giving you coupons. It will do two many times.
      I have had three different sets of coupons print for one card.
      The best coupons are the second or third set many times, like the free candy bars from a couple of weeks ago.

  • C Huhn

    what does NLA stand for on the coupon for the razor? sorry for the dumb question…

    • Cindy

      No Longer Available. If the coupon was available less then 2 weeks ago and I’ve made mention of the coupon and the deal in earlier post when it was available, I will usually write that since a lot of people probably printed it just for the deal.

      • H

        Hi Cindy I have a question. I forgot to use a ecb that expired on the 14 of this month sat. When the cashier ask a particular manager that I had issues with for using my coupons she said she cant approved it… Is for $10.00 I was very upset but not sure if I’m in the right. Should I call the 800 number? I just don’t understand what the problem is.

        • Paul W

          Since CVS gives you about a month to use the ECBs, they are treated like a manufactures coupon in the idea that the date on it is the last day to use it no matter what. However, like anything else, if you have a sympathetic manager, they may give you a store credit. But do not count on it. They will general not accept anything past the expiration date.

  • Pamela

    I just got back from cvs. I went to buy 2 u by kotex tampons. On my way out the door my 9 year old told me we were out of plastic cups. I found plastic cups b1g1f. So I go up to the register and there are 2 people in front of me. the woman in front of me did 3 seperate transactions, with a line of 9 people behind her and 1 cashier. Incredibly rude.
    Anyway I had 2 1/1 kotex coupons so I got 2 boxes of tampons, 2 bags of plastic cups, used 2 1/1 coupons, 1 7.00 ecb from 2 weeks ago and paid .99 and then got 1.00 ecb back.
    But I’m more annoyed about the woman making me stand there for 15 minutes than impressed with my shopping trip 🙁

    Please don’t do that to people! I do multiple transactions too, if there’s other people in line, just get back at the end of the line.

  • Jody

    My CVS was out of the Schick Quattro this morning. And almost out of the Uby Kotex.

  • Tiffany

    I use the Cosmetics regester at my Walgreens. The lady there is so nice, I have a 6 month old and was shopping there while i was pregers. She will actualy ring me up to 10 times and HELPS me when i get my coupons mixed up. There is still always a regester open in the front and pharmacy. I only do that with her and when there are not people standing in line. That walgreens is always stocked and never busy… (we have had construction all around it for over a year!!!!)

  • CJ

    I find it less stressful for me, and for the cashiers, just to roll my ECBs from one week to the next instead of doing multiple transactions at the same store. ECBs are good for a month, I never have any problems using them up.

  • Heather

    I ran out this morning and got one softsoap body wash and one pack of bar soap, 2 excedrine, 2 pantene, 2 packs of pampers, one 3pack wipes and one tub of wipes and one bottle of baby shampoo all for $29.48 and I still have $10 in extracare bucks!

    Does anyone else struggle with what to do with the extra care bucks? I know it’s “free money” but I still don’t want to waste it!?

    • Deena

      MILK, BREAD, AND EGGS!!!!!!! CEREAL, GRANOLA BARS!!!! Girl, I NEVER have trouble spending mine!!!

      • Heather

        I just feel like I must spend it in the best way possible!

        • Deena you missed newspapers, soda, water, snacks, canned goods 😉

          Heather, I usually try to roll them in to other offers, so I can get more stuff, and ECBS. I have opted for at least 1 free gallon of milk every week, and then I try to get stuff need.

          This week since the excedrin is free, i’ll be using that ECB towards milk.
          hope that makes sense.

          Also Xmas is coming, so there’s always some gadgets and perfumes and things you could use to buy gifts with.

          • Deena

            Loretta, you are smart to squirrel away little things for gift giving. My mom always used to do that and I have not gotten into the habit at all. But, then again, my kids always get body wash and razors and other personal care things in their stockings that I pull from the stockpile, so I guess I do sort of do that!

            And yes, Heather, rolling into new ECBs is the best way to maximize your free stuff (like Loretta is going to do with the milk this week).

    • Carmen

      I like the idea of rolling it or using it on items you normally don’t get coupons for. I like to go to to see what the next couple of adds are to determine how i will use my ecb. The 10ecb i got today i am saving to use for the deal they are running next week w/ toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Spend $30 get 10ecb

      • Heather

        I went back tonight and got 2 boxes of fiber one bars, 3 boxes of rice krispies treats, peanut butter crackers and ajax. Total out of pocket tonight was $1.66!

        I knew we were low on the fiber one & rice krispies treats, but I went into the pantry to grab a snack for my afternoon pick me up, I start yelling at excel every afternoon around 1:30 when it stops doing what I want, and they were all gone… luckily still had goldfish and I brought a little baggie of them. Thank you for the ideas guys!!!
        The holiday gifts are a wonderful idea! I have a few hostess gifts I need to get also!

        • Heather

          Oh! And have you smelled the Shakira perfume?! Spicy, vanilla-y, exotic and sexy… maybe santa will put that in my stocking this year! 😉

  • Ewa

    I bought today Scope 750ml $4,99, 2 x $4,99 Crest complete 5,8oz toothpastes and I didnt get 5ECB:( Can you tell me what to do?Should I call cs??

    • Carmen

      Eva I went to go get the 3 crest complete also and noticed they didnt have the sign up for the ecb. I asked an associate there and she wasnt sure why it didnt have a sign since i showed it to her in the add. She actually printed me out an ecb for it there. Or you can call the 800 number and they can load the ecb on your card and you just go to the machine, scan your card, and it’ll print out. Good luck!

      • KT

        My mom also purchased 3 crest complete for $10.17 and used her $2 coupons and it came out to under a dollar after using a ECB and the $5 ECB did not print. It did state it on the sale sticker but the cashier said that because she only spent .90 cents (after coupons and ECB) she could not get the $5. That she had to spend $10. Obviously we know that is not the case otherwise no one would be able to roll over their ECB’s. Carmen, we will call CVS tomorrow and see what they say.

        • Paul W

          I have learned that the ECB is based upon the price that the item is rung up for, NOT what you pay for it.
          If it does not print, ask to see a manager. Double check your purchase, and the ad. Sometimes, the computer makes a mistake. And sometimes you buy the wrong item.
          Today, I purchased the 3 Mars Fun Sized bags of candy for $8. But one of the items, the Snickers Peanut Butter Squared, did not price out right. It is pictured in the ad. The cashier voided the item, changed the price, then manually put in the ECB to be printed out. All I had to do was show her the printed ad.
          But DO NOT LEAVE to the store without a manager going over everything. Sometimes items are mismarked and sometimes they are in the wrong spot. You have to pay attention to the package info, NOT the shelf sticker.
          You may have to wait a few minutes if they are busy, but it is best to do it there and not on the phone with the 1-800 people.

          • Michelle

            I have found the 1-800 people very helpful. I had a problem with a particular cashier not taking my coupons, so I called corporate. They actually got the manager of the store on the phone and worked it all out. They were all very nice and resolved my issue.

        • Lynn

          Please see my post below….I forgot to hit the reply button. sorry

  • Heather

    Spending it on granola bars is a great idea though! Thank you, I may have to run out and do that tomorrow, we are running low!

  • I just picked up a walgreens and they are offering $5 RR fo the Schick whereas CVS is offering $4

    • Paul W

      Yup, it is a money maker over there, if they have it.
      And when the Gillette ProGlide Power is on sale, usually the big travel pack is too, but they don’t put a sticker on that. It is worth more, so it is a better deal.

      • Michelle

        They had the razors behind the counter at the cosmetics dept. in my store. They apparently had some on the shelf and were surprised they were gone when I asked about them. They seem to fly off the shelf!

  • Ewa

    Thanks guys ! Too bad I didn’t ask for manager but I will call them today. Looks like there is more people having this issue.

  • Lynn

    I also went to CVS and got 3 tubes of Crest toothpaste which totaled over $10 before coupons. After I got home I noticed I didn’t get the $5 ECB so I got out the flyer and looked to make sure I got the right one. There is small print that states what products and sizes apply. I got the larger sizes and not the 4-5oz size. That’s why I probably didn’t get my ECB, but the bigger ones were on sale for $1.99 and I used 3 $2 coupons so I’m not complaining. I might have missed the $5 ECB but I got 3 large FREE tubes! Hope this helps those that didn’t know why their ECB didn’t print. Check your size tubes. 🙂

  • Ewa

    I called CVS today and they said that I was 5th person calling about this problem.Cvs will call me tomorrow or Wednesday to fix this problem because they dont have it in the system yet.

  • Jennifer

    I have a funny CVS story that happened to me this weekend. I went bright and early to my “regular” CVS…no one in the store, luckily everyting I wanted they had. Wenty up to the counter, it was a new cashier…super nice…he rang up my items and I handed over the coupons….he took everything out of the bags and matched each and every item to each and every coupon.
    Seriously, he read the coupon and then placed the item on top of the coupon…after he was finished he scanned them all. I can’t imagine when the day got busier how he would continue to do this with a bunch of people in line.
    Not sure why he just didn’t scan the coupon and see if it beeped.
    But it was fine, I knew I had all the correct products and he was very nice and didn’t nit pick anything.

  • MillburnLaura

    Went to CVS today. They refused my internet coupons, said it was a memo from corporate. When I asked to see the memo, it was about a fake smartsource coupon. When I pointed out that none of my coupons were from smartsource, they said they didnt care. I guess I have to call corporate?

    • Deena

      I would DEFINITELY call!!!

  • Lynn

    Where can I find the 1-800 number. I looked on my receipts but it doesn’t appear to be on them! Thanks