CVS Preview Ad for the Week of 9/18/11

CVS Preview Ad for the Week of 9/18

Here is the CVS Preview Ad for the week of 9/18/11 with match ups.  These are just some of the highlights for next week.  Check back on Saturday for the rest of the deals from the full ad.


Make sure to check out this weeks CVS Coupon Match Ups


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  • April S

    Anyone who uses Similac probably has a good stash of $5 checks or $5 coupons, they send them almost monthly. We had several family members sign up as well, so we get tons of them. What a money maker that is!
    Buy 5 Similac Ready to Feed
    Use (5) $5 checks or “Use Later” $5 or any combination of both.
    Spend $0
    Get $10ECB.

    • Nicole F

      When your family signed up, did they register as family members or friends? I had my family sign up when my son was born, (almost 6 months ago) and I am the only one who has ever received these checks/coupons.

      • Izabela

        I never get them too.How come? Why some families get them monthly, I am a single mom, I lost my job when I was pregnant, I have no income besides the UIB I was getting for 8 months and Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh Nothing now…300$ a month alimony..
        I am JEALOUS of those coupons you have, April 🙁 Share some! :((

        • Kim

          Try signing or (re)signing up here. I remember that I was also always flooded with coupons when my kids were small. There are a ton of them usually on ebay, too. Good Luck!

      • April S

        My MIL registered as a grandparent, and my girlfriend just registered as a new Mom. They both get the coupons. My husband registered for my 8m old when she was born and he gets them, but I re-registered (I have a 2y old) as having an additional child and I never get anything.

        I get Beech-Nut and Gerber coupons in the mail too, I can’t remember which company owns Similac, but after a while they stop with Formula coupons and start sending baby food coupons.

        You occasionally see them in the newspaper, my husband got a few $2 off printable coupons in email a few months back and I found $2/1 off in boxes of Pampers.

        • Lori

          I was getting them often and once my son turned 5 or 6 months, nothing. Um hello Similac…babies need formula until their first birthday! Anywho, I did email them recently to say as much and they sent me a few coupons (1 – $3 and 3 – $1) so it’s something.

          • April S

            I’m trying to think, I know we got 3 $5 checks when my husband signed up, then 2 $5 off coupons, then 1 more $5 check and we just got a fifth check last week.

            With my son the further we went along, the less the checks were. First Multiple $5 checks, then a single $5, then $4, then $3 and then they stopped sending similac checks and started sending baby food coupons.

  • Nettie

    Sometimes I get the if I buy the powder can. You find them once you take off the lid. I have a top of those. yay!!

  • Jazmin

    I love that you get the preview so early, but where’s the rest of the ad?

  • Lori

    Just to be sure, I have a CVS coupon for $5 off $25 purchase, so I should be able to use that if I buy 5 Similac formulas($25), even though that would bring the total down to $20?

    • Anonymous

      yes, that should work just fine…just like a $5 coupon.

  • April S

    There’s a $2/1 Schick Refill coupon that is expiring on Sunday. It would be $3.79 for a pack after coupon and ECB.

  • Jenny

    The $5 check states formula purchase must exceed check value. I tried to use it when the formula was on sale at Rite Aid for $4.99 and it would not work. Has anyone used a check for a $5 purchase?

    • April S

      I just used 4 at Walmart for the cans of concentrate which were $4.19 and got the overage. Walmart refuses to process them as checks, they take them off as $5 coupons. I didn’t even notice they said that.