CVS Preview Ad for the Week of 9/25

CVS Preview Ad for the Week of 9/25

Here is the CVS Preview Ad for the week of 9/25/11 with match ups.  These are just some of the highlights for next week.  Check back on Saturday for the rest of the deals from the full ad.


Make sure to check out this weeks CVS Coupon Match Ups


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  • rosanne

    thank you!!! i have lots of ecb’s from last week. next week is going to be a good cvs week! 🙂

  • jennifer

    Can’t wait, looks like it’s going to be a good week!!

  • Sarah

    is there no limit on the quattro deal?

    • jennifer

      Unfortunately, the ad shows limit 1.

  • Lashetta

    There is a $3 off coupon for Thermacare on their site.

    • jennifer

      The ad shows a 1 ct…the coupon is for 2 ct or higher.

      • Lashetta


    • Paul W

      The link is no good.
      But if you go to there is a link for the coupon.
      Fill out the questions and get the coupon….only 1 print.
      But if you go back to the questionnaire, you can fill in different information and get more.
      I got 3 total. It does not seem to know that it is the same computer doing it.
      Money makers!

      • Mindy

        Paul, you will not be able to use those coupons for the CVS ECB deal becasue it’s on a 1ct pack and the coupon is only good for 2ct or higher.

        • Paul W

          Thanks for telling me. I see that now.
          Oh well, they are still free!

  • kathryn

    I could not find the Renu coupon on What zip code should I use?

    • Anonymous

      it is on there website..not for sure what that is

  • Joe

    i see its says limit one on these offers, is that limit one offer per cvs card or limit on per day…ect. Not used to going to cvs yet.

    • One per card, so just one deal for the week.

  • cris

    Is it limit one offer or one item on the Schick quattro deal? Can I buy one razor and one cartridge? Or is it limited to one or the other?

    • jennifer

      It will only allow for one or the other.

  • Kellly

    I am somewhat new to the whole couponing hobby – any help on the following questions would be appreciated!! 🙂

    On the Playtex coupon, $4/2, can I use 2 of the same coupons when purchasing the 2 items?


    Can I use the Playtex coupon, $4/2, and then use another Playtex coupon in addition ie. $1/1 Playtex Sport? For a total of $3.00 off for the 2 products.

    • jennifer

      If you have a $4/2 and you are only purchasing 2 qualifying items, you can’t use any other coupon. It’s only 1 coupon per item…$4/2 ties to 2 items so you couldn’t use any other coupon along with it. Hope this helps.

  • lauren

    If you go to therma care’s website, you can get a $3 off coupon!

    • Aida

      The coupon is for a 2 ct. Unfortunatly this is only a single one… 🙁 Oh well, still free at least…

  • joe

    Did anybody find the Schick Quattro for Women Razor or Cartridges coupon.

  • john

    im just getting over a 3 day fever and inner ear infection. can anyone tell me around what times of the year certain types of items have good sales and coupons? razors, shampoos, femine products, cold remedies, pain relievers, bandages, cleaning supplies, etc. thanks

  • Liz

    Does anyone have any information on the buy 6 jumbo packs of diapers get one free? The way I see it, with the 3 packs of slip ons from this week and 3 packs of pampers next week, I should have a free pack of diapers coming to me. 🙂

  • Janelle S

    if yo go you can get coupons for Theraflu….It’s on sale for 2/$11 if you use 2 $2.00/1 coupons you pay $7 and then get a $3.00 ECB…..this makes them only $2.00 each…. I think that’s a pretty good deal but I have never used Theraflue before…..Has anyone tried it??? Is it good?

    • Paul W

      I have tried Theraflu in the past. It seems to work pretty well.
      But like all meds, not all people get the same reaction.

      • Janelle S

        Thanks Paul, I think I’m gonna try it…..I hope it works for my family….every year they get sick

  • Karley

    I am still pretty new to the couponing world ( and LOVING it so far) but I have a question… If I received $10 ECB for spending $30 on baby products last week, will I get another $10 ECB for spending $30 again this week??

    • Paul W

      I have been told by CVS in the past that the ECB deals reset each week. However, on large dollar or multiple quantity deals like the $5 ECB for $50 in beauty supplies, it adds up week to week. I have gotten multiple deals for the gas card, but those are usually all in one purchase. And each was a different week. I would bet that the $10 ECB is good EACH week. Also, if you look at the bottom of the receipt, you will fins a running total of deals that you are accumulating.
      Please post what you find out.

  • Erynn

    I cannot find the $5 quattro coupon – has anyone else found it?

    • Paul W

      It was a printable that only lasted one day.
      That is why it is important to look at the notification emails every day.