Extended: Restaurant.com Save 90% + 50% Cash Back

90% Off at Restaurant.com

They have extended this sale through today, 9/30.  It’s a pretty sweet deal where  you can save 90% off on a Restaurant.com certificate and get 50% cash back.

Here is how to get this deal:

  • Head over to Shopathome.com and log in/register
  • Click “Shop Now”
  • Use coupon code: WOW
  • Pay: $1
  • Get 50% cash back from shopathome.com
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  • Angela

    So is this really a good deal, or maybe I have it all wrong. I am going to get a $25 gift card and pay $1.00 for it. So I get$24 savings. I looked at all the restaurants (as I have done this in the past) and they now all add 18% gratuity automatically to the check and then there is a min you have to spend.

    • sisco

      its still one heck of a saving. question. can you use more then one gift card in one visit say you spend 56 bucks. have two $25 GC with a min 35 purchase. can u use both as if u spent the 35 minimum ?

      • Cathy

        I am guessing no. To do that they would expect you to spend $75. And you may have noticed that the $50 GCs require $100 min. Unless it is a restaurant you go to a lot and know you will spend the $35 before tax and drinks, then I don’t think it is a good deal. I have used them a few times and once I pay at the restaurant, I always feel that I was kind of forced the pay more than I wanted. My husband and I used it and we had to add an appetizer to our meal to get to the $35 plus we had to pay for drinks separately too. I look at at as more of a coupon. And IMHO, I would not give these as gifts.

  • Susie

    I just called a few of the listed restaurants in my area. All said that that they would only take one per visit. One said they would only allow one per month and another said that they would only take one Mon-Thurs..no weekends! Most of these would be great if using to purchase lunch for two people.