Extreme Couponing Tip: What is a Catalina Coupon?

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Extreme Couponing Tip: What is a Catalina Coupon

If you have been around here even a little while, you have probably heard me talk about Catalinas.  And, if you have been to one of my Couponing Workshops, you have seen my excitement every time I talk about them.  I know, get a life right 😉  Well, some of you may be asking, What is a Catalina Coupon?

Most of you have probably seen these coupons and not realized what they were called.  They are coupons that come out of the Catalina Machine which is located right next to the register.  The name of the machine comes from the company that puts out the coupons called, Catalina Marketing.  They are not available in every single store however, they are in thousands of stores across the country.

There are three different print outs that you can get from the machine. Here is an explanation of each one:

Catalina Coupons:

These are regular manufacturer coupons that can be used on products found at your store.  Usually they print out based on your previous buying habits.  For instance, if you buy a lot of baby items then you may get a coupon for $1 off Pampers.

The coupons have the store logo on them however in most cases, they are manufacture coupons which means that you can used them any store.  The only probably is that some stores will not accept them if they come from another store.  But, it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.

Catalina Deal Announcements:

Catalina Announcement Printout

These are printouts that will let you know about an upcoming Catalina Deal.  You can read more about Catalina Deals and How they Work.  Make sure to keep an eye out for  these coupons so you can plan out your deals.  Catalina Deals are some of the best ways to make money shopping!


Catalina or Your Bucks Dollars

Regular Catalinas (also called Your Bucks) are what you get from the Catalina Machine once you make your qualifying purchase.  They are for a certain dollar amount off and are to be used on your next transaction.  In most cases, they can be used toward any purchase in the store however, there are some instances whre there may be restrictions.  Be sure to understand the deal and know what the Catalina can and can not be used on.

Again, if you are not familiar with Catalina Deals, then make sure to check out Catalina Deal and How they Work.