FREE Domino’s Artisan Pizza through 10/3

FREE Domino’s Artisan Pizza

The other day I posted about the Free Domino’s Artisan Pizza.  I just wanted to remind you that they are having this giveaway everyday through 10/3.  And each day they will be giving away more and more.  Here is a schedule of the Donimo’s Artisan giveaway for each day however there is no time set so you have to keep checking.

  • 7,000 on Monday, September 26
  • 10,000 on Tuesday, September 27
  • 10,000 on Wednesday, September 28
  • 20,000 on Thursday, September 29
  • 20,000 on Friday, September 30,
  • 20,000 on Monday, October 03

Head over to the Domino’s Facebook Page to get your Free Domino’s Artisan Pizza! This coupon is valid for carryout only on the day you have won the free pizza. One pizza per person

FREE Domino’s Artisan Pizza

Thanks for the reminder Virginia

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  • Stephanie

    What time does it show up? It’s saying later today it will post the coupon.

  • Stu

    It is going on now.

    Just claimed dinner for tonight a few mins ago.

  • Felecia

    Just got mine! 🙂

  • Steph S.

    I got one also about 15 minutes ago 🙂 Looking forward to dinner tonight.

  • Linda

    On a lark just tried again and I got dinner too!

  • GOT MINE!!!!

  • Katya

    Got mine too!!!

  • Tina P.

    ordered mine @ 3:46 🙂 there were errors at first, but it went through

    • erika

      Just had mine. It was good, but will feed 2 people tops.

  • tara

    All out for today good thing dinner is defrosted. Nothing planned for tomorrow so Ill keep my fingers crossed.

  • Deanna

    Agree with Erika- It only feeds two people. Small pizza for $8 normally- but tasty!

  • Anne

    Does anyone who got this know-my printer is down-was this sent to your email, or could it be ordered online without using a printer? Thanks!

  • mike

    Can someone please post when the deal is working today? I checked facebook this morning at around 7:30 am and nothing was up. Thank you.

  • Steph S.

    it was working. i don’t know if you can only do the deal once. does anyone know that?