*GONE*Free Jar Better Than Bouillon Food Bases

Free Jar Better Than Bouillon Food Bases

You can get a Free Jar of Better Than Bouillon Food Bases.  Just head over to the Better Than Bouillon Facebook Page and like them.  The free jar will be shipped in 10 – 12 days.

I wasn’t familiar with this product and I researched it before I posted.  You might be familiar with some of the other Superior Touch products including Crockery Gourmet and Better Than Gravy

Request: Free Jar Better Than Bouillon Food Bases

Free Samples go quickly. If you’ve missed this one, make sure to check for all the other great free samples that are available.

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  • debbie manners

    Very quick and easy.Hope this comes in.

    • Cindy

      Me too. I checked it all out before I posted and it looked pretty legit. I just think they are trying to promote their facebook page since they only started it in June.

  • Susan

    Thanks Cindy!

  • Michelle

    Thank you. I’ve used the veggie one before. It’s good!

  • Ann Marie

    Thank you!!!

  • corinne

    thank you i use this all the time i love it

  • Grandma Bird

    One of my favorite shortcuts when cooking soup and stews. Thanks

  • Linda Hughes

    I love this stuff!! Thanks for posting the freebie!!

  • hanna

    I have been usning Beef for many years and they are good with Stew and other pot cooking in winter time. Thanks!

  • Jessie

    Their system is down now – crashed from too many responses.

  • OMGitsJuiceLee

    I requested one as soon as U posted this last night… I hope I get it. My husband keeps insisting that I make him some homemade soup

  • PK

    The site has crashed

  • Dawn

    the first 5,000 of the new 45,000 fans who filled in the form will get their jars…everyone else “thank you very much, more giveaways later”… (not me 🙁 )

  • Randy

    I love this product! Use it all the time! Better taste than just bouillon

  • Unfortunately, I am working when all the free things are given away. ):