Free Sample Beech-Nut Toddler

Free Sample Beech-Nut Stage 4 Toddler Welcome Kit

This has been around but if you haven’t requested it, make sure to do so.

You can get a Free Sample Beech-Nut Stage 4 Toddler Welcome Kit when you sign up for the Beech Nut Monthly Newsletter which will also have coupons available.

Request: Free Sample Beech-Nut Stage 4 Toddler Welcome Kit

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  • Linda


  • Please send a free sample pack for my granddaughter.

    • Anonymous


      “You can get a Free Sample Beech-Nut Stage 4 Toddler Welcome Kit when you sign up for the Beech Nut Monthly Newsletter which will also have coupons available.”

      • Anonymous

        now THAT was funny.

  • Jill Subes

    Please send a pack for my niece

    • Margareeta

      I didn’t want to comment, but Jill and Debra, how would anyone even know who your niece/granddaughter is even if this was Beechnut’s site…which it isn’t. Make sure you double check the URL (the web address in the box at the top of the page) to know the website you are on. You have to click on “Free Sample Beech-Nut Stage 4 Toddler Welcome Kit” to request the kit. Just one more piece of advice, if anyone ever sends you an email saying you have money in Nigeria…don’t believe them…please.

      • Erika Sirgenson

        lol…I had to laugh at that.

  • Honey Clipper of Queens

    I just redeemed my coupon today, it’s nice to get free juice for your baby!

  • CJ

    I’ve requested it twice and havent received it. I did receive their email newsletters though which I finally unsubscribed from since they hadnt sent anything. I’ve emailed them several times with no answer. Hope others have better luck.

    • April S

      CJ, same here. I occasionally get coupons in the mail from them, and the newsletters sometimes have links to printable coupons, but I never received the welcome package and I signed up for it last year.

      • Nicole

        Beech-Nut is a great product, however doing anything by mail with them takes forever!!!! I sent in my proof of purchase labels to get my coupons, and it took so long that my child isn’t even eating the jar food anymore! Lol! They literally take almost 2 months to respond! 🙁

      • Lauren

        It is only a small envelope good for 1 free product. That is all I ever got.

  • thank u very much my son love ur fruits

  • Jen


  • I really love ur products and so does my lil and thanks

  • Jen L

    My daughters don’t use the baby food anymore but when they did I used to mail in the labels to get the coupons. Having twins I went through 40 jars every 5 days so I was never without coupons. I see they have added cereal and snacks. Definitely take advantage.

  • Leah

    Maybe I didn’t get the same thing as everyone else, but the “welcome kit”(?) is one coupon for a free stage 4 product (up to $3 value)…I mean I $3 coupon is great, but that doesn’t really constitute a “kit” in my opinion. Thanks for the link though…maybe I will continue to receive coupons.

    • Misally

      After months of waiting, i finally received my “kit” also. Mine had one coupon for 4 free jars of baby food and a coupon for a free cereal. the good thing was that it had the rewards form and i was able to mail in my 40 upc codes for the $1. off baby food

  • Karen

    I did not get a confirmation at the end. Did anyone else have this problem?

  • Donna

    I didn’t get a confirmation, either. So it’s some kind of a mystery if I am going to receive my kit or not. Is the ‘kit’ really just coupons? That’s no fun.

  • Rose Parrish

    I emailed them last yr about how much my granddaughter loves they yogurt and I got quite a few coupons and 2 free spoons, really nice coupons as well I didnt request coupons or a kit so maybe thats why they sent so much,I had actually never knew they sent this kit so try that instead. coupons were awesome 2 free juices 4 jars free food and 4 other high value coupons. and now i get coupons every few months which I always respomd w/a thank you and positive email about their products

  • Son

    Well, I have submitted this to my sister for her baby, but i dont know if or what she’s gotten..

  • Erin

    Hey …. Those of you who requested the toddler package online should call beech nut and they will send it within 7-10 days . I got the baby welcome package after I called but I need to call for the toddler one .