Free Sample Downy UnStopables – Still Available

Free Sample Downy UnStopables

Did you request your Free Sample of Downy UnStopables?  If you didn’t, they are still available.  You will have to like Downy on Facebook in order to request your free sample.

Free Sample Downy Unstopables

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  • Janice

    got it, thanks

  • Heather

    Requested my sample ages ago and haven’t received it. Now it just says my sample is on it’s way and wont let me request another one. Hopefully it will eventually arrive.

    • Christine

      I just requested te sample. It says 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Tami

    When I click on it, it just says “WOO HOO, Unstoppable freshness is headed your way”…….but I never entered any information……….HELP!!

    • Amy

      Same thing happened to me!

      • Sarah

        Same for me

  • Joy

    Still waiting for mine too,whats it like Pony Express

  • Tarah

    Got mine! It even has four coupons in it! 1 for 3.00 off and 3 for 2.00 off

  • Heather

    I got mine almost 6 weeks to the day of signing up for it. Just used my other email address and my fiancee’s name to sign up for a second one. We’ll see how long this one takes.

  • April Bouchard

    Free sample

  • Jennifer Schneider

    This is a bummer but they are all gone 🙁 just checked minutes ago. Thanks.

  • Pat

    This is now gone……..I tried to get it today.