Help a Reader Donate $100,000 to United Way

Help a Reader Donate $100,000 to United Way

A long time reader, Barbara A. needs our help. Through the Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission, Barbara has been working hard since January doing and posting 5 good deeds that she has done every single day.  “I gave away everything that I could think of as my good deeds from food to clothing to coupons to points, etc.  It is probably easier for people who coupon to find good deeds since we have an over abundance of everything and we are out at stores where there are opportunities to help people”, said Barbara.  She is right, but I think her efforts went above and beyond!

Well, because of all the goodness that Barbara spread, she landed herself in the top 5 of the Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission.  Voting begins today and runs through 9/25/11.  The top voter wins $100,000 to the charity of their choice.  Barbara’s charity is United Way of Ocean County.

I have already voted for her, I hope you will too!  Go Barbara, we are rooting for you!

Vote for Barbara A. – Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission

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  • Diane R.

    Done! Go Barbara!!!

  • Kim

    I added my vote … good luck Barbara and congratulations on your great work!

  • susan k

    great job barbara!! i also live in ocean county and would love to see the money come here to continue their good work. don’t forget to share on your wall so your fb friends can vote for her too!

  • Susie

    Keep up the good work! Anything for a fellow LRWC reader! 🙂

  • Beth

    Anything for another Ocean County woman! Go Barbara!!

  • Laura

    I voted! Good Luck Barbara!!!

  • Sally B

    I voted, could luck.

  • Heather Leah

    I voted. Way to go Barbara! Hope you get this!!

  • Colleen

    Done and shared ! Hope I can help you reach your numbers 🙂

  • Shelly

    Well done and Good Luck. I voted

  • Barbara A

    Thank you Cindy. Thank you everyone who voted….

  • Thank you Cindy for posting the Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission contest and thank you to all your readers who will join us in voting for Barbara and our agency. These funds will make a huge difference to so many in need.