Hot $3/1 Energizer Max Coupon = Free at ShopRite

Hot $3/1 Energizer Max Coupon

Woohoo!  Happy Day!  Check out this awesome Energizer Coupon.  The coupon is for $3 off any Energizer Max Batteries 8 ct AA or AAA.  You will have to “like” the Energizer Bunny Facebook page as well as clicking the “like” button above the coupon in order to print the coupon.

Coupon is limited to 100,000 prints so hurry!

Print: Energizer Coupon

And, the awesome news, is that ShopRite has these for only $2.99 starting on Sunday (10/2) so FREEEEE!  Yippy!

Energizer Max Batteries 8 ct AA or AAA $2.99
use $3/1 Energizer Coupon
Free after coupon

Make sure to check out the ShopRite Preview Deals for 10/2


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  • Liz V

    Cool! I got two prints out of it. 16 free batteries here I come!

  • heather D

    awesome!! 2 kids at home = tons of batteries needed!!

  • Is something supposed to pop up after you “Like” the coupon? I can’t find where to print the coupon

    • Jenn

      You have to “like the page” and then “like” the coupon .. once you “like” the coupon a button will show saying print now.

      • Deena

        That never pops up for me — any idea what I am doing wrong? I liked the site, then liked the coupon, then nothing happens!!

        • kc

          click on print coupon button

          • I think some of us may be having problems because there is no “print coupon” button showing up. If you read the comments of FB, lots of others are having the same problem. May be brower problems.

  • karen kehrer

    wouldn’t work-said like the coupon then print but after I liked it nothing. It seems any good coupons get gobbled up. I was working and just checked my facebook at lunch and missed out. Oh well better luck next time

    • Jenn

      It is still available … double check ..
      after you “like” it … you have to click on the print now button.

    • Sherry Z

      No. It’s still available. Now that you have liked the page, you must LIKE the coupon, too. Then, the print feature appears and works quickly.

  • frink

    try Internet explorer, firefox didn’t work the first time i tried.

    • Sherry Z

      Firefox worked for me and on the first try and gave me two coupons.

  • donna

    I liked them , but the coupon didn’t print.

  • donna

    I’m on Internet Explorer and there is no print now button.

  • me too.. internet explorer isn’t showing any print now button! I’ll try it later at home.. hopefully the q is still available!

  • Danielle

    If anyone is having a hard time getting the second print, just unlike energizer and then like again and you will be allowed to print it a second time.

  • Alicia

    i just right clicked and selected “back” and it printed again! yahoo!

  • Steph S.

    My ShopRite circular says “Energizer Batteries, 2-ct., C or D, 1-ct., 9-Volt, Alkaline – $2.99″…not an 8 count as on the coupon. Can anyone verify this?

    • Anonymou5

      Those are for this week’s sale. Energizer Max batteries are on sale next week.

  • Lori

    Steph S.
    True, but the ad also states $2.99 for an 8ct of AA or AAA. So the q will only work on the AA and AAA batteries. HTH

  • susan c

    just got my 2….thanks!! :O)

  • Laurie

    No like button on the coupon page for me. If the coupon is gone why leave it up on the wall?

  • Sarah

    It is not gone. I just printed two. Make sure you click like twice. On the side bar of the page hit coupons. Above the coupon click like and it should print for you. I literally just printed it with no problem so hopefully it will work for you.

  • Jen

    For those of you having trouble seeing the coupon…try switching your internet browser. I had to switch to Firefox and once I clicked the coupon tab on the left, I noticed a pop up for the coupon and a like button above the coupon. Once you click the like button ( you do not have to share the coupon on fb), it will start printing. You can hit your back button and a second coupon will print. HTH

  • kris

    Heads up the Staten Island shoprite did not have them priced at $3 they were $6. So I left them on the shelf 🙁

    • hanna

      Sale start from 10/2 Sunday

  • Lady J

    Perfect for Christmas. Between this and the Rayovac at Walmart and Target I won’t have to worry about any AA and AAA batteries for gifts – if I can hide them and keep people from opening them between now and then. I think they won’t need to (back in Feb my SR clearanced a bunch of 20 ct AA and AAA batteries down to $1 a pk – so my husband picked up a the limit. I have since banned him from buying batteries w/o calling me first.)

  • Steph S.

    I went last night to the SP in Clementon, NJ. The 8-pack AA/AAA batteries were $6.99 (4 packs were $2.99). Is the larger pack confirmed to be @ $2.99 next week? I didn’t see it in the preview deals for SP next week :/

  • Eva

    It’s over, they reached their 100,000 limit. Thank you for posting this, they said they’ll have another give away in the future.