*GONE* FoodSaver MealSaver Vacuum Seal Only $9.99 Shipped!

FoodSaver Only $9.99 Shipped!

Here is a super Hot deal on a FoodSaver MealSaver Vacuum Sealing System.   You can snag one for only $9.99 shipped.  Just use coupon code: U1FV88A at checkout to take $60 off and score free shipping.

How to get the deal:

  • Head over to FoodSaver
  • Search for model #: FSMSSY0215-000
  • use coupon code: U1FV88A
  • Pay: $9.99 + any tax

Thanks For The Mommas



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  • Jenny Dunn

    got mine!!

  • Thank to For the Mommas and Foodsaver for this product. I have always wanted to purchase a food saver and no better time than now with a great offer!

  • Gwen

    got mine!!! thanks for the great find!!!

  • Breanna

    It worked for me!

  • Michelle

    7% cash back if you order thru Shop at Home 🙂 Haven’t tried it yet, though. Good luck!

  • Eileen

    about to go for this, here is a question the mini plus item number T000-02011-002 is available at the same price, anyone know which is better?

  • Jude

    Cool. I just ordered mine. I wonder if you can get more than one. They will make a great Christmas gift………..Thanks!!

  • Eileen

    nevermind promo code doesnt work on the mini, I got the mealsaver as mentioned above code works as described, THANK YOU CINDY I have been jonesing for a foodsaver to repack my pasta to keep it all fresh and “friend”-free

  • Kim Phillips

    Got mine too!! WOW. What a Deal!! No wonder I keep coming back to LRWC! 🙂

  • Jess

    Yay!! This is awesome. Got 4 of them…1 for us, and the rest as Christmas gifts! Thanks for the great find 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much! I just ordered mine! What an awesome deal!!! I’ve never had one before — I will eventually have to buy new mealsave bags???

  • Tania

    Jude – I just ordered 2, no problem at all. paid $21.70 with tax! so excited! What a great deal! Thanks Cindy

    • Jude

      Thanks Tania. I had to get back to work….ssssh…. so I didnt go back and order more. Should have tried at the time…

  • Lindsey

    Thanks for listing this deal Cindy. I can’t wait to try out my first food saver!!

  • Jennifer C.

    What a great deal! Not sure if I’ll be keeping this one or giving it as a gift, but either way it’s worth it!

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t show a cord or mention UL. Its not battery operated is it? I have one of those from the supermarket in my junk drawer;-)

    • Diana F

      I agree with you… I can’t determine if this product is UL listed. I looked on UL’s website certification directory and I still can’t find this exact model number. Perhaps it’s a good idea to contact Jarden/Sunbeam directly and inquire.

  • kim

    From the video I saw on Youtube it looks like it has a cord. I love being able to buy such great gifts for my family on the cheap. Thanks Cindy

    • Anonymous

      yup, I watched the video and see the cord, thanks a bunch.

  • Sally B

    Thanks what a great deal

  • Marsha

    Just ordered mine and after browsing the site a little i found out that they sell a wine bottle stopper accessory that allows you to vacuum the air out of your wine bottles!!!! $13.99 for 3!!! This alone is worth purchasing the sealer!!! Thank you thank you Cindy and For the Mommas!!

  • Kendra

    TY so much! Got mine!!

  • janet

    Thank you! I have wanted one of these for forever!

  • Wendy

    Very happy! I was able to order two of them. One for my home and one for my mother. Thank you!

  • Linda

    Thanks! Just ordered 3!

  • dip

    i got 4! so excited! 10 buks for a 70$ machine! sweet christmas gifts!!

  • Michelle

    Wow, great deal..just ordered 3 as well…I could even donate to a Tricky tray for that price!!!! thanks for the tip Cindy

  • Lori

    Out of stock

    • Diane R.

      The black one is out of stock, but the white one is still is still available. To see the white one, just click on the white box next to where it says “colors”.

  • Vanessa from NNJ

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have been price matching foodsavers lately but I was hesitant to buy until i saw this deal. Thank you! Thank you!

  • Julianna

    I couldn’t resist this deal as a present for my mom. She’s always buying cheese and fruits and lunch meat that ends up going bad in her fridge.

  • Diane R.

    I just went ahead and ordered one too! I’ve wanted a Foodsaver for such a long time, but just don’t have the counter space for another appliance, so for $10 this is worth a try. Amazon sells this exact same model for $24.95, so $10 is a great deal. It has a lot of really good reviews on Amazon and I see that Amazon sells the replacement bags for a pretty reasonable price too. I’m really looking forward to receiving my new toy!

  • pk

    Out of stock 🙁

  • Arkie

    Out of stock

  • Michelle

    The black one is out of the stock, white ones are still left…

  • Becky

    HEY>>>>>> You can still get the white ones!

  • Andrew

    The white one seems to be gone now too. When you add it to your cart, it says out of stock with a $0.00 total.

  • Debbie

    Just ordered mine. Love LRWC!

  • Cristina

    Their both out of stock 🙁 once you place the white one in your cart it shows up in the cart as out of stock… so sad 🙁 and i rushed home for this too!

  • LisaCT

    white is out of stock, oh well, the bags were expensive anyway.

  • Leyda

    I bought one in black.. Thanks for post!!! I can’t seem to get the same deal on the white one 🙁
    Any suggestions?

  • Barbara A

    out of stock. Thanks anyway.

  • neolla



    out of stock 🙁

  • Tina

    Both are out of stock, it would have been nice to get 1!!!!

  • Maria

    My order is now backordered. That stinks

    • Diane R.

      Darnit! My order now shows it is “backordered” too. Well, at least it hasn’t been cancelled. I’m willing to wait a while as long as it eventually arrives.