*HOT* Rite Aid: John Frieda Money Maker

Rite Aid: John Frieda Money Maker

There is a HOT Deal at Rite Aid right now.  There is a John Frieda Deal for Buy 2 John Frieda Products and get a $5 UP Reward.  Well, guess what…the travel size John Frieda are working on the deal making this a money maker.

Wait…before you run out the door, check out the deal you can do:

Buy 2 John Frieda Travel Size Products $1.59 each
Pay: $3.18
Get a $5 UPR (limit of 2)
Free + Overage

Update: it does NOT work on frizz-ease trial size. It’s only working on the red trial sized John Frieda (Thanks Courtney!)

Okay, now you can run out the door 😉

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Thanks For The Mommas

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  • Cortney

    Tried this yesterday – it does NOT work on frizz-ease trial size. I believe it’s only working on the red trial sized JFs?

  • Jenn

    Anyone know the limit on the Up+’s for this?

    • Jenn

      Nevermind .. im a little slow lol … she has it posted there

  • Melissa

    That sounds great! So if you buy 4 of the non frizz ease travel… will 2 x $5 up rewards print? Or do you have to do them in separate transactions?

    • jerrie

      I did one transacation with 2 shampoo and 2 conditoner and both rewards printed.

  • Lovingmynewhobby

    Im definitely going to do this deal..I remember back when the trial sizes worked for the Jergens Natural Glow moisturizers deal of buy 2 get $5 UPR..loved it!! thanks Cindy..

  • Anonymous

    thanks…..since you can do this twice, can you buy all 4 in the same transaction?

    • Laura

      Yes, you will get 2 $5 UPR on the end of the receipt. You can do multiple deals in one transaction and all the UPR’s will be at the bottom of a very long receipt!

  • Michaela

    thanks, worked like a charm. Bought 2 shampoo and 2 conditioner travel size and got 2x $5. While I was there I saw Fuze juice on sale for $.99 with a $.75 hangtag on it.

    • Marina

      Did you just get the Red or other kind?

      • Michaela

        I only bought the red.

        • Marina


  • Roseann

    I bought 8 travel size JF products yesterday and only got (2) $5 UP Rewards. I have to assume it is a limit of one but my receipt said “$5 up rewards with the purchase of $20 in JF products” so I have no clue what is going on. If there was no limit I would have gotten (4) $5.00 UP Rewards right?

    • Jessica

      I think Cindy noted next to them that there is a limit of 2 which is probably why you only got the 2 UPR Rewards.

      • Roseann

        It was my understanding to get the $5 you had to purchase 4 products. Some people are saying you only had to purchase 2 products. I’m so confused.

        • Jessica

          Yeah, it looks like for every purchase of 2 you get 1 reward. The limit is 2 offers so you probably only needed to buy 4 to get the max. number of rewards.

  • Mina

    Where in Rite Aid travel Size are located?

    • jerrie

      in my rite aid they were not in the travel section but right next to the full size shampoo conditoner

  • Jessica

    The root awakening ones don’t work either.

  • hanna

    I got 4 red and 2 of $5.00 UPR printed . I almost got root awakening ones when I couldn’t find red one at travel section. Red one was at across from full size product.

    • christine

      thank you!! I could not find the red ones and bought the root awakening. I will go back tonight to return them and see if a different rite aid has the red ones!

  • Kate

    Just got mine! Easiest $10 upr I’ve ever gotten! Plus I picked up some more %75 off paper towels. So $.25/roll. Sweet!

  • Verna

    Does anyone know when will this +up rewards end?

    • Lovingmynewhobby

      SAturday..they start the new deals on Sunday

  • Julianna

    To make this crazy money maker even more ridiculous, I found a display of John Frieda stuff by the makeup. In the display were two different sets of mini pamphlets, one for all John Frieda stuff, one for just the Full repair line. They each had a $1/1 coupon on the back. The Full Repair on didn’t exclude trial or travel size, so I grabbed 4. I got 2 each of the travel size Full Repair Shampoo and Full Repair Conditioner ($1.49 ea). The cashier had to key the coupons by hand, but she had no problem letting me use them because they said “Any size”. I paid $1.82 for all 4 and I got two (2) $5 +UPR.

  • Lovey

    I bought 2 trial sizes and got a $5 +UP reward this morning.
    Then I did a separate transaction and it did not print.

  • Marlene

    Just tried this and it did not print. Manager said corp made a mistake and they were told to pull the signage. Said sorry….I wanted to return it, but I rolled a RR to pay for it.

    • jen

      you can still return it.

  • tinap

    just tried this and was denied. I was allowed to return them, even as I paid with UPRs, they refunded me cash. bummer!

  • I did this today around 2pm. The rewards did not print however, the tag was still on the shelf. They honored the $10.00 UPR amount however I had to get something over $10.00 so I just grabbed formula. Basically got a $10.00 discount on formula to make up for the UPR. The manager pulled the tags though after my problem.