My Shopping Trip: Restocking the Stockpile

I bet you have been wondering where my shopping trips have been.  Well, they haven’t been.  For the last 4 weeks or so, we have been living off our stockpile.  It’s been heaven.  But, my freezer is empty.  Well, except for some Luigi’s Italian Ice, Polly-o Cheese and a few other odds and ends.  But, pretty much empty.

I do have to say that my shelves are pretty much still stocked up.  But, the cereal is looking a little sad now.  I feel some cereal deals coming along soon 😉

The one thing that is great about living off your stockpile is, although your stockpile goes down, the money in our grocery envelope goes up.  When I opened it up today to take money out.  It was stuffed.  What I great feeling that is.

With a stuffed grocery envelope and an empty freezer, I figured it was about time to shop.  And, although the sales weren’t rockin my socks off.  I think I did pretty well.

Here is what I picked up today:

Whole Foods:

2 Late July Chips $2.99 each
5 Brown Cow Organic Yogurts $2.00 for all
1 Justins Chocolate Peanut Butter $5.99
2 Terra Chips Sweet Potato Chips $3.49
2 Tofu $1.79
1 Organic Golden Flaxseed $0.62
1 Dried Coconut $0.80
-(2)$1/1 Late July Coupons
-(1)$1/5 Brown Cow Whole Foods Coupon
-(1)$1/1 Justins Coupon
-(2)$1/1 Terra Chips Coupon
-$0.20 Reusable Bag
-$20 Whole Foods Gift Card (Paid $10 for this through Living Social)
Paid: $0.75


2 Fiber One Whole Wheat English Muffins $1.99 each
1 Hostess Cupcakes $1.88 (all out of Twinkies)
3 Pantene Shampoos $3.79 each
5 Scotties Tissues $1.00 each
4 8th Continent Soymilk $2.99 each
6 Red Pack Tomatoes $0.66 each
1 Pepperidge Farm Whole Wheat Bread $2.79
1 Butterball Turkey Burgers $2.50 (last one available)
4 Perdue Boneless Chicken Family Packs $21.04 total
1 Kikkoman Stirfry $0.69
1 Kikkoman Soy Sauce $0.99
1 Kikkoman Teriyaji $0.99
1 Mishpacha Honey $1.99
1 International Delight Coffee Creamer $2.00
3 ShopRite Canned Solid White Tuna $1.00 each
4 Yoplait Greek Yogurt $1.00 each
-(1)$1/2 Fiber One Coupon
-(1)$0.50/1 Hostess (did not double but went to CS & they gave me $0.50)
-(2)$3.79 Free Pantene Coupons
-(4)$1/1 Scotties Coupons
-(4)$2/1 8th Continent Coupons (found them in my stash)
-(3)$0.75/2 Red Pack Coupons
-(1)$1.50/1 Butterball Coupon
-(3)$1/1 Kikkoman Coupons
-(1)$1/1 Mishpacha Coupon
-(1)$0.55/1 International Delight Coupon
-(2)$0.50/2 Yoplait coupons
-$0.15 Reusable Bag Discount
Tax: $0.80
Paid: $45.65
Saved: $81.10
RECEIVED: $4 Catalina for Pantene

Farmer’s Market:

Fruits, Veggies, Eggs and lots of Nuts
Paid: $26.14 ($18.46 in nuts & dried fruits)

Total Paid out of pocket today: $72.54 + $10 for the Whole Foods Gift Card & have $4 Catalina at ShopRite

I think that was pretty good  for not having shopped in 4 weeks.  The beauty of stockpiling and couponing is that, even though I have not shopped in 4 weeks, I still have a great supply of health & beauty aid, paper goods, cleaning supplies and various other items.  So, even when I have to replenish a lot of food, I still don’t have to spend money on all that other stuff.  Ya, just gotta love couponing 🙂

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  • Lisa Alcorn

    I love your blogs on couponing. I have just started couponing 2 months ago. I have saved lots of money using coupons. I had tried it in the past but did not really understand how to go about it. thanks for all your great ideas. Someday I hope to have my stockpile up so that I wouldn’t have to go to the store for a month. thats terrific.

  • Deena

    Yep — this is why we do it!! You’re setting a great example for all of us! Well done!!

    • Anahita

      Can you please tell me what the Catalina deal is for Pantene? Also, I have been shopping at HT this week with their triples. Bought 9 hamburger helper (HH) and got a $2 Catalina. When I read on it, it said buy any HH and get. $2 Catalina reward. But I can’t find it on coupon network’s website. Shall I go back to HT, readjust my transaction and get the Catalinas? What do you think?

  • tina

    i’m relatively new to couponing, and i now have enough in my stockpile to start utilizing it…but what is the grocery envelope?! lol do i tuck away money each week while i’m using my stockpile?

    • Cindy

      My husband and I use cash envelopes for our budget. You can see how we do it here:

      Each week we put $75 in the Grocery Envelope. I actually only spend $50 a week but we have budgeted $75. So, if I don’t use the money, it just stays in there and we just keep adding to it as we usually do even if we are not shopping.

    • Heather

      Tina, I belive the grocery envelope is the money that Cindy budgets each week for food. Since she did not have to go to the store she just put the money in there and did not spend it. The idea is to always have a budgeted amount of money each week and not go over that amount. Some weeks you spend more and some weeks you spend less. On the weeks you spend less you just leave the money in the envelope so that on the weeks you need more it is there and you do not have to go over budget.

      • Michele H.

        Like Cindy I have a budget each week but instead of using cash I buy 4 gift cards (one for each week) to my grocery store of choice for the month. By purchasing four gift cards for the month it ensures I don’t overspend for the week and have enough for the whole month. Of course whatever is left over at the end of the month goes towards the next month.

  • lana

    I love this site! I love how you encourage couponing in a reasonable manor! Your real! Keep up the good work!

  • Kabby

    Awesome job….you have helped so many people…you should be proud of yourself. Thank you for posting the picture of the Butterball turkey burgers…I did not know what they looked like….never tried them but will with my coupon.

  • Shira

    Hi, I’m a relatively new reader, but your couponing skills inspire me. Question for you — where do you find coupons for Mishpacha items?

    • Kabby

      The Mishpacha Honey coupon was in this weeks Shoprite circular…$1 off the honey that was on sale for $1.99. I picked this up for .99 cents. The circular in the stores had them as well as the circular that came with my Sunday paper.
      Good luck.

  • Chrissy

    What farmer’s market do you go to? I love the Maywood Market but I can only get there when I’m visiting family in North Jersey……I’m in need of a good one in the South Jersey (Cherry Hill) area……

    • Holly

      I haven’t been but there’s one on Saturdays in Collingswood.

  • Eileen

    I’ve been using coupons for 28 years. I do a huge stockpile shop about every 3-4 weeks for my family of 5 adults. Last week at ShopRite, I spent $360.77 (+12.95 Internet shopping fee*) for 163 items including deli, produce and $83.32 in meat. ShopRite doubles coupons up to $1.00 so by selecting sale items and using coupons, I saved $207.02 in this trip. Without pairing Price Plus sales coupons it would have been $567.79! *Internet Shopping – I sign on to their site, make my selections (according to coupon quantities & sizes) select a pick-up time for the following day and my items are bagged for me on arrival! I’m an impulse shopper, so this saves me from spending extra $$. The time I spend shopping online is at my convenience, with coupons in front of me. I also use my ShopRite Master Card to track grocery spending – it’s a reward card, so I end up with free gift cards every few months – I do pay the balance in full every month or it wouldn’t be worth it!

    • Leigh Ann

      I like this idea but they won’t take coupons when you do this….

    • Kabby

      Eileen…I have never tried the internet shopping….I can see the advantage…how do you redeem your coupons? Do you hand them in prior to checking out?

  • Leigh Ann

    Stockpiling is awesome! Ive been working at building my stockpile on my basement shelves my husband built for me. As of yesterdays shopping trip I have no more room. So we are going to be living off our basement shelves and my freezer for quite sometime. It feels good to see what Ive done and how much Ive saved.

  • chris

    Lost my stockpile in the flood.
    Nothing smells as bad as wet boxes of pasta.
    I had no idea how much a wet pack of 12 paper towels could weigh.

    I’ve restarted with 20 jars of planters peanut butter-FREE, for myself
    & 20 jars for the food pantry.
    (A&P unadvertised sale 1.50, use .75 coupon at self check so it doubles.)
    Nothing tastes as good as free!!

    • marie

      Chris, is the Planters peanut butter sale still on?
      Sorry to hear about your flood.

      • christine

        was still an unadvertised special yesterday, no shelf tag.
        use self check as coupon states DND, but it starts with a 5, so it doubles at self checkout.
        But be sure to add an additional item or two, you can’t have a zero balance at the self check out.

        • marie

          Thank you! I have 3 – .75 coupons I want to use. I have only been to our A & P once. Not sure if they have self checkout. I hope so! Ocean City, NJ

  • Where did you get the $3.79 pantene coupons. I usually only can find $1 off coupons?

    • CK

      Pantene had a FB promotion a while back for free product coupons. It is NLA.

      • anahita

        I found 2 of my Pantene coupons as well, I was sure I had 3, but I can’t find it. I live in VA and I have seen sales on this week at 2/$7, so I will take advantage of that to get my free Pantene and also buy 2 others with $3/2 mfq.


    I love tihs site. For a family of 3, 2 adults and a 4 year old what should my weekly budget be? Also would that include pharmacies or is that a seperate envelope? thanks!

    • Cindy

      Well, a budget is hard to determine because it depends on what you have to buy. Diapers, organics, foods for special diets may increase increase your budget. But, I believe, even with all that, you can get yourself under $75 for a family of 3. If you don’t have any of those special purchases then, for sure, you can eventually get to $50


        Thanks I am at about $75 a week now but was thinking I should be at $50. Thank God no more diapers or baby foods, my husband is diabetic so his stuff usually cost a lttle more (no sugar items).

  • Linda


    When I was at CVS yesterday the women in line ahead of me paid $72 for a quarter of the stuff you got! It hurt me to witness it, I couldn’t believe how expensive her order was, esp. since she only had about 6 or 7 items. She didn’t have anything pricey either, like prescription medicine. It was all normal household stuff that she paid full price for, like paper towels, cleansers, etc….

    • anahita

      It really bothers me too when I see people pay full price for items that they could get for a fraction. I often hand out coupons to people in the store if they are looking at an item in the aisle and that I have the coupon (especially if I don’t need it or could buy it another time), and also when they are ahead / behind me at the checkout, I try to give them some. Every $1 saved is a $1 saved 🙂
      My mom wanted me to buy her some items this week that are not on sale, so I combined those with a number of other sale items at Harris Teeter and managed to get it down pretty low. There was no way I was going to pay full price. It really bothers me to pay full price for anything!

    • Cindy

      I hear ya. Same happened when I sent to Whole Foods. The young couple in front of me paid $71 for a precooked chicken and a few items items. Maybe about 8 items total. Nothing special. Just kills me. I elbowed my husband to take a look at the register.

      • anahita

        Since I have started really couponing, not as part time as I used to, but maximizing the coupon value for anything I want to buy, I refuse to pay full price. If am out and don’t have the coupon I need with me (I have my binder and lots of inserts in my car, but not ALL my inserts), I will either not buy the item or come back later with the coupon 🙂

  • Sarah

    Where can I find the Terra Chip coupon?

  • Rose

    I see you’re in NJ. I’m in PA and we have no Shop Rite or Whole Foods. 🙁 The stores I use are Walmart (unfortunately, they are cheaper even though no double coupons), Giant Foods, Food Lion and Weis Markets, and, oh yeah, Shurfine, all a little different because privately owned. I mostly frequent Weis Markets because they double coupons up to 99¢. In between, I usually go to Walmart. I swore I would never be a WM shopper, but now I am because of high prices elsewhere. But I’ve noticed lately that WM is becoming almost as high as all the rest.

    Do you ever have deals for any of these stores?

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Rose

    Nevermind, I’m sorry. I found the store links and I see that you DO have deals weekly for all my stores. Thank you so much!! 🙂

  • Lori

    Cindy, Any thoughts about whether you think the Hostess .99 2 pack deal will come back around anywhere soon? I was sick & missed the last deal & I’m sitting on a bunch of .50/1 coupons that I didn’t use but will expire in about a month. I usually don’t buy too much junk food for the kids, but at free I had hoped to treat them. Now, I’m trying to decide whether to burn up those coupons on bigger packages but not free or roll the dice & hope for a quick sale. Just curious as to your thoughts (since I know you’re a hostess kinda girl-LOL;)). Thank you!:)