My Shopping Trip – ShopRite {23 lbs Meat!}

My husband dropped me off at Shoprite while he went to fill up the car with gas.  When he got back he found me in the meat aisle loading up my cart with packs of meat.  He said, geez, is there a sale on meat?  I said, you bet there is!!  They are all on managers special, marked down 50% .  Here is what I scored on meat:

  • Ground Beef including 85% Angus Ground Beef, 80% Ground Beef Patties & 93% Ground Beef Family Packs – Total Weight 16.76 lb for $27.18 ($1.62/lb)
  • 4 lbs 93% Ground Turkey $7.16  ($1.76lb)
  • London Broil Twin Pack $8.25 ($1.99/lb)

Total just for meat: $42.59

Rest of the order:

4 Schick Quattro Titanium Razor $4.49 each
-(4)$5/1 Schick Coupon (NLA) – got overage

Edge Shave Gel $1.99 each
-(4)$0.75/1 Edge Coupon

6 Milkbone Healthy Favorites $2.50 each (pet deal)
-(4)$1/1 Milkbone Coupon
-(1)$1.50/2 Milkbone coupon from the 9/25 RP

2 Milkbone Minis $2.50 each (pet deal)
-(2)$1/1 Milkbone Minis from the 8/14 RP

4 Nabisco Single Serve Packs $2.88 (kraft/nabisco deal)
-(4)$0.75/1 Nabisco Cookies Coupon from the Kraft Food & Family Booklet

1 Maxwell House Coffee $2.99 (kraft/nabisco deal)
-(1)$1/1 Maxwell House from the Kraft Food & Family Booklet

3 Barilla Whole Grain Pasta $1.49 each
-(3)$0.55/1 Barilla Coupon from the 9/18 SS

Wheaties Cereal $1.99
-$0.75/1 Cellfire Coupon
-(1)$0.75/1 Wheaties Coupon

4 Carolina Brown Rice 1 lb $0.99
-(4)$0.50/1 Carolina Coupon from the 9/11 RP

1 Dole Strawberry Smoothie Shaker $2.00
-(1)$0.75/1 Dole Coupon(found in coupon stash)

1 Chore Boy Sponge $1.49
-(1)$0.55/1 Choreboy Coupon

Used: $8 in catalinas from previous purchases

Total Paid: $61.20 (which included $3.27 in tax) for $218.17 worth of groceries which is a savings of over 70%.  That is pretty good when you consider I had over 23 lbs of meat in the order.
Received:  $12 in catalinas (Pet Food), $20 in catalinas (Kraft/Nabisco) & $2 Catalina (Barilla – now over)

Update on my Grocery Budget:

Since I had not been shopping in over 4 weeks (except for produce & milk), I had accumulated money in my grocery envelope which also included the many weeks I was under budget.  We put $150 every 2 weeks in our grocery envelope but I rarely spend over $50 a week.  As of last weekend, when I started full shopping again, I had $465 in my envelope.  Woohoo, go me! 😉

Here is my progress now:

$465 grocery money as of 9/18
-$72.54 spent on 9/18 Shopping Trip
-$6.99 spent on 9/24 Shopping Trip
-$61.20 spent on 9/25 Shopping Trip
Total in envelope as of 9/27: $324.27

Note: I am headed to the Farmer’s Market today which usually comes to around $20- $25 lately since I’ve been picking up a lot of nuts there.  So, that should put me around $300.

How are you doing on your grocery budget?

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  • MARY

    FABULOUS. I love the budgeting comments too. It’s something we all need to focus on.

  • THAT’s what I want to accomplish and I eventually will. This type of purchase is something I want to accomplish for our church, when I buy food for our quarterly breakfast in our fellowship hall. I hope to bring a good report when it does happen.

  • Anonymous

    When is the best time to buy reduced meat? Is one day better then another?

  • Heather

    I printed coupons off the link you gave yesterday and got two buy one get one free Milk bone healthy favorites and one $1 off (closed the comp too soon, dammit0. I wonder why mine were different?

  • Anonymous

    WOW! that was some haul. love to see bargains on meat. I see a manager’s special every once in awhile at my local ShopRite but never thought about whether there is a pattern to it….like the time of day its marked down or the day of the week? or is it all random? I DO remember getting a similar great deal on ground beef on Christmas eve or was it Easter eve, i forget but it was the day before a holiday when they’d be closed.

  • Meli

    wow what time did you find the clearance meat? i used to get it at 10 am then they started doing it at 2pm now i havent found it in a while ….. i think they keep switching the time cause there was always a bunch of people waiting for them to mark it down.

  • Kaitlyn

    I give myself 100 a month for groceries…. I did go over a bit after shoprite yesterday because of meat sales and nabisco deal. However, next month I plan on living off my stockpile and the catalinas I got this week at shoprite for the month of October. I am so happy I have the option!

  • Cynthia

    WOW! Great Job Cindy! You are my Hero……lol I’ve been working hard on couponing and haven’t reached a haul like that yet. Posts like these are great encouragement to continue trying to reach that huge shopping trip and pay next to nothing. I won’t give up. Keep the great tips coming.

  • aimee

    Wow! That’s awesome. Are those Fig Newtons? I did the nabisco deal twice so I can get 8 packages of them.LOL!! My hubby loves those and a package of them is quite expensive so I stocked up.

    • Cindy

      yep, bought 3 fig newtons and 1 chips ahoy and a maxwell house for the kraft/nabsico deal

      • ah, i was wondering how you got the deal with only 4 packages of the cookies but now i see you had a maxwell house as well.

    • Leslie

      Can someone tell me how you get the Kraft Food and Family booklet and multiples of same? I did go to the Kraft website and saw there was a magazine you had to pay for.

  • Tara

    That’s awesome!!! Way to go!!!!

  • felicia

    Love it! I enjoy seeing your budgeting included, and that you buy meat and produce. It seems like a lot of couponing sites focus just on the processed foods you can score for cheap, and they don’t teach you how to get deals on the harder things like meat. I love that you alway include, dairy, meat, and fruits in your lists and mark them when they are at a great stock up price, you make it so easy to plan a menu and save a ton of money!

  • Lady J

    I’ve always wondered about buying “manager’s special” meat. Is there anything to know? I’m leary of meat to begin with. I do eat it, but I’m always afraid I’m going to cook it wrong and make someone real sick. I guess with the quantity you bought that is is possible to buy and freeze this meat.

    • Amy W.

      You absolutely can freeze meat!

      • Mike

        Absolutely. You should see the inside of my freezer that we keep in the garage. I could probably put together at least one full cow and a couple of chickens from all of the frozen meat. It’s a must do!

    • Amanda

      I feel the same way, I too am VERY leary of meats too and I typically will buy 1 at a time. I have had to return meat a few times for being very grey and smelly the day after i bought it esp when shopping at pathmark or foodtown, shoprite is the only store i’ll buy meat from now. But I did had to return ground beef from shoprite a month or so ago when i opened it the smell was horrible.

      • Amanda

        I was just thinking about this and i dont think ive ever had to return prepackaged meat it is sometimes the store packaged meat that is the problem. If only I had a deep freezer! I’d buy more meat, too filled with the rest of my great coupon deals.

    • Laura D.

      Lady J, the best way to freeze meat is to divide it into portions and vacuum seal it. That way it will last the longest. I did this way before I had an upright freezer.

      As for ccooking meat, the best thing is a digital thermometer. It will tell you the safe temperatures for all types of meat. And, no matter how you are cooking it, oven, grill, stovetop, etc. You will have perfectly cooked meat every time. I paid about $12 for mine. No more guessing, ever. HTH!

  • lisaokienjersey

    Cindy, I know I read the answer to my question somewhere on your site… But can you please explain your “grocery envelope”… How it works and its benefits? Thanks so much!

  • that is awesome on the meat! I wish we had space for a chest freezer so i could stock up like that on it.

  • Diane

    Cindy, that was an impressive HAUL!!
    Very encouraging to the rest of us! and….I believe I will start the envelope system!! That way my hubby will know FOR SURE how much I am or am not spending!!! I know I’m not spending much, but sometimes he wonders because I’m always stopping at groceries and drugstores to pick up the deals! Even tho I don’t spend much at a time, I know there’s a ‘question mark’ in his mind about it! If I have a fixed amount in my envelope, I think he will breathe easier!
    Thanks for that tip!

  • kristen

    I’ve never seen the manager’s specials on meat at Shoprite. A&P has them all the time, but I’ve gotten sick off of manager specials meat (even though the date is still good)…so I tend to stay away from it now. Shoprite has a higher turn over of products though, which is why I buy my meat there now, seems like it just sits at the A&P I shop at.

  • irishsaver

    Hi Lady J – IF you want to cook meat chicken etc not sure how try this site and this site for freezing information etc and more cooking info ok

    Great haul I have lucked out once or twice at my local store since not working but not that good 1-2 packets was the best i could get. Got the Nabisco deal finally yesterday after having first 2 attempts fail .

  • Tom

    That’s amazing! The other day I found sausage on manager special….$1.14 per pack. Also 2 packs of ground pork about a pound each – around $1.10 each. I love manager specials…and seek them out whenever I got past a ShopRite in my travels! As for my budget, I only spend $60-$80 per month for two of us for all our groceries!

  • Mike

    Great job today! I just hit ShopRite and left a bit disappointed. The Catalina deal for the Nabisco cookies didn’t work for me and I even went to customer service afterwards and tried to explain it, but they rudely dismissed me and sent me on my way. I guess I’ll end up returning them and trying at another local ShopRite and hope for better luck. Unfortunately, the rudeness is one of the criteria to be hired at my local ShopRite so it was to be expected. Better luck next time I hope.

    • Tom

      I’d contact corporate. That’s the only way problems get resolved. I had a problem at ShopRite once about 6 months ago, called corporate, then stopped in the next day when there was a different customer service team. Also, one of the corporate employees were at the store – and it was fixed magically.

      I also had a problem at Stop and Shop recently with employees who were rude and made comments in front of my girlfriend about me as I went back to retrieve an item in the store (the issue was over coupons and prices not ringing up right – they said I was wrong, I knew I was right, but obliged anyway). A 5 minute checkout for 7 items ended up taking over 15 minutes. So yeah, then I wrote to corporate, who notified the customer service manager at that local S&S…She sided with me on the issue and said the employees were in the wrong and I received a card in the mail and a $25 gift card for my troubles.

      So if you are treated rudely, definitely speak up – in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, grocery stores were touted as friendly places with great employees – and much like the rest of society today, has lost that special touch.

  • Christa

    This is inspiring. I’m doing terribly on my budget. I’m actually “afraid” to go food shopping this week because I don’t know what to spend my money on to keep on budget/build a stockpile. Trying to shop smarter, not just less, but I’m finding that the smarter is harder and am F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-E-D! how do you plan a stockpile on a tiny budget? Are 4 papers necessary or a waste of my money?

    • Jessica

      After couponing for only a couple of months, I’m still a beginner, I have noticed that 4 papers is a waste for me most of the time. It is only me, my husband and our 10 month old daughter. Half of the stuff I bought with those 4 papers in the beginning I am going to have to give it away because there is no way the 3 of us are going to be able to use it all up before it expires. So i learned my lesson and for now 2 papers is plenty.

    • I buy 4, only b/c some of the moneymaker deals, I like to have those coupons. But that’s just me. My paper also only costs $0.60 each.

  • lisa b.

    you say you spend $50 average per week. how many people are you feeding? what is reasonable for a family of 4 per week?

    • Cindy

      I fed a family of 5 adults with that however now my family is all over the place with college, etc. So I can go from 2 to 5 or more in no time. Plus when 1 comes home, so do the friends. Lot’s of hungry mouths to feed.

  • Sarah

    I have been couponing for about 6 weeks now and this was the first week I was able to go regular grocery shopping ie bread, milk, eggs, produce, and meat, and spend less then $50! Thank you Cindy for helping me reach my goal!!

  • Stephanie

    Does anyone know if the multipacks happen to be included in the Nabisco deal?? I have coupons for $2/2 multipacks (12 ct), that i found in the ‘Pack to go back’ Acme booklet. Would love to use them..

  • Joe

    I ended up with a great haul last weekend at ACME. I wanted burgers for the grill but only had enough to make 4 burgers so I stop in and all of the 85/15 1lb packages are on managers special. $4.35 each with a $3 off coupon. Nothing like walking out with 10lb of meat for less than $13

  • Renata Ahmed

    In my family 3 adults, 2 five and three years old kids and my budget for a month is $150 (food and household items). So far I was able to manage that for about 6 months.

  • DianeG

    We’re doing pretty good with the grocery store budget this year. Since we eat very differently then most people – very low sodium, tons of fruits and veggies, etc…, our budget is $150 a week. This is for food, HABA and anything else you can buy in grocery store and drug stores. We always have a reserve so we have the “luxury” of being able to pick up sales on the spot, extras for holidays, and this year, replace what frozen foods we lost during hurricane Irene. At the end of the year, whatever is in reserve goes into savings and I start the new year with one months budget in the reserve envelope.
    Since it’s been about a year (October) since I started following blogs to use coupons more efficiently, this is the first year I have any grocery reserve money after July.

  • cheryl manna

    Fantastic!!! LOL, I scan the meat aisle too for the little yellow stickers, :P.
    Last week I got boneless chicken breast, flank steak, and pks. of meatloaf mix on sale.

  • Amy

    Does anyone have any tips on creating a food budget? I have a family of 5 which includes 2 pre-schoolers ( one that is very picky!) and one soon to be teenager!

  • Renata Ahmed

    Amy, you sound like me. I can sudgest using MINT.COM
    It will take you some time to enter all your credit cards into this website than what it does it links them all together.. so… any time, you can log in to this web site and see exacly how much you spend and where.. I just love this idea. It also gives you charts of where the majority of spendings went. For an example how much you spend on food. Hope it helps

  • Meli

    Do you have a seperate envelope for health and beuty?

  • Grocery budget is doing great Cindy- thanks to you. I always budgeted 200.00 a week for all grocery/beauty items… I save at least 50.00 a week if not more, all while building a great little stockpike. I am using this money to pay for a landscaper since I was it. I feel this part time job of couponing is well worth not having to do the gardens and grass.

  • chiara

    how are you getting overage at the grocery store?
    i’m in phila area and i can’t find one place that does overage besides wal-mart.
    and even they don’t like to do it, so i have to buy candy or some other item at the end to get me to owe them something.
    also, the shoprites around here don’t even double the $.75 Q’s to $1.50, only to $1. that makes it harder for me to get these deals.
    that being said, this is one great shopping trip!!!

  • Chris

    Shoprite in Enfield Ct has 1/2 price meats all the time, seems early morning are best, heard from a employee that sat night 6pm is best for 1/2 price hamburg, have gotten many deals on meats in past 2 year’s but seems lately past 3 month’s those sales are getting harder to find

  • Laura D.

    Awesome trip! I’ve also been stocking up on meat this week, great deals!