New $0.50/1 Hostess Coupon

New Hostess Coupon

Oh my!  Have I ever told you that I LOVE Twinkies.  I know, I know, so, not good for you.  But….oh they are so yummy.  And, there is a new Hostess Coupon available.  The coupon is for $.50 off any Hostess Product, any size.  You will have to like Hostess on Facebook in order to print the coupon.

So, I may take this coupon, and see if I can snag a couple of single size packs.  This way I won’t have a whole box to eat.  Either that, or not buy it at all.  Hmm?? Nah, I’ll go with a couple of singe size packs.  🙂

Print: Hostess Coupon

These coupons always go quickly. If this coupon is no longer available, be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database for other great coupons.

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  • Tonia

    The coupon prints with only 1 barcode.. is this the new style barcode or is it a fake coupon?? I’m a little skeptical when it comes to online coupons nowadays.

    • corinne

      yes it is the new bar code

  • Debbie Perkins

    On the Hostess facebook , people are saying it coupon is no good. Missing third bar code. Can you find out if it is good or not. Thanks!

  • Sandi

    I miss Chocodiles! They completely vanished from the east coast.

  • debbie

    I can’t get this.I liked the page and then it sound download coupon.When I click on that a page comes up saying nothing but “Click Here”.When I do that I get taken to a page that says website could not be found.Anyone else having this problem?

    • debbie

      Woo Hoo finally got it.Thanks Hostess and thanks Living Rich For Coupons.

  • Amy

    I sure hope it’s legit. I used it at Albertsons tonight and it wouldn’t scan, but they took it without any problem.

  • Melissa

    Ohhh and they are on sale for $1.88 next week at shoprite!!!!!!!!!