New $0.75/1 Edge, Skintimate Coupons = Free at ShopRite

New Edge, Skintimate & Schick Shave Gel Coupons

In all the excitement about the High Value Coupons last night, I neglected to mention that there are some great shaving cream/gel coupons to go along with those razors you are going to score for free.

Here are the additional coupons available:

ShopRite has the 2.75 oz of both the Edge and Skintimate for only $1.49.  So, free if your store fully doubles.  Here is your deal:

Buy Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel 2.75 oz $1.49
use $0.75/1 Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel Coupon
Free after coupon

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  • Emmie

    Our Shoprite did not have them for that price 🙁 it was $2.49
    oh well hopefully it will go on sale soon.

    • Anita M

      ours too…:-(

      • Tina

        also in my Shoprite…. 🙁

        • Debbie

          Mine too, they are 2.29, so I’ll hold on to the coupons. Thanks Cindy for all you do.

  • Jessica

    I only saw 7 oz skintimate shave gel. Are the 2.75 oz somewhere else?

    • Nicole O.

      I just went and my store had them for $2.49 also.

  • Alicia

    maybe with the travel size products?

  • Kathrine

    Is this the travel sized ones? I went, but my SR only had the regular sized ones priced at $2.49 – 2.99. They didn’t have any smaller sized ones…

  • Elizabeth

    I wish someone knew what was going on with this coupon! I just looked at preview ad for next week and the shave gels seem to be on sale next week for $1.99, for $.50 isn’t bad but FREE would be better! May get the travel sized ones if they are a better deal.

    • Cindy

      Elizabeth, what is going on with the coupon?

      • Elizabeth

        I’ll have to go back and check the travel section.

  • just got back from my ShopRite,NY they weren’t on sale either.BOOO

  • Catherine

    none on staten island

  • Cindy

    Have you guys tried your travel sections? Some stores may have the smaller sizes there

  • Isha

    I just got 6 for $1.49 each. They were in travel section.

  • Peg

    I also shopped yesterday & got 2 ($1.49 each), from the travel section.

  • Lady J

    Why do I never remember the travel section?

  • my shoprite did not have any travel sizes left but at acme they are 2.49 but they have bouns size making them 10 oz. for only 1.00

  • Kerry

    Ugh! I didn’t think to check the travel section! I thought I just read it wrong here and maybe it was for next week. I guess I will have to go back and check!

  • Ruby

    Found mine the travel section, the manager had to do an override because they weren’t scanning…which was annoying but I got 4 of them for free!

  • Mikki

    Got mine in the travel section. The coupons wouldn’t scan and the manager told me that they weren’t valid for the travel size. I asked her if she could show me where the coupon said that. She said it didn’t, but the coupon would make them free. I told her that was exactly why I picked that size. My use of the coupon was within the manufacturer’s terms and shoprite’s policy. She relented and said she didn’t want to argue.

  • Denielle

    I tried to purchase these last night at my Shoprite in Wharton and since it wouldnt scan they wouldnt take the coupon. The manager looked the coupon completely over and couldnt find any reason for it not to scan but since it wouldnt he didnt override it. I didnt think it was worth arguing over so I just told them to take them off and I got my coupons back. Just more to use for next week – .49 cents is still a good deal for an even bigger can!

  • Rachel

    On it says that the 2.75 oz size is excluded.

    • Cindy

      The new Skintimate coupon has a size restriction. When this post was put up, the coupon did not have a size restriction. They reset it and added the restriction

  • Anonymous

    RACHEL-certain Skintimate coupons specifically EXCLUDE the travel size…certain Skintimate coupons do not. The ones were using here for the free travel size have NO size restrictions.

  • Lori

    Sadly, I think the Edge/Skintimate coupons are now gone from this link at I checked many zip codes and they still didn’t come up (with OR without size restrictions). I was still getting them without size restrictions as of yesterday, but they are not there this morning.

    On a positive note, I just literally now checked and there are several new high value coupons….Starkist and Sani-hands for example….that were not even there before noon today.

  • Renz

    My coupon does not state the size so I was able to buy the travel size priced $1.69. I paid $0.19, maybe not free but still better than paying $1.69. Yeheyy!!