New $1/1 Colgate Optic White CVS Coupon = FREE

New CVS Coupon: Colgate Optic White

There is a new CVS Coupon available.  The coupon is for $1 off Colgate Optic White.

Print: CVS Coupon $1/1 Colgate Optic White

Now, there was some question as to whether or not this was actually a CVS coupon.  So, I contacted CVS and I can tell you that it is, in fact, a CVS Coupon.  Which means it can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.

So, here is your deal to score this free this week with this new CVS Coupon

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, $3.49
-(1)$1/1 Colgate Optic White CVS Coupon
-(1)$1/1 Colage Optic White from the 8/28 SS
Pay: $1.49
Get a $1.50 ECB
Free after coupons & ECB

Note: There is a limit of 2 on this deal

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  • Liz v

    I have the 1.50 off from this months allure.

  • Liz v

    Shoot! It’s actually just $1! Good enough.,,,

  • H

    Running out of ink!!!! ugh

  • Joyce

    I saw some in-store tear away coupons for $1 off. I think these are CVS only coupons because the fine print stated that it can’t be combined with any other CVS coupons. My region doesn’t have the $1 coupon in SS only the DND $0.35 Colgate coupon 🙁 Bummer for me.

    • same for me joyce 🙁 I never get the good colgate coupons almost always it’s a $0.35 off any, never mind a full dollar off a specific type 🙁

      • Joyce

        It’s still not a bad deal. I mean $0.65 after coupons and ECB is still pretty good. I probably won’t get them because I already have a lot of toothpaste and I figure by the time I use these, they will be past expiration date.

        • I got $1.50 off in my inserts today, if you live in an area that has a Saturday paper with coupons i buy the jersey journal in hudson county NJ

  • H

    Anyone around the Union City, North Bergen, Secaucus area that wants to trade in Coupons. I want the Colgate optic white. Just let me know what you need and I will tell you. Thanks

  • Michele

    I got to try this toothpaste before it hit shelves. It’s actually gross (in my opinion). Tastes like a mix of mint and black licorice. But I have heard others rave about it.

    • Christine

      I agree, it’s hard to get around the taste.

      • H


  • su

    thx…you’re so on-the-ball 🙂

  • Bree

    Anyone else having trouble with the coupon? I keep clicking “print coupon” and nothing happens! 🙁

    • Christine

      YES ME TOO! so frustrating….everything else prints!
      help anyone?

  • Sharon

    just worked for me

  • Liz V

    I took this to CVS along with my manuf coupon I got in Allure, they wouldn’t let me use both. I do the self check out and it refused one. The girl there tried and said the machine won’t accept both. I just walked out….

  • It is NOT taking both coupons. The register gives a Coupon quantity exceeded error.

    • Cindy

      CVS Corporate has stated that it is a CVS coupon so my recommendation is to let them know that at the store. You can reference Living Rich With Coupons when speaking to the manager and let them know that I got my information directly from corporate offices. Or, just call CVS customer service while in the store.

      • H

        Cindy Im having a problem with catalina at pathmark. How can i reach out to catalina

      • Mark

        I just called the CVS customer service today 3:20 pm and the customer service told me that the CVS PHARMACY COLGATE OPTIC WHITE COUPON is a manufacture coupon….and can’t be used with the manufacture coupon…. She said that her supervisor just informed her that it is not a cvs store coupon… Pls help. Now I feel awful. Do you have a letter from corporate office that I could show in store if i buy some. Or maybe you could give them a call because it is now really getting confusing. Pls help. Thanks and I hope to hear from you asap.

        • Cindy

          Well first, what was your reason for calling. Did your store not accept it as a store coupon?

          • Mark

            No. The store manager said that the CVS/Pharmacy colgate optic white toothpaste coupon is a manufacture coupon too. She dont want to listen to me. She said I am using two manufacture coupon…the manufacture coupon of $1.00 and the cvs/pharmacy. The manager told the customer service too that the coupons I have are all manufacture coupon. Then the customer service told me that the cvs/pharmacy coupon I want to use is definetely a manufacture coupon because she said we are directed to

            • Mark

              The reason I called the customer service is because I want to complain about the store not accepting my CVS/PHARMACY coupon. I am hoping they will try to tell the store that I can. But when the customer service lady called the store….made it more complicated. When the customer service lady ask her supervisor I guess said that the cvs/pharmacy colgate coupon is not a store coupon. She said the cvs store coupons are only the ones printed in the cvs machine and the cvs email we receive. Pls help. I want to have a copy of letter from CVS that I can show to the stores every time I shop. I think it will be a great help if I have one to show especially if it is from the corporate office.

  • Vercilla

    OK: I was just thinking this would be a great deal to get my ECB for my AirWicks refills next week?? Yes , No, maybe so? OK: I’ll try it tomorrow and see: I am in Chicago and I use the self Check out. I used the CVS skinimates coupon and the other coupons I had this week with NO problem so I am not getting this…

  • Stephanie

    I tried stacking the coupons as well tonight and the manager rudely told me it was not possible. I made the reference to Living Rich and Cindy’s chat with corporate and she literally laughed at me and said, I’m sure. Needless to say, I left the store empty handed after that encounter. Unfortunately it’s the second time this “attitude” has been dealt to me at a CVS. When I hand over coupons sometimes it’s as though I’m inconveniencing them! Other cashiers are great but twice now I have had really bad ones, both of which happened to be the managers! Go figure!

  • Jen

    I tried to use both as well and the register beeped. I also used two coupons for the skintimate cream shave. I tried to make a joke and told the cashier (who I think was also the manager) that the register was giving him a hard time. He told me “That’s because you only bought three things and you are trying to use 6 coupons.” I then got annoyed, came home and called customer service. They told me that I could, in fact, use a CVS coupon and a manufacturer coupon. I asked them if they could please call the store to let them know as I thought I was doing something wrong :(.

  • Ana

    I just returned from my local CVS and was given a hard time about stacking. The cashier/manager rudely told me “this isn’t going to work, I’ve been dealing with this all day, i can’t owe you money, pick one or the other.” which i replied i would still be paying 1.49, tried to explain this website and corporate but she was having none of it…she didn’t even try to scan them! I still bought them because there was a line and I didn’t want to cause a scene but boy did she make me feel like a thief! I honestly love shopping at CVS and getting the great deals, I don’t usually have issues..but their bad attitude and outright refusal is starting to get to me..

    • Cindy

      Ana, email me the info on the store. CVS has asked me to compile a list and I am doing just that.

  • Alice

    About the CVS coupons, even though it said CVS Pharmacy on the top, the skintimate CVS coupon actually has the instruction for the retailer to send it to Energizer for reimbursement plus 8 cents handling fee. So, it is still a manufacturer’s coupon even it said CVS on the top.

    • Anon

      Not trying to be dumb, but aren’t all coupons technically manufacturer’s coupons? Even ECBs and UPs have manufacturer’s coupon on them…

      I’m a newbie couponer FYI. Trying to follow the rules.

  • Joan

    I honestly hate Colgate coupons. I never recieve any other then the useless 35 cent dnd ones. I thought the optic white coupons were national, but nope, I still got the same 35 cent one. I have yet to encounter anything else here in central nj.

    • anonymous

      I hate those useless DND .35 coupons too!

  • Ann Marie

    Disclaimer: I work at CVS in the pharmacy department. I’ve experienced similar situations when the register “beeps” when scanning multiple coupons especially when stacking. It all depends on the person on the register and the manager. In this scenario, I would scan the manufacturer coupon first, then scan the CVS coupon. If that “beeps”, then I would enter it manually as a store coupon. This is what my manager has stated just as long as the products match up with the coupons.

  • ashley

    I had the same problem stacking the manufacturer coupon with the cvs coupon on the skintimate deal at the store in olivette MO.

  • Jasmine

    I honestly think I will give CVS a rest for a while. The store manager in the Bay Shore LI store looked at me like I had 10 heads, and told me I was using “copied coupons”. When I asked for clarification re: “copied coupons” she stated “the store does not even accept photocopied manufacturer coupons”. When I corrected her and told her they were “internet coupons”, she looked at me in utter disgust and stated we don’t accept these and plus you have way too many coupons. I attempted to purchase 4 skintimate cream shaves with 4 $1 off CVS Q and 4 $1 off manu Q… I’m so over idiots, and it’s extremely frustrating that these managers are uninformed and RUDE.

  • Christina

    Hello, I went to cvs this morning and could not stack 2 cvs optic white printable with 2 manufacturer coupons. The cashier told me I needed to buy 4. Then said ” do you understand how couponing works now?” Haha. I’m only 6 weeks in and saving 70% each time. I think I’m getting the hang of it. Ugh. I got them anyway using the $1.50 manufactured coupons. Can I go back with receipt, cvs coupons and policy to get money back?

  • Ruth

    I tried to stack also and the register beeped. I told the cashier that it’s a CVS/store coupon which can be stacked with a MQ but she said the register is getting the “quantity exceeded error” message which she even showed me. She called the shift supervisor and they tried again. They were nice but they said they cannot do anything about it because the system won’t take the coupon. Got the item anyway because I do not want to add anymore rain check to my increasing file of rain checks!!! Was there the other day for the air wick kits, got a rain check, taught since I was there I might as well buy it because they have their delivery on Tue. but guess what?… they don’t have any on their shipment today… I know I still have the rain check but it is really frustrating to have your shopping trip planned then you have more rainchecks than anything else when you go home!!! Just venting…

  • Mark

    I just called the CVS customer service today 3:20 pm and the customer service told me that the CVS PHARMACY COLGATE OPTIC WHITE COUPON is a manufacture coupon….and can’t be used with the manufacture coupon…. She said that her supervisor just informed her that it is not a cvs store coupon… Pls help. Now I feel awful. Do you have a letter from corporate office that I could show in store if i buy some. Or maybe you could give them a call because it is now really getting confusing. Pls help. Thanks and I hope to hear from you asap.

  • Mark

    Now the manager said to the customer service that I am using multiple manufacture coupon ….which in fact I just have a CVS/Pharmacy colgate optic coupon and a manufacture coupon. The customer service told me that she will call the department who is the one responsible in fixing the problem and have it fix ; and put that cvs/pharmacy coupon into a manufacture coupon. That customer service told me too that the CVS STORE COUPONS ARE THE ONES ONLY PRINTED IN THE MAGIC MACHINE and the CVS COUPONS WE RECEIVE IN MAIL…..By the way the name of that customer service who answered me is JACKY. Pls help and hoping to hear from you.

  • Corine

    Think I may print the store coupon policy and bring it with me to the store when I try for the colgate toothpaste tomorrow. I had the same problem with the skintimate deal and walked out empty handed after getting annoyed at the register. I will buy this toothpaste regardless since it’s the new whitening with same ingredients as strips. Hoping if I have their own coupon policy to show them, they may override it!

    • Mark

      That is the problem because usually the store managers and cashiers don’t even listen to their customers. I did try it and showed the policy but the store I go said that the cvs/pharmacy colgate coupon is also a manufacture coupon. I said its not and told her that it is a cvs coupon but didnt listen to me anyway. I left empty handed and the worst thing is I drove like 20 miles to get that thing because our cvs store is out of stock. Customer Service can’t help too because they dont understand the situation when I called them.

      • Anonymous

        You drove 20 miles to save a few dollars? With gas prices the way there are, sounds like you weren’t “saving” at all.