New $1/1 Earthbound Farm Coupon = Free Carrots

New Earthbound Farm Coupon

There is a new Earthbound Farm Printable Coupon available.  The coupon is for $1 off any Earthbound Farm Product.  You will have to complete a short quiz in order to print the coupon. (c a b d d b a c b a c d)

Print: Earthbound Farm Coupon

Here are some awesome deals you can score with this coupon


Earthbound Farm Carrots 1 lb bag $0.88 – $0.99
use $1/1 Earthbound Farm Coupon
Free after coupon


Earthbound Farm Carrots 1 lb bag $1.29
use $1/1 Earthbound Farm Coupon
$0.29 each after coupon

Earthbound Farm Romaine 3 pack $2.49
use $1/1 Earthbound Farm Coupon
$1.49 each after coupon

Thanks Jay!


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  • D

    yes, I just did the quiz (for the second time! LOL!) You have to score 100% to get the coupon. 🙂

  • Lisa

    I give up…tried twice…ridiculous that they make us jump through hoops for a coupon.

    • Lisa

      oops, didn’t see answer sheet. lol

    • Connie

      Here’s the answers if u don’t have time to memorize all the info.
      1. c
      2. a
      3. b
      4. d
      5. d
      6. b
      7. a
      8. c
      9. b
      10. a
      11. c
      12. d

      I realize there are not actually letters on it but if the dots were labeled from top to bottom then these are the answers. Good luck everyone…

      • Darlene

        Thank you!!!!

      • Anonymous

        thx for the answers Connie!!! ur great!! love the veggie coupons

  • Dawn

    terrible time on this site. I recvd 100%, page took too long to load, went to error, refreshed, coupon nevr printed, went directly to their web page. I have mailed them requesting 2 coupons (it was that came up, we would get 2 from this site) I spent 1/2 hr just trying to get the coupon to print, the quiz was not an issue. I know it takes longer and more labor to grow organically, I wasn’t expecting to ‘participate’ in a lengthy drawn out coupon request,lol! I hope they make it worth it for my time…

  • debbie

    This is great.Will freeze these for winter soup.Thanks so much.

  • Michelle

    I didn’t see the answer sheet either. It took me four tries to get it right with a 3 year old yammering in my ear LOL

  • ashley

    dont think its reset….wasnt able to print it again! 🙁
    but thats ok, just got my carrots yesterday!

  • Cara

    Thank you for the answers above (I failed the test twice before this). Was able to print 2 copies of the coupon without any issues.

  • Anita

    Just saw this post of yours Cindy…and you have even provided the answers! You seriously spoil us – Lol 🙂

  • Betty

    Thank you for the answer key! After you print your first coupon, hit the back arrow and then press “resend” and you can print another coupon. I checked the bar code and it is different — so you get two $1.00 off coupons! Good luck ladies.

  • Alice

    Sometimes getting these coupons is exhausting – glad I read everyone’s comments before trying to print – thanks for sharing your experiences – I took the “cheat sheet” and breezed thru the quiz & scored 2 coupons. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Stacey Cabell

    This was such a treat! We really do not see fresh veggie coupons too often! Cindy, Thanks for changing my families life!

  • heather

    Thanks!! We eat these carrots like crazy 🙂

  • Emmie

    Where are these located? Went in to the Fischer/Bay and could not find them.