New $3/1 Triaminic Coupon = Free at Rite Aid

New Triaminic Coupon

Update: There seems to be an issue with the coupon right now.  The coupon should be available but is either not printing or not showing up.  I will keep checking and update when it’s working properly. 

There is an awesome new Triaminic Coupon.  The coupon is for $3 off any Triaminic Fever Reducer pain Reliever.

Print: Triaminic Coupon

This week, through 9/17, you can score these for free at Rite Aid.  Here is your deal:

Buy 1 Triaminic $4.99
-(1)$1/1 Triaminic Rite Aid VV Coupon September
-(1)$3/1 Triaminic Coupon
Pay: $0.99
Get a $1 UPR
Free after coupons & UPR

Also, if you have the Rite Aid Flu Coupon Book, there is a $2/1 Triaminic Rite Aid Coupon in there.  You can use that in place of the Rite Aid VV Coupon to score a $1 money maker.

At CVS, during the week of 9/25, you can do this deal:

Buy 2 Triaminic $6.00 each
-(2)$3/1 Triaminic Coupons
Pay: $6
Get a $3 ECB
$1.50 each after coupons & ECB

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  • dsavings

    i could of used this coupon yesterday when i went to stop & shop to get Triaminic for my sick kids and payed $4.99 i only had a $1/1 coupon

  • Annie

    I can’t find the mfr coupon at 07039? Don’t know why, it just isn’t there – weird.

    • Debbie F

      I can’t find it either, actually…..and I need to buy some today – great timing for this coupon…once we can find it. 🙂

  • D

    agh! I can’t find it. I’m under zip 07039…any ideas??

    • Anonymous

      can’t find it either

  • lisa

    I couldnt find it either…

  • D

    see Cindy’s update above: not currently working.

  • Jay

    Not there for me either.

  • megan

    what zip code for this coupon?

  • L

    I can’t find it either!!

  • christine

    I cant find the coupon.

  • D

    see Cindy’s update above: not currently working.

  • Lily

    cant find the coupon

  • Jessica

    Any news on when/if this coupon will be working?

    • Chandrika Rao

      This coupon never showed. Rite aid deal is ending tomorrow. Any updates if it will be available?