New $4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Coupon + Deal Info

New Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Coupon

There is another great $4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Coupon available. Just head over to the Scrubbing Bubbles Facebook Page and “like” them to print your coupon.

Print: Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Coupon

Yesterday I posted the Free Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Cleaner at Walmart starting Sunday, 10/2.  I wasn’t sure if the deal was going to be a regional deal or not.  The Walmart Ad for 10/2 is now available online and it is showing up for me at my local Walmart.  You might want to check the ad to see if it is that price for you too (page 26).

There was some confusion about the coupon and the product on sale.  The item on sale seems to be a special pack that is actually a Scrubbing Bubbles Refill which also contains a Starter Kit instead of a Starter Kit that contains a refill.  Either way, since it’s listed as having a Starter Kit in the pack, the coupon should be fine.

If you missed the deal and coupon, here is the info

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic No Touch Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Kit $3.97
-$4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Coupon
Free + $0.03 overage after coupon

There is also the following coupon:

$4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles 1 Step Cleaning Starter Kit, exp. 10/22/11 (SS 09/11/11 #2)

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  • Mary

    It says one-time offer, does that just mean we can only buy 1 at a time? I don’t usually shop at Walmart.


  • Ashley

    Also, in the 9/11 SS insert, there’s a mail in form for a free plush scrubby with the purchase of this, free shipping as well =) you just need to mail in the upc from the box and the form in the insert and you’ll get a free stuffed scrubby as well as the free bowl cleaner set!

  • MARY

    I heart!

  • Alyson

    I’m ridiculously excited for this – is that a bad thing?? Thank you SO much for posting this! Sunday Morning will find me at Walmart!

  • Michaela

    I checked our Walmart today and they have none of them. I hope they do on Sunday.

  • lashetta

    I think you can go to walmart site and request ship to store? I’m thinking about preordering.

  • lashetta

    Scope Dual Blast $2.97 ( 10/2 Circular)

    I found a $2 off coupon: $2 OFF when you buy1 or more of the following; Crest Complete Toothpaste, SCOPE DUAL-BLAST RINSE, Oral-B Complete Floss, Oral-b Complete Toothbrush. Coupon has no particular size.

    • lashetta

      MAKES IT 97 CENT!

  • Mary

    I seriously had a dream about this last night, that I went to Walmart and this scrubbing bubbles came in a bag so they told me I couldn’t use a coupon. Bahaha. Craziness!

    • Michaela

      don’t feel bad about it. I can barely sleep Saturday nights. Can’t wait to get up Sunday mornings and go shopping.

      • Kris

        Oh thank goodness it isn’t just me that feels this way!!

        • Julianna

          I love Sunday mornings! I stay up late on Saturday planning my trips and then I can hardly sleep. Since I started couponing every Sunday feels like Christmas!

  • Kelsey

    I went to Walmart to buy my son diapers. I seen a shelf of diapers near the baby clothing that said clearance $15. I had (4) Huggies $3 coupons. I ended up buying 4 boxes of Huggies size 5 diapers (52 count). Got up to the register and they rang up $1o each. I was so excited that I got each of these boxes for $7 each with the coupons.

    • Kelsey

      and the original price of these boxes of diapers was $20.

      • Alicia


  • sue

    Good luck finding it seems no walmart carries it…..

  • Sabine

    Walmart carries them but they are not on sale. Regular price is 9.97 (zip 08876)

  • Mike

    I just got 7 of them…they have the regular priced ones on the shelf. I asked customer service and they have special promotional ones on sale for the 3.97 price. They were nice enough to go in the back and grab me a case!

  • Sandi

    I went this morning, and the only Scrubbing Bubbles One Steps that they had were marked $9.97. I ran into a nice girl that was looking for the same thing, her name was Rochelle(hope I spelled it right). I just had to ask, “Living Rich With Coupons?” She said yes. I went to check out, and she was nice enough to come up and tell me that she already spoke to the manager, and he said that we could get the regular Scrubbing Bubbles starter packs.
    I was very thankful to her, because I am not a really prepared person. I was just going to ask the cashier if I could get the regular ones at the sale price.
    To make a long story short, the cashier had to challenge it. Why? I have no idea. The manager came over and confirmed that we could get the regular packs that were the same size as the sale packs. The cashier tried her hardest to argue it, but gave in. You should have seen her face when I handed over my coupons, and only paid $0.99 for 4. I mean, it’s like some cashiers think you are taking money out of their pockets. Thank you again Rochelle (hope I spelled it right).

  • christina

    They didn’t have that kit at my walmart but a manager said they honor the price. When I got up to the register the cashier said I couldn’t use the coupon “because then it would be free” ugh! This drives me crazy!

    • Jen

      I boguht 9 of them and the Cashier did the same thing!! She said I can’t use these because then they would be free and I told her, ‘Well yeah, that’s the whole point of me coming all the way here and buying 9 of them’ Luckily the manager had ok’ed it already and came over to take care of it….I made my first overage- $.27!!

  • sue

    I also asked if I could get the ones on the shelf for the sale price and they would not do it for me, I went to 2 different walmarts this morning none of them had them out, the North Bergen NJ Walmart were of no help what so ever when I told them what I was looking for they looked at me like I was nuts….

  • Michaela

    our store only had two and I had a guy check and he said that they would get more in next week.

    • Julianna

      The circular says that the price is only good through October 8th. I hope that they will honor the sale price when they do finally get them in. I don’t think that Walmart does rain checks.

  • jessica

    my walmart said they don’t carry this item, and they didnt have any regular packs either, so i am going to try the 24 hour walmart after work hopefully they will 😉

  • pranava

    they have them but the price is 9.47 🙁 and they said we dint get the circular item…i dint understand they have the exact product…:(

  • Gayle

    It wasn’t in our circular. Went specially to Walmaart before I read the paper for this item. Don’t they think we would like clean toilets too???? I’m used to CVS & Walgreens having regional sales, but not Walmart.

  • Patrice

    Did anyone have any luck at the Walmart in White Plains?

  • Lori

    Just pulled out my Walmart circular from today (Sun 10/2) and confirming that the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic No Touch Toilet Bowl cleaner is listed as on sale “one time offer” for $3.97. (Kit includes one 18 oz refill and starter kit) It was on page 26 of the flyer-just inside the back cover.

    This circular is from Hartford County, CT and was in either a Simsbury or Avon delivered paper (I get both). Typically, my coupon values are not as good as in some other areas & I tend to be in a fairly high priced market relative to others, so I’d be surprised if these were not this price all over!

    • rodney

      thanks for leting me letting me know what ad you got this from i checked mine online and in store there was nothing then i check the weekly ad for your walmart and tada had the 397 scrubbing bubbles in the ad im going to print it out and see if they will honor it i mean it is there own website so i wouldnt see why not will do that this morning and let you know how it goes

  • Susie

    I went to Walmart very excited to do this deal! I love to try new products, especially when they are FREE! Well, my store didn’t have any. So I purchased my 8 packs of Schick razors and a few other items to absorb the overage. When I got to the register the cashier was analizing the entire coupon! Oh, you can only use one because it says one per purchase. I explained to him on the purchase of each 2 per coupon, not per transaction. Then he kept staring at it fr like 3 minutes. Then he told me he had to ask a manager because he was positive I couldn’t use them. Manager comes over, he says you cant use these because the value of the razors does not equal $6. I then explained to him that in Walmarts Corporate Coupon Policy it states that they alllow overage. He said oh, I’ll have to check that. Was gone about 10 minutes. Came back all huffy puffy telling the cashier just use them, just use them. I calmly asked him if I was right about the policy. He quickly said yes, making no eye contact and walked away. Sorry sooo long, but thank you Cindy for making us be aware of our stores coupon policies. If I had not known I would be out $8!!! Thank you for ALL you do! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Lori

    I either have a shelf clearer that shops my Walmart or Cindy has A LOT of readers in my area!;) LOL Just got back from Walmart and they had NOTHING on my list…..razors-sold out…..scrubbing bubbles-sold out…..rayovac batteries-sold out! Ugh! So frustrating. I had a very nice store employee check on stock in the back and nothing! In fact, he said the computer says they have 3 scrubbing bubbles coming in. I asked, “3 cartons”? Silly me….he said-“no, 3 items”. Seriously? It’s in the Walmart ad and they only have 3 coming in???? Well, I have my Walmart envelope of coupons & will carry it around until I hit a store that actually has some things in stock!:)

    Thank you so much Cindy for helping us save so much money & keeping our budgets under control!:)

  • Kris

    Yes, I’ve been to two Walmarts and no Schick razors, no scrubbing bubbles, etc. I asked customer service when they were coming in and both stores told me “we have no idea, we get trucks every night but don’t know what’s on it.” It’s be funny if I hadn’t been driving around looking for them! 😉

  • Erin

    I went to Walmart looking for these on Sunday morning and the guy stocking the shelves got rude when I asked if they had them and when they were coming in. I got no offers to help me any further so I left. I might go back today after work and ask customer service if they have them in. I will be very disappointed if I don’t get them because I was VERY excited about this deal!!

  • Charles K

    I went to Gainesville (archer Rd) I had a 3.00 coupon and a 4.00 coupon was going to buy them at the reg price of 9.94. I seen the ad and wow it says 3.97! cool! I get them and there is a lady in the isle and she is loading up cart with 12 of them! she gives me a extra coupon for 4.00 off. I go to cash out and she is there fighting with customer service manager (CSM). CSM says that these aren’t the one’s on sale. But the box includes the same items and sizes. CSM says that they are special boxes that didn’t come in. but she would let us have 1 at the listed price. so I came up and she tells me the same thing. I argue with her because you can’t go by picture because right on the ad it says that images are just for examples. size and contents must match. So I call corporate right in line and agent on phone listens to CSM tell me that “No way was she going to sell me a 9.94 product for 3.97 and then take 4.00 off” “Wal mart is tired of extreme Coupon people” wow! I was going to get product anyways, and thought wow its my lucky day.. but she was so rude and disrespectful that I had to file a formal complaint! Check out the ad people! it says 18fl oz refill with cover! that’s what they 9.94 unit contains! I’m going back tomorrow just to be a pain!!

  • Andy

    Cindy, I don’t know if you can get any clarification on this deal. I went to 3 different Walmarts and got different answers. The first one was nice enough and price adjusted the product, but only after a lengthy discussion about the ad matching the contents of the product on the shelf (they only had 3 left, though). The other 2 stores outright said that the advertised product was not the same, it was a promotional item and they didn’t carry it. They were so fixated on the fact the the picture in the ad had a yellow stripe down the side & was priced @ $9.97, than what was actually in the box. They did let me get one at the sale price (as if they were doing me a favor). I tried calling corporate as well, but they were little to no help and basically said the store manager would get back to me in 4-7 days. I don’t know if you have connections at Walmart or had spoken with anyone. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Julianna

    My husband just found these at the Cheektowaga, NY Walmart. He said that the box didn’t look like the one in the picture, but the contents were the same. The shelf price was $9.97, but he took it to a price scanner and it scanned at $3.97! So, I guess even if the box doesn’t look exactly right and even if the price is wrong: if you see the starter kit on the shelf, price check it – it might be marked down without the shelf tag having been changed!

  • sue

    Went back to Walmart today and what do u know they had these scrubbing bubbles on the shelf, they were not marked with the sale price, they were not on some special display like I was told a few days earlier, they looked exactly like the pic on the coupon, so I grabbed six and headed to the register with the add showing them for $3.97, and a prnt out of the store policy in hand.. It did ring up for the sale price but of course the cashier had a problem and ran over to the manager with the coupons, and came back and told me I was right..

  • Chris

    I liked scrubbing bubbles but I do not see where to print the coupon. Please help me locate it. Thank you.

  • susan k

    picked up 2 yesterday in TR nj. they were not on the shelf with other toilet cleaning products but in a display in the center aisle. both boxes were there and the sign said $9.97. thanks to Cindy, i knew one of them was on sale so i had them price checked. cashier was very confused since it appears that the only difference is the packaging, but no problems getting them. paid .50 for 2!! Thanks Cindy!!

  • Michele

    i have been trying to get these since the weekend and up to today, no luck. I’ve been to 2 different walmarts and visited my local one 3 times already. Called them today and i was told they had a shipment today but again, it’s all gone :o( i hope i get to them before the sale is over!!

  • Lori

    Just got back from Walmart in Avon, CT. They now have some on the shelf-the regular shelf with all of the scrubbing bubbbles items. There is a red sign attached to the shelf that says “as advertised”. I took 3 of them to the register with my coupons & other purchases & the 1st 1 rang up at $9.97 or $9.47 or whatever the full price is. I politely pointed out to the cashier that the item was in the flyer for the $3.97 price and that it rang up incorrectly. I handed him a copy of the flyer with the ad & he promptly price adjusted-no muss, no fuss.

    I did also have Schick razors w/ the $6 coupons & my order would have had a negative balance, but I purchased some socks for my son to eat up the overage & avoid any negative balance hassle. I did get cash back at Walmart in Manchester, CT on a negative balance a few weeks ago with no problem-they just have to get manager authorization to open the drawer. I just figured it’s easier, less time consuming & less of a hassle if I buy something I would buy anyway to avoid the negative balance!

    Good luck!

    • Alicia

      Good to know Manchester gave you cash back. That is the store closest to me and I’m always afraid to try it! The one in east windsor a while back adjusted my coupons down instead of giving overage and i was a newbie so i was just happy my stuff was free.
      Manchester had tons of the scrubbing bubbles on an endcap but they were out of the razors.

  • Lakeicia

    Am I the only one that has figured out that Walmart removes products from the shelves when they realize these sales are happening, or the put only a few on the shelf. Examples: The free excedrin earlier this year: the largest size that met the coupon requirements was off of the shelf for MONTHS, I happily went to Target for that deal. The $5.00 of Ben-Gay none on the shelf in at leat 4 stores. The dishwashing liquid specials (Gain, Dawn, pick one) limited quantities and this is how I found out they do this. A number of us were advised that they can limit the quantities they put on the shelf at their leisure. So, some don’t make it easy, and I went today and the shelf was empty but they did have some things for 3.97, but I didn’t want to deal with the what’s being offered vs what is in the circular drama, so I am going to go to a different Walmart, or do price matching at Target, with the coupon. 😉

    • Michele

      I have never done a price match at Target before, can this be done at the register or do i have to go to Customer service? They should still take my coupons to make the item free right?

      • Alicia

        I’m wondering if target would price match it because it says one time deal? i always have issues with target and coupons.

        Do they price match at cs or the register?

    • Anonymous

      I live in a town of less than 20,000….Our WalMart is supposed to price match other store grocery ads, but they elect to remove the product from their shelves, until the other store’s ad expires. Any coupon that is out for a “Free” item, that product will be removed from the shelf until after the expiration date of the coupon. On several occasions, items that sold for 99 cents, were increased in price 25 to 40 percent if a 75 cent or dollar coupon came out.

  • Shita

    I want Sunday morning they were all out of course. So, I tried my luck today again got 3 kits with yellow strip on the box just paid tax. The cashier did check if the box is the starter kit as mention on the coupon. Please try again if you didn’t get your on Sunday.

  • jessica

    I actually went o my local Walmart and they only had 2. I went to our local target and they gave me a Price match plus with coupons my order went from 96.28 for 9 starter kits to 2.50

  • Debbie

    I went to Walmart today, to find these. They had them for 9.97 manager said he’d give them to me for the 3.97 price which it was for. Got to the register with The Manager in Toe to tell the cashier to override the price, she said she couldn’t to it to the manager cause the picture didn’t match what it said it was. I got it anyway, then she said I could only have 1 computer coupon cause the numbers are the same, I only has 2. It’s like I was taking money out of her Paycheck. Walmart made the mess up in the ad. A day of happy couponing. 🙂

  • Kristina

    Does anyone know how long the sale will last for? I had only printed one coupon but I just opened the box and there are (2) $3.00 off coupons inside the insert and I would like to go back to get another..I know sometimes Walmart will have something on sale longer than a week..

  • CC

    Just got mine! My store had about 15 of them hiding in the clearance aisles…if you can’t find them at your store you may want to check there…this was Berlin, NJ

  • michele from Poconos

    I just got mine from Target through price matching. It was my first time and it was pretty easy but i had to go to the customer service area. When i showed the clerk the ad with my coupons, she just adjusted the price of the cleaners to $4 so that she wouldn’t have to give me cash back which i am fine with. I scored on 7 of these. Oh finally, i can sleep better!! Yey i’m so happy. My stock pile is surely growing… I love it!

  • Maria

    I thought I got lucky when I found it at my Walmart but it scanned at $9.47 I showed the cashier the ad and she gave it to me for that price but she wouldn’t take my coupon. So I didn’t get it 🙁

  • Trina

    I went to the Walmart by my job in Cedar Knolls, NJ. When I went on Monday, they did not have them yet. Then mgr told me to come back on Wednesday, they had a whole shelf. I got 5 of them for free! They were hidden on one of the kiosk where promotional items were.

  • Lakeicia

    Yes target does the price match at the register, however it is only for printed ads so they don’t honor internet or other prices but since the Scrubbing Bubbles deal is printed they will honor it without a problem. 🙂

    I also went to Walmart last night where they stocked a load of the deals and while the price under them was 9.47 I checked the ones with the yellow advertising stripe and they were 3.97, the ones without it (exact same product) is 9.47. I used my coupon and had no problems at all. I bought two simply because I wanted to see if I had any problems and it was after midnight. I’ll go back for more tomorrow after class. 🙂