New Barilla Whole Grain Pasta Catalina Deal

Barilla Catalina Deal

I mentioned in the ShopRite Match Ups that there is a new Barilla Catalina.  This has been confirmed working.  But, it is also available at Stop & Shop.  And, most likely, at other stores as well.  The deal is:

Barilla Whole Grain Pasta
9/12 – 9/25
Buy 3 Get a $2 Catalina

Here are the deals at Stop & Shop and ShopRite this week:

Stop & Shop:

Buy 3 Barilla Whole Grain Pasta $1.00 each
Pay: $3.00
Get a $2.00 Catalina
$0.33 each after catalina


Buy 3 Barilla Whole Grain Pasta $0.78 each
Pay: $2.34
Get a $2 Catalina
$0.11 each after coupon

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Thanks Michelle!

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  • frink

    This is great, how many times does the CAT print, like can I get more than one CAT at Shoprite in one transaction? Do subsequent transactions still print the CAT if I scan the same club card?

  • desiree

    does anyone know if it’s rolling or if you buy 6 you will get 2 catalinas? Thanks!

    • chris

      The sale is limited to 4 items at the sale price. The other two items would ring at regular price, better to separate your items into two orders.

      I have done the deal two separate days on the same card and received a catalina each time. I try not to vary outside the specs as I find that’s when things don’t work out right.

  • Steph S.

    yes, i’d like to know any additional info too! thanks for the posting 🙂

  • Ruth

    Those it include the piccolini?

  • kristen

    I did this on Sunday and it didn’t work. Neither did the Yo Crunch.

    • TAMI

      didn’t work for me either

      • TAMI

        and i did it on monday

  • Jennifer

    I bought six this morning – and I only received 1 $2 Catalina. Anyone else?

    • 0246

      cats are only 1 per order. if the cat requires you to buy 3 items to get $2, if you buy any # greater than 3, you will still only get one catalina.

  • lovescoupons

    It doesn’t work on the piccolini, I tried.

  • Lori

    Kristen, Sunday was the 11th. The CAT looks like it starts on the 12th (today-Monday) & ends on the 25th of September.:(

  • Jess

    🙁 I wish I had known it didn’t start until today. I bought 4 picolinis and 3 whole grain barillas yesterday and didn’t get squat.

  • Bonnie

    Shoot! I just bought 5 of these on clearance at Target last week for 36 cents each! That would have been awesome. Why doesn’t Target do catalinas? Or do they?

    • Cindy

      They do but not that many.

  • Laurie

    Does anyone know if you can do this deal twice on one Shoprite card? I did it once and got the $2 cat. But will my same card produce another $2 if I try it again? Thanks!

  • elsee

    any1 know if this is rolling?

  • Sallie

    Yes, it is rolling and yes you can do the deal more than once per card/household!! My ShopRite on Long Island restocked their supply overnight! A great deal!!

  • Michele

    I have a few of those $1 off when you buy both Barilla pasta and sauce that were in a Shoprite magazine handout a few months ago. Anyone know the price of the Barilla sauce?

    • James

      Barilla Sauce
      2 for $4

      There is a coupon for the sauce to…8/28 SS $.55/1 (doubles to $1.10)

      OOP: 2 for $1.80

  • angela

    I just came back from stop and shop and I got the $2 cat on the piccolini plus used $1/2 coupon (they were 10/$10). The barilla sauce is 2/$4 so $1 after the coupon. Hope this helps

  • Marina

    I just did this deal tonight and did not get a Catalina. I thought it was the printer since it was blinking, so I returned them and bought them again, NO CAT AGAIN.
    I was able to get it 3x on Monday!

  • DMC in DC

    I tried this at Shoprite today and got four boxes of whole grain whole wheat Barilla, and did not get a catalina. The manager said if I found this deal online and print it out to show him, he will give me the $2. If anyone knows if this is printed anywhere, can you let me know?

  • chris

    In PA I’ve been doing this deal all week. After getting the cat. the first time I continued to roll it and the interesting thing is I’ve been going to the self check out and after taking off the $2 cat. the register also took off $.12 for tax, so I’ve been paying $.22 for the 3 boxes. Some kind of glitch because there is no tax on pasta.